Doctor Who TARDIS Apron and Weeping Angels Cookies

[UPDATE: Find my original TARDIS apron design in Bakingdom’s Etsy shop!]

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a long four day weekend here, and man was it fun! The hubster’s birthday and Easter were both great. After a homemade breakfast of mini cinnamon rolls from the brilliant Jenny of Picky Palate, we had the kiddo’s Easter egg hunt, followed by mine. 🙂 I think Easter egg hunts should be mandatory for adults as well as children, why should the kids get all the fun?!After successfully finding all but one egg that the hubster could not remember where on earth he put it, we had an awesome water balloon fight! It was a great day for it too, since it’s been in the 90’s here all week.

After we all dried off and cleaned up, the rest of the day was dedicated to the hubster’s birthday, so I got busy making his birthday cake. This year he decided he wanted a homemade butter rum cake with vanilla ice cream. I’m so glad he chose that because it was a-ma-zing. The rest of our Sunday was nice and lazy. We laughed, ate, relaxed, and played Scrabble. A perfect Easter/birthday Sunday. 🙂

Today, though. Today, I want to tell you about my Saturday, because Saturday was Doctor Who Day! And I had a viewing party. With cookies.

Of course.

I also made myself a crafty to wear while watching my Doctor Who marathon, though. It was inspired by my Harry Potter apron and I sure do love it…

It’s my very own TARDIS apron!! There is pretty much nothing more recognizable and immediately linked to Doctor Who than the TARDIS, so I knew I had to find a way to make it into an apron. It had to be wearable and comfy, but still had to include all of the important details:

Like the sign on the front of the TARDIS.

And the light on top. I went a little more abstract with this, using leftover gold tulle from my Gryffindor apron to represent the flashing light. I’ve also used some fun grosgrain ribbon, which is just as cute.

Of course, the “Police Public Call Box” absolutely had to be included. The hubster hand wrote the letters on for me in white crayon, then a painted over them with white fabric paint. He did an excellent job, don’t you think?

I am so very happy that I decided to make this apron! It absolutely makes me ecstatic when I wear it. I can’t wait to bake again just so I can wear one of my geeky, girly new aprons. Up next…I’m thinking a Ghostbusters or Star Trek version… I. Can’t. Wait.

Until then though, let’s talk about those cookies, huh? As soon as I decided to make cookies, I knew I wanted to make the Weeping Angels. They are, by far, my absolute favorite baddies from the show. I mean, they’re just brilliant. And terrifying. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a cookie cutter for them, and I didn’t have an angel cutter on hand, so i had to get creative.

In the end, I chose to print one of the angels out, cut it out, and use it for a template. It worked perfectly, so I did the same with a TARDIS shaped template. If you choose to cut cookies like this, here are some tips:

1. Make sure the dough is chilled and firm.

2. Use a sharp knife.

3. Keep flour on hand to dip the knife into as needed.

Once the cookies were baked, I drew the angels’ outlines on with black icing. I used the same template as a guide, but had to use some artistic license, since I couldn’t do very fine details. i would have loved to do a couple of angels with scary faces, but i just couldn’t get the details that clear.

Once the outlines are drawn, fill them in with gray icing and let sit until dry.

I think they turned out pretty good! Not as scary as the statues in the show, but definitely giving off a creepy vibe.

And of course I had to make some TARDIS cookies. 🙂 I also decided to make the new Doctor logo as well. You can’t have Doctor Who cookies without the TARDIS. Plus, how will the Weeping Angels kidnap the TARDIS if there is no TARDIS?!

Now all we need is for Sally Sparrow to send the TARDIS back to the Doctor, but…

Good luck.

Rolled Sugar Cookies (Gluten Free Girl’s Sugar Cookies)

Decorating Icing

Fluffy Cookie Frosting

Marshmallow Fondant

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  1. Cobalt&Calcium says

    I love you :O:O:O:O
    My partner and I have just finished watching the series with David Tennant and are waiting for the ones with Matt Smith to get cheaper (and damn the Easter Cliff Hanger, just grrr!).

    The Weeping Angels are my favourite bad guys, I must have these cookies 😀

  2. says

    I was a fan of yours before, but now I think it’s love. 😉

    You did a fantastic job with both the apron and the cookies (*I* think they’re creepy, but the Weeping Angels episodes are my favorite as well, so I’m biased). I wish I had the artistic talent to pull this off! But you’ve definitely inspired me with the apron..hrmm……thanks! 😀

  3. says

    Wow, wow, wow.
    I have to admit, as geeky as I am, I never got into Dr. Who… Sorry, don’t hate me. I feel much shame.
    I know enough, though, to know that these cookies and that apron are AMAZING!
    I really, really want your apron pattern . . . I adore the little bit of “girliness” as the bottom 🙂

    I’m feeling the need to make a Domo apron now . . .

