Birthday Cake Remix

I love birthdays. It doesn’t matter if it’s mine or not…I love all birthdays! I like to try to do everything in my power to make the birthday person feel extra special for the day, even when that happens to be myself. The biggest way that I do this is through cake. The tradition in our house is that you get to have any kind of birthday cake you want. That might mean that you want brownies one or year, or a triple layer chocolate cherry Black Forest cake another, but whatever you want, I do my utmost to make it happen. For me, that’s more about a theme cake than a flavor. As you know, this year that theme is “Girly Harry Potter,” but while I continue working on it I thought I’d give a little recap of some of my past birthday cakes.

As a product of the 80’s, I love Rainbow Brite. When I turned 27, my sweet hubster bought me a Rainbow Brite character pan on ebay for my birthday. Of course I had to have that for my birthday cake that year!

This was the first time I used fondant on a birthday cake. I made it from scratch and I have to say: it was dis-gus-ting! This was a traditional fondant recipe using lots of Crisco and confectioners’ sugar. I vowed never to use it again. In fact, this stuff was so gross, I almost never used ANY fondant again, let alone this nasty recipe. I just didn’t think the aesthetic appeal was worth the taste trade off.

To get all of the contours of the pan in to the fondant I dusted the pan generously with confectioners’ sugar, then lined it with the rolled out fondant, pressing down to emboss it. I then gently, but quickly, removed the fondant and lined it up on the cake. I painted the cake using gel food colors mixed with water to make edible water colors. I love how it ended up looking like something straight out of a coloring book! I think it really added to the nostalgic appeal.

For my 28th birthday I decided to something a little more rock and roll, but still ultra girly. This time I used Wilton pre-made fondant. It was very easy to work with and it was nice and sturdy, but it still left a lot to be desired in the flavor department. I used a candy mold to make all of the stars on the cake. First I lightly coated each mold with a light pink/dark pink swirled candy and let it harden. Then I used a decorating bag to squeeze a very small amount of Tiny Trapeze marshmallow fluff into each one. Finally, I sealed the backs by adding enough melted semisweet chocolate chips to cover the fluff.

Last year, for my 29th birthday, I wanted something very feminine and unique. I had never seen a paisley cake before, so I gave it a shot. I was really thrilled with the end result! I cut each of the paisley shapes out by hand then used craft scissors to give them interesting details along the edges. So far, this cake is my favorite of any cake that I’ve made. Ever. Everything from the colors to the design just makes me happy. This was the first time I used marshmallow fondant, as well. It was perfect! It was easy to make, roll, cut, etc., but it also tasted great!

I love seeing how far my decorating skills have come since the first time I used fondant! I hope that tomorrow’s cake meets the standards I have set in my head! I’ve been having a lot of fun working on it and I can’t wait sharing it with everyone!

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  1. Melissa E says

    I don’t have the words to express how happy it makes me to read about someone making people’s days, even when the day is their own!

    I’ll go keep catching up on all your old posts now.

  2. GothicSoprano says

    My birthdays, sadly, usually come and go with a whimper, but all your awesome cakes have made me determined to have an awesome cake this year and a party to go with it. Also, you are adorable. I love the fluffy tulle princess crown. ^-^