To Boldly Go Where No Cookie Has Gone Before…

Did you know that 45 years ago, today, the very first episode of Star Trek aired on NBC?

Did you know that it was cancelled after three seasons? Only to be become a cult classic in the 70’s?

No wonder I like it. If I had been alive in the 60’s, I totally would have watched Star Trek (The Original Series, or TOS). I know I would have. And then it would have been cancelled, and I would have been sad. Because I always like the shows that get cancelled. And then I’m always sad.

Um. Hello? Firefly (oooooo, you just wait until I make me a Firefly treat!!)?!

Yes, it’s always my luck to love the shows that no one else really pays any attention to until it’s too late and they’ve been off the air for three of four years. Fortunately, for me and every other Trekkie on the planet, Star Trek: TOS‘s sudden popularity in the 70’s spawned six more versions of Star Trek television series (including an animated one) and 11, going on 12, feature films.

Admittedly, when I was a little girl, I didn’t “get” this show. Sure, I thought Captain Kirk was cute, and I loved how pretty and sassy Uhura was, and Spock was uber-cool, even to my six year old eyes, but I never particularly enjoyed the show. I think it was mostly because it was “old,” and my dad watched it. Two automatic strikes to just about any kid. I did, however, love to watch the films that had been released, so I’m sure that I wasn’t giving the show a fair chance.

Then, in 1987, when I was just seven years old, Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) premiered. Being a long standing Trekkie already, of course my dad insisted on watching the show. I was instantly hooked. And I still am today, except I love TOS now, too. In some ways I love it even more, for so many reasons.

I love how campy and low budget it was. I love how cliche it could be. I love how Captain Kirk was totally a playa. I love how the crew is so clearly new and strange to one another at first, but you can see them become friends as the show progresses. I love the crazy “DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA, BRRREEEEEEEEE, BREEE BREEE, NA NA NA NA NANANANANA” music that plays when Kirk is forced to fight Spock in Amok Time. The list goes on and on. There is something distinctly “First” about TOS.

I am alone in the final frontier, on my mission. Nary a soul in my family, or even friends and acquaintances (that I’m aware of), has my deep seated love for Star Trek, the Enterprise, and her crew. In fact, I’m quite sure that they don’t even have a particular like for the show, let alone love.

What is a lonely girl geek to do on the 45th anniversary of one of her all time favorite shows?

Make cute cookies that everyone else will love, so that they’ll tolerate the Star Trek marathon that’s ’bout to play on Netflix Watch Instantly all day long. That’s what.

When I decided to make my Trekkie-versary cookies, I knew immediately that I wanted to do the characters somehow. Yes, I adore the Enterprise, and yes there are more instantly recognizable Star Trek icons than a sugar cookie representation of, oh, let’s say Ensign Chekov, but I adore the crew of TOS. Seriously. My favorite has always been Spock, but I have always  admired the character of Uhura. Sure, the fact that she’s the only female in the main command crew helps, but more than that, it’s the fact that she doesn’t take any crap from anyone, she’s smart, she’s sexy, and she’s black. And she’s one of the main stars of a television show that first aired in the 60’s. Bravo, Uhura. Bravo, Nichelle Nichols! I will always love you.

The problem, in my opinion, with my choice to make the characters into cookies was that I didn’t want them to be all action figure-y. I never think action figures look anything like the character they’re meant to represent, and I wanted my cookies to have recognizable faces. Also, I wanted them to be cute.

I sketched out an idea for them to be sort of like dollies, with larger heads, and simplified bodies, and decided to make them into caricatures, of sorts. Most of the characters have distinctive features of some kind that can even be portrayed in frosting and food writers, but some of them (Kirk and Chekov, for example), are pretty basic, so it all came down to my interpretation of them.

All in all, though, I’m thrilled with how each and every crew member turned out! Obviously, Uhura and Spock were a cinch to make. Beautiful skin, bouffant hair, cat eyes, and that little red dress all scream Lieutenant Uhura, while Spock’s pointed ears, severe eyebrows, and distinctive bowl haircut make him instantly recognizable.

