Getting on Track…

This Sunday, we will officially have been in our new home for four weeks. My kitchen, living room, and dining room are all unpacked, arranged, organized, and settled. Our son’s room and bathroom, as well as our bedroom and bathroom, are, as well. When we moved, though, we lost a two car garage, a finished basement, and an attic in exchange for another bedroom and three more bathrooms, so there’s still a lot of stuff trying to find the right home (somehow, I don’t think my guests want to sleep next to my husband’s work bench and power tools). Things are getting there, though.

School starts this coming Monday, and routines are beginning to form again. With the house, and the days,  back to myself once more, I’ll be able to slip back into a schedule of some kind. And I can hardly wait! It’s been very difficult trying to even come up with inspiration for the blog, let alone follow through on my ideas. This week was a very busy week for me, and a very slow week for the blog, but my mind is going a million miles an hour with things I want to make!

I’ve also been adjusting to the drastic climate change. The humidity runs at a near constant 85% here, unless it’s higher. I’ve never had to bake in such high humidity before and it’s taking some time to learn the ropes, while still providing recipes that work for those who don’t live in a steam room! There have actually been a couple of recipes that never made here this week because of my disappointment in them. In the end, I made them work for my friends and family, but they weren’t anywhere near my standards for the blog. I learned a lot from them, though, and have so much more wisdom to share because of them! Who knows?! You may end up seeing them after all, just so I can share the trials, and show how you can make something be what you need, in the end.

As I said, though, I’m getting there and things are picking up. I’ve had time to do sight-seeing and enjoy the island, and it has inspired me to try some new things I might never have thought of before!

So, although this isn’t anywhere remotely as exciting as a yummy treat with fun photos, I wanted to take today to say, one more time, thank you for being so patient and understanding while my family made this huge move and adjusted. I love my blog and it’s not going anywhere, but it’s been nice knowing that you aren’t leaving either!

Thanks again, everyone, and see you Monday with a fun back-to-school treat! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. bttrflybabydoll says

    Beautiful pictures! As much as you like photography I'm sure you love being able to have a new location with all new things to photograph. Can't wait to see what you have in store for Monday! Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    I live in Taiwan so I can very much relate to your issues with adjusting to temperature and humidity. In the winter, there’s no heat so butter never gets softened, and in the summer, the air conditioner can’t keep up and the butter melts. But we press on. I’m excited to see how you adjusted in the coming months.