Washington D.C.

We drove away from our home of three years this past Friday morning. We’re on our way to live in the Virgin Islands for a couple of years, but on the way, we have decided to have a family vacation.

I spent all day Saturday in Washington D.C. with two of my favorite people. We were there because our boy has never been there, but mostly we were there because I wanted to see the ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore while filming The Wizard of Oz. That’s right, I forced my family to suffer through twelve long hours in the car just so I could see a small piece of movie memorabilia. And guess what?! It was totally worth it!! Plus, I have some really awesome pictures to show you from the day, but we have a terrible internet connection where we’re staying and I’m unable to upload them for now. 🙁

Until I’m able to get a better connection, here is an update, we had a blast in D.C. and made it safely to Florida on Monday. We have been hitting the parks around here and it’s really been amazing. As soon as I’m able to, I’ll be posting as many photos as possible and giving everybody some little tips and tricks that I’ve learned on this trip. I hope that everyone is having an excellent summer thus far, and I hope to have something interesting for you to read soon! Have a fantastic week, and I’ll try to get another update on here as soon as possible!

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