Honeydukes Candyfloss Cupcakes and an Awesome Harry Potter Giveaway!

It’s that time again, my friends! The final half of the final movie of Harry Potter is released this Friday! It’s the closing of an era, even if you’re not a huge Pottermaniac like I am. Of course, another Potter event means only one thing here: another week of magical sweets and treats. I’m not just offering you a yummy recipe today, though…read to the end for a chance to enter to win an awesomely magical Harry potter prize. πŸ™‚

Sometimes, I wish I’d started blogging sooner, just so I could have shared more Harry Potter weeks with you guys. I think the HP treats I’ve made have been some of the most fun and delicious on all of Bakingdom. Today’s sweet is no different.

Unlike my other HP treats (real butterbeer, Harry’s favorite dessert, and chocolate cauldron cakes), which are pulled straight from the pages of the books, these Honeydukes’ Candyfloss Cupcakes are my own creation. They’re based on the mention of candyfloss (cotton candy) in the books, as well as the Honeydukes shop in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Honeydukes is the sweets shop in the Harry Potter books and films, and has been recreated in the WWOHP’s Hogsmeade. It is absolutely delightful! Filled from floor to ceiling with colorful candies galore, it’s as much of a visual treat as it is a treat for the taste buds.

These cupcakes are based on one of the beautiful window displays that I saw when we visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter last summer. At the time, one of the windows was filled with gorgeous, pink candyfloss, and the image has stuck with me.

I love cotton candy…a lot…and I thought the idea of a cotton candy cupcake sounded amazing. I didn’t want these to be plain, old cotton candy cupcakes, though. These needed to be something that could exist in the Potterverse.

What better way to do that than by adding Honeydukes’ logo to them on whimsical candyfloss inspired toppers? I created the Honeydukes tags based on the actual Honeydukes logo that they print on their candy and packaging (as well as the sign), and the pom poms were an easy 1-2-3 craft that I learned how to do years ago. Best of all, you can make these too. Read on for a tutorial for the candyfloss pom poms and a link to the printable Honeydukes tags that I created.

As for the cupcakes, they’re easy peasy too. Just start out with your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe (I’ve included mine below), and add a little cotton candy (best part: you can use any dairy or gluten free recipe here for DF and GF versions). I had considered using cotton candy flavoring for this, but upon reading reviews of it, I was reluctant. The consensus seemed to be that it doesn’t actually taste like cotton candy. Instead, I decided to add real cotton candy to the cake batter and wait and see what happened. I got my cotton candy at Walmart while I was visiting my sister. It is Fun Sweets brand, and my research tells me that it is gluten free (it is also dairy free, but you’ll have to go to a specialty store for vegan). I tried adding it loose, as well as packed, and found no difference. both ways, the candy would break up into the batter and sort of turn into chunks that spotted the cupcakes. Although I had hoped that it would melt and blend with the batter, it still imparted it’s flavor this way, so I was happy. I did think that packing it made for easier measuring, though. You can either add half an ounce of loose cotton candy, or half a cup of packed cotton candy (they equal the same amount).

Just break the candy up into the batter and mix it in at the end of the mixing process.

It doesn’t take much to mix it in, and you want to stop mixing as soon as it’s incorporated so that you don’t over mix the batter.

Next, I added pink food coloring to the cupcakes to give them a little extra oomph.

The recipe that i used always bakes up perfectly, but if you want to make them even easier, these work great with boxed cake mix, as well. I love that there are speckles and dots of cotton candy on these.

Next up, we have to make the frosting. Again, I used real cotton candy to flavor the frosting. I tried adding it the same way that I added it to the batter, but the results weren’t pretty. The frosting turned into a lumpy mess that only tasted like cotton candy if you happened to get one of the hard, sticky pieces of semi melted candy in your mouth. Not good.

For the next batch, I tried melting the cotton candy with the cream that’s in the recipe before adding both to the frosting mixture. This turned out to be the perfect solution. The cream melted the cotton candy until it was a sort of purple liquid that could be poured right into the frosting.

Last, but not least, I tinted the frosting pink to match the cupcakes (and to cover the slightly grayish purple color that the melted cotton candy created). Now all I needed was more toppers.

To create the pom poms, draw and cut out a ring on a piece of cardboard or heavy duty card stock. The distance from the outside of your ring to the hole in the center will determine how big your pom poms will be. In this case, that distance was about one inch, so my pom poms ended up being about an inch and a half in diameter, almost two inches. Basically, however wide your ring is, your pom pom will be almost double that.

Once your ring is cut out, wrap a length of tulle around it until it is completely covered. I used a three foot length of tulle that was two inches wide. I wouldn’t suggest anything much shorter than three feet, but you can certainly go longer.

After you have the tulle wrapped around the ring, use a pair of scissors to cut along the outside edge. Wrap a piece of strong thread or fine wore around the tulle, cinching as tightly as possible before tying it off. If you will be working alone, I suggest a fine wire for this job, as it holds it’s shape. In order to use thread, you’ll need an assistant’s finger to hold it when you’re ready to tie it.

Fluff the tulle out and trim any long pieces to match the rest. Place a small dot of hot glue on the end of a candy stick or wooden skewer, then press the stick into the pom pom, at the center where the string is tied. Hold for a few seconds to allow the glue to cool.

Now that the pom poms are done, you can add the Honeydukes tags. After saving the PDF through the link below, just print them on heavy, bright white paper and cut them out along the edges.

Next, simple glue the tags in place on the candy sticks and allow to dry completely before using the toppers.

These cupcakes (and toppers) were one of the most fun, tasty treats I’ve ever made, and I love how whimsical and magical they are. They would look beautiful on any Harry Potter themed dessert table, but they would also work perfectly for a circus themed, or pink ballerina type themed party. Enjoy!

Now…the recipes and Honeydukes tag link are at the end of the post, but I bet your wondering about that giveaway I mentioned at the top of the post…

You may remember my pretty amazingly awesome (if I do say so myself…and I do) Gryffindor apron from a few months ago. You know, this one:

Well, this week, you have a chance to win one of your very own, in the house of your choice! That’s right, ONE lucky person will win ONE custom made (by me) Harry Potter apron, with the house colors and patch of their choice. Plus, I have a design for men, as well, so guys, don’t forget to enter too!

How do you enter?

ItÒ€ℒs easy. Just leave your answers to the following questions in the comment section below, before 7pm EST on Thursday, July 14th, 2011:

Which Hogwarts house is your favorite? Which STUDENT (past or present, which includes any magical adult or professor) at Hogwarts is your favorite?

There is no wrong answer, and I can’t wait to see what/who you guys pick!

Another way to enter the draw:

Retweet this post on twitter.  Tweets will be added to the draw!

The contest is international and the winner will be chosen randomly at www.random.org and announced Friday, July 15, 2011.

I will contact the winner to find out house/design (men’s or women’s) choice, so don’t forget to add your email in the email section!

Good luck with the giveaway!

This contest is now CLOSED.

Γ’β„’Β₯ Much Geeky Love,

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And the winner is:


Comment # 111!

CONGRATULATIONS, Britney! Please contact me with your mailing address, as well as your design (mens or womens) and house choices.


1. Tie not included.

2. The giveaway apron will not have tulle edging on the bottom.

3. Don’t forget! I have a mens apron design as well! It is very similar, but with straighter lines and no ruffles.

4. I am not a professional seamstress, sewing is a hobby of mine, so there may be slight flaws or imperfections, but I will do my very best to give you the most perfect apron my little fingers can whip up.

5. As the apron will be made to order for the winner, it will take 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.


Honeydukes Candyfloss (Cotton Candy) Cupcakes [Printable Version]
Makes about 1 dozen (I usually get about 14)


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup sour cream
1 egg, plus 2 egg yolks, at room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup (.5 ounce) cotton candy, packed

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a muffin pan with paper liners and set aside.

In a large bowl, or the bowl of a standing mixer, combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add the butter, sour cream, egg, yolks, and vanilla and beat until smooth. Scrape the bowl to make sure it’s combined, then stir int he cotton candy until evenly distributed (do not over mix).

Place three tablespoons of batter in each of the paper liners int he prepared muffin pan. Bake for 18 to 22 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Transfer to a wire cooling rack and allow to cool completely before frosting.

Honeydukes Candyfloss (Cotton Candy) Buttercream Frosting [Printable Version]
Makes 12 ounces


1 1/2 to 3 teaspoons heavy cream
1 ounce cotton candy
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature
8 ounces confectioners’ sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

In a small bowl, pour 1 1/2 teaspoons of the heavy cream over the cotton candy to melt it; set aside.

In a large bowl, or the bowl of a standing mixer, cream together the butter and sugar until thoroughly combined. Stir in the vanilla and melted cotton candy. Beat on medium high until light and fluffy, about 45 seconds, adding the remaining cream, if necessary.

Cupcake recipe adapted from Baking Illustrated, Frosting recipe and Honeydukes tags by Darla

Click on the link(s) below, then click File > Save as or Print. Print at 100% (do not scale) on heavy bright white paper, cut out, and assemble as directed above.

Honeydukes Logo Tags

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Recipes, Honeydukes tags by Darla

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  1. Kara says

    I am so excited for Friday!! Gryffindor is definitely my favorite house – and it is so hard to pick a favorite student!! I am inclined to go with Neville or Luna, because they both are slight misfits that have the biggest hearts! On top of the fact that I love them – I think they are great role models for little kids!!

  2. Michelle says

    I cannot answer the questions since I have missed the Harry Potter craze all together… But I would love to enter for one of my bet friends who loves Harry Potter. She will be missing the midnight release of this last movie since she is having her first baby today!!!! I know that she would love to have some extra Harry Potter love for her new little one!!!!

    • says

      Don’t worry, Michelle, this counts as an entry too. πŸ™‚ You can also retweet the giveaway on twitter for a second chance to win. Just follow @Bakingdom and retweet my latest tweet.

  3. Sheri C. says

    I’d have to go for Gryffindor as my favorite house, home of the brave and the loyal! Although as far as favorite student goes, I think I have to go with Luna. I love her quirky personality and her steadfast loyalty.

  4. says

    I’m a Ravenclaw, myself. As evidenced by the fact that I’ve read each book probably ten times. I love so many of the characters as if they’re part of my family, but the one who makes me smile every time is Luna Lovegood. She is so splendidly herself. I absolutely adore her.

  5. katie says

    I can’t wait til friday! Gryffindor is my favorite house! Picking a favorite student is next to impossible, but Hermione comes the closest. I love your website!

  6. Alex Velez says

    These cupcakes are adorable <3

    Pick me!!!!
    I love Luna Lovegood. Her personality and strangeness is just awesome. She is very unique.

    I would like a Gryffindor apron (female)

    Keep baking! its awesome and your pictures are very detailed and recipes simple to follow. kudos!

  7. Katie says

    I LOVE these! And I have totally been admiring that apron!
    Okay! My favorite house is Hufflepuff. I think they get written off as a joke, but people forget that the Hogwarts tri wizard champion! Plus, they’re a house which values friendship and loyalty and that’s never a bad thing.
    And my favorite Hogwarts student is Neville! He’s such a secret badass and he’s not good at everything magic, but he’s good with plants which I like and he’s brave like his parents were. I like him. =)

  8. Eve Bare says

    I would have to say ………HARRY! How could I choose anyone else? πŸ™‚ And of course, Gryffindor….I know it’s a predictable choice, but that’s who I like most! I totally admire your “fandom”…..when you LOVE something as much as you love Potter…..this is kind of like an end of an era, for you, and alot of fans out there. And hey, you’re helping me not look as nutty when I take Twilight to that next level. LOL I LOVE these cupcakes, as well. My girls will LOVE them! πŸ™‚

  9. says

    As a geeky bookish type, I’ve always felt I belong in Ravenclaw. Luna Lovegood is my all-time favorite character because she always makes the best of things and isn’t afraid to be herself.

  10. Corryn says

    My favorite house is most definitely ravenclaw. (I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting a “wit beyond measure” tattoo) As for my favorite character, I’d probably have to say Luna because she helps to show the importance of individuality. I am overly excited for the midnight showing this Friday πŸ™‚ I’ve had my tickets for a month and my ravenclaw uniform is ready to be worn again.

  11. Sara says

    I have to go with Slytherin as my favorite house, because I have believed in Snape from the very beginning! πŸ™‚ And Luna as my favorite student, because she has such a sense of style and is in touch with her feelings and the world around her. She’s very perceptive and open and marches to the beat of her own drum . . . and I may have read a celebrity tabloid or two πŸ™‚

  12. Andrea says

    Gryffindor is definitely my favorite house and it’s the one I always get placed in when I do those silly online quizzes πŸ™‚ Picking my one favorite Hogwarts student is soo difficult but, I’m going to have to go with Ron Weasley. He ALWAYS makes me giggle and smile, plus he’s a ginger, and I’m married to a goofy ginger so it’s almost like I’m married to a Weasley! lol!

