Chicka-Chicka, Bun-Bunny Cookies

I have one more Easter treat for you all before I sign off for my geeky (Doctor Who, WOO HOO!), festive (Easter), party filled (hubster’s birthday) weekend. The cookies I have to show you are probably my favorite treat this Easter, because they were awfully fun to make, but also because they’re just so stinking cute (if I do say so myself)!

This year for Easter, I decided to make some classic rolled sugar cookies )a gluten free version is linked here), in classic Easter themes, but with unique shapes. For the chickies, I used an egg shaped cutter. I’ve seen this idea done a lot before and I just love it. I also wanted sweet bunnies to go with the chicks, but I wanted them to be in a simplified shape like the chicks, so I chose to do fluffy bunny faces using a flower shaped cutter. For the decorations, I used my homemade marshmallow fondant, various sprinkles, and a black food writer.

This was the first time I ever decorated sugar cookies using fondant, and I loved it! Although, if I’m being 100% perfectly honest, I have to tell you that I really don’t like fondant on my cookies (taste-wise). I adore the way that it looks…it’s just beautiful, and I love how incredibly easy it is, but I prefer frosting on my cookies. I have ranked my sugar cookie taste preferences and they are:

1. Cookies decorated with fluffy cookie frosting, like my Halloween Cupookies.

2. Cookies with a softer, lemony “royal” icing like my Alice in Wonderland cookies.

3. Cookies with a small amount of royal icing, topped with marshmallow fondant, like the cookies in today’s post.

Cookies decorated with fondant are still yummy, don’t get me wrong, they’re just not my favorite. However, if I were to rate the cookies based on looks, I would reverse them, putting the fondant cookies first, leaving the royal icing cookies in second place, and bumping the fluffy frosted cookies to last place. The fondant just gives such a neat, clean, lovely look, and it’s so very easy.

To decorate the cookies, Cut out a piece of fondant using the same cookie cutter that you used for the cookies. Since the cookies spread a small amount in the oven, the cutter will cut a piece of fondant that is slightly smaller than the cookie.

Once the fondant is cut, put a small amount of royal icing in the center of the cookie. You can do as little or as much as you like (for the most part), but be careful not to get too close to the edges, or the icing will squish out from under the fondant. I like to put as much icing on as I can without it oozing out, because I think it adds more flavor.

Once iced, center the cut fondant on the cookie and lay it on top of the icing. Now you can move on to the details.

For my chicks’ wings, I used a small flower petal cutter from my Wilton flower kit. Any teardrop shaped cutter will work here, or you can cut a small circle or oval shape and cut it in half to form the wings. You can also skip the wings entirely and the chick are still adorable.

Once the wings are cut, place a small amount of royal icing on the back of each one and stick them to the cookies however you’d like.

For the chickies little tootsies, I used orange flower shaped sprinkles. I just put a tiny dot of royal icing on the back of each one and stuck them directly to the fondant.

Using the same idea and technique, I gave each cookie rosy pink cheeks using confetti quins, and the chicks got little yellow beaks made from diamond shaped sprinkles.

For the finishing touch, I used a food writer to give each cookie eyes.

You can also use white confetti quins and your food writer to make eyeballs, like the cheeky little bunny on the right has. Just color a black (or any color) circle onto the quin, allow it to dry for a few minutes, then place a tiny dot of icing on the back and “glue” the quin in place. I especially like these eyes with a winking cookie, they’re just too fun! 🙂

On a whim, I decided to make a few tiny baby bunnies with a mini flower shaped cutter. I think they may be my favorite…they’re so small and bite sized and just plain cute. 🙂

As for the bunnies decorations, I used all of the same tools and techniques, just in different places. For the ears, I cut out medium sized white teardrops, and small sized pink ones. I “glued” the pink pieces to the white and allowed them to dry while I decorated all of the faces. Once the ears were dry (allowing them to stay stiff without support), I put a small amount of icing on the pointed ends and tucked them under the fondant on the cookie. Next, I gave the bunny faces some depth by using two petals from a flower cutter to cut out a place for their noses and “whiskers.” After getting it secured, I used my food writer again, to draw little freckles that represent their whiskers. For the bunnies’ teeth and bright pink noses, I used mini heart shaped sprinkles, turned upside down.

Don’t let your imagination be limited! Change up the colors and make sweet pink or yellow bunnies and lots of  different pastel chickies. Also, try out some chocolate bunnies and chicks (you can just see one peeking from the back of the basket above). Have a wonderful holiday weekend, friends, and happy Easter!

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