Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

I’m all sentimental and mushy today. I’d say sorry, but I’m not, not really. It feels good, those days when it hits me that I am, in fact, a mom.

As a step mom, there’s a lot of things I haven’t experienced, parenting-wise. I’ve never carried a child in my womb and given birth, or nursed and cuddled and bonded with the baby (although, I have cuddled and bonded with my nephews). I’ve never debated regular diapers vs. cloth, or worried about the first hair cut that would cut away those baby curls, and watched the first tooth come and go.

I’ve also never been grabbed onto and cried on because of some fear, real or imagined, in the night that makes a big comfy bed necessary for little bodies to squeeze into. Sure, we’ve always had the big, comfy bed, but never any of the littles wanting to hide out in there until the fear passed, or the sun rose…whichever came first.

Last night, Littlest Nephew came down to tell me that he was missing his momma and daddy, who are traveling for a week while I party on with the nephews. He climbed into my bed for a little while.


Like I could turn away that little round face with the chin all dimpled and shivering because he didn’t want to cry.

If you can do that, you’re made of steel.

Seeing as how I’m made of silk and lace, cotton candy, marshmallows, and other sugary, soft stuff, I had Littlest in my bed until about 11:00 pm.

As I sat working last night, while Littlest fidgeted and eventually dozed, I realized that in all the years that I’ve been step momming, our boy never once had an “I can’t sleep” night. He never woke up and needed comforting from a bad dream, or missed his mom (or his dad when the Hubster was deployed), he never even woke up with a sick tummy. Off to bed he went, and off to bed he stayed…by choice.

For almost 10 years now, I’ve told people how lucky I’ve been in the step son lottery. I hit the jackpot. Now, after having spent time with Littlest needing comfort again at 5:45 this morning, I realize just how great our boy is. He never deprived us of any sleep…

…and yet…

…I sure wish he had. How sweet and cozy it was to be needed like that. And how comforting that I could make the little guy feel safe again.

You know what, though? I didn’t get those things with my boy, but I did get to give him his first real bike and help him learn to ride it. I helped him learn to tie his shoes and button real buttons. I got to take him on his first real camping trip and help him discover how much he loves hiking. First team sport (hockey), first day of middle school. I was there for eighth grade graduation and the first day of high school (*sob*). I get to teach him to drive, and I got to watch him have his first girlfriend experience. I’m still the step mom lottery winner. In fact, if you want to know how I really feel, I’m the “real” mom lottery winner, too. And the things awaiting us are endless.

One of my favorite things is that I get to be the one who makes him yummy treats that he agonizes over at birthday time because he can’t decide which one he wants each year.

I have a feeling these cinnamon roll cupcakes might be added to the list for next year. Which is fine and dandy with me, because they are incredible (and incredibly easy)! Plus, there’s just about nothing I wouldn’t make for his birthday.

When I decided to make these, I wanted them to taste like a cinnamon roll, but a cupcake, too. In other words, I didn’t want it to just be a real cinnamon roll in a cupcake paper. I wanted a real cupcake with all the deliciousness of cinnamon rolls.

I decided the only way to do that was to start with a real cupcake recipe, so I went with a basic, easy yellow cake.It’s the most like a cinnamon roll flavor, but sweeter…and less bread-y. Next I had to add the cinnamon sugary goodness that is the filling of a cinnamon roll. But how? Easy…I used real cinnamon roll filling. And I swirled it int he cupcake…and it was amazing.

The end.

Wait…not quite the end yet. You probably want to see how to make these…

The cupcake part of these is a simple, fantastic yellow cake. The ingredients are unsalted butter (or margarine), all-purpose flour, sugar, sour cream, vanilla extract, salt, baking powder, and eggs.

Place one and a half tablespoons of the cupcake batter in each cupcake liner.

Use a toothpick to make a little well in the center of each one. This is where the filling will go.

For the filling, or the swirl, you’ll need brown sugar, unsalted butter (or margarine), and cinnamon (just like what’s in the filling of a real cinnamon roll).