    Love love love these cupcakes and toppers AND the apron!! *crosses fingers* I hope you continue to make Harry Potter goodies in the future even no books or movies will be coming out!!

  13. Tiffany says

    Gryffindor is definitely my fave house, and my favorite student is Ginny. I wish she would have been more visible in the films, though!

  14. mimz says

    Hi, there! My favourite house has to be Gryffindor, however, my favourite student is undoubtedly Luna! She’s the best and everything she says is just priceless. <3

    I love your cupcake recipe, I might even try it some time. :))) Have a nice week!

  15. says

    Which Hogwarts house is your favorite? Which STUDENT at Hogwarts is your favorite?

    Ravenclaw, definitely. My favorite student has to be Luna Lovegood. I love her quirky personality and how true and honest she is to herself. She doesn’t hide who she is, she embraces it. <3

    The apron is so adorable! (:

  16. Amanda L. says

    My favorite Hogwart’s house is definitely Gryffindor, and my favorite student is Hermione because I identify with her the most. I was a lot like her when I was growing up – intelligent, a bit of a know-it-all, teacher’s pet, and a perfectionist – and I admire who she became as her story in the books progressed.

  17. says

    These sound amazing! I may just have to give this a try. I’m sure my Harry Potter fans would go ga-ga over them.

    My favorite house is most certainly Gryffindor. JK created so many wonderful characters that it’s hard to pick just one.

    When forced to pick just one, I think it has to be Neville. The bravery he had to show in order to stand up to his own friends early in the series is amazing for a boy of that age. He’s so much smarter and stronger than he thinks he is. As he grows, he becomes such a fierce and loyal friend and eventually by the end of the series, a leader and a hero himself. I can’t wait to see him in the final film.

  18. Heather T says

    Gryffindor is my fave house…but i’m torn on how to pick a fave character! Harry and Hermione take the tops for me!

  19. bttrflybabydoll says

    I’m not a huge fan, but I’ve seen every movie and even attended one midnight showing. πŸ™‚ Won’t be going at midnight this time, but I will be seeing it for sure. I’ll say my favorite is Gryffindor, and it’s a toss up between Hermoine and Luna as my favorite character. I’m all about a chic that can hold her own! πŸ˜‰

  20. Elizabeth says

    I love this apron!!! My favorite house is Gryffindor and my favorite student is the lovely and eccentric Ravenclaw, Luna Lovegood.

  21. John Mulholland says

    SO exciting these cupcakes look delicious and you know I’m a huge fan of the apron so how could I NOT enter πŸ˜€

    My favourite house has to be Hufflepuff, the bright colours, the cute badger and definitely the best house out of them all. As for my favourite student it’s a hard choice I love how smart and brilliant Hermione is but I think I will have to go for the wonderful quirkiness of Luna Lovegood πŸ˜€ ANy character who can be so wonderfully idiosyncratic will always get my vote. If only she was Hufflepuffian πŸ˜›

    Keep up the great work (my fingers are crossed for a win) πŸ˜‰

  22. Emilie says

    Green is my favourite colour but it doesn’t match with my favourite house which is of course Gryffindor, they have the best quidditch team and some of the characteristics I wish I had (courage and fearlessness). As for my favourite student, red hair, shabby hand me down clothes, it must be a Weasley. I love Fred and George but have a soft spot for Ron, who always had to contend with Hermione’s brains and Harry’s gut instinct. Ron was the comic relief but more so was the best friend, the support for the whole group, plus I hate spiders as much as Ron. I can’t wait for the new movie, I’m off to see it Friday with my best friend. I’m currently in the middle of a Potter movie marathon, Goblet of Fire tomorrow.

    Having seen your awesome HP treats and trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I can’t wait to go, so I’m busy saving my galleons for that big trip.

    PS love the Doctor Who apron! I love DW and can’t wait for the series return πŸ™‚

  23. Lily says

    I think I’d be a Ravenclaw, but I’d rather be friends with a Gryffindor, haha. I think my favorite student would be Hermione!

  24. Gemma says

    I’m definately a Slytherin girl – I think the house is so complicated that to the outside we think they’re all evil, whereas they just don’t like to flaunt intellect or chivalry (layers people!)… and I think because of that, I’d have to say that my favourite character is Severus Snape because he’s had so many difficulties, experiences and things that it’s really not clear who he is in the books, and manages to fool everyone until the very end!

  25. Miss Inthia says

    I love Luna Lovegood and Hufflepuff!
    Thank you for being an excellent Harry Potter Baker. I bake as well and these are my two loves coming together!

  26. Deb says

    My favorite house is Slytherin….I know, I know, but I like snakes, and quite honestly, all the goodygoody gets a bit boring. Evil can be great fun on occasion! My favorite student is Luna. Eccentric never gets boring, either! πŸ™‚

  27. Cathryn says

    So cute! After reading the comments, I’m glad I’m not the only one who likes Luna! I identified with Hermione most when I was young and reading the books, but Luna stole the show for me as I got older. My favorite house is still Ravenclaw; “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure!”

  28. Alex M. says

    I tend to be a sucker for the “bad” guys. so I guess Slytherin’s the house for me. And I’ve got a whole crazy variety of favorite characters, but my personal choice is Blaise Zabini, because… come on, with a name like Zabini, it has to be good!

  29. says

    OH.MY.GOODNESS!!!!!! I just adore your Harry Potter apron and have been dreaming of my own ever since I saw it on here.

    The best house by far is Ravenclaw. Hand down. No question. Period with a capital “P”.

    My favorite current student at Hogwarts would either be Neville or Luna. Both are fantastic characters (and I so wish they had ended up together). If I were to pick any character from the books that had, at one point, been a student at Hogwarts then I’d pick Sirius. He’s just so wonderful and tormented and hot. I just love him!

  30. Alex says

    I would probably be in Ravenclaw, but I think my favorite house is still Gryffindor. And my favorite student is definitely Hermione – Obviously I love all the characters, but I love that Hermione is intelligent, sassy, and always stays true to herself!

    And btw, I LOVE that apron, so cute!!

  31. Meghan Hutsell says

    Although I think I would be in Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw is my favorite. I just think it’s cool that they have to answer a riddle to get into their common room and dormitories. As for a favorite student…gosh, this is hard…I don’t think I can decide! Fred and George are probably my favorite (hey, they were students for the first four and a half books!). I say them both because they are a unit. You can’t pick just one (although J.K. did……………..). I love their funny antics and ways around things. LOVE.

  32. Jenn says

    Favorite house is Ravenclaw- all those books! Favorite student is definitely Neville, largely due to how freaking hot he’s become over the years! Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Kristen says

    Hi! First, my favorite house is Ravenclaw, since itʻs mine. my favorite character is Luna Lovegood. I also followed you on Twitter (@moonlytkitty) and retweeted.

  34. says

    I am giddy with excitement!!! My love taught a Harry Potter class and he was the Head of Slytherin. So of course I need a Slytherin apron!! I have wanted a HP apron since I found your post! My favorite character in the HP universe is definitely…the Weasely Twins! Fred and George. They make me laugh every time! Plus I have red hair so I love everyone in the Weasely family as well πŸ™‚

  35. Sarah says

    I looooooooooove the Harry Potter series and hope I won’t be as heartbroken after the last film as I was after reading the last book :’) Can’t believe it’s coming to an end!
    Anyway, my fav person is definitely Hermione (and Gryffindor is my fav house) because of her knowledge, persistency and loyalty! And she looks gorgeous too πŸ™‚

    I’m guessing I can’t really enter the competition for the female apron since I live in Belgium and sending costs would be too high for you πŸ˜‰ But know that you have a fan far far away in the land of beer and chocolate! Keep on cooking, your recipes are often the highlight of my day!

  36. Zindaory Ly says

    Harry Potter Apron
    House : GRYFFINDOR.
    Student : RONALD WEASLEY.


  37. MP says

    Ravenclaw. But my favorite character is definitely Neville, since the very first book, I love how he stood up for what he felt was right! And he just gets better with each book.

  38. says

    Ahhh…this is awesome…but really sad at the same time. I’ve been reading the books and watching the movies since I was 15…a long time has past. πŸ™‚ I love Gryffindor and I love Luna Lovegood (even though she’s in Ravenclaw). πŸ™‚ Lastly, I just wanted to say that I admire your creativity so much. Everything you make (food and all) is always just so beautiful! πŸ™‚

  39. says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor because so many great wizards are sorted into it and it really stresses the power of friendship :3 My favorite student is Luna Lovegood because she’s so quirky and good spirited! I wish she went to my school–or better yet: I went to Hogwarts πŸ˜€

  40. says

    I love Gryffindor, but I’d totally be a Ravenclaw, so Ravenclaw is my favorite. My favorite student at Hogwarts is Harry, or maybe Luna..but if we were talking through all the eras of Hogwarts, I would choose to go into the Marauder era, and then my favorite student would be Lily. I so wish we learned more about their story! This is such an awesome giveaway – I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan, too!!

  41. Emily D. says

    First of all, these cupcakes sound delicious! I am definitely going to have to make them soon.
    As far as your two questions, I don’t really have a favorite house.
    My favorite student is either Ron or Luna. (So maybe that means my favorite house is either Gryffindor or Ravenclaw).

  42. Jessica P says

    I would have to say Ravenclaw and my favorite student has to be Luna Lovegood. That apron is so adorable I just can’t get over it.

  43. Sasha says

    So excited for Friday. I already have my tickets to the midnight showing. I’d have to say that I’m a mix of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, but I’d go with a Ravenclaw apron because the colors are so much better. As for my favorite character, I love both Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. I feel like JK Rowling spent a lot of time fleshing them out as real people, unlike some of the “side” characters.

  44. says

    The Hogwarts house I admire the most is definitely Slytherin, of course it’s the dark side of the table, but from being the ‘bad’ house, it just draws so much attention and curiosity from me. One of my favorite characters in Harry Potter is Ron Weasley. I think it’s probably because I fell in love ever since the first movie, in the scene where he grabbed piles and piles of food, which is something I would do.

    I love the cupcake recipe as well, will have to try it out some day! Thanks for the opportunity for this contest, been needing a good apron.

  45. Ashley says

    What an amazing idea! I’d have to say Gryffindor. I love the boldness and heroic qualities that each character has in them. I love on-screen Ron; Rupert Grint has grown into a fantastic comedic actor. But my favorite character has always been Snape. It’s not his evil tendencies that appealed to me (I’m not evil, I promise!) but his hidden charm. He is the most mysterious character that J.K. Rowling created. The bravest. And from the beginning, I had a “Trust Snape” snicker that I used as a bookmark for the novels. The fact that Harry and Ginny paid tribute to him in their son, Albus, just broke my heart. . .

  46. Dani says

    Gotta say, I’m a Gryffindor all the way! And I’m a huge fan of Hermione. When the series first started I was about 10 or 11 and it was so nice to find a character that was just as obsessed with book and homework as I was. I would make myself homework and ask my mom to grade it over the summer. If that doesn’t scream Hermione is my kindred spirit I don’t know what would.

    Hope you add more Hogwarts treats this week! I’m so sad to see this era end!

  47. Rachel says

    Those cupcakes look amazing! I wish I could just pull one out of my screen. I really love Gryffindor, even though if I got sorted I know I would end up in Hufflepuff. I absolutely adore Neville Longbottom, anyone see how handsome Matthew Lewis looked on the red carpet?!

  48. JessieB says

    Wow, what a fun giveaway!! And those cupcakes…swoon.
    Ravenclaw is my favorite house, but Ron is my favorite character!

  49. says

    I’d say I am Ravenclaw=) My favorite charactor from the series is Professor Snape. Always felt sorry for him. My like of him also drives my FH nutters, so maybe I like him out of spite;)

  50. Laura S says

    Now I must make those cupcakes – so yummy looking. Ravenclaw is definitely my favorite house, although Ginny Weasley is my favorite student.

  51. Dori says

    Rolanda Hooch (Madame Hooch)….because if I was a Hogwarts professor, she’s the type I would be! πŸ™‚ If I were a student I’d have most likely been sorted into Ravenclaw.

    My 6-year-old talks a lot about wanting to attend a school like Hogwarts. I keep having to remind him that it’s really not real. And having been to boarding school myself, I also explain that that’s not really what boarding schools are like in the real world! But we can still dream! πŸ™‚

  52. says

    Ravenclaw is my favorite house and Molly Weasley is my favorite character from the books/movie. I plan on making those cupcakes as my children and I are having a Harry Potter week leading up to the premiere at midnight on Thursday!