  4. says

    I love all these themed crafts and baking! Its really amazing and makes me smile so much. The weeping angels always creep me out. So creative and inspiring. 😀 have a great day.

  5. says


    I have to make these for the second part of the Series 6 opener! Finally – my two loves, baking & Sci-Fi come together in a deliciously sweet and perfect way!

  6. aprila says

    OMG… Brilliant! my hubby and I watch Dr. Who whenever we can (that is when the kids dont have complete control of the TV), oh and when he’s not watching Stargate!.. LOL…

  7. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile but have never commented before. But that TARDIS apron is amazing. I’m a huge fan of Doctor Who (and people, it’s his name not his title so it shouldn’t be shortened to ‘Dr.’) and now I know what my summer sewing project is going to be. Also, the Star Trek – Ghostbusters ideas have gotten a few things rattlin’ round the old noggin! And my mom thought I had too many geeky DVDs! HA! I’ll show her.

    Thanks so much for sharing your aprons and all your baking 🙂

  8. Angela says

    I’m not even a sweets eater, but HUGE HUGE HUGE points for the Doctor Who theme!!! The weeping angels are one of my faves too!

  9. says

    I literally squeaked out loud at those cookies. The problem is, I wouldn’t be able to eat them because I’d be terrified to let them out of my sight and into my digestive system. So creepy! I must make a clone of that apron; my plans for a dalek apron always end up wonky, but the TARDIS should be much easier.

  10. Sarah says

    That is full of awesome. You should sell those aprons because I believe everyone that has commented would love one. Just saying. 🙂 Great job.

  11. Sam Simons says

    Epic win! Though I think you were missing one awesome thing. A banana. ^_^ <3 The apron is fabulous! I think I would die of happiness and hyperventilation if I ever got my hands on something so awesome! I love the cookies! Bravo!!

  12. Jennifer says

    Wow. Just… Wow!!! I’ve been an absolute Doctor Who geek since the ’80s. With this apron and those ccookies, you have blown me away! I now must replicate this somehow. I do have a cookie cutter for angels. It produces “3-D” cookies. They have a stand piece, also made of cookie, so they stand up… so, it’s more like 2.5-D. Maybe I can modify that cutter. Or maybe just copy your brilliance.

    How’d you fill in the grey bits? Decorator bag?

    Also on Ghostbusters theme, in case you want a couple of ideas, I’ve made tombstones out of white and dark chocolate that I’ve gently marbled together (like white carrara marble), poured out in a 1/4″ layer, and, after cooling and solidifying cut out into various tombstone shapes (mostly 1700s to Victorian). It’s great because you can cut smooth, or carve out roughly with the tip of the knife (I used a dull paring knife) for that eroded headstone look. Also, marzipan ghosts with pomegranate seeds for eyes are great and easy (though look hard). The seeds give them creepy eyes that catch even dimmer light. Very spooky! Also cut off the bottom bit, or half, and place them on a cake or cupcake with green icing and a tombstone. They’re rising out of their graves!

  13. says

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant idea! And i love the fact you made a matching apron to bake the biscuits on-totally genius! Will your ghostbusters apron feature the backpack weapon. Ohh it could double up as a piping nozzle!!

  14. Rachel says

    I love, love, loved your apron, and the Harry Potter one too. I am a huge fan of Dr. Who. Its great to see a fellow SciFi fan. I enjoy seeing your creations. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Joseph Silver says

    The mental image I’m getting from seeing the Weeping Cookies is the Series 3 episode “Blink” where Sally and Larry are being chased by murderous baked goods.


  16. Carolyn says

    Adorable apron. I loved the Harry Potter one. I think you should try for Star Trek TNG. Think of the cute mini dresses the females wore in the firt season. It would totally work as a cute apron.

  17. says

    These are INCREDIBLE! I saw your photo reblogged by Doctor-Who on tumblr and totally had to check out the blog- I also adore your Gryffindor apron! Very cool. Consider me following! 😀

  18. Madilynn says

    ^_^ These are possibly the coolest cookies I have ever seen! Excellent job! Weeping Angels are my absolute favourites as well.

  19. Amy says

    Holy timey-wimey, Batman, these are incredible! (And eleventy billion times better than fish fingers w/custard.) And I gave up wearing aprons eons ago, but now I’m inspired!

