Gimme Some Sugar: A Sweet List of Tasty Links

Since I’m unable to cook everything I want for the blog every single month, I have enlisted the help of a friend of mine to bring a little more variety. Every month or so, Andrea will share some of the links that have caught her attention the most over the past few weeks. Andrea loves to cook as much as I do. She also tries hard to find new, exciting, and healthy things to feed her family. She always finds the most interesting and intriguing (not to mention delicious sounding) recipes, so I knew I had to share her with you all. Enjoy! -Darla

Bread makes me happy! I love bread. I don’t make too many meals that doesn’t involve some sort of bread. About two years ago I bought a bread machine at a garage sale for $3! Can you believe that? It came with a really nice recipe book as well. I know people buy kitchen gadgets that they think are going to revolutionize their kitchens, and make them the best cook ever, only to see them sit collecting dust and they are rarely, if ever used. This was not the case for me. I bought a bread machine and then decided that I really wanted to become better at making fresh bread. Well, I have become better. I love to make bread now! I love to make all kinds of bread. There are still so many types that I have not tried yet, but my bread machine still gets used all the time. It’s wonderful for the days when I just don’t have a lot of free time, but still want fresh bread. And the smell…mmmm.

With that said, here is a list of some super yummy recipes that I have already tried and love, and some that I keep staring at because I want to try them so badly.

photo from Buttered Up

My favorite bread machine recipe is for bread that has my all time favorite herb in it. Rosemary. I love rosemary! I love the smell and the taste. I know that Darla has some Rosemary bread planned soon, but until she shares it with us,  Jo’s Rosemary Bread is completely perfect in every way. I really want to try making it in the oven rather in the machine some time so that I can have that perfect loaf of bread. In looks anyway. In taste this bread is perfect just the way it is. I will eat this bread with anything. It is my go to bread recipe.

photo from A Feast for the Eyes

Recently I made some homemade vegetable beef soup, and I wanted some bread to go with them. Saltines just weren’t going to cut it that night. I wanted something a little different, and not overly complicated. I found just the thing. These Parmesan Rolls were exactly what I wanted. The little bit of cheese in them was wonderful. They would be perfect with some chili or a stew. They were great with my soup though. This one will definitely be used again.

photo from Food. People. Want.

I think I’ve said before on here that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I make breakfast foods for dinner frequently. My kids don’t mind. This english muffin recipe is one I’ve wanted to try for awhile. Eggs Benedict is probably my favorite breakfast ever, and I would love to have some super fresh muffins to make it on.

photo from These Peas are Hollow

Croissants are one thing that my kids love. I buy the big container of them at Sam’s Club for them every so often, and they are gone very quickly. I have obviously given my love of bread to my kids. They can’t get enough! Making croissants is intimidating to me. I’m not sure why, but I have been hesitant to try them. I found this croissant recipe, and can’t wait to give it a shot.

photo from QueenieVonSugarpants

In the summer I love to go to the Farmer’s Market for fresh fruits and veggies. I love to spend money at these things. Zucchini is always tops on my list of veggies to buy. It’s cheap, and I can make some many different things with it. If all else fails, this zucchini bread recipe never lets me down. It’s so good. The only thing I do different is that I like to use a cinnamon/sugar mixture to coat the greased pan with, instead of flour. I do the same thing for banana bread though too.

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  1. TheresaSea says

    I’ve been looking for a good english muffin recipe! I’ve tried two, and they never end up as craggy as I’d like in the middle. These, though, look perfect! Thank you!

  2. dakota says

    If you can pull off croissants in your home kitchen, my toque is off to you. I extensively studied laminated dough in pastry school and it was hard even with fancy gadgets and giant refrigerators.