For Kirk, there wasn’t much to go with, except for the fact that he alone had somewhat blond hair, but I think that cocky little smirk helps convey some of his appeal to the many female aliens the crew encounters.

As for Dr. McCoy, I did my best to raise that one eyebrow and give him a sardonic expression. I meant to ad his medical satchel too, and completely forgot it. But I think you can still tell that he’s the big hearted, derisive doctor we all love.

Scotty was all about the eyebrows. James Doohan, who played Scotty, was really just a handsome, dark haired man (looks-wise, character wise he was so much more!), but he had some pretty dominant eyebrows. Hence the almost unibrow wiggling above his eyes. 🙂

Next came Sulu and Chekov, who are both yellow shirts, but are completely distinctive from one another. I was able to keep them different with their hair, but I also tried to convey a look of youth on Mr. Chekov by keeping his face very simple and sweet.

I. LOVE. These. Cookies.

For the actual cookies, like I said, i went for a sort of dolly look.

I used a basic round cookie cutter for the slightly over large head.

For the body, I used a paper template that was inspired by Munny dolls. If you have a great gingerbread type cutter that you like, that would be perfect for these.

I just stuck the bodies to the heads on the cookie sheet and they baked together perfectly. I think this cookie shape would be perfect for so many different character ideas. I mean, you could use it as the base for any caricature of a person that you wanted to do, but how great would this shape be for an astronaut cookie?! Or a deep sea diver. Or a helmeted motorcyclist? The possibilities are endless! 🙂

Once the cookies were cooled, I used fondant to start adding all of the details. As always, I used royal icing as “glue” to hold the fondant in place. I used food writers (Americolor) to draw the faces on, and super gold luster dust for the Star Trek icon and rank details on the uniforms.

Seriously, I’m so thrilled with these little boogers. I don’t want to eat them. I want to make a movie with them. A super cute, awesomely geeky, and totally campy cookie version of Star Trek. I even made some extra redshirts that can die by violent devouring. 😉

Here’s some close ups of my cookie crew:

Captain James T. Kirk

Commander Spock

Dr. McCoy, aka “Bones”

Lieutenant Uhura

Mr. Scotty (front), Sulu (left), and Chekov (right)

I also made some cookies featuring the iconic Star Trek logo on a field of stars.

Even if you’re not a Trekkie, these cookies are too cute not to smile over. 🙂 Enjoy!

I’m off to go play dollies with my cookies now.

Rolled Sugar Cookies

Faux Royal Icing

Marshmallow Fondant

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  1. says

    My husband and I LOVE TNG. I haven’t watched much of TOS, but now you have me wanting to give it a try. 😉 These cookies are absolutely adorable! You’re just so creative!

  2. Jessica says

    These are fabulous! When you combine geekery with baked goods you instantly equal awesome. (Firefly pretty please?) My husband has been working his way through Voyager this summer so we’ve had Star Trek on the brain around here.

  3. says

    This are AMAZING!!! I love them and want to kiss them on my screen computer right now!! so cute!! like you said, the possibilities are ending, you gave me great ideas.
    Did you like to work with the fondant and royal icing to attach the fondant to the cookie? maybe one day you can try using piping gel, I have found that is easier and less bulky.
    Let me know what you think if you try it .

  4. says

    These are brilliant! I wish I had your cookie decorating talents! I was a Trekkie as a child, and continue to enjoy the series, but TOS remains my favorite.

    But it is kind of scary to think it has been 45 years since it started….

  5. says

    These are so cute! Kills me. I remember when I was very little that Star Trek (whatever was on in the late 80s and early 90s) was typical on right before I went to bed…. so I would be watching it with my dad in my pajamas. Thanks for reminding me of a childhood memory!

  6. Tammie says

    Aw, Darla, these are adorable! I’m a casual Trekkie myself, but my hubby is an absolute die-hard fan, so I forwarded this to him. You did a great job, and I love to see someone’s obvious love of something transferred to food!

  7. says

    Like you, I didn’t really get into TOS until I was older (mid-twenties when I caught a marathon on Space, Canada’s answer to Syfy except they don’t cancel shows) but I adored TNG when I was growing up. I even used to read the novels.

    I totally didn’t know that today was the 45th anniversary so thanks for passing on the trivia!