  53. Colleen says

    Oh my goodness! This fits in so perfectly with my HP movie marathon (I’m trying to rewatch them all before Friday)!
    Ravenclaw is my favorite house, even though I think I’d be in Hufflepuff.
    I think Neville is probably my favorite character, just because you get to see him develop and grow so much in the books. He really finds himself, probably more than any other character.

  54. Susie says

    I love love love Ron weasley, I just love that he is so protective of Hermione and a good friend of Ron, and ym favorite house is Gryffindor =).
    Wish me luck!

  55. Kerri says

    If you are asking me, I would have to say Hagrid is my favorite because he is so goofy. But if you ask my 9 year old Pottermaniac, she would answer Hermione or Harry because she is so smart and he is so “hot”. Either way, loving the red and gold, can’t have it any other way.

  56. Margaret says

    Slytherin House– and largely because of Severus Snape. When I first started reading the books, I thought it was a little too obvious how Harry would immediately made Snape the scapegoat for the bad things that were happening. That was the first obvious giveaway for me that Snape was secretly a hero because I knew something was up with how Rowling tried to steer the reader into thinking that Snape could be a bad guy almost every single book. Even after the sixth book, I knew that there had to be REASONS for Snape’s actions, and my trust in Snape was rewarded in the seventh book… and even Harry describes him as one of the bravest wizards he ever knew even after years of suspecting him and even hating him.

  57. Parrish says

    My favorite house would have to be Gryffindor but my favorite character comes from Ravenclaw: Luna Lovegood. She is so spunky and unique (and I love her radish earrings πŸ™‚ ). I love that she she sees the world from a completely different perspective from everyone else!

  58. says

    I’d have to say Ravenclaw is my favorite house; I love brainy people! And blue is my favorite color. Although I love Hermione and probably identify more with her personally, my favorite student is definitely Luna. She’s the wisest of them all, never loses her calm, and doesn’t try to be anyone but herself. Neville is probably a close second for me…I totally cheered him on out loud for the way he handled things in the last book. He’s so brave!

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! The cupcakes look delicious and cute. I can’t believe this is the last movie…oh well. I’ll just have to make lots of Potter goodies this week and reread all the books over the next several months. They never get old!

  59. kate says

    hermoine for sure because shes jsust got so much pizaz and kick ass attitude even from the start when she had no friends for being clever she took at on her chin and nevr wavered in her beleifs or stregnth and i love emma watson p[laying her in the movie too she protrayed everything i imagined the character to be when iwas reading the book.
    my favourite house would be gryfindor jst because i love the characters in there and they featured the most so this is probably the reason why we got to no the house better i think,but still id want to be mates with that gang in there.
    my favourtie professor would be mcgonagel,you got the feeling she loved those kds almost,she sneakily helped them through along the way and if it wasnt for her proffesion or that old fashioned ways character she loved them and nurture them lots mre!!but she did it in her own hilarious caring yet sturn way which made her all the mre lovely in some ways.

  60. says

    Wow!! How creative – I would’ve never thought to add actual cotton candy to a cupcake mix! Yumm πŸ™‚ love the bright pink color, too. So wonderful.

    As for the contest – well, my favorite student has to be Hermione. Her brilliance leaves me awestruck. Plus, she’s a genuine friend and a role model for young ladies.
    Favorite house? Not sure… guess I’d have to say Gryffindor, but it seems too obvious! Oh well, all the best characters were Gryffindor – including Sirius, who I have an extra soft spot for πŸ˜‰

  61. says

    How cute!! I want some cotton candy now! :]

    Favorite house would have to be Gryffindor! My favorite character is Hermione. Sometimes. haha. Depends if she’s being annoying smart. :]

  62. Shawna says

    YAY! Those look amazing πŸ˜€

    My definite favorite house is Ravenclaw, along with my favorite character being Luna. I love her because she knows that she’s quite different from everyone, but embraces it. It’s all on a personal level for me πŸ™‚

  63. Jessica Y. says

    I would love to be in Ravenclaw. What can top “wit beyond measure”? Plus the idea of having to answer a riddle to enter the common room is a fun thought. As far as favorite student goes, its a hard choice. I suppose I would have to pick Fred/George Weasley. I love their sense of humor and their sense of self. They don’t follow the rules and they have such a passion for fun.

  64. says

    Oh my goodness!!!! I am double crossing my fingers and hoping to win!!! I have been dreaming of that apron since you posted about it the first time!!!
    My favorite house is Gryffindor (of course) and my favorite character is Hermione. Not terribly original but us geeky gals have to stick together….
    and I relate to her puffy hair issues….

  65. says

    Fav house: Ravenclaw, coz they’re smaaaaaaart.
    Fav student: Hermione!!! So loveable – the feminine element of the trio totally adds in the finishing touch to the series πŸ™‚

  66. Kristen Beth says

    I’m going to the midnight showing thursday night and I can’t wait. My favorite character is Harry of corse! But my favorite house is Slytherin, which is weird but the mystery and complexity of the house has always intrigued me πŸ™‚

  67. Jennie says

    Favorite house: Gryffindor (Because that’s where all the cool people go :p
    Favorite Student: Ginny Weasley because she is soooo adorable! πŸ™‚

  68. says

    These cupcakes look so amazing! I’m already starting to feel a little sad about the movie coming out. I can’t believe it’s almost over. Anyway, my favorite house is Gryffindor & my favorite character is Hermione!

  69. Chantel says

    I’ve never been a huge fan of cotton candy, but these cupcakes look amazing!

    I’m a Slytherin, so that would have to be my favorite house. πŸ™‚ And my favorite character…hmmm as a twin, I’m kind of partial to Fred and George Weasley. I think they’re really funny and entertaining.

  70. Amanda says

    You’re apron design is super cute! I’d have to pick Gryffindor as my favorite house, and I’d go with the Weasley twins as my favorite characters. Having a story told from their perspective would be very entertaining.

  71. Rosa says

    Thanks for sharing another delicious recipe! I cannot wait to try it out!

    As far as HP Houses go, my favorite is Ravenclaw, but that’s because I’ve always been a bookworm, but Slytherin isn’t bad either (I feel they just got a bad rap from one crazy, deranged orphan). My favorite character is Luna Lovegood. Who doesn’t love a person who marches to her own beat and is quirky and sweet? Next are the Weasley twins, of course! : ) Looking forward to midnight this Thursday to see the final installment of a great book series!

  72. Lindsey W.B. says

    That apron is what led me to your absolutely incredible blog and to find out that you are offering one is making my heart swell and the rest of me swoon all over my couch.

    I am absolutely, completely, and without any shadow of a doubt a Hufflepuff to the core of my soul. Kind, loyal, and (if I may employ some of my headcanon a bit) cuddly? Common room and dorms right next to the kitchens? There’s no house I’d rather be in. But with that said, Luna Lovegood is my favorite of Hogwarts’ students. Ginny too, I just can’t get enough of those passionate young girls sticking up for everything they believe in.

    Thank you for sharing all your incredible Harry Potter treats with us! It excites the superfans in all of us πŸ™‚

  73. Megan Waltz says

    Oh!! I’m so excited about this!!!! My favorite house is of course Gryffinfor and I love Neville. *please pick me random picker thingy*

  74. says

    Those are SO darling!! Wonderful job!

    I think Hufflepuff is my favorite house. I am a big fan of things that are innocent and whimsical, and Hufflepuff reminds me of doe-eyed children with pigtails and a big goofy grin. They make my heart go squish.

    As for favorite students/teachers, I always loved Neville and Luna. Neville faced a lot of difficult things in his young years and never lost his spirit. He was always so sweet and thoughtful. Luna does things not many people have the courage to do–to say exactly what they’re thinking. That’ a very admirable quality.

  75. Sophia says

    My house is most definitely Slytherin. And my favourite Hogwarts student would have to be Lucius Malfoy. Can’t wait for Thursday night, I’ve gone every year to the midnight showing since the fourth came out! For the Half-Blood Prince, my best friend and I went as Lucius and Voldemort πŸ™‚

  76. Amanda says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor and my favorite character is Professor Snape. Caught on to him in Book Five.

    By the way, love your website. You are so clever!!

  77. Tiffany Hopkinson says

    Slytherin is my favorite out of all the Hogwarts houses! And Snape is my absolute favorite character! He’s ambitious and while he seemed like a traitor, in the end he was most loyal to Dumbledore. I want to bake in a Slytherin apron so badly! πŸ™‚

  78. Marcie says

    I would say Ravenclaw is my favorite house (with no offense to Gryffindor or any of the other awesome houses – even Slytherin!) because they were the brainy kids and Luna was my favorite amongst them because she never even dreamed of being untrue to herself despite the fact that it made her an odd duckling. That’s a truly inspiring message for all the kids (of any age) who read HP.

  79. Janet Robinson says

    The cupcakes were what brought me to your website, but I have to say I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan! I have loved the books (only after being convinced to read them by my sister) and have since loved the movies. I love the apron idea! I prefer baking to sewing, but when forced I can whip something up on my sewing machine.
    My favorite house is Gryffindor (typical I know). I used to get so nervous for characters I liked when they were sorted. I think my favorite non-major character would be the divination professor, Professor Trelawney. She was always telling Harry he would be in grave danger…what a quirky thing for a professor to tell a student.

  80. Jey says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor. Favorite student would have to be a tie between Ginny and Luna. I love how independent both are and such good strong female characters. (If I had to choose between the two, Luna wins out by a hair because of her honest, quirky character).

  81. says

    Bought our tickets today for midnight showing!! Can’t wait, but am SO SAD at the same time. Finishing the books was hard, but I knew I still had movies to come. Now I don’t know what to do!

    Oh, how I would LOVE that apron, but I don’t know how to pick!
    The “Big Three” of course, goes without saying…
    I love Snape, because it is so fun to dislike him…
    Dumbledore, oh how I cried when I read the chapters on his death and funeral… He was brilliant yet flawed…
    Arthur Weasley – “What is the purpose of a rubber duck?” Just makes me smile πŸ™‚
    The whole Weasley family… So much love there, makes me want to move into The Burrow…

    Oh, I could go on and on and on …

    I’m going to have to say that I love Luna and Neville, because they are so loyal and strong and brilliant in their own ways.

    And for an apron, I guess I’d have to go with Gryffindor, although I like the blue of Ravenclaw… Aw heck, if I win, you can pick!!

  82. says

    How cute are these cupcakes… and I can’t wait for the last Harry Potter to come out! I am a little sad though. Anyway, my favorite house is Gryffindor, of course. As for a favorite character, I’d have to say Hagrid.

  83. Simone says

    I love Gryffindor and Hermione is my favorite!! She reminds me so much of myself, including the bookishness and the bushy hair

  84. Sam Simons says

    My favorite house has to be Ravenclaw. I have two favorite students. I love the Weasley Twins. Fred and George are a pair of very very very mischievous and fun students.

    So if I won this, I’d love to have a Ravenclaw apron! Thanks a ton. ^__^


  85. lisa says

    Which Hogwarts house is your favorite? Which STUDENT (past or present, which includes any magical adult or professor) at Hogwarts is your favorite?

    Fav Hogwarts house is Griffindor, but fav student would have to be Luna, I think…unless anyone can confirm McGonagoll went to Hogwarts. She probably did, in which case, she’s my pic. She just rocks–having a ‘tude isn’t cool unless you can back it up, and she exudes magical prowess! Griffindor is my fav because I’m partial to lions, but mostly because they have the BRAVE thing going on. Bravery is hard to come by these days.

  86. says

    Gryffindor for sure is my fav and I love love love Ron, must be the red hair! πŸ™‚ (I’m a redhead!) I need this apron for my Halloween costume this year, we are all going as folks from HP!

  87. Hanna says

    My favorite house is Hufflepuff because they do not get enough credit with the obvious tension between Slytherin and Griffindor. I like the underdog that no one mentions πŸ™‚ The character that I love to hate is Dolores Umbridge. I cannot stand her evil knieving ways, but the story just wouldn’t be the same without her!

  88. says

    Hello Darla! Its so exciting yet so sad that the harry years are coming to an end. I love your sweet harry related treats too! they are awesome. I would be in either ravenclaw or gryffindor. Im not sure which. I like how to get into the common rooms for ravenclaw you have to answer a question. My favourite character would be Luna Lovegood. I was dressing up as her for the Harry potter midnight premire which is midnight two days away in nz. But im stuck in the paris airport D: and might not make it back in time. And it would have been my first midnight premire as well!!! I also love hermione. Regardless I am super excited and also wanted to make those cauldron cakes again .. they are so yummy! love your stuff (expecially when its doctor who or harry related!). keep on blogging and baking

  89. Amanda says

    Oh wow, I really want to try and make these cupcakes.. But I feel that way about a LOT of your recipes. πŸ˜€

    Those are really hard questions.. I think that my favorite character is probably Dumbledore. He had a lot of layers, not all of them nice and cuddly. He was a man that, I’m sure, would have a million stories to tell and advice of all sorts to give. He wasn’t always driven by what was nice, but rather, by what was good and just.