Just melt the butter, then stir the sugar and cinnamon into it until combined.

Spoon a scant teaspoon of filling into each little cupcake well.

Using a toothpick again, swirl the filling into the batter gently.

Add another 1 1/2 tablespoons of cupcake batter on top of the swirled batter…

…and repeat the filling/swirling process.

Okay. So. These are pretty darn excellent just like this…but then I went and added icing and frosting to them. And the icing has coffee in it. Fer rillz.

The icing is filled with pretty basic ingredients: confectioners’ sugar, vanilla extract, and unsalted butter (or margarine). And the coffee. Yum.

It’s super simple to make, too. Just mix, mix, mix, and spread some (about one to two teaspoons) on each cupcake. Now, You can totally stop here and devour these in all their yumminess, or while the icing sets up…

…you can make some smooth, delicious cream cheese frosting. Either way you’re winning.

I went with both, cause really…what’s a cinnamon roll without yummy cream cheese frosting?

My cream cheese frosting is pretty simple and only has cream cheese (duh), confectioners’ sugar, unsalted butter (or margarine), and vanilla extract.

I kept the frosting on the softer side, so it doesn’t hold much shape when piped, but I didn’t want to overpower the cream cheese with lots of sugar. Plus, I think these look more “cinnamon roll-y” with the flatter, not so stiff frosting. And the sprinkling of cinnamon is the perfect final touch. 🙂

When everyone walked into the house the day I made these, they said, “Ooooo! It smells so good in here! Did you get Cinnabon today?”

Perfect. Response. 🙂

I love these cupcakes, and I think the swirly filling is the secret. It makes me happy. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and like I’m gonna eat a bazillion of these.

Or a bazillion and one.

Whether you make these sans icing/frosting, with just the coffee icing, or the whole kit and kaboodle, you won’t be sorry. Every single component and step to these cupcakes is simple, fast, and delicious! Enjoy!

Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes [Printable Version]
Makes 12 cupcakes


1/4 cup (1/2 stick or 56.5 grams) unsalted butter (melted)
1/3 cup (85 grams) brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 1/2 cups (190 grams) all-purpose flour
1/2 cup (100 grams) sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup (1 stick or 113 grams) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup (113 grams) sour cream
2 eggs, at room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Coffee Icing [Printable Version]


2 tablespoons (28 grams) unsalted butter, softened
1 cup (125 grams) confectioner’s sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 to 2 tablespoons (15 to 30 ml) brewed coffee

1/2 recipe of Cream Cheese Frosting

To make the filling: In a small bowl, stir all of the ingredients together until combined. Set aside until ready for use.

To make the cupcakes: Preheat oven to 350 degrees (180 C). Line a muffin pan with cupcake papers; set aside.

In a large bowl, or the bowl of a standing mixer, combine the flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add the butter, sour cream, eggs, and vanilla and beat until smooth. Scrape the bowl, making sure there are no streaks of flour remaining (do not over mix).

Place 1 1/2 tablespoons of batter in each of the paper liners in the prepared muffin pan. Make a small well in the middle of each cup of batter with a toothpick, Stir the filling to make sure the butter is combined, then spoon a scant 1 teaspoon of the filling into each cup. Use a toothpick to swirl the filling and batter together.

Add another 1 1/2 tablespoons of batter to each cup and repeat the filling/swirling process.

Bake for 18 to 22 minutes, until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Transfer to a wire cooling rack and allow to cool completely before frosting.

To make the icing: In a medium bowl, beat the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy. Stir in the vanilla until combined. Add the coffee until desired consistency is reached (I only used 1 tablespoon). For more coffee flavor, add more coffee, but you may need to add additional confectioners’ sugar to keep a good consistency.

Ice the cooled cupcakes with the coffee icing. Allow to sit for 15 to 20 minutes, then top with cream cheese frosting.