  8. Jen says

    These are the cutest things ever! You are amazing. I’m in awe of you! I discovered your blog a week ago and literally combed every page of it for DAYS. I have to tell you that you were a huge inspiration for me over the past week. I really pushed myself this weekend to create two cakes by taking inspiration from normal everyday objects in my house. Up until this past weekend, I was simply imitating other people’s cake designs and/or modifying them slightly. You truly have a gift. I aspire to be as as good as you some day soon.

  9. Kim says

    These are too stinkin’ adorable. I knew which one was Bones immediately from the expression on his face (he was alway *my* favorite), and Uhura’s hair is just awesome. I might actually pay to see that cookie Star Trek movie.

    And what’s this I hear about a Firefly treat? Goodness gracious, could you make this fangirl any happier?

  10. rt says

    Another obsessed Trekkie (and Browncoat) here, and I’m so in love with your cookie TOS crew! My favorite is Uhura – I love all the detail you put into her hair. And the little gold earrings – cute!!! Those really are too adorable to eat, although I have a major cookie craving now.

  11. Jen says

    LOVE them. These are totally fantastic and I am completely and utterly in geeky-awe over the mad skills required to make something this adorable.

  12. says

    Darla — these are phenom! I’m a Trekkie and Trekker/Whovian/Potterite (and BSG and Thursday Next and … you get the idea) who loves to cook, although I don’t bake as much. I am entranced by these!

    Do you ever sell your cookies? Ship anywhere? My fiance (who is in the Air Force) would absolutely adore these (also a Trekkie … hey, how can you be a geek in the military and not be?!) and I’d love to surprise him, but I don’t have the technique to do this.

    Anyway, keep up the baking and geekery. Geek girls unite!

  13. Rachel says

    This has become my new favorite blog. TOS is my absolute favorite show ever (not that I don’t love all Star Trek series). And you made them look so cute! I’ll have to make this next on my list of projects. 😉

  14. jess says

    Love it! I’m not a die hard Star Trek fan (that would be my husband) but I’m a baker and am a Firefly fan as well. Even not being a big Star Trek fan these are so cute I want to try them out. Can’t wait to see the firefly ones and I got to ask if you like BSG?

  15. says

    These are too freakin’ cute and I don’t even LIKE Star Trek. Now, Firefly, that’s a different story. I might be forced to move in with you if you make Mal cookies.

    • says

      I ate a redshirt first, but out of these guys, I saved Spock and Uhura for me. 🙂 It was tough letting anyone have any of the others, especially Bones and Kirk!

  16. says

    Wow! You’ve done an awesome job! And I know what you mean about feeling all alone in your geekdom. I was that way for several years. (I’m actually old enough that I not only was around for TOS but saw the very first commercials promoting it coming out as a new series.) Fortunately, my husband, son and daughter eventually became Trekkies to some extent too (but nothing like old mom, here). The kids are adults now and we tend to gauge whether or not their significant others will be a good fit within the family based on whether or not they love, like, tolerate or hate Star Trek. LOL!

    “Live long and prosper!” and keep up the great work. 🙂

  17. says

    I think I love you. Or at least your cookies. 🙂 I am huge trekkie and love TOS and TNG (TNG is streaming unlimited on Netflix – yay!) Thank you so much for making and sharing these. You totally made my day.

  18. Joanie says

    I guess I’m the same age roughly as your dad. I watched The Original Series. Glued to it. Restricted to one show a day when it was syndicated. I was addicted!

    You have captured the essence of each beautifully. You’ve done very, very well. Live long and prosper. 😉

  19. Bob Justice says

    As a SciFi fan for over fifty years and a Star Trek follower from the beginning, I must salute this imaginative (and obviously tasty) tribute to these classic characters. Even my eighty-three year old mother (who loved Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers first) sends Her cheers of approval for the great job.