    For my favorite house, I’m torn between Ravenclaw and Slytherin.. since I would suit both, hehe.

  90. says

    “Which Hogwarts house is your favorite? Which STUDENT (past or present, which includes any magical adult or professor) at Hogwarts is your favorite?”

    Let me seee…. Favorite house would have to be Ravenclaw. When it comes to school I’ve always been big on doing things right, getting straight A’s, completing all my work, etc. etc. The first time I got a B on a report card I cried, so the House of the Studious is definitely my favorite.

    For students, it’d be a tie between Hermione – I affiliate with her need to be the best at everything, always knowing the answers, and tutoring all her friends – and Luna Lovegood – incredibly cute (personality wise) comes off as spacey, but is really very smart. I really think she acts like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about specifically to fool people. She’s wise beyond her years. I love her.

  91. Stephanie says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor, for the pure courage they possess. My favorite student is Neville Longbottom — I always root for the underdog and he is so incredibly good-hearted, it’s impossible not to love him!

  92. Emily says

    I really have to say Ginny is my favorite. She grew up with all those boys in the house, that’s gotta count for something! And of course, the house has to be Griffindor!

  93. Ashley says

    My favorite house is Slytherin. As for my favorite character that’s a lot harder to decide. I love Draco Malfoy, but I think Remus Lupin has to be my all time favorite.

  94. Jennifer Bonstein says

    Ravenclaw is my own house (and my favorite, of course) and Luna Lovegood is my favorite! I love that she embraces her quirky side – the side that we all find when we grow up, is totally ok to have! People take her shoes? It’s ok, because they find their way back in the end. Love the quirky!

    (and by the way, I actually found this site when looking for the apron – found it on Pinterest. ADORABLE!!) Great job!

  95. Sammy says

    I love Ginny Weasley – I think she’s way stronger and more awesome than ever comes across in the books! My favorite house is Slytherin, though.

    I love the idea of doing Harry Potter inspired baked goods!

  96. Tayler says

    I will definitely be making these sometime soon. They look so delicious!!! And your apron is the cutest thing ever. My favorite house has always been sort of a tie (I know cop out) between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Gryffindors are just the total package it seems. And it seems like when you’re in the gryffindor common room you get a little bit of everything. Bravery, comedy, intelligence, athleticism, creativity. Just everything. And then Ravenclaw is just somewhere I’ve always identified with considering I was always the shy nerdy brain and never really all that outgoing. And as it has been stated Neville and Luna are the favorites. The amazing quirky bravest people around. Just love them so much.

  97. says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor and my favorite students are Fred and George Weasley (I know it is two – but they are never apart). I really, really love Hagrid but since he isn’t a student….

  98. Kim says

    Well, I’d have to say that my favorite student is Dean Thomas. Why? Because I write Harry Potter fanfiction (yeah, I know how awesome I am) and he’s such an under-utilized character that it’s so much fun to expound on his story. And then I found out that JK Rowling originally intended for Dean to have a much larger part and that made me happy, like we were on the same wavelength. XD

    As for my favorite House, I… I… I can’t choose! DX They’re just all so different and loveable in their own way. They actually all kind of remind me of my group of friends- I got one who’s loyal to a fault and maybe has a few blonde moments (like when I told her I was making chocolate chili cupcakes, and she asked where I got chocolate chilis), one who’s a little more on the devious side and tends to be a little lax about the rules, one who’s very bookish, and one who’s ready and willing to fight for any cause she thinks is right. If I had to choose, it would be *deep breath* Ravenclaw. I may be a bit of a stickler for grammar.

    Complete side note: I’m holding a bake sale on Saturday and thought it would be a great idea to make your cauldron cakes for it. The timing just worked out so great- Harry Potter Friday, Harry Potter treats Saturday.

  99. Shayna says

    Weee! What a fun idea!! πŸ™‚

    It’s cliche, but I do like Gryffindor house the best, because it’s main trait is bravery, which is so important in life. It’s hard to pick just one favourite student, but one of my faves is Luna, because she so sweet and good natured (even though other students can be horrible to her), and she’s a good friend to others.

  100. Ruthy says

    Gryffindor! …And, Harry for sure! πŸ™‚ Love, love, love your apron, and the Honeydukes cupcakes are so much fun!!!

  101. Melissa says

    My house is Griffindor all the way!! It’s tough to pick which character I like the best though…so I’ll go with Albus Dumbledore, or Harry Potter, or Snape. All these characters had complex and involved backstories that were so much fun to read. I also love Dobby. I have a difficult time making decisions. Dumbledore is my final answer….

  102. Cassidy says

    I love these cupcakes! I will definitely be making these for my friend’s birthday at the end of July because she LOVES cotton candy and these will be a perfect treat for her. Plus, I’m a Harry Potter nerd and love the idea that these are from Honeydukes.

    My favorite house is without a doubt Gryffindor (really, could you choose a different house). I love Hermione! She is book smart and can keep up with the boys. Can’t wait for the movie to come out!!!!

  103. Becky L. says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house. I love Harry, Ron, and Hermione, but Luna is my all time favorite. Love the apron! πŸ™‚

  104. Jessica A. says

    Though all the sorting hat quizzes online say I’d end up in Ravenclaw, my favorite house throughout the series has always been Gryffindor. I’d be a proud Ravenclaw and even prouder to be friends with any Gryffindor from the books.

    I think Ms. Rowling’s books have such universal appeal because there are so many characters to get to know and relate to, and I have never met a Harry Potter enthusiast who truly disliked any of the characters when considering all the backgrounds and quirks of everyone she has introduced to us over the years. Choosing a favorite is very hard for me, but it is a very close call between Harry and Dumbledore. I’ll go ahead and say Harry though, because for all he had to go through, his heart always remained strong, and the gratitude he had for those he loved in spite of the difficulties he faced is very inspiring. Selfless and courageous… he’s been a wonderful, uplifting character to read about and see on screen!

  105. Linda says

    I love all your great ideas and am super excited about this giveaway! I love Harry Potter. My favorite house is gryffindor. As for my favorite character that is so much harder to choose….I would have to say Dobby because he was always trying to help out and put others in front of himself. Plus he’s so darn cute πŸ™‚

  106. Heather Cane says

    I’m a Gryffindor girl myself…..!

    Darla, you and I probably picked up Harry Potter at the same time. My Mom started reading them before me and when she gave me the Philosopher’s Stone I rolled my eyes at her and scoffed. Well. I scoff no more!!!!

    And – I’m being honest here – I squeal like a little girl every time I see a preview for the very last movie! I’m sad to say that I will have to wait to see it – I have to be away for work and won’t get back until July 20th…. Boo hoo!

    On a side note – I think you and your website is absolutely adorable and I look forward to your new posts pretty much every day!

  107. Danica Staples says

    Gryffindor is my favorite House, and Luna Lovegood is my favorite character because she has a pure, good heart.

  108. says

    Oh my! Have loved that apron since I first saw it. Up until recently I would have said that Hermione was my favourite however I’ve been watching the movies again recently and listening to the books in audiobook format and I now have a new love for Luna – she’s just so much fun! Also, a recent quiz told me I’d be a Ravenclaw so I guess I’d have to go with that for a house, who am I to argue with the sorting hat? πŸ™‚

  109. Erica says

    I LOVE your blog & I super LOVE that you love Harry Potter! I made your butterbeer cupcakes & they were a hit at my nephew’s birthday party. I am totally making these cotton floss ones ASAP! As for my favorite house, I love me a bad-A Slytherin! Yet my favorite character is Dobby ^^ Good times! <3

    -Erica :]

  110. says

    Hufflepuff gets so…ignored. None of my friends wanted to make a Hufflepuff shirt to wear to the movie premiers because they thought it was lame. But I’m a fan of the nice guys! And my favorite HP student(s) are Fred and George – humor gets major points in my book πŸ™‚
    PS: I’ve loved this apron and the TARDIS apron ever since you first posted about them – I love HP and the Doctor!

  111. Morgan says

    My favorite house is Ravenclaw. I love the colors. πŸ™‚
    As for my favorite character… that’s a tough one… I think I’d go with Tonks. πŸ™‚

  112. Joanna says

    I love your geekiness! I’ve been dying to make one of your aprons- they’re super cute! For my favorite house I’d have to go with Ravenclaw and as for my favorite person- how to choose?! It’s probably a tie between Sirius and Lupin (I imagine them much cuter and younger than in the movies :P)

  113. says

    This is so fun! I loved reading everyone’s comments! Hagrid is one of my favorite characters. My favorite house is Griffindor. I think Harry is my favorite student. But, it’s a hard choice to make.

  114. says

    I adore Luna Lovegood so much! Her first appearance really caught me, she’s so quirkily cute (both the costume and her personality, of course). As for the favorite house, of course Gryffindor!

  115. Alicia West says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house but Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw both have special places in my heart. I love Luna. She is so loyal and smart and kind. I also love Ron’s twin brothers, when they made that swamp in the middle of the entry hall at Hogwarts, they were forever in my heart.

  116. Mica says

    That apron is AMAZING!! I collect aprons too! I’d have to say my favorite house is Gryffindor, but my favorite student is Luna Lovegood. I just love her perspective on things.

  117. says

    Oh oh oh, major HP fan here (though more for the books than the movies). I love the many HP treats you’ve come up with – and I bet Harry and friends would love for these to be at any Gryffindor parties. πŸ˜‰
    My fave house is Gryffindor and my fave character is Hermione cos she’s just so straight laced in the beginning by gradually thawed to be an awesome loyal girl pal (who occasionally breaks the rules when the time calls for it). That apron is mad awesome with the tulle, I know it’s not included, but it’s the epitome of major girly cuteness!

  118. NaomiKnight says

    Favorite Hogwarts house – rather, the one I feel I would enjoy being in – would be Ravenclaw. I love intellectual people and I am just a total geek so probably I would like it there, heh. (Then again, Hermione is such a book worm and she’s in Gryffindor, so who knows?) Favorite student is actually a tie between Fred and George, mischievous little buggers that they were in school! I’d say more, but, you know, spoilers.

  119. Leah Van Moorsel says

    Im writing this on behalf of my 3 year old nephew, Wil, who loves helping me cook and would love a ‘Arry Potteh’ apron… yeh he says Harry Potter with a fake little english accent!

    Wil Says: ‘My favourite is Hermione (from Gryffindor). I love her hair. Hermione my girlfriend. Can we go see Hermione? Where’s Hermione?’

    The only time Wil, will sit still is when we watch Harry Potter, and if Hermione isnt on the screen he will just keep asking me “Where’s Hermione?” until she shows up again.

  120. Karyl says

    Those cupcakes are awesome. We throw a Harry Potter themed Halloween party each year and those are definitely going to be served. (And if I win the giveaway, I promise to wear my new apron over my Tonks costume!) My favorite house is Gryfinndor. And I have to pick Hermione as my favorite. She’s such a good character for girls to emulate!

  121. says

    Sirius from Gryffindor is my favorite. And the street I live on is also Sirius! can’t wait for the midnight showing. Your candyfloss cupcakes and apron are so cute!

  122. says

    Hi there! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win one of your beautiful aprons!

    my favorite house is Gryfinndor. my favorite character is Luna, because 1) she is crafty, making things such as her roaring lion hat for the quidditch games, and 2) She always speaks what’s on her mind and speaks honestly, no matter what other think about her.

  123. Breezy says

    Of course, Gryffindor is my favorite. I always loved Neville. He is so sweet and tries so hard and is so often overlooked. I love the apron, and the Dr. Who TARDIS apron you made too!

  124. Casey says

    I swear this is the only site I ever use for recipes now days it seems… everything you make is so wonderful!

    Now as for my favorite house I’d choose Slytherin… The sly ones need a chance too, plus potions is sort of like baking.. right? As for my favorite character I choose Professor McGonagall. She is strict but has a loving heart, which reminds me of some of my favorite teachers back when I was in school. I would always go to them when I had questions or problems, because I trusted them.

    Thank you Darla for your wonderful blog!

  125. says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor! Although I think if I were sorted I would have gone to Ravenclaw.