    I think you should definitely try a Star Trek apron. So much possibility there! (Though, risky to be a Red Shirt in the kitchen. Hee hee!)

  20. Druston says

    Oh good Time Lord.

    I’ll admit; I had never been one to be interested in Doctor Who. That is, until I saw ‘Blink’ after someone on another site referenced the Weeping Angels. Yeah, I’m not very trusting of statues anymore. ESPECIALLY not ones of Angels.

    And then I saw the episodes of Matt Smith’s arc featuring the Angels…and for some reason, the culmination of those, and having seen a few random ones here and there (I often can’t sit down and watch BBCA so I can watch Doctor Who, but I’m -really- trying now)…well, I actually really quite like it. I just…need to eventually sit down and watch more of what I haven’t seen yet, and that’s kind of my reasoning behind why I never bothered to watch it before. Way too many episodes to catch up on, haha

    … Anyways! That TARDIS apron and your Gryffindor apron are seriously adorable. I was going to try my hand at a Slytherin apron (what can I say? I’m a Slytherin at heart.) but I’m terrible with making aprons. I just don’t have a stead enough hand for neither the cutting, nor the sewing. But if I had, I’d make both aprons, because that TARDIS apron is seriously awesome.

    Anyways — again — this just warms my geeky little heart. It really does.

    But those Weeping Angel cookies? My first reaction was, ‘AGH! DAMMIT, WHY!? AT 8:30 IN THE MORNING AFTER I JUST WOKE UP, TOO!’ Out loud, of course. Scared my poor cat. If I had the artistic ability and any friends who were actually into Doctor Who…I’d make the ones you have here, and then try to make some that are on the attack. That way, I can put one covering its face down in front of someone, and then if/when they ever looked away…switch it out with one frozen in mid-attack. See if they notice. Then again, I’m sure it’d work just fine even if they didn’t watch the show or something. Just tell them not to blink or turn away from the cookie before devouring it…watch them laugh at me for being a geek…and then see what happens if/when they DO turn away.

    …shutting up now. too talkative this early in the morning.

  21. says

    Wow, those are awesome! The Weeping Angels episode is the first Dr Who episode I’ve ever seen from beginning to end as I’m relatively new to the series. It was a creepy episode that had me drawn in from the beginning. I especially liked the ‘voice’ of the angels – that was uber creepy. The cookies are amazing, you certainly have some talent. I’d love to see some ST TNG cookies as well. You mentioned a ST apron at some point – question is, which ST?

    • says

      You know, I ask myself that question all the time… Do I want to watch the Original series or TNG? Original cast movies or TNG cast? Original uniform or TNG? It’s always based on my mood because I love them equally. 🙂 I guess I’ll just have to make myself two Star Trek aprons!!

  22. says

    Oh WOW, the apron is gorgeous! You should totally start making them and selling them! I’d definitely buy one. Having said that, your apron has inspired me to have a reason to learn how to sew! 🙂

  23. Marifran says

    This is righteous! My niece sent me this link ( I got her started on Doctor Who and she’s waaaay surpassed me!); this is just great! Those cookies look deliciously evil & I have to agree witha one of the above posters, that your attention to detail is phenomenal! Especially since you iced the Angels freehand.

    Now I either need to learn how to sew, or con someone into making me one of those aprons!

  24. says

    Love your creativity and aprons Darla. I would love to have one designed for me and my Butter Dish blog.

    Two questions: What program did you use to create the cute picture of you in the time warp and on your profile page, how did you create the cute collage of photos.

    Btw I simply LOVE the photo of you in the dress.

    • says

      Hi Tara, Sorry for the slow reply.

      To create the picture of me in the time tunnel, I used Photoshop Elements. I found the tunnel image online and merged it with an image of me.

      As for my photo collage, I used Photoshop CS5 and a couple of template sets from Paint the Moon‘s Framed – Simply Vintage Set. It’s a great set and Paint the Moon is an awesome place to get great actions, textures, and templates. 🙂 I hope this is all helpful, and thank you for your kind words. 🙂

  25. says

    My thoughts from seeing the first picture: Ohmigosh you are SO COOL.

    You exploded my mind from 24 years down to 7 years. Congrats. I think I will be following you now ~_^

  26. Shannon says

    Hi!! I was wondering if you could PLEASE do a more detailed post about how you made the Tardis apron! I want one so bad!! Please and thank you. I am also willing to pay you if you made another one to sell!! thanks for the cookie idea! I’m going to make them for my upcoming Doctor Who marathon! 🙂

    • says

      Hi Shannon, You can check out this post for more details on how to make an apron: Handmade Aprons. It doesn’t give the details of the TARDIS apron, but it gives some ideas. I don’t have a lot of TARDIS apron details, because it didn’t occur to me to photograph the process of making it until it was too late, but I’m considering making another one very soon. If I do, I’ll photograph the process more diligently.