  20. Sylvia says

    OMG.. I love them!! I was an original Trekker, and was sad when it went off the air. I hate to bake… do you sell your cookies? And maybe ship to Canada?? ;o)

  21. says

    I want to devour a doomed redshirt cookie!!!
    My dad and I are complete Trekkies, saturday afternoon each week consists of two trek episodes (any series any season)

    I’m so making these for his birthday…


  22. Brian says

    AWESOME! Funny, I named ALL of them just by looking at the cast of cookies! Then I kept scrolling down, and I was right!! That means you did an OUTSTANDING JOB!! I grew up with the Original Star Trek show and then the movies, TNG, and I preferred Voyager to DS9 or Enterprise. EXCELLENT JOB! YOU ROCK!!

  23. Jim Barbaro says

    A friend made a batch of Star Trek cookies last year. They were all red-shirt security. He figured that they’re the first to get their heads bitten off on any episode anyway. It was deliciously appropriate.

  24. A says

    I have stumbled on your post thought Star Trek group on FB and fell in love. They are utterly adorable wonderful works of, nothing short than, art! I love how much details you put into them (even their rank on shirt sleeves). Think we all bow to you for this…this really is where no cookie has gone before :D.
    Ah yes, Firefly broke my heart as well :S, don’t know what those bosses were smoking when they decided to cancel it but it was some nasty thing :S:S.

  25. Michelle says

    OMG!!! I absolutely adore these! My dad is a Trekkie and when i was younger i didn’t really get what the fuss was about and as it was TNG that was on back then i just kinda passed it. I did go see one the movies with him (i think it was First Contact) but then sadly, Star Trek faded from our lives. Until the recent movie came out. Shortly after getting him Star Trek 11, i ended up buying my own copy, the rest of the movies and the three seasons of TOS. So….. safe to say these make me ant to watch it even more!!!!

  26. Linn says

    You are not alone! I love all things Star Trek. I still want to marry (or something, wink wink) Captain Picard, and I never get tired of watching the shows or movies. I’m in my mid-40s now, and my ‘midlife crisis’ acting out is going to be getting a Star Trek tattoo. I just can’t decide between the UFP logo or the classic ST shield LOL. But your cookies are amazing! Thanks for sharing the love! Live long, and prosper 😉

  27. cathy says

    as a huge fan of the original star trek and cookies both, i had to tell you, these are just fantastic!! thanks to jen from cakewrecks for the link!

  28. Mandy says

    As a life-long, original fan of the original series I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely fabulous and awesome these cookies are.

  29. says

    Those cookies are awesome! I love the title of this post. 😉

    I used to not like Star Trek either, or at least thought before I even watched it. Before watching TOS, I though it was just a cheesy 60’s television show (and most of the TV shows I watch are from the 60’s!). My family and I started watching The Next Generation about a year ago, we were all hooked. After going through the whole TNG series, we decided to watch an episode of TOS and now I love it! Sure, some of the sets and plots may seem a bit cheesy, but the characters really make the show.

  30. says

    First up – those cookies are awesome!
    Second – I am so with you on the shows that get cancelled thing, we have a history of getting hooked on shows that just don’t finish. Heroes (had to struggle through a rough patch there admittedly) and Sarah Connor Chronicles come to mind immediately but I know there’s been others.
    Third – please, please, please do some Firefly related sweets … 🙂

  31. Sierra Merrill says

    You are a genius!! The small details that give the cookies their identities are wondrous!!! I would never have thought to make them so doll-like and adorable! I love Uhura! She is fabulously done! I could never bring myself to eat them! I am a fan of Star Trek, but my favorite is Enterprise… And I would love to see Firefly cookies! I love the geek doll cookie idea! It is FABULOUS!
    I had never visited your site before, and I already love it!

  32. Rene' says

    LOVEEEEEE THESE!!!! You did beautifully capturing the personality of the characters!!!! I wish I could order these. My boys are begging me to make them!

  33. Wand says

    September 8th is my birthday and I turned 15 when the original Star Trek first aired. I was hooked but my mother didn’t like it being sci-fi. I am a fan of all the shows and movies but I liked DS9 the best. My husband and I have been to many conventions with Starbase Indy, in Indianapolis.

  34. says

    These are the cutest cookies I have ever seen. If I were you I’d frame them instead of eat them. (Can you cover them in some kind of shelac so that they’ll keep forever?). A stop-motion cartoon with them would be fun too.