    My favorite is Hermione! She and I just are too similar!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway Ms. Darla! πŸ™‚

  126. says

    I can’t stand cotton candy, but I love how whimsical those cuppycakes are! And, in a creepy sort of way, very reminiscent of Dolores Umbridge and her thing for pink….all it needs is some kittens. πŸ˜‰

    My favorite Hogwarts house is Hufflepuff. I don’t think they get a lot of love, and are seen as the sort of blue collar frumps of the Wizarding world. But in actuality, Hufflepuff is the glue of good conscience that holds the other three houses together.

    As far as students go, I’ve always loved Ginny Weasley. Actually, all the Weasleys. Including the twins. How can you not love such a hodgepodge family with such big hearts? I’m getting all gooey just thinking about that family now…
    Anyway, thanks for hosting the giveaway! πŸ˜€

  127. Bri says

    I have to say that Luna Lovegood is my favorite character. As much as I admire both Fred and George for their comedic relief (I’m a sucker for funny guys!), there’s just something endearing about Luna that had me loving her from the moment she appeared. I just love how she’s not afraid to be herself, even when people see her as weird, and I think it’s an important quality everyone should have!

    It doesn’t hurt that she reminds me of my best friend, either, haha!

    As for my favorite house? Good old Gryffindor! I’ve always associated myself with those brave wizards, and eagerly awaited my letter when I was eleven just so I could get into my favorite house and embark on all sorts of crazy adventures! I’m still waiting for my letter, too.

  128. Jessica-Rae says

    I have to go with Ravenclaw. I tried to fight it when I was younger and claim I was a Gryffindor, but the geeky wit prevails. That being said, I also think I have a decent amount of the most underrated house in me — Slytherin! I know they get a bad rap, but not all Slytherins are innately dark — and sometimes it’s important to use cunning to achieve goals. As for my favorite character, it’s definitely Tonks!

  129. Jordan says

    First of all, great cupcakes!

    I know this is probably a pretty common answer, but Gryffindor is my favorite house. Not just because it has the great Harry Potter in it, but because all the people in have the biggest hearts and brave souls. My favorite character is Luna Lovegood- she is a bit strange, but doesn’t care what others think of her because it’s who she is. I look up to her in that way, since I was once just like her in high school (minus the gnomes and the Blibbering Humdingers), being the outcast. She also has a heart of gold, being kind to everyone she meets, even if they are not kind to her. I’m glad she has great friends like the fearsome trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione!

  130. christine says

    I think my favourite house would be Hufflepuff… mostly because they are sorely under represented, and also because it’s a funny word πŸ™‚
    As for my favorite character


  131. Leah says

    Friday will be a bittersweet day! A new HP will premiere =D, but it will be the last :'(. My favorite house is Hufflepuff because if I went to Hogwart’s, I’m pretty sure the sorting hat would assign me there. My favorite students are Fred and George Weasley because they enjoy life fully! Great job on the apron!

  132. Marie says

    I love the apron. So cute! Gryffindor is my favorite house. My favorite student is Fred Weasley. May he rest in peace.

  133. Charlotte says

    Ravenclaw is my favourite house. Probably because I’m a nerd myself, and it just seemed like I would fit in well there. I must admit, I’m so excited for Pottermore and the Sorting questions! My favourite student is probably Lupin. I like how he is such a gentle man, and a wonderful father figure to Harry. He also reminds me of one of my old teachers, so that counts in his favor too!

  134. Cristina B says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house! Now for favorite character….I don’t think I can pick just one! I love so many! If I had to narrow it down, it would be between Neville and Dobby!

  135. Nicole Snyder says

    My favorite house has to be Gryffindor but choosing one character is very difficult. Dumbledore is definitely up there. His ability to evaluate each person and know who they are thru and thru. I also loved how he encouraged a little mischievousness. Loved him from the beginning of the book all the way until we meet his namesake at the end.

  136. Abigail says

    I never win these things….but I may just have to make one either way. ha! So cute and i’ve been looking for an apron forever. I’m just too picky.

    Well, I have to love Gryffindor for the obvious reasons that that house is just plan awesome. And my favorite character would be Luna, though she isn’t in that house…. She’s just crazy.

  137. says

    Oh my god, your apron is perfection. As are those cupcakes.

    My favourite house is definitely Slytherin. Why? Because, er, I’m a Slytherin. Ambitious and resourceful and cunning (or so I like to think).

    And who is my favourite student? Well, he isn’t a Slytherin, but Dumbledore couldn’t be anything but a Gryffindor right? I think he’s the kind of person that others should aspire to be like. Plus he’s so …quotable.

  138. says

    This is my first time on your blog and I found this amazing giveaway!!! I’m feeling lucky πŸ˜€
    But I have to say that are very difficult questions, hahaha… Maybe I choose Ravenclaw! And, my favourite student was Minerva McGonagall. I think she was an amazing student, very loyal and all Gryffindor features ^^

    P.S.: pardon my write πŸ˜‰

  139. Beth says

    Just discovered you on tastespotting and was even more thrilled to find out about this contest!

    I am a Ravenclaw that loves to cook and bake (and sew too!) and my favorite character is probably all of them haha…but to be more precise I guess I’ve always had a soft spot for Neville Longbottom.

  140. Faith says

    Gryffindor and Hagrid is by far my most favorite professor. He has such a big heart! Plus, he made Dudley have a pig’s tail. What’s not to like!

  141. Cynthia says

    I LOVE Professor McGonagall! How she’s so fearless and bad-ass (especially in the 5th book against Umbridge)! She’s not only head of Gryffindor (my favourite house and home of my favourite characters, the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione) but also second in command to Dumbledore, only someone like her would be able to keep Hogwarts proper!

  142. Julia says

    Which Hogwarts house is your favorite? Griffindor!!

    Which STUDENT (past or present, which includes any magical adult or professor) at Hogwarts is your favorite?
    Ginny Weasley! She is so full of vim and vigour πŸ™‚

  143. says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house and my favorite students are the TWINS! I love the energy they have and how they interact with the world. They just add an extra little bit of magic to everything!!

  144. Rachel says

    My favorite house is Ravenclaw. I feel like sometimes too much is made of Gryffendor, since it’s Harry’s house. So my favorite character is from Ravenclaw. I LOVE Luna Lovegood- from the moment she made the scene in the books, she made me smile. That was DEFINITELY me at school!

    My apologies for any house misspellings. I am currently reading the 3rd book to my son in dutch- and all the names are different. It gets confusing.

  145. katy says

    I am super glad and kind of in awe to have found someone else who has the doctor who and harry potter obsessions as i do and i cannot wait to make these.
    My favorite student its a tie between Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood i mean who doesnt love her absurd genius and who can forget it couldve been neville. And my favorite house is probably slytherin lets face it we all hava a bit of slytherin in us.

  146. Cara says

    Difficult to pick a favourite house! Probably Ravenclaw, because it’s the one I’d most like to be in, but it’s a very close run thing!

    Favourite student is much easier – Minerva McGonagall! Brilliant, acerbic, courageous, caring, all-round amazing character! πŸ˜€

  147. shazia says

    i just wanted to tell you that your pictures are SO visually stimulating! kudos to you, you’re very talented πŸ™‚
    i especially love the one with the cupcake and the big lollipop, truffles, and gummy bears scattered on the table, it’s composed so well! (ps i’m a HP fanatic too, so i appreciated the whole post and creative quality of all of your HP inspired treats!) Keep doing what you’re doing πŸ™‚

  148. Lindsay says

    Gryffindor is (quite unoriginal, I know) my favorite house, how could it not be?! And I think my favorite charactor(s) would be the Weasley twins…love the snarky comments from those two!! My bestest pal in the whole wide world and I are devoting this evening to trying out your recipes for Cauldron Cakes and Butterbeer (we went to the Wizarding World in January and have longed for Butterbeer since) in anticipation of the midnight show on Thursday. Needless to say, the robes, scarves (even though it’s been in the upper 90s!), and wands will definitely be making an appearance as well πŸ™‚ Thank you for posting these great recipes for us fellow Potter-nerds!!

  149. Marilena says

    My favourite house is Ravenclaw, because i really admire their thirst for knowledge for knowledge’s sake (wit beyond measure, is a man’s greatest treasure).
    My favourite character is Hermione Granger, because she shows the greatest positive development of character, starting as a know-it-all bookworm and developing into a plucky, courageous young woman.
    I love your apron!

  150. Mikki says

    Gryffindor for sure! And for the favourite student…that’s very difficult. I think either Lupin or Neville Longbottom! There’s just something about them. Great prize!

  151. says

    I just discovered your blog today after following a pic of that apron over from Pinterest–so I think it’s karma that you are doing an apron giveaway right now!
    My favorite house is Gryffindor, and I love all the characters, but Ginny is one of my absolute favorites πŸ™‚ She’s so spunky, I just love it! Plus, she and Harry together make me smile πŸ™‚

  152. Tina Tse says

    I got to say Ravenclaw (I would certainly be a Ravenclaw, I am intelligent but not that brave) and I love Luna because shee really reminds me of me with my weird sense of humour, but with a very big heart.

  153. Sarah says

    As I have made a Luna Lovegood costume for the premiere, my favorite house is Ravenclaw, and my favorite character would, of course, be Luna. The only problem is, I want the apron to be book-based, but they probably don’t make patches that are the right colors or mascot. πŸ™ Oh well, I will still enjoy it if I win!

  154. Kaitlyn says

    My favorite house would definitely be Ravenclaw because Ravenclaws are smart and clever. My favorite characters are Neville and Luna. Great apron!

  155. says

    Of course, I’d have to pick Gryffindor. All of my favorite characters (aside from Luna) are from Gryffindor, and there is just something epic and romantic about how committed those in the house are to courage and doing what is right. For my favorite character, which I find a seriously difficult question, I’d have to say Ginny Weasley. She is so fierce! She always goes for what she wants, and she isn’t ashamed of it. She is also brilliant, wicked at Quidditch, and a badass witch. She stands up for herself and always speaks her mind, especially to the guy she’s totally in love with… who just happens to be The Chosen One. I’m going as Ginny to the midnight premiere. I can’t think of a cooler witch to represent.

  156. Heather says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house and Ginny is my favorite character. For the midnight premiere, 6 of my HPNerd friends and I are dressing as each of the seven horcuxes and the characters that closest correspond to them; I’m going to be Ginny with Tom Riddle’s diary. Luckily I’m also a ginger kid, haha.

  157. Fallon says

    I love Fred and George Weasley, they prove just the right amount of comedy relief wherever they go! So of course naturally, go House Gryfindor!

  158. Kelly says

    EEEE! This is so wonderful! My favorite house would have to be Gryffindor. As for character I’d have to say Neville Longbottom. He starts off shy and turns into such a badass. <3

  159. Amber Atkins says

    Fav house- Gryffindor
    Fav character- that’s a tough one. So many have features about their character that I love! But, I guess I would have to go with Luna.

  160. Asher says

    It’s feels so disloyal NOT to say Gryffindor, but I think my favorite house is Ravenclaw. Favorite student: I can’t pick! Hermione, Luna…Neville (he just grows so much). Does Sirius count? Too many great characters!

  161. Stephanie says

    My favorite house, and the one I’d hope to be in, is Ravenclaw. I may not have been the greatest in school, but I have such a love for books in general [I’m rarely seen without one] and knowing interesting things that I feel helps balance that out. I love their motto, wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure, their house colors and their animal representative. Almost most of all, I love that they have to answer a riddle to get into their Common Room, I’m a sucker for riddles.

    As for my favorite character, that would have to be Remus Lupin. I could read an entire book of Remus Lupin. I’d love to know how he felt after first bitten, how his parents reacted, his life at home before Hogwarts. Then how he felt going to Hogwarts, how he was probably treated like a real kid for the first time. It must have been so bizarre for him to actually make friends with the rest of the Marauders, afraid to tell them he was a Werewolf only for them to figure it out on their own and accept him for it. I imagine how devastating it must have been for James Potter and Peter Pettegrew to die, then Sirius Black to get sent to Azkaban after being the cause of both of their deaths. It must have been a lonely 12 years, after having such good friends that changed you life like to all suddenly be gone.

  162. Ziona Bates says

    My favorite House is Slytherin, something about being snooty and devious is kind of funny to me. I like the colors to! My favorite character would have to be the twins. They are one character right? lol. I loved hearing about Fred and George because I knew when they were around I’d get to find out something wicked cool about secret Hogwarts hallways or some new prank they’d come up with. I still haven’t gotten over what happened at the end of the last book :*(.
    Thank for this awesome post and getting everybody excited for the movie! If it wasn’t for such a colorful idea I’d be lamenting and crying at the end of the Harry Potter Era.

  163. Julia Harts the Man says

    I love Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw! Both houses have traits that I think are awesome and represent me! πŸ˜‰ My favorite person from the books is Luna. I love how quirky and honest she is to everyone.

