Gimme Some Sugar: A Sweet List of Tasty Links

Since I’m unable to cook everything I want for the blog every single month, I have enlisted the help of a friend of mine to bring a little more variety. Every month or so, Andrea will share some of the links that have caught her attention the most over the past few weeks. Andrea loves to cook as much as I do. She also tries hard to find new, exciting, and healthy things to feed her family. She always finds the most interesting and intriguing (not to mention delicious sounding) recipes, so I knew I had to share her with you all. Enjoy! -Darla

Hi there everyone! This is Andrea again, and it’s been awhile now since I’ve been here. I had some stuff I wanted to share last month, but have just been so ridiculously busy that I just couldn’t get it all together. I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. My kids were spoiled again, as usual. Their Easter buckets were filled to the brim with goodies. We made sugar cookies with a colorful lemon glaze, and the easter bunny made some treats too. They had a great day!

We are now in May. Yay, we are finally in full spring mode around my home! In May we have Memorial Day, and here in Indiana, that means the Indy 500! I’m not a race fan, but my family has a reunion every year on race day. We have a huge pitch-in at the park, turn on the radio, and listen to the race. We talk, and play with the kids, and get reacquainted with one another. Usually the weather treats us well, and it’s a day I look forward to every year. I don’t see most of my family as often as I’d like, but with the help of Facebook now, I feel much closer to many of them than I’ve ever been.

I’m really looking forward to this years reunion and I’m already trying to figure out what I’m going to take. Maybe you can all help me out. Just leave a comment telling me which one you think I should take!

photo courtesy of Land O’Lakes

Last year I brought this Layered Southwest Salad to the reunion, and I got so many compliments! It was so incredibly good. I used a trifle bowl, and it was such a pretty presentation. I had several people ask for the recipe, and I have made it since. It is a wonderful for just this sort of thing. I like to try to do something a little bit different, but something that many will enjoy.

photo courtesy of My Baking Addiction

One thought I’ve had for the reunion is one that I’ve shared with you before. These Spinach Brownies are so good that I think I might be able to change a few people’s minds about spinach. LOL My kids love these so I know some of the other kids there might be willing to give them a try. They are super simple, and I think they would hold up well during a pitch in.

photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

Another one I’ve been thinking about is a dessert. I might need to make a couple of them though if I decide to take this one. I’ve made it before, and it is to die for! Yum! If you like peanut butter and chocolate (which I know Darla does not), then you’ll love this Chocolate and Peanut Butter Pie. Really it’s wonderful!

photo courtesy of Real Mom Kitchen

I think this Fruit Salsa would be a big hit! I think I’d have to skip making my own tortilla chips for the reunion though! I would just bring along a couple bags of Stacy’s Cinnamon and Sugar Pita Chips(Yum!) to go with it.

photo courtesy of

My dad probably wouldn’t touch it, but this Zucchini Pie just sounds so awesome to me. I LOVE zucchini, and I am always looking for new recipes to use it. I think this one could be a big hit as well!

These Black and White Cookies by our very own Darla would also be perfect for our reunion! Since we have it on Race Day, and the black and white checkered flag is such an iconic part of the race, these would be very appropriate. And tasty of course!

photo courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

The last one I’ve been thinking about is a spin on The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls that I have had bookmarked FOREVER! I keep staring at this Ranch Rugelach thinking I’m going to make it, and have yet to do it. The cinnamon roll recipe make a lot of dough, so I could make a ton to bring to the reunion. I could also make half of it, and try out my own spin that I’ve been picturing in my head, with the other half. Hmmmm…

So, what do you all think? Which one/s should I make? Do you guys have any traditions that you all do in your family? I love going to my family reunion and getting to see all my family that I almost never see. I love to try all of their yummy food, and try out some of my dishes on them. I’m a sucker for a compliment! LOL

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  1. says

    Yummy! Blimey, where do you start-they ALL look so good!! Lovely round-up. I’ve just had lunch but feeling all hungry all over again looking at all of those!

    Happy baking and Eating!!

  2. KariAnnM says

    Oh that fruit salsa looks wonderful!! I am going to have to make that now! That would be a great dish at your reunion.
    We have a family reunion every year in July or August at the campground resort that my grandparents belonged to when we were all kids. Plenty of food, mini gold, swimming, paddle boats, the guys (and a couple of the wives) always have a rolle bolle tournament. Someone always brings a new beer to try. My parents are now members of the resort, so my family camps with them that weekend as well. Becoming a great tradition!