Magnolia Bakery, NYC

My 30th birthday is this Friday, so posting this week is going to be on the lighter side, as I’ll be working on my birthday cake. I still intend to post, but with the exception of a tutorial on fondant roses tomorrow, I’m not going to be presenting any new recipes or goodies.

Today I get to tell you about something that I have been really excited about all week! HRH Beermeister had to spend last week in New York City for work. Back in 2003, we were stationed there for a little over two years. I loved it! Well…I loved Manhattan. And Brooklyn. But we lived on base on Staten Island, so it wasn’t very “New York-y.” I used to love taking the ferry into the city though! I sometimes regret that I didn’t do and see so much more while I was there. It’s funny how when you visit a place, you squeeze in every, single thing you can, but when you live there, somehow, you don’t always get around to being a tourist.

Anyway, back to HRH’s visit. I asked him to stop by Magnolia Bakery while he was there, if he had time. If you haven’t heard of Magnolia, they’re a very popular bakery in NYC, located on the corner of Bleeker Street and 8th Street in Greenwich Village.

He’s so sweet; after working all day Saturday he spent three hours ferrying, train riding, walking, and waiting that afternoon, just to get me some cupcakes to try!

All those people in the picture above…yeah, that’s the line to get in! They actually had someone at the door letting people in as others left! I have a feeling these are gonna be some good cupcakes.

This is the crowd inside. Isn’t this crazy?? I’m not sure if this is a regular occurrence or if it’s because he was there the day before Valentine’s Day, but I know there are youtube videos of long lines out the doors, so I think it happens on a relatively regular basis. This is the whole bakery too. The edge of the picture on the left is where the counter and cash register are, while the far right is the front of the store and the entrance.

Since they’re so small and busy, they simplify things a bit by having a self serve cupcake area. There’s half a dozen or so little bins with different flavors of cupcakes and special cupcake boxes to use. This is what we were after, so HRH grabbed four cupcakes and worked his way to the register. But they also sell a lot of other treats.

This display shows just a few of the other yummy things they sell. I love that they’re a real bakery, and not just a cupcake bakery. I love cupcake bakeries, but variety is the spice of life! Plus, brownies are my true love. Any bakery that sells a great brownie has my heart forever.

When he got home yesterday, I could hardly wait to open the box. I mean, these are very famous cupcakes. They sing about them on Saturday Night Live for crying out loud!

And here they are. I love that they are so simple and homemade looking. Obviously, I like fancy cupcakes…I make them all the time. I think a plain cupcake with a big dollop of frosting on top is so pretty though.

These are standard size cupcakes, unlike some other bakeries that sell jumbos. They are $2.50 each, which I think is a great price if they’re really homemade.

The flavors we have here, clockwise from the top, are devil’s food with vanilla buttercream frosting, classic chocolate with chocolate buttercream, classic vanilla with vanilla buttercream (decorated for Valentine’s Day), and devil’s food with mocha chocolate frosting. I love the deep swirls in the frosting!! These are clearly hand frosted…something about that makes me happy.

We all wanted to try each flavor, so I got down to business cutting these suckers up. The hubster wanted me to have the Valentine cupcake (how sweet!), so I got small samples of all of the other flavors.

I gotta say…I was pretty impressed. In all honesty, they weren’t spectacular, but they were yummy and clearly homemade. That, to me, is very impressive. I hate going to a bakery or restaurant that everyone thinks is the bees knees only to find out that everything they serve comes from a box, bucket, or tub. If I’m not cooking myself, then I want to be impressed by someone else’s cooking.

The cakes were light and soft. They all had great flavor, although the devil’s food tasted pretty much the same as the classic chocolate. Typically, I go for the chocolate cupcakes. This time I really preferred the vanilla cake. It really was the best vanilla cupcake I’ve ever had. As far as the frostings go, I loved the chocolate. It was very smooth and creamy, but not super dark or rich. The vanilla frosting…the vanilla frosting tastes….just like mine.

I couldn’t believe it. I was floored! You have no idea how happy this made me. Silly, I know, but it was so encouraging. I really hope to open my own bakery someday after my hubby retires, so it was encouraging to know that I make something that tastes as good as a world famous bakery makes!!

Aside from the cupcakes, the Hubster had another surprise for me from the bakery.

Isn’t this the stinking cutest shirt ($20)?? I really do *cupcake* New York! What’s not to love about this shirt? It’s pink. It has a cupcake. It is sooo soft, and it was the very last one!!

If you have a NYC visit coming up, or you live there and haven’t already been, check Magnolia out. The cupcakes were very yummy and I have a feeling the other treats are pretty darn good too! They have three locations throughout the city. Go. And enjoy!

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