  164. Nicole says

    Although I, of course, love Gryffindor… I actually took a Harry Potter class in college and the AMAZING professor even sorted us into houses! I was a Ravenclaw so that is where my loyalty now lies πŸ™‚ Which is fitting because Luna Lovegood is definitely my favorite character!! She is just so unique and true to herself which I feel is so important for everyone in todays society. Plus she’s just so quirky!! I dressed up as her for a Harry Potter birthday party one of my friends had and I HAD to buy a pair of spectrespecs from the scholastic store in NYC when I visited!! She is a true and loyal friend to everyone and such an amazing character and part of Harry Potter that I have loved and grown up with!

  165. Roxanne says

    Ravenclaw is my favourite house! I think I’d be sorted there too, because I’d consider myself an intellectual (almost done getting my degree in cellular, molecular, and microbial biology!), and witty (as in, I pretty much have a pun for every situation. Siriusly. See what I did there?) As for favourite student… Lucius. Lucious Lucius Malfoy <3 He was a student once, right?

    Also, that apron is the bomb. Seriously. If I don't win, I might just have to try and make once myself! It's just so darned cute n_n

  166. says

    Oh goodness, I’ve been fawning over that apron since your first post, and I was so sad to have left my sewing machine at school for the summer, so I haven’t been able to make it. Anyway, I am a Gryffindor through and through, so that’s my favorite house. Favorite student…well. That’s tough. I want to say Hermione, because we really did grow up together and as a young girl she inspired me so much, from the year the first book was released and I couldn’t put it down all the way til now, almost 13 years later. But also, I have a deep love for the Weasley twins, and boy oh boy am I going to be bawling at the midnight premiere.

    I’m considering making a twitter just for this very purpose. Haha

  167. Suzie says

    Ravelclaw! “Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure.” πŸ˜‰
    BUT I have to say I adore Fred and George !! …they can count as one person right…?? Hahaha !

    • Suzie says

      Oh my gosh *Ravenclaw
      and I thought I posted so carefully ><

      another thing I forgot to add – the cupcakes are absolutely adorable <3 definitely bookmarked for my ever-growing to-bake list!

  168. Rachel Dix says

    My favourite house is Slytherin and my favourite student without a doubt is definitely Salazar Slytherin because he founded the best house EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. Denise C. says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house.
    Professor Albus Dumbledore who was played by the original actor Richard Harris is my favorite.

  170. Ana Maria says

    Hello! What a beautiful apron! I would like to participate in the draw please. I’m Spanish, I can participate?
    My favorite house is Gryffindor and my favorite character is Rubeus Hagrid. Whenever I see Hagrid melts the soul as always take care of Harry Potter.
    The cupcakes are wonderful and I can not wait to try them myself!
    Thanks for the recipe

  171. Nicole says

    My favorite house is definitely Gryffindor. And if forced to pick, my favorite character is Neville, but Professor McGonagall is a close second! Thanks for the really detailed tutorial on the pom poms, they would be perfect for things other than cupcakes too! πŸ˜€

  172. Danielle says

    My house is Slytherin. Salazar valued cleverness, resourcefulness, determination, and “a certain disregard for the rules.” So yeah, pretty much. πŸ™‚

    However, my favorite students are Fred and George. They’re hilarious and just great characters.

    And you know, I wish I had found your blog last week. I had a Harry Potter Party for my work with a bunch of teens and would have LOVED to make these, and your treacle tarts sound better than the recipe we used (which was just golden syrup and breadcrumbs). Though, with the butterbeer (we used the butterscotch/cream soda mix), butterbeer fudge, the pumpkin pasties, the ice mice, the chocolate frogs, the cockroach clusters, the cucumber sandwiches, and the Bertie Bott Beans I’m sure they had enough sugar….

    Oh, well. Bookmarking for next year’s “Return to Hogwarts” party!

  173. Rachel says

    Gryffindor, of course! And my favorite Hogwarts student is Ron Weasley because I’ve got a soft spot for the “normal” kids in a mythical trio. Ron is all the more brave for not having extraordinary wit or magic in his corner, and he’s willing to die for Harry without question. I LOVE THESE BOOKS. πŸ˜€

  174. says

    This is probably one of the most amazing Harry Potter related posted I’ve ever read. I’m so going to make those cupcakes.

    My house is Ravenclaw, but I took the “official” quiz but it put me in Gryffindor. =D

    It’s so freaking hard to pick a favorite. From the past I’d say Regulus Black because I like how he turned out to be a good guy in the end…AND if J.K Rowling ever wrote a prequel I’d love to hear about what he did.

    Present: Ron. His wit killed me. =D

  175. Jacquelyn says


    This fabulous contest makes me a lurker no more!

    Gryffindor is my favorite, followed by Ravenclaw.

    Professor McGonagall is the character I like the most. I still smile when I think of the galloping desks in Hogwart’s corridors. Neville, Luna and the entire Weasley family are close behind.

    I had some tough picks there because there are so many wonderful characters.

    Thanks for such a fun contest. You’ve got me remembering some of the reasons I enjoy the series so much!

  176. Shannon, Alexandria, VA says

    My husband lovingly calls me Hermione after my favorite character, evidently because I read as voraciously as she does! Therefore, I must admit that she is my favorite student, and rightfully, Gryffindor is my favorite house!

  177. Jessica H. says

    gryffindor is my favorite house and Ron is my favorite character. I love that although he is scared of a lot of things, he becomes brave for the sake of his friends.

  178. Jenn B says

    Ravenclaw….probably cause I’m briany and that’s where I’d be! My favorite character – I absolutely love Lupin. Any professor that hands out chocolate is just the coolest πŸ˜‰

  179. jeswel says

    My favorite character has always been Neville. I was probably seen more like Hermione growing up, but I always felt like Neville. I loved so much how he grew into himself. I still feel like I’m growing and if I can become half the person that he became I’ll be ever so proud.
    I always kind of associated with HufflePuff. They truly got the short end of the stick too many times. What is wrong with being loyal? Why are they looked down on? They aren’t soft? They aren’t dumb? They aren’t weak! They are the truly good.

  180. Ivette Gutierrez says

    Hi! I must say, I so enjoy your blog and trying out some of your recipes (though I wish I could afford the calories of trying ALL of them). You rock!
    I LOVED your apron so I appreciate you doing this giveaway a lot! My favorite house is Gryffindor, home of the loyal and brave. It’s got all my favorite characters in there, anyway. My favorite character is Hermoine because not only do I like her very much, she reminds me a lot of myself (especially in the first movies) when I was at school. I do love all of them anyway (save for the baddies, of course).
    Thanks again for everything and I will be trying these cupcakes pretty soon!

  181. Allison Berman says

    Favorite House: Gryffindor (all the best ones go there)
    Favorite Character: Ginny Weasley–proof of the power of gingers πŸ™‚

  182. Amanda says

    Ravenclaw is my favorite! Always been the “brainy” (or geeky, whichever you please πŸ˜‰ hehe) type. LOVE reading books, especially the Harry Potter ones! As for the student?! Ugh it’s so hard to choose but I think I’d have to say Neville. He’s always misunderstood and Murphy’s Law always picks on him, but in the end he’s way more confident and stronger than so many others!

  183. Jane says

    Actually, ever since we saw a little bit more detail on it, I’ve been liking the Ravenclaw house. But my favorite student of all has to be Hermoine, because I was a smarty little girl myself.

  184. Stacey M says

    This is one of the most awesomely cute things I have ever seen! I was lucky enough to go to Universal last year, and this definitely makes me want to return to Honeydukes as well as the rest of Hogsmeade. The frozen butter beer was wonderful….I could have spent all day there in that section of the park. Anyway, I was recently introduced to your blog by a baking friend, and I love it! P.S. Your apron is also beyond words! Love it!
    So my favorite character in the series is….Ron. Thank goodness for the movies so we can really see his facial expressions & personality come to life. He is my HP crush. I have really enjoyed watching him grow into a man and become more bold. Love his humor, too. He has a way of putting a smile on our faces even when Voldemort is in full force. He’s a great, loyal, understanding friend to Harry, and Hermione is one lucky girl!
    Thanks again for all your fabulous posts! =)

  185. Camberly says

    My favourite house is definitely Slytherin. But my favourite character (s) would have to be the Weasley Twins, Fred and George all the way!

  186. Roscoe says

    Ah! Most people are saying Gryffindor, but my favorite house is Slytherin~ (Though my favorite character it Luna!) I love your recipes a lot!

  187. Jenn Lee says

    I think Hufflepuff is my favorite house. Whenever I take a sorting quiz, I’m usually sorted into Ravenclaw, but there’s something about the hardworking, loyal Hufflepuffs that I just love. Luna Lovegood is my favorite character, I love so many (Hermione, Neville, Ginny, McGonagall) but there’s just something extra magical about Luna!

    Gorgeous apron, by the way!

  188. Valerie says

    I have felt for Neville from the start. His story—his parents—Bellatrix (who I dislike more than Voldemort), but it doesn’t get any better than how Neville ends up! Love, LOve, LOVE it!!!

    As for houses–Gryffindor–I know it’s common, but quite frankly I like the color combo.

  189. Mary P says

    Stemming from my own personality, I’d have to say my favorite Hogwarts House would be Ravenclaw. I personally always always loved Hermione, slightly irritating, increasingly smart, and coming into her own throughout the books, she was almost like a friend to grow up with (or maybe more of a mirror image :D).

  190. Marissa says

    My favorite house is without a doubt Gryffindor. Not only do I love all of the students in this house, but I also love what it stands for (leadership, etc.). I would probably end up in Ravenclaw but definitely admire the strength of the Gryffindors.

    My favorite student is 100% Ron. He always adds a little quirkiness to the story, and the films do an excellent job allowing us to see that in person. Not to mention, Rupert Grint is super sexy and I would drop anything for him in a heartbeat.

    That apron is super adorable, and with all the baking I do it would come in handy. I will definitely be making most if not all of these Harry Potter treats for the midnight showing in approximately 33.5 hours!!!

  191. Yareli says

    Which Hogwarts house is your favorite? Ravenclaw of course!
    Which STUDENT (past or present, which includes any magical adult or professor) at Hogwarts is your favorite?
    My favorite STUDENT is Luna Lovegood, i love how she’s myserious and just plain out odd, but my favorite CHARACTER is Dobby.

  192. says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house- but Luna is my favorite student. I love how open minded she is and comfortable in her own eccentricities. I find her both charming and powerful.

  193. Tara says

    These look adorable! We just made the butter beer (delicious!) and today we’re going to try the treacle tarts. Wish us luck!
    I am definitely a Gryffindor, as I always thought of myself as, and as numerous quizzes have informed me. Although I see more of myself in Hermione, as the swotty but true friend, but my favorite character is by far Luna Lovegood. I love that she is witty and kind, yet daring and not willing to conform. Her quirky outfits and way of living, and her perseverance although others steal her belongings and make fun of her, is absolutely inspiring. Also, I just love the dirigible plum earrings in the movies πŸ™‚
    Thanks for giving us all an opportunity to receive one of your gorgeous aprons!!

  194. Erin says

    I was sorted into Ravenclaw before I’d read any of the books. My cousin and aunt were talking about what houses they were in and unanimously and immedietely looked at me and said, “Ravenclaw.” After reading the books and becomming the Harry Potter guru of the family, I agreed with my sorting. After all, it’s where those of wit and learning always find their kind.

    Choosing a favorite character is difficult, but I have a special love for Professor McGonagall. She’s stern but she has a good heart, and I love her devotion to Quidditch. The best Professor M. moment of the series is probably when she stands up to Dolores Umbridge for Harry!

    Thanks for the recipe to Butterbeer– I’m making it for the midnight showing tomorrow! I can’t wait to try these other recipes, as well. I’m always searching for these kinds of recipes to use.

  195. says

    These look so fun! Wish I’d gotten on earlier, I would’ve gotten the supplies! I was out shopping all day with my mum because I’m making a bunch of Harry Potter creations for tomorrow as my friends and I are having a Potter marathon then going to the midnight premier! (: I’m using your Butterbeer and Cauldron Cake recipes, as well as amyBITES’s Butterbeer Cupcakes (:

    My favorite Hogwarts house is the totally cliche Gryffindor. It’s just amazing! It’s house members are all brave, kind, loyal, driven, and courageous, which all apply to myself, if you don’t mind me saying so. πŸ˜‰
    My favorite student would definitely have to be Neville Longbottom. I remember in the first book, he was just a shy grandma’s boy, and a huge tattle-tale, and now he’s a big, strong, courageous warrior (of sorts, haha), who just happens to be fantastic. Aaand he’s still a bit of a grandma’s boy. (:

  196. Katherine says

    These cupcakes look amazing! Since it’s where I’d definitely fit best, my favorite house is Hufflepuff. Kind, loyal, hard-working, fair, and a dorm near the kitchens… what’s not to like? My favorite character would have to be Hermione; I see the most of myself in her.