      I ‘m looking into the possibility of selling the aprons on etsy, so if you’d like, I can email you and let you know if and when I start selling them.

  27. Kelsey says

    Absolutely brilliant! 😀 I love love love that apron, and I don’t even like aprons (I always seem to get messy anyhow.) I love the cookies as well! Though as well as being gluten intolerant, I’m a vegetarian. Could I use vegan marshmallows to make the fondant instead?

    • says

      Hi Kelsey, so sorry for the slow reply. I’ve been very busy getting ready for an extended trip and finally finished traveling this weekend. I hope I’m not too late to be helpful. I’m not 100% positive that you can use vegan marshmallows for the fondant or not. I want to say yes, but since I’ve never used them, I can’t promise they’ll work. If they melt smoothly, then I think that they should be fine. I’d love to hear if you try it and how it works out for you.

  28. Laura says

    These are wonderful! I was just thinking about making a few Tardis kitchen accessories (apron, potholder) and found this. Adorable apron and amazing job on the cookies, they must have taken quite some time to ice.

  29. Elisa says

    Could you give more detailed decoration advice about the tardis and the logo? I would like to try make those for my loved one’s birthday this month, but I haven’t done anything like this ever (alhough I love to bake and I am good at it, just haven’t tried out decorating before).

    • says

      Hi Sandy, Sorry for the late response. I am going to be selling the TARDIS aprons on etsy very soon. If you would like, I can add you to an email list to let you know when the store is open.

  30. Zee says



    Ahem, anyways your cookies look delicious! (*shudder* But those weeping angels we’re the thing of nightmares) I’m so happy to have found this blog, you are something special!

  31. Alex says

    Wow your apron is incredible! I’ve had it in the back of my mind to attempt but considering my lack of sewing skills I was thrilled to see you will be selling them. I’d love if I could be added to the mailing list please!

  32. Kirsteen says

    Hi, I would be interested in buying one of your Tardis Aprons – but would need it for Halloween. Let me know by email when your selling…..Cheers.

  33. Elke says

    That is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time! I have zero sewing skills or I would attempt to make one of these. I would love to purchase one ASAP. Perfect for our Sci-Fi themed Halloween party!

  34. Amelia says

    Oh! My! Goodness!
    Those cookies are amazing! And I want an apron. Actually, I want 7, one for every day of the week. Please email me when you get your Etsy shop open! I just recently became a Whovian, and watch every episode I can get my hands on. Which is your favorite doctor? I’m torn between David Tennant and Tom Baker.

  35. Holly says

    Is there any way to buy these relatively soon? I would love to be able to get one for christmas or for my birthday in january, and I was wondering if you’re selling them yet

  36. Julie says

    Oh I am going to have my husband BEGGING ME for these cookies. They came out AMAZING!!!He has been a Who fan for more than 30 years…I couldn’t STAND it until possibly Paul McGann…but Eckleston won me over, Tenant was SPECTACULAR…Matt Smith, well I find him a little too young but he has fun with it. Great writing on the show (Christmas episode was a bit predictable though)-ugh I digress..the cookies are terrific and the APRON is just ADORABLE! GREAT WORK!

  37. says

    OK, You ROCK, girl!!!! I LOVE the apron and I LOVE the cookies! I am so gonna make these for my daughter! Clever and creative…fun too! TFS! 🙂

  38. says

    Ummm….just found your blog and think I am completely in love with all of your fabulous projects. As a huge Whovian, I am totally geeked out about your awesome apron and (creepy) cookies!

  39. mike says

    wow! These are great! I am a huge fan! Will you make a superman, batman or Ghostbusters or one with LED’s for a Darth Vader aapron of fluxcapacatot?

  40. Erin says

    Man, I wish I was that talented! I’m having a Doctor Who themed wedding in a few years and that would be fantastic! I already saved your fish fingers and custard post for in the future!

  41. says

    Well, thanks a lot for that gif at the end. I still get nightmares from the Weeping Angels-episode, which you have now successfully refueled…
    But seriously: Great job on all the DW-paraphernalia! LOVE the apron!

  42. Brandi says

    Soo late to the party, but the cookies and apron are amazing! I have a few friends who would kill for aprons like that. If you’re ever selling the pattern I’d be sure to buy it 🙂