Happy Birthday Loki!

Today I’m taking a little break from celebrating Harry Potter week to celebrate my puppy!

98/365 Handsome Pup Loki is a Bichon Frise, and he is a huge part of our family. Today is his birthday! He’s eight years old, and completely spoiled rotten. 🙂

I’m totally a bake-my-dog-his-own-birthday-cake kinda girl, so when I say he’s spoiled, I really mean it. This year, though, I’m making him some yummy organic cookies.

I recently found this Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Kit from the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company and couldn’t pass it up! It’s got 25 puppy friendly recipes that range from bad breath busters to good old sweets.

Plus, it came with these three adorable cookie cutters! Admittedly, though, Loki is about as interested in squirrels as I am…in his case, the third cutter should have been shaped like a steak or something. He’s more of a safe, food-in-the-bowl kind of dog than a chase-it-down-and-eat-it-raw hunter. It’s pretty funny really…a squirrel can run right by him, mere feet away, and he won’t even see it, let alone show any interest in it. Master hunting dog he isn’t. Although, I suspect he believes that he is solely responsible for the capture and disposal of the mouse that we recently had in our home. Not that he ever had any interaction with the little critter, but maybe the hunting instinct isn’t completely suppressed!

Back to the cookbook, though. Like, I said, it has all kinds of recipes, ranging from savory, meaty choices…

…to sweet and spicy cookies.

I haven’t had the chance to make any of the recipes, so I think I’ll be making him some tasty treats from it for his special day today. I think those “plumpkins” (above) sound perfect!!! I’ll definitely share the results with all of you too! Until then, happy birthday to my puppy Loki!

Have a great day!

Silly Bear

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  1. Nicole says

    I believe that nutmeg is not safe for dogs. I'm sure in the quantity mentioned in the recipe it isn't overtly harmful or fatal, but why have them develop a taste for something that isn't good for them?

    Until last year, I didn't realize that raisins posed a risk to my pup and had been making treats that included a small amount of chopped raisins. Allie loved raisins– still does, and begs for them even though she can't have them! Now I check all ingredients in homemade treats very carefully before making them.

    Here's a couple of websites that list ingredients harmful to dogs:


    And when in doubt, double check with the ASPCA


    And…Happy Birthday, Loki!! You're such an adorable pup. And a very lucky dog!

  2. Sugarbear says

    @Nicole – Thanks for the tips. I knew that nutmeg could be dangerous for dogs, but it's considered safe in the very small amounts included here. In fact, I also recently learned that nutmeg is also dangerous for humans, in large quantities (yikes)! But it's a simple subtraction to remove it (this is, in fact, the only recipe with nutmeg in the whole book). Crazy that grapes/raisins, as well as walnuts, are dangerous too, huh? Fortunately, neither are included in any recipes in this book.

    Thanks for the links and thanks for the birthday wishes too! 🙂

  3. Heather S. says

    Cute dog! And great idea for making your own dog treats! If I had a dog, I’d soooo do that! And now I’m curious as to how he got he name! 🙂