Recipe by Darla

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  1. Jen says

    Hey Darla,

    These look amazing and I can’t wait to make them. What is the mustache thingy (for lack of a better word) I see in all of the photos? My 14 year old is OBSESSED with mustaches and I couldn’t help but notice the thingy in the background.

    Thanks! Love your blog!

    • says

      Hi Jen, Thank you!! I had a blast making them…and eating them! 😉

      The mustache background is some super awesome, adorable scrapbook paper that I found at Michaels and I’m totally in love with it!

  2. Dori says

    Wowie…I’ll have to come back and read the recipe. After I can see through the tears. We went through so much heartache having babies…infertility, miscarriages, bed rest…but I look at my two miracle babies (not really babies anymore) and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Even the sleepless nights/days walking in circles around a tiny apartment. Through it all I’ve realized that a mom is a mom is a mom. It doesn’t matter whether the child came out of your womb or not–as long as that child is loved and cherished! You’re an amazing Mom, Darla! Your son won the lottery as well.

  3. Justine says

    I am so excited to try these! I loved your cinnamon roll cookies and I’m sure these will be amazing as well!The recipes I’ve tried are so much fun to make and always get rave reviews.
    Keep the ideas coming!

  4. says

    I think more than you being the lottery mom winner, your little boy is much of a winner himself. He’s so lucky to have found a mom in you…With bonus of cupcakes and sweet treats? Jackpot!

    • The Hubster says

      Jackpot indeed! Thank you for seeing from the outside what I’ve always seen from the inside: Darla is patient, witty, consistent, gracious, and humble. Thank you.

  5. says

    Umm.. YUM. My family would be thrilled if I made these. But would I have the strength to share them? And would mine look as cute? These are the questions that plague me.

    • The Hubster says

      Don Williams Jr. said, “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination”. Make ’em. I promise, whoever you share them with will love them, they won’t judge them.

  6. says

    such a moving post… emotional. I know your nephew will do just fine with you around, you seem to be a great mother. Love the cupcakes and the photos, nice blog.

  7. says

    It is always great to take a moment to celebrate what we have in our lives, especially the incredible joy it is to be a parent. So thank you for reminding us of that. And, of course, those cupcakes look like a wonderful way to celebrate…

  8. Stacey says

    I really want to make these! However, I will need to figure out how to do it with a white cake recipe instead of yellow. Not sure what it is about yellow cake but I am completely grossed out by it. I would rather make a treat out of a *gasp!* boxed mix of white or chocolate rather than make ANYTHING with yellow cake.

  9. says

    you know what you protect him all day long thats why he feels so safe….I have a step father and I consider him my dad ( I didn’t always) but he raised me and I love him.
    ps I love your writing
    Pam Ramirez

  10. Kay Weaver says

    These are BEAUTIFUL! I’m going to make them this morning to take to our church youth’s BBQ fund raiser tonight. One quick question… Does this recipe make 12 mini cupcakes or 12 regular ones?
    Like others, I was very touched by your post. My babies are both grown, one with two beautiful step-daughters of his own and the other soon to be a daddy. I miss the days when they were small – and wish I had a few of those days back. Also like others have said, being a mom is not dependent on having given birth to a child. I know plenty of women who have been mothers to children that have no biological connection, but they are mothers none-the-less. You ARE a mom and your son is a very lucky young man!
    I always enjoy your blog! Have a wonderful Saturday!!

    • says

      Hi Kay, thank you so much for you kind words. It’s been a wonderful experience, getting to be my boy’s mom. 🙂

      As for the recipe, it’s for 12 standard cupcakes. I hope you enjoy them; they were a huge hit at my house! 🙂

  11. Sam says

    Honestly, I just couldn’t read it at first. Those pictures are simply so delicious that i had too see them first. All of them. I just couldn’t resist. Now I am gonna read it. But great work.

  12. says

    I didn’t even notice the mustaches until I read the comments – too busy ogling cinnamon cupcakes. I love when you blog about your stepson, Darla, because you clearly have a very sweet, special relationship. I also love that your hubby comments too. I’m going to try bribing my hubster to do the same with some Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes.