  197. says

    can i just say, your love of harry potter and your desire to add it into your baking creations is INSPIRING! i thought i was creative by adding hershey kisses to the bottom of a fudge cookie to make a witch hat was creative haha!
    of course im a gryffindor. and i LOVE the weasleys. any and all of them! i cant wait to see the final showdown between molly and bellatrix! yeowzers!!

  198. Sarah R says

    While I have always felt like more of a Ravenclaw personally, I think my favorite house is Gryffindor. They are brave and talented and house incredible people! As for my favorite character, I have 2. One is Dumbledore because he is just plain incredible in every way. Second is Ron, partly because he is cute ( I love gingers πŸ˜€ ) and also because he tends to come of as a goob and sometimes a jerk but he truly means well and is a loyal friend.

  199. Ella says

    I’m a Gryffindor, myself. I know that’s what everybody says, but I honestly believe that is the house that I would be in. :]

    I’m a Fred Weasley fan. I also love George Weasley. Those two kind of go together, methinks. But if I had to choose, I would go with Fred. And yes, I am going to be bawling my eyes out when I go to my final midnight premiere.

  200. Maris says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor of course, they all have great hearts and such courage! My favorite student is difficult! I’m going to say Molly Weasley because of how loving and nurturing she is and also because of the epic duel between her and Bellatrix which I can’t wait to see in theaters this Friday!!!

  201. Cally says

    I think my favorite house is Ravenclaw. I love school and love learning. I have two favorite students: Hermione and Luna. I love Luna’s eccentricity. If I had been able to audition for the movies, I would have tried out for that role. But, I always wish I could be as smart as Hermione!

  202. Julia says

    I love all your recipes and I cant wait to try these out! πŸ™‚
    My favorite house is Gryffindor and my favorite character is Neville I just loved watching him grow and avenge his parents death! Its great to see so many other lovers of the books and films like myself! Im so excited for friday!!

  203. grace says

    My favorite house is definitely Gryffindor! My favorite student? Oliver Wood. I used to have such a huge crush on the guy who played him in the movies when I was in high school. Hehe πŸ™‚

  204. Lija says

    Hogwarts House? Ravenclaw! I love the description of the common room in book 7: “The deserted Ravenclaw common room was a wide, circular room, airier than any Harry had ever seen at Hogwarts. Graceful arched windows punctuated the walls, which were hung with blue and bronze silks: By day, the Ravenclaws would have a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains. The ceiling was domed and painted with stars, which were echoed in the midnight-blue carpet.”
    Sounds perfect!
    Also Luna, one of my favorite characters, is a Ravenclaw. Another favorite character? McGonogall. So BA. πŸ™‚

  205. Sarah says

    These are absolutely adorable!!

    My favorite house is Slytherin and my favorite (former) Hogwarts student is Sirius Black. πŸ™‚

    I’m also beyond excited for the midnight premiere tomorrow!

  206. Bre says

    My favorite house is probably Gryffindor (but aren’t we all biased simply because the books are basically from Gryffindor’s perspective) but I myself might be in Ravenclaw. Plus, after reading the 7th book, the Ravenclaw common room looks pretty spectacular.

    My favorite character, however, is Sirius Black. Though only “alive” in three of the books, I think Sirius is the symbol of ultimate sacrifice for friends. He was the closest to a father figure Harry really ever had, and I love to imagine the adventures he had a student at Hogwarts. Plus he’s just a bad@$$! Imagine having to stand up to your family of Pureblood worshippers, all Slytherins, and demand to be the one different family member? He was also reckless and had a bit of a temper, making him one of the most “human” characters in the series.

  207. says

    Oh my goodness your posts for this last movie have been terrific! I am sure like most my favorite house is Gryffindor and it is so hard to pick just one favorite character. I guess it would have to be Luna. She is so comfortable with who she is no matter what people think / say and loyal to those she cares about. Both traits that I try to instill in my girls πŸ˜‰

  208. Heidi Turcotte says

    Have to say Gryffindor as my favorite house… but my favorite character would have to be Cedric Diggory… How could you not choose the one who gave Harry a run for his money and ended up loosing his life!

  209. Jessika says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house, always has been, always will be πŸ™‚ And I have to go with Sirius as my favorite student.

    I can’t wait to try some of your recipes!!

  210. Michelle says

    I think I would have loved to be Ravenclaw. My favorite character has to be Luna! She is a bit out there and she knows it, but it doesn’t change the way she is!

  211. Dea says

    I don’t think I have ever been so in love with a blog post before. Everything here is perfect. From the candy, the pink, the Harry Potter… like, I think I have dreamed this post before. πŸ˜‰ Please don’t stop posting HP treats! Ever.

    (Hermione, all of the way, of course.)

  212. Melinda Helms says

    I would have to say that Gryffindor (I know, common) would be my favorite. Everyone there just seems so happy and friendly. If I had to choose another, it would be Ravenclaw, and only because they have an amazing way of getting into their common rooms (riddles???? How crazy is that).

    My favorite character would be Neville Longbottom. I have always admired the fact that he is a lot like me. An outcast who a lot of people made fun of in high school. But he always comes off victorious and has some sort of influence on those around him in every book. Good luck to all who entered!

  213. Melissa says

    Wow. Can I order one of these if I don’t win?! I’d totally love to have a Hufflepuff apron just because I don’t think they get enough mention! Or Ravenclaw..? Either one is awesome! I’ll have to find a tie to match…As for my favorite character, it’s Ron Weasley.

  214. Sara Kae says

    It is SO hard to pick a favorite character(s) but Fred and George Weasley are my choice because they add humor to the books and movies that make it complete. My favorite house is Gryffindor. Probably the most common answer but what person doesn’t love that house? πŸ™‚

  215. Brit says

    My favorite house is Ravenclaw. Characters in Ravenclaw always came across to me in the books as the cool kids – extremely sharp and yet easygoing. My favorite character…I actually had to think on this for a while, because of course all the primary characters are so wonderful…but I’m going to have to go with Moaning Myrtle. Whenever she appears in a chapter I just grin. I love that she develops relationships with both Harry and Draco. She’s also a flirt – much more confident in death than in life, but still flies off the handle (and into the bend in the toilet) when her feelings are bruised. Oh the drama! ^_^

  216. Hilary says

    Gryffindor of course!! And Hermione is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Even though it took me til the first movie was out to learn how to say her name!

  217. Cathie says

    Favorite house? Character? It’s like Sophie’s choice! I love Hufflepuff for being so unassuming. I probably would have been sorted into Ravenclaw, though.
    As for characters, I love McGonagall. She’s straight-laced, by the book, and then she has these great moments where you see she’s actually a person…love it.

  218. Amy W says

    I think handmade items are EVEN BETTER than store bought ones. I mean how cute is that apron?! Even without the tulle and tie I’d wear it all. the. time. Anyways, I have a diehard love for Gryffindor but I’d have to say that Ravenclaw is my favorite (not just because I think I would have been in Ravenclaw… and still secretly hope for my letter!) Favorite character, I can’t choose one. It’s a tie between the Weasley Twins because they never fail to crack me up and Luna because I think me and her would have been BFF.

  219. Kate says

    My favorite house has to be Ravenclaw, because as much as I adore everything Gryffindor stands for… I’d probably still belong in Ravenclaw myself. πŸ˜‰

    As for favorite character – it is so impossible to narrow this down! Hermione is simply fantastic. Tonks is kind of an awesome badass. Neville grows so much and so wonderfully. But I think I’ll have to go with Snape, because his complexity and his loyalty are incredible.

  220. Elaine says

    I love your blog and all your fabulous Harry Potter creations, the apron is SO nice!
    My favourite house is Gryffindor because I respect their traditional traits such as courage. My favourite character is definitely Lucius Malfoy!! He is always scheming and so malicious (but in the movies so young and cute) and yet his plans often fall through and I love seeing how angry he gets when Harry and team trump him.

  221. says

    I’m a Hufflepuff at heart, as is one of my favorite characters, Tonks! We’re loyal, compassionate and excellent finders (I’m excellent at finding awesome things on the internet, like this post). I hope that you don’t mind that I posted a link to your giveaway (and blog in general) over on my Harry Potter craft blog. This is the kind of thing that crafty Potterheads love πŸ™‚

  222. Jamie says

    Gryffindor is definitely my favorite Hogwats house, not just because Harry Potter resides in it, but because it houses bravery, determination, loyalty, and a sweet sword. My favorite student, past and present, is Ronald Weasley. He is extremely dependable and a good bit of fun. And I love Buckbeak.

  223. Esther says

    My favorite house is definitely Ravenclaw because that’s the house that I’d probably be sorted in. [One of] my favorite characters would have to be Professor McGonagall because she’s simply a badass πŸ˜‰

  224. Kendra says

    Ohh myy… I am totally in awe!! Well, my favorite house is definitely Gryffindor! The COOLEST people come from that house and they are by far the most trustworthy and the most talented. My favorite person is Sirius Black! I have been in love with him since the third book because he is Harry’s portal to his parents and knows soo much about them that I became really attached to him throughout the books because he made Harry so happy in every situation! Can you believe this is the last movie?! It’s so sad!

  225. Desiree says

    Gryffindor is my favorite, for sure. Gotta love the students’ raw courage and natural instinct. Favorite character is harder. I adore Hermione, because I relate to her so well. But I have a soft spot for Luna; she is so sweet and oddly insightful.

  226. Heather says

    I love Ginny Weasley of Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw is my favorite and probably the house I would get put in. I love Ginny so much we named my daughter after her.

  227. Katie says

    My favorite Hogwarts house has always been Ravenclaw. I loved getting the detail or the Common room and ghost’s pasts in the seventh book. Annnnd my favorite student would most definatly be the Twins. I simply cannot like one more than the other, I love Fred and George both equally. No spoilers, but I cried to much. Love the blog so much, and will definatly have to try making these!

  228. Ashley says

    YES!! I love the apron! I’d probably be in Ravenclaw, so that’s what I’ll go with. Honestly, no Robert Pattinson love or anything, Cedric Diggory is one of my favorite characters. Also Hedwig. I cried when she died.

  229. says

    Oh my goodness, I just discovered your blog today as I was looking for recipes for my Deathly Hallows party, and I am so glad I did! This seriously might be the cutest blog I’ve ever seen in my life. The apron is amazing too! I’m a Gryffindor fan as well. My favorite character has always been Harry, and this seems to be an unusual choice, strangely enough. I’m usually the only one of people I ask who claim Harry as their favorite. I think he’s brave, funny, and not full of himself at all even though he completely has a right to be. Sirius and Snape are runners-up πŸ™‚

  230. Rebecca says

    OMG these are so cute! I think my fav character is Neville (and the house – Gryffindor…duh!). He’s so delightfully sad and depressing in the first few movies and then he finds himself and kicks some serious butt!

  231. Took says

    My favorite house is Raavenclaw. They’ve got an awesome common room. ^_^

    As far as my favorite, that’s tough. I LOVE the Weasleys! They’re such a warm family and they seem like they’d open their home to anybody who wasn’t on the other side. If I had to narrow it down, though, I’d probably have to go with Arthur.

  232. katrien g says

    My favourite house is Griffindor of course! I adore the Weasleys, especially Ron, Fred and George.. and let’s not forget about Neville, he is awesome and let’s be honest, he’s quite hot in the latest movie!

  233. says

    First off, I love your decorations! Everything is so innovative, I’m truly truly impressed.
    Secondly, my favorite character in this series has to be Neville. He’s the underdog who pulls out all the stops in the end and I really truly relate to him as a human being.
    *SPOILERS* I also was SO upset that they didn’t put him seeing his parents into the 5th movie – it was really really a turning point for me in those books, and I was so angry I stopped reading for a year, since I was behind a bit already. *SPOILERS*
    But aside from the fact that Neville is my favorite, I’d be put in the Hufflepuff house! (:
    I’m going to tweet this @bakerhi! I might even make your cauldron cakes today! I loved the round pan you used. I hope I can find one!

  234. says

    This apron is DARLING!!!

    I have to say, that I’m glad you said any student past or present – because my favorite has GOT to be Snape!!! I have always loved him because you could never reeeaally tell which side he was on till the very end. Genius writing, and genius character development. (Cheers to you JKR!) He is such a complex character, and his struggles reflect human struggles that so many of us can relate to. He is a perfectly balanced dichotomy of good & evil.

