Gimme Some Sugar: A Sweet List of Tasty Links

Since I’m unable to cook everything I want for the blog every single month, I have enlisted the help of a friend of mine to bring a little more variety. Every month or so, Andrea will share some of the links that have caught her attention the most over the past few weeks. Andrea loves to cook as much as I do. She also tries hard to find new, exciting, and healthy things to feed her family. She always finds the most interesting and intriguing (not to mention delicious sounding) recipes, so I knew I had to share her with you all. Enjoy! -Darla

Hi. My name is Andrea, and I’m addicted to recipes. Boy! Does it feel good to finally say that! Seriously, though, I am addicted to recipes. I have tons! I mean lots, people. I am in need of a 12-step program, I think. Well, not really, but I do love recipes! I just recently moved, and it was while I was packing my kitchen that I realized that I have a problem. I had two whole boxes simply dedicated to my cookbooks and printed out recipes!!

Now, you’re probably wondering who I am, right? Well, I’m a long distance friend of Sugarbear’s. We went to school together, and I share her love of baking and cooking. I’ve never done anything with food, professionally; I just like to cook for my friends and family, and I don’t get too many complaints for it either! I cannot create my own recipes, which is why I have so many saved in digital recipe boxes and printed out for my many 3-ring binders. Cooking and baking makes me feel good. I like to make something that tastes wonderful to give to the people I love. I have three kids who mean the world to me, and making sure they get good, home cooked food that’s not full of preservatives and things I can’t pronounce, means a lot to me. My kids tell me I’m the BEST cook, and it is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received!

I bet you want to know what I’m doing here, too, huh? Well, Sugarbear has asked me if I would like to provide you all with a few links to some of the yummy recipes that I have found and saved. I’m always on the hunt for something great to make, and I’m always posting links to things on Facebook to show my friends. Sometimes there are things that I know my friends would be interested in, and I just can’t wait to share it with them, and that’s what I get to do here for you guys!
These would make a great bread to serve with a meal of soup or chili, and have a great, festive Halloween theme, too!

Alright, so these “brownies” had a lot of my friends talking on Facebook. I just love it when that happens! The name turned a few people off, but let me assure you, this recipe is wonderful! I made these because I was trying to come up with a way to get more spinach in my, and my kids’, diet, and I figured this recipe was worth a shot. My kids RAVED about them, and asked when I was going to make them again! I’m so glad I tried it!

Most of the recipes I save are not savory food. I admit that all I really want to look at is the sweet stuff! I’m too ashamed to admit how many of my saved recipes and cookbooks are actually just for sweet treats. I’ll probably never be able to make everything that I have saved, but I sure will give it my best effort!

One of those sweet treats comes from Paula Deen. I just love to look through her website to get ideas, and these caught my eye. I’m just dying to make them, but my move has put a bit of a damper on my baking plans. They will be made soon, though…just as soon as my kids and I get to the apple orchard this week!

There’s no need for a trip to the apple orchard for this recipe, and let me tell you – it is good! Just a little tip, though, I used brown sugar in the filling when I made it. If you make this pie, don’t forget about this pie crust recipe that Sugarbear provides. It would work great for this recipe!

I can’t wait to try this recipe after the kids get done trick-or-treating this Halloween. There’s always so much candy, and this idea is a good way to use some of it up. I’ll be using the brownie recipe that Sugarbear uses as a base in these because I’ve made them before, and I love them!
Finally, I’m just throwing this one in because it looks decadent, and I want to try it very badly! They are maple pots de créme with almond praline. Uh. Yum.

These are just a few of the recipes that I’ve been looking at recently. I hope you enjoyed them and give each one a try! I love talking about cooking with others that enjoy it as well, and I’d love to hear if you do try any of these, as well as how you liked them. I’ll be back again on occasion to share more of my addiction with you! Enjoy!
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