  13. Tanya says

    Darla, I’m a huge fan of your posts! I tried a batch of these today, and they are so tasty! I was just wondering what the consistency of the batter should be, mine ended up like a really sticky muffin batter that ended up with a really dense and crumbly cupcake. Is that how they are supposed to be?

    Can’t wait for your next post!

    • says

      Hi Tanya, Thank you for your kind words! 🙂 As for the cupcakes, they should not have been dense and crumbly. They’re not a super light cupcake, but they shouldn’t be dense. It sounds like you may have over mixed them slightly. Of course, it could have been something else, but without knowing every detail about how you made them, it’s hard to say. Over mixing is just my best guess. I hope this is helpful.

    • Phyllis says

      Tanya, I had the same problem- the batter was really dry and sticky. I added a 1/4- 1/2 cup of milk to the batter until it was more of a cake batter-ish consistency. They came out great. 🙂

  14. Paige says

    I made these today! I brought them to my girls’ book study group. They were a huge hit 🙂 everybody loved them. I think I might have created a new craving candidate for my pregnant leader xD. The consistency was just right, they tasted fantastic. The only thing I would change is I would make them a little less buttery, but only if it wouldn’t hurt them! If not, no worries, they’re still phenomenal.

  15. Sharleen says

    Hi Darla! I made these today and the cupcakes themselves were amazing; however I found the frosting much too sweet for my liking; what would be the minimum amount of icing sugar to put into the frosting and still have it hold its shape? I used about 1.5 cups instead of 2 and it was so sweet my teeth ached. It could be the sugar/starch mixture of my icing sugar here. 🙁

  16. madiha says

    hey there darla … i really admire ur work n follow ur wbsite everyday 😀
    can u plz plz plz plz plz plz plz help me with making fondant ….the one which u role on the cake plzzzzzzzzzz

  17. Rachel says

    I love your website, it is so cute!! Not to mention all the recipes are great! Where did you get the bowls/spoons/square plates that you photograph the ingredients in? I especially love bowls that the baking power, salt, and cinnamon are in!

    • says

      Hi Rachel, I get my dishes all over the place, since we move so often. many times, I snag them at small local stores. Most of them are made by a company called tag, or another company called Una by Norpro, though, so you can probably find them online. Pottery Barn also tends to have great mise en place dishes.

  18. Samantha says

    I love love love this idea, and this is the first cupcake/icing/frosting I made completely from scratch. On that note, I’m not sure I did something right – the cupcake batter was very stiff and they fell apart in the middle. I’m going to practice, though 🙂 Love your website 🙂

  19. Paulina says

    Hi Darla!! I just made these cupcakes for my mom’s birthday and she loved them!! They tasted delicius but they werent as pretty and photogenic as yours ^.^
    I also want to thank you for all the amazing recipes you share with us I have already done two and they were really really yummy, and I’m looking forward to do the hogwarts cake 🙂
    I’ll tell you how it turns out. kisses!!

  20. biancka says

    I just made this recipe and the cupcakes are in the oven as we speak. Since I’ve never made cinnamon rolls before I had a little question. Does the sugar have to be totally disolved for the swirl ???? I didnt do that and I am wondering if that made a little error with that. I guess I was just too impatient because they look so good and I love cinnamon rolls. If I can combine my love for cupcakes with cinnamon rolls……..well, that is just a match made in heaven 🙂 Thank you for this recipe !!

    • says

      Hi Biancka, The sugar in the filling doesn’t have to be totally dissolved. Just like in a real cinnamon roll, it’s going to be grainy while you’re working with it, but will melt and bake into a yummy swirl in the oven. 🙂 I hope you enjoyed them!!

      • biancka says

        Darla….these cupcakes are delicious !! I just made a second batch (yes, they are THAT good !!! haha). Mine look nothing like yours (I think my butter is more yellow and I can’t get the filling to look like yours. Maybe I am using the wrong kind of sugar….I used dark brown sugar (the sticky kind). Do you use that kind of sugar as well or do you use demerera sugar ???). Here is a photo of my Cinnamon Rolls Cupcakes….