    Now, as for the house, I have to say that Slytherin is certainly not my fave. I have to go with Gryffindor 100% on this one. Although, I think I personally would’ve ended up in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff (because I’m brainy, and not as brave as the Gryffindors) I truly admire the Gryffindors for their courage, bravery, and their willingness to ACT when it is necessary.

  235. says

    Which Hogwarts house is your favorite? Which STUDENT (past or present, which includes any magical adult or professor) at Hogwarts is your favorite?

    I am absolutely a Ravenclaw because of my impulse to think logically, BUT if Hermoine can be a Gryffindor, maybe I can do.

    As for student, I am choosing Lily Evans for standing up for the underdog πŸ™‚

  236. Robin Parker says

    Favorite House would be Gryffindor…..however Hufflepuff would be second. As far as favorite characters that is a tough one. I’ve always liked the Weasleys but I think my most favorite would be Luna or Hagrid!

  237. Kristen says

    I love Ravenclaw. They don’t get the recognition they deserve. I think that out of all the characters, Luna Lovegood is my favorite. She’s smart but incredibly brave, too, not to mention weird. I think some of the people in Ravenclaw combine the best of both worlds: the brave and the intelligent.

  238. TANYA says

    Ohhh I love this apron and I’ve just been too lazy to try and replicate it! I’d definitely have to go with Gryffindor! I don’t think I have a favorite charactor, if I had to choose it’d be Remus Lupin.

  239. Alanna says

    These cupcakes look fantastic! Gryffindor is definitely my favorite house. My favorite character would have to be Ron because he is so funny! He has no common sense and is very entertaining in the movies.

  240. Lily says

    What cute cupcakes!

    My favorite Harry Potter house is Hufflepuff (I just have a feeling that’s where I’d have been sorted) and my favorite character is tied between Luna Lovegood and the Weasley twins! Also had the biggest crush on Oliver Wood :).

  241. Talia says

    definitely a Gryffindor at heart! and Luna is by far my favorite, I absolutely adore her quirky personality.

    also – LOVE that apron!! creative & incredible πŸ™‚

  242. Katie says

    I absolutely love this apron, it is so creative, and let me just say I am soooo Excited for tomorrow!!

    My favorite house is Gryffindor, probably because all my favorites come from that house, I mean who doesn’t love Harry, Ron, and Hermione, oh and Oliver Wood πŸ™‚ but most importantly, my favorite, Neville. He is so clumsy and forgetful but such a great friend and so strong at heart!

  243. Heather Z says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house of course, how can you not root for them throughout the movies and books! My favorite student is Hermoine, because I’m a total teachers pet too. :p

  244. Jenny Buehler says

    I can’t wait to see the final movie at midnight!!! My favorite house is of course Gryffindor and I LOVE Dobby!! He may not technically be a “student” of Hogwarts, but let’s remember S.P.E.W.! Elves are equals! =)

  245. Erin says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house and though you don’t see her much except for the last book, Lily Evans- Potter is my favorite student without her sacrifice we would never have the Harry Potter series.

  246. Katherine N. says

    I have to say my favorite house is… SLYTHERIN cause they’re so complex and mysterious. But my favs are Fred and George Weasley. NERD POWER!!!!!

  247. Chelsey says

    I would have to say that Gryffindor is my favorite house because it has the Weasley twins! When I first read the books as a 13 year old girl, I had a massive crush on them. They were just so entertaining πŸ™‚

  248. josephine says

    RAVENCLAW FOR LIFE!!! And my favorite character is Voldemort. I know. Go ahead, make me a muggle. But his life is so interesting

  249. Annie says

    I just found your blog! I love it! I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and your recipes are fab!! It’s so hard to choose but I think I like Gryffindor and probably Ron. He’s so great and I just love him. I’m so glad we’re finally getting the kiss from him and Hermione πŸ™‚ Thanks!!!

  250. Jessica says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor of course. Though if I were to be completely honest with myself, I would be placed in Ravenclaw, not Gryffindor – I’m not very courageous at all! πŸ™‚ I have a hard time deciding on a favorite character. I just love to many of them! So, for today I will say Neville. HP movie tonight!!

  251. Kelli Buckles says

    My favorite house would have to be Slytherin, even though it has turned out so many bad wizards and everything it’s still a pretty cool house. They are all smart and sure self-preserving but they can care about others too..I can’t really say who my favorite student is because I love so many of them..Draco would be on the top of the list and Harry of course. But I think I would have to say I like Hermione the best because she is amazingly smart and logical..if it wasn’t for her Harry and Ron would have ended up dead a looooooonnnng time ago..

  252. Emma Brunner says

    My favorite house is Slytherin because I love Snape! But my absolute favorite character is Luna Lovegood! I love that she is always herself no matter what other people think!!
    PS I LOVE your blog!!

  253. Sarah says

    My favorite House is Slytherin because of their ambition, and my favorite character is Hermione because she and I are like twinsies! Ha πŸ™‚ I’m going to the primer as school-age bellatrix!! I can’t wait!!!!

  254. Tiffany Hopkinson says

    If I were to go to Hogwarts the sorting hat would definitely place me in Slytherin! I’m cunning and ambitious, two very important traits. Plus green and silver? Gorgreous! And my absolute favorite character is Snape! He’s headstrong and loyal. Even though we never really knew what side he was on until the very end I stuck with him. And then he turned out to be extremely loyal to Dumbledore. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Thank you for the awesome giveaway, your cupcakes are adorable! πŸ™‚

  255. Evan says

    Gryffindor is most definitely my favorite! And I don’t think I have only one favorite character but if I had to pick I would say Luna Lovegood because I love how she doesn’t care what anyone says or does to her, she always has a good spirit, and she is so cute and unique.

  256. Alyssa says

    My favorite house is definitely Hufflepuff because of the general loyalty and dedication, but also because Hufflepuffs are so underappreciated, they’re always there and no one ever gives them enough credit.

    As for my favorite student, it’s definitely Neville. Like a Hufflepuff, Neville was always there for the trio, but he didn’t show his true Gryffindor side until he realized and accepted his true potential, I think that a little Neville exists in each and every one of us.

  257. JenB says

    Gryffindor is my favorite house… I don’t know if I have a favorite student! I suppose Harry Potter himself is my favorite.

  258. C says

    My favorite house is Gryffindor-I would be lying if I said anything else. Also, I liked Hagrid as a student (for the short amount of time that he WAS a student). Poor Hagrid, who got kicked out for his love of monsters…

  259. says

    I love your stuff! I’ve taken loads of recipes from Bakingdom and used them in my own home. I can’t wait to make Butterbeer! I honestly don’t know why I haven’t yet. But I will definitely be making these! My husband loves all your HP stuff and so do I.

    My favorite would have to be Slytherin. I love Gryffindor too, but…sometimes being bad is just too tempting. πŸ˜‰
    My favorite student is Ron. I love his quirkiness and silliness. (Although he wasn’t so “stupid” in the books as he is portrayed in the movies.)

  260. Jess says

    Oh my gosh! These amazing cupcakes AND an apron giveaway?? My favorite house is Gryffindor and my favorites have to be a tie between Fred and George. T-minus 5.5 hours until the premiere! Eeeek!

  261. Kira says

    I absolutely revere Albus Dumbledore for his integrity, honesty, and wit. My favorite house is Gryffindor because they represent both courage and intelligence–two qualities which I much admire. πŸ™‚

  262. Somer says

    My favorite house is Ravenclaw and Luna Lovegood is my favorite character! She’s always so nice to the other characters and is never afraid to be herself. πŸ™‚

  263. says

    To create the pom poms, draw and cut out a ring on a piece of cardboard or heavy duty card stock. The distance from the outside of your ring to the “hoe” in the center will determine how big your pom poms will be. In this case, that distance was about one inch, so my pom poms ended up being about an inch and a half in diameter, almost two inches. Basically, however wide your ring is, your pom pom will be almost double that.

    I was not aware that there was to be a hoe involved in making these adorable cupcakes.

  264. says

    ok, WHY did I have to wait til now to find your blog?

    Fellow pottergeeks & bakers should know each other sooner.

    That said, still going to make these for my upcoming Potter Party and pinning these to Pintrest!

  265. Laura says

    Though I know the contest has ended, it’s been fun reading back on how everyone was so excited for the Harry Potter movie, and brings me back to that nostalgic feeling of elation and sadness. And because I think it would be fun, I’m still going to give my answers, hope that’s okay. πŸ™‚ I’d have to say one of favorite characters would be Sirius, or Lupin… I loved Sirius when I read the books when I was young, and his death crushed me more than any other character’s (except Fred’s, or Dumbledore’s, because I cried for both of them). Mostly, the abruptness of his death, and I was so hopeful that there would be a loophole… At any rate, my house would be Slytherin, straight-up. Ha.

  266. Paige says

    I used this recipe tonight because I love Harry Potter, cotton candy and baking cupcakes. I slightly varied the directions with the food coloring — I used both pink and blue food coloring (not blending them all the way so that they would be swirly, not purple) and my cupcakes actually turned out beautiful. They look like scoops of cotton candy ice cream!

    However, neither my cupcakes nor my frosting tasted like cotton candy despite using the exact amount you called for. I guess I should use more in the future. Did yours have a noticeable cotton candy taste?

    • says

      Hi Paige, I’m sorry you didn’t get the flavor you were hoping for. I had a noticeable, but subtle cotton candy flavor in mine. You could try using artificial flavoring, too, if you want a stronger flavor.

  267. Lizzii Belleville says

    Just wondering if there would be much of a difference in flavor if you melted the cotton candy first, like what you did with the frosting? Have you tried that at all? I think I’ll try one batch to see if there is, if not, I’ll go with just adding the dry cotton candy, I DO like the novelty effect of the pink and blue chunks.

    • says

      I don’t think that there would be a flavor difference, but I’m not sure how it would change the texture. I think it might add too much suger to the recipe, but it would be worth an experiment. I’d love to hear how it works out of you try it! πŸ™‚

  268. Paula Jarrett says

    You ARE officially my newest hero!! I am a Cotton Candy FREAK!! Love the stuff, can’t get enough of it!! I can’t wait to try this recipe out!! I wanted to ask you though, you replied to Lizzii Bellville in her response to melting the Cotton Candy before adding to the cupcake batter and you thought that it might be too sweet. Could you not just decrease the amount of the sugar from a 1/2 cup to a 1/4 cup? The only reason why I was wondering is because putting the actual Cotton Candy in the batter and baking, doesn’t it create very hard Cotton Candy pieces throughout the cupcake then? Although I would normally love that I now have a bad jaw and biting anything hard can really be painful now 8(. Does the CC stay hard, or melt into the cupcake? Btw, thanks for all your hard work that you put into your website, and on Facebook too!! 8)

  269. Jody says

    This is my first visit to your blog and I’m overwhelmingly impressed. Everything looks incredible. I have a suggestion as far as flavoring these cupcakes, although I’m not sure if it would work or not.

    When I was in college I worked for a company that catered children’s birthday parties. We had a cotton candy machine (or “fairy floss” as we call it in Australia) and the mixture was just sugar and a flavoring agent called Flossine. Adding Flossine on its own to the cupcake mix may help add flavor without the sugar to mess things up. Just a guess though, I’m not great at adapting recipes. I remember the flossine came in different colors/flavors as well, like cherry, piña colada, bubblegum…

  270. Karleena says

    Made these a little while ago, and although not nearly as nice looking as yours, they were DELICIOUS. And a HUGE hit amongst my friends and family πŸ™‚ Will make again for sure!

  271. Katie says

    πŸ™‚ I am sooo excited to make these!! Will definitely post again afterwards to let you know how they came out. And oh no, I have COMPLETELY missed the contest… but I have to say, I love your apron, it’s so adorable. Whoever got it is extremely lucky. Just for fun, I want to say that my favorite character is Ginny (gotta love that bravery!!) and my top house is Gryffindor. πŸ˜‰

  272. Sharon M says

    I know this is an older post but I’ve been searching for a scratch recipe w/out CC candy flavor,thanks, just love your blog!

    Anyway, you know how they sell kid sized cotton candy machines/the nastalgia machines? Well in the summer/spring the local Walmart usually sells the sugars to make cotton candy, I wonder if that might be a tasty version for a SMBC (replacing regular sugar), you think? As soon as I can snag some I’ll let you know. Shamefully, I hid some Easter cotton candy in the pantry to keep it away from they kids πŸ˜‰

    Might try subbing a bit of sugar in the cupcakes, but I don’t want to make them sickly sweet. By the way, Harry Potter rocks, still! I havent even tried butter beer yet, some fan/baker I am lol. Thanks for all your hard work!!!