Sweet and Easy Valentines

We don’t have big Valentine’s Day celebrations in this realm. We do, however, enjoy the excuse to just love Love. I mean, that’s what it’s really all about, right? For us, V-day is simply a good reason to eat sweets and be cuddlier than usual. Those are things we could all use a little more of! So I have decided to spend the rest of this week on sweet posts for the Sweetest day of the year.

Today’s sweet takes something delicious and chocolatey and makes it more delicious with more chocolate!! Chocolate covered Oreos! Simple, fast, and very tasty, this is a treat that can be changed up to match any holiday of the year, but all this chocolate just screams Valentine’s Day to me!

All you need is a package of Oreos, a bag of semisweet, white, or milk chocolate chips or candy melts, and sprinkles! I used different sanding sugars, tiny heart shaped sprinkles, and mini chocolate chips to decorate mine, but you don’t need any decorations at all…they’re just for fun!

These will only take as long as you want to to spend on decorating them. Just line two baking sheets with parchment or wax paper and melt the chocolate or candy melts in the microwave or a double boiler. When dipping the cookies, you can either use your fingers or you can use toothpicks. I used both techniques; they’re both easy and have pros and cons, so experiment to see what works best for you.

If using toothpicks, insert a toothpick into the filling between the cookie halves. Dip the cookie into the melted candy and gently swirl it around to get it completely coated. Lift the cookie out of the chocolate and hold it over the bowl while you tap your wrist to remove excess candy. Lay the cookie flat on the prepared cookie sheet and use one finger to hold it in place while you gently pull the pick from the cookie. If it leaves a hole in the candy, just dip the toothpick in the melted candy and patch the hole.

If using your fingers, follow the same steps for dipping. After tapping excess candy off and placing the cookie on the sheet, dip you finger in the candy and patch the small area on top of the cookie where your finger was.

That’s all there is to it!! Now you can decorate as you like.

If you add sprinkles or candies on top, be sure to put them on while the cookies are still wet so that they stick.

You can also put any extra melted candy or chocolate into a decorating bag and draw on the cookies.

Voila! In no time at all, you have yummy, beautiful Valentine’s treats at a fraction of the cost of buying them pre-made. Yum yum!

Go grab a glass of milk and enjoy!

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  1. Darcus Murray says

    I've decided to make some of these for our big Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow. I'm doing semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and butterscotch. :]

  2. Kayleigh says

    gorgeous! i am totally saving this and doing it for valentine's day this year… some for me, honey and our roomie, and some for coworkers! i think i'll slice a strawberry lengthwise as well (since they're roughly heart shaped) and lay some on top of the cookies!