        They are a big hit and I know I’ll be making these a lot more !! Thanks !!

  21. Lorene says

    O….M….G…. making for my Girl Scouts TONIGHT!!!! Sanz coffee….sprained both ankles last week trying to keep up with them; coffee is the LAST thing they need! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your website!!! Keep those wonderful recipes coming!

  22. megan m says

    I just made these and had one with the coffee icing…oh my goodness they are amazing!!! My house does smell like Cinnabon & I can’t wait to share them tomorrow with my family! Thanks!

  23. kelsi jo says

    Fantastic! I had loads of fun making these. and they taste heavenly. My husband thinks I am ridiculously amazing. Mission accomplished!

  24. says

    These are fantastic. Seriously! Thank you for sharing the recipe 🙂 I wanted to also mention that I’m linking your blog in my blog, I hope that is okay! If not, let me know and I will remove it. Thanks!

  25. jennifer says

    Love your site! Been oogling these for a few weeks, thinking of making them to bring for thankxgiving dinner, how do they hold up a night or two before? Does the icing ‘set’ (either one)?

    thanks for sharing all your goodies!

    • says

      Hi Jennifer, They hold up pretty good for 24 hours or so, but they start to dry out after much longer. If you want to make them ahead of time, I would suggest preparing them up until the point of baking, then cover them and refrigerate them before baking. As long as they’re covered tight, they should do well for a good 24 hours or more in the refrigerator. When you’re ready to bake them, remove them from the refrigerator and allow them to sit at room temperature for about 20 minutes, then bake as usual. I hope this is helpful.

  26. Cynthia says

    These cupcakes are AMAZING. I made a batch this evening using 2 ounce souffle cups (it yielded 24 cups). Since I don’t drink coffee, I substituted hot chocolate for the coffee in the coffee icing recipe. DELICIOUS. My husband, kids and neighbors loved them. So much easier to make than cinnamon rolls…thank you for sharing your recipe!

  27. Julia says

    Oh, these cupcakes are amazing! I’ve made them a couple of times for all of my friends who are studying for their winter exams and everyone has loved them. It’s a perfect cupcake to get spirits back up in the face of papers and exams! Thank you loads!

    • says

      Hi Sarah, I think they could be frozen for at least a week or two. I’ve never frozen them, so I can’t be sure. Just make sure that the container is well sealed, and they should be fine. Also, I would wait to frost them until they were thawed. I hope this is helpful! 🙂

  28. Kelley says

    I recently made these to bring to work and they went over really well! Mine didn’t look nearly as nice, as – despite trying to prepare the night before and getting up an hour earlier than I estimated I needed to be – several things went wrong and I finished them right as I needed to be heading out the door and, on top of that, the separator I used in my container partially collapsed during my walk to work, so several were slightly smushed. Still, in the end the taste is what counts! Fantastic!

    (I also found out that I have an apparently distinctive trait of some sort that I was unaware of. I made 24 cupcakes, and did half with the coffee icing and half without. With went on top in my container, and without were on bottom, and I wrote as much on a small post-it, and “Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes.” That was it. No name or anything else. Still, one of my coworkers – who has only known me a handful of months now – correctly identified that I had been the one to make and bring them based solely on the fact that I did half with and half without icing. Huh.)

  29. says

    This is probably the third time (at least) that I’ve read this post so that I can make these cupcakes….and it is the first time I noticed the mustache background. Hilarious!

  30. Jen says

    I just made these and couldn’t stop tasting the cupcake long enough to get the icing or frosting made. I guess that means I’ll have to eat another once I do so I can sample the complete package! Seriously these were so moist and flavorful by themselves, there’s nothing I would change about this recipe. Florian (Cupcake Wars) would be speechless, they’re that good!

