And the Winner Is…

…comment number 094, Andrea!

Congratulations, Andrea!!! You will be receiving an email from me shortly!

I have to say that I was so overwhelmed by the incredibly kind and encouraging comments that so many of you had to give! It’s an amazing thing, this blogging. You work hard to make something delicious, and to make it look as wonderful as it tastes. Then you do your best to tell people how they can make it themselves…and try to make that interesting too…take a deep breath and send your work and words out into the world. At that point, it’s out of your hands and you can only hope that someone else can see the appeal in it that you did. Or that you explained it clearly, or that you just made something a little easier for someone, somewhere, by sharing a little bit of what you know. I never expected that I was actually bringing so many smiles to so many faces! It meant the world to hear from all of you about how you have enjoyed reading Bakingdom. I wish I could give each and every one of you a prize! This new blogging year is going to be a lot of fun, because of all of you! Thanks so much!


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