  35. Cindy Woods says

    These cookies are the best!!! I am a die-hard trekkie, having fallen in love with Captain Kirk in my youth, then years later with Captain Picard!! You truly captured the personalities of the crew members. Next project…TNG?? I can’t wait to see Data, Geordi, and Worf!!

  36. KJ says

    Oh, you have to, HAVE TO, make some Firefly cookies!!!! I, too, seem to suffer from “the curse of the cancelled TV show.” (Although, I take no blame for Firefly…it was cancelled before I saw it for the first time.)

  37. Grant says

    Your cookies are fantastic, make me want to run off and make a bunch, although, I’ve never baked and I’d more than likely only make a mess

    I love all series of Star Trek, major fan. Such a creative way to celebrate the anniversary!

  38. says

    Hello there
    (sorry for my English, but it’s 2 o’clock in the morning here and I’m really tired)
    Your cookies are amazing, thank you for sharing this! I just posted it on my Blog. I know, that I should ask first, but I was so… well, amazed 😉 I also linked back to your site.
    I will remove the picture, if you want me to do this. 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  39. Ted says

    You can use a ginger bread man and ginger bread girl cookie cutters to make these cookies. I’m a Sci-Fi fan and I’ve been watching Sci-Fi shows since I was born in 1956. I can’t wait to see you’re Firefly cookies. You’ve given me some ideas of my own. Cutting out a pic of The Enterprise and using that for a template. Cookies that have gone where cookies haven’t gone before. Live Long and Prosper.

  40. says

    Love it!! I was LMAO reading you spell out the Kirk/Spock fight song – I could follow right along. I’m lucky, I was able to convert my wife into a Trekkie after we were married – she’ll even keep here eyes open for TNG episodes for us to watch, though she’s not a big TOS fan, but I can always try. BTW, we LOVED Firefly – in fact, we named our daughter ‘Kaellie’. We also lament great Sci-Fy shows that go away to quickly. I don’t know if you were a fan of Farscape, but that was one of our favorites too – ended too soon. Great cookies, you have quite a talent. Now I can’t wait to see some Firefly cookies – Jane? Mal? Wash? Serenity herself?

  41. Lais says


    I tried to make those cookies and I have to say they were a sucess! The icing was not so good, but I guess I’ll master it someday!

    How thick must the cookies be? I’ve noticed they grow a little once they are in the oven.

    I’ll try to make the fondant to decorate my cookies now! Thank you so much for all your recipes! I love Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Star Trek as well (I prefer TNG, though) and your site is my favorite because of your “themed” desserts!

  42. says

    Beyond geekalicious! Excellent job! And yes–bring on the Firefly! We love it so much–we gave one son Malcolm as his middle name. Firefly’s time has come!! (I’m not going to lie. I can’t wait to see Jayne’s hat. And make sure the Capn’s pants are tight…)

  43. Tiffany says

    Adorable!!!!!!! I love these cookies, they look almost too cute to eat (almost, but they look really yummy too!!). I can’t believe what you said about growing up with the show. It’s exactly the same experience I had. My Dad watched TOS every night and although I watched with him sometimes I never liked the show because it was old and silly looking. Then when I was 7 years old in 1987 (same as you) TNG started and my Dad was so excited and insisted that I watch the pilot with him. I instantly fell in love and became a proud Trekkie. I have since fallen in love with Enterprise and TOS as well. I am currently re-watching the entire seasons of TNG and TOS. As soon as I saw this page I forwarded it to my Dad. He will absolutely love these cookies. Long Live Star Trek!!!!!!!!!

  44. Laura says

    Totally understand what you’re saying. reading through, it sounds just like me. I don’t think I even remember half of the episodes of TNG when I was young, but I watched everyone and still love them. Star Trek 4 with the whales was always my favourite and got me into the whole universe at the start. I was lucky enough to marry a man with even more of a Sci Fi passion than I have. Our first “date” was looking through the cool Star Trek Encyclopedia and timeline books he has. (more have since been acquired). ‘Course Doctor Who has me hooked now too. Can’t get enough of it all. (Oh and my husband has the only season and movie of Firefly, so he sympathizes with you too).

  45. Jes says

    Just came across this sight by way of Think Geek on Facebook. Being my boyfriend’s birthday and the fact that we both LOVE Star Trek (all of them), I was hoping there was a place to order these! They’re amazing! Honestly, I’d buy a few dozen of these as a nice birthday surprise for him. Well done.

  46. Katie says

    Brilliant! Thanks for making these, they make me happy! I just finished watching TOS for the FIRST TIME EVER on Netflix, and I love it!!! It was way better than I thought it would be. It was a great series. I got hooked with the TNG, and I am a big DS9 fan. But TOS is… the new best for me, I think. My only request would have been for the green wrap around tunic for Kirk. 🙂

  47. Patti Brown says

    OMG, these cookies are soooo cute! Excellent job! I have made cookies that look like famous folks myself. I have had the good fortune of meeting these people, and being able to give them the cookies. I used the Wilton boy cookie cutter for my cookies. I’ve made several different ones that look like Weird Al. Here is one of my favorites:

    I also made two cookies for the comedy duo known as Hard N’ Phirm, aka Chris Hardwick and Mike Phirman:


    All details are done in chocolate.

    Again, awesome job! Maybe someday I’ll play with fondant, but I love using the chocolate.

  48. says

    My aunt just posted this on my fb wall. I was calling her a nerd for liking star trek (sorry everyone) 😀 and then she asked if I could make nerd cookies. Basically making fun of me 😛 I would LOVE to try these though. I love your blog 😀 I’m glad I found it. Amateur over here, so it will take me a long time before I could produce something this grand!

  49. Lindsay says

    I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM! Seriously, you did such a fantastic job on these! I have been squeeing over the pictures for at least 15 minutes. LOVE!!!!!!

  50. Donald Hopfe says

    What I would like to know is are they being sold? I was around when the show was on for the 3 years. I enjoyed it and yes I was disapointed when it was cancelled. It was supposed to be a 5 year mission and it never made it past 3. Let me know if these are sold and how much….

  51. William says

    Wow, 45 years. I wasn’t updated on the series, but I watched all the movies. I am always excited about the strange things they encounter in space. Your cookies are amazing; you had really put an effort on the details. The hair looks really hard to make. I don’t know if I could produce the same quality but they look fun and I think I would try them.

  52. says

    *squeal* I LOVE these! So adorable 😀 You’ve inspired me to attempt to make some cookies for my upcoming birthday though Doctor Who instead of Star Trek! (11th Doctor and companions, hopefully!)

  53. says

    I am a big fan of TNG and I am trying to watch all the reruns in order. Never really watched TOS, but I think your cookies are absolutely adorable. I wish I had the patience for that kind of thing.

  54. says

    Your cookies are awesome! I’m more of TNG fan myself – Captain Jean-Luc Picard ought to be easy & saves you lots of icing! 😀 Geordi La Forge might be a bit tricky, same as Worf… Hope you make a TNG set as well!

  55. Patti Brown says

    Donald, I don’t think she would be able to sell them due to copyright laws. As I stated above, I make cookies that look like Weird Al, and was told by his manager that selling them would be copyright infringement. The Star Trek cookies are adorable, though. Perhaps she could give them to friends as tokens. I do that with my cookies. 🙂

  56. says

    these are the CUTEST cookies ever. probably biased cause i’m a trekkie/trekker too! 🙂 love what you have created here!! but i cant stop thinking how Data will look like in cookies?! :p

  57. Charlotte Weber says

    I have always loved Star Trek so naturally I love these cookies. My grandkids also love the series. One of my grandgirls likes to decorate cupcakes and I think I will pass this on to her. I can’t believe it has been 45 years, seems like we were celebrating 25 years only a little while ago.

  58. Penelope says

    I’m with you. They always cancel the shows I like. Pushing Daisies, Heroes etc.

    I too didn’t give TOS a chance because of the 60’s factor. Most 60’s shows are major cheese. I just watched all three seasons in order to better understand the new movie and it was not as cheesy as I thought. In fact, it was pretty well thought out.

    Very cute cookies.

  59. june in ireland who loves to bake says

    These are absolutely brilliant! I love ’em and want to make a batch of the TOS crew, too! I think