  31. Lamia says

    hi there,

    I can’t believe I found this really, because it was exactly what I came looking for when I logged in this morning et voila it was there waiting for me.
    I love everything that involves cinnamon, and so I will definitely do these, however I have one question: what exactly do you mean with sour creme? Because I live in Africa and I don’t think it’s easily available in the supermarket, I mean I know what it is but there are so many versions of it. Can I replace it with something else?
    thank youuuuuuu

  32. Alison says

    WOW!!!!! Those were absolutely DELICIOUS!!! YUMM!! Thank you so much for sharing! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes 🙂

  33. Linda says

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to check with you that it’s ok that I pinned this on my pinterest profile. Just in the interest of the recent copyright issue…


    • says

      I think they’d be great as minis, but I would suggest using less if the swirl filling in each. I generally cut baking time in half for mini cupcakes, so in this case, about 9 minutes, but definitely check them with a toothpick for doneness.

  34. says

    There is so much on here I want to hug you for. A) These cupcakes look insanely delicious. 2) You are a fantastic step mom (clearly). Having parents that both remarried, I realized that I lucked out and have 4 fantastic parents. All step-kids should be so lucky. High five to you and your stepson.

  35. Mary says

    Awesome cupcakes…I added a twist on the cinnamon swirl with my most recent batch – doubled the brown sugar so the cupcake has some sugary crunch!

  36. says

    I just made these cupcakes for a friend and (ofcourse) tried one, they were so delicious, but in my opinion not so pretty. I’m more the ticker kind of frosting type of girl plus my icing got real thick. They are so delicious and I’ll still be giving them to my friend, but I probably won’t make them again.

  37. Stef says

    This recipe was great. Easy though it is an almost gourmet kind of recipe. Looked pretty and tasted great! The only thing that I changed was I added more cream cheese to the frosting because, well, come on everyone loves cream cheese, and i felt it was just too sweet with all of that confectioners sugar. Also maybe quarter the recipe for the second frosting because I had wayyyy too much left over. Overall, I love these cupcakes!

  38. Idil su says


    Looks amazing, i was just about tobake them butsomething seemed off. I usually use grams, but 1 1/2 cups flour is not 190 grams, and 1/2 cups sugar is not 100 grams. I will make a big batch so i wanted to ask which one is the original amount you use, cups or grams?

    • says

      I measure everything out by weight, so all of the measurements listed are as accurate as possible. I measure out by cups first, them weigh, so each measurement is correct.

  39. Diane says

    Um, I love your blog and all the recipes that you share with us, but tonight, your mom story touched my heart.While stepmom may be your title on paper, you’ve got the MOM thing down pat. Gave me goosebumps to remember how my “little” one climbd into bed with me when he felt scared/worried/sad/all of the above and how he needed his “comfort tank filled up.” Awesome you for sharing all of that with us! And, oh, BTW, awesome cuipcakes too!

  40. says

    Those look fabulous and two frostings? OMG! How have I been without cupcakes with two kinds of frosting? Such a touching story too! It sounds like you have been a very important part of your son’s life and now your nephew’s.

  41. Janie says

    I love these! Big hit with my son. I had the same problem as a previous poster though in that I ended up with a very dense batter and heavy cupcakes. It felt like I didn’t have enough liquid in the mix and I ran out of batter while doing the filling.

  42. Sarah says

    I have a huge sweet tooth and my boyfriend is very picky when it comes to sweets but he ate 3 of them even before I got a chance to frost them. They turned out amazing, I will definitely be making these again soon!

  43. Hilary says

    These look so delicious!! I want to make them, but I’m lactose intolerant so I was wondering if you knew what I could replace the sour creme with so that I can actually eat them? Thanks! 🙂

  44. shawn says

    finally!! a cinnamon roll cupcake recipe that DOESN’T start with six cups of flour. i could never wrap my head around that much flour for a couple dozen cupcakes. this recipe is going to be PERFECT!! thanks so much!

  45. Lynette says

    These look amazing! What’s not to love? I’m going to try them with coconut flour cause I’m GF, but for my family, they can have the real deal. Umm! Love adding coffee to the frosting. Pefect!

  46. Elizabeth says

    Would it be weird to use plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream?? Has anyone tried that? I never use sour cream, but I always have greek yogurt on hand. Just trying to simplify things… 🙂

  47. Aamena says

    Hi Darla 🙂

    I’m a HUGE Cupcake-Lover! Came across your amazing blog yesterday, while googling for a Chai Cupcake Recipe. You have thee most unique recipes 😀 Can’t wait to try them out! …

  48. says

    I just LOVE these! Such a brilliant idea & takes all the hassle out of making cinnamon swirls but still with all the yumminess! Just one wee query that i have…i made these last night AND AGAIN this morning 😉 but both times my sugar & butter for the swirl filling wouldnt combine? The sugar went grainy & sunk to bottom & i was left with a layer of butter…not very pretty at all! I Do you have any ideas what i am doing wrong? Thank you!

  49. says

    Sounds really delicious, I love cake and cupcaked, could eat it every single day. 😉 Thank you for this yummi reciepe, will bake them too soon. 🙂

  50. Amanda says

    I have been making these for probably 8 months now! Everyone always loves them. I am, however, way lazier than you! lol I use box cake, and just make the cinnamon stuff, and use vanilla store bought icing.. lol They are amazing though, and everyone always loves them.. Thanks you!

  51. Kathy Cadiou says

    i LOVED your story. I too, never had the pleasure of a baby in my womb……but am a blessed step-mom to two………they came with their dad to me at age 8 (red haired blue eyed boy) and 11 (blond hair-blue eyes girl)……both as cute as could be….. i was FIFTY, and no kids…..never really even thought about it…. nurtured my niece and nephews on my yearly vacation time and holidays…and was quite content………or so i THOUGHT….. settled in to motherhood without much calamity……been a family now for 15 yrs.
    I now have the amazing privilege of being a GRAMMA…….to the sweetest little five yr. old ever born 🙂 He does like to crawl in our bed when he is here for his visits……..and we let him when it is not a week night….. he kicks like a foot ball player lol and grampa gets up at 3:30 AM for work….. Currently his toddler bed is in our room……so he is never alone……..but we do love the morning snuggles…. all three of us in bed …..giggling and snorting…… tee hee……….lately, he has decided that once grampa leaves for work……’s ok to climb in with gramma……..and of course, she permits such actions……..especially because he is growing up soooooooooo fast and soon wont WANT all that cuddling and smoochin’ stuff…. ENJOY kiddo……. each one is different…..and soon …….one of your steppers will give you a grandchild that will be as precious to you as if he were your blood…….trust me on this one 😉 <3

  52. Kathy Cadiou says

    sorry.. a couple of “foot notes” to my previous comment….
    LOVE the recipe 🙂 and that it is all from scratch !!!! yayyyyyyyyy you ! (clap clap clap)

    and as for MY two step-children……..our 25 yr. old daughter STILL wants snuggled constantly…. and my 21 yr. old son has finally come to appreciate a real hug and an “i love you” from and to his parents…. tee hee

  53. Kaitlyn says

    Hi! I was just wondering if the cupcakes would taste just as good without the coffee icing. I want to make these for my friend’s birthday but she is not allowed to drink coffee. Would you suggest making the icing still, just skip the coffee ingredient, or skip the icing and just do the frosting?

    Thanks! (Its so funny how so many people are asking about the mustache background XD)

    • says

      Hi! If it were me, I would just skip the coffee icing altogether. 🙂 without the coffee added, it tastes very similar to the frosting, and it saves you time by skipping it, too. 🙂

  54. sara starkweather says

    Just made these yesterday with my boyfriend. Sooo good. The best cupcakes I’ve ever had and my boyfriend loved them! Thanks for the recipe! Will be making these for my family get together on Easter.


  1. […] takes amazing photos of her work and, you know, they say you eat with your eyes first.I used her cinnamon roll cupcake recipe a few weeks ago and that turned out to be fantastic. Tasted exactly like Cinnabon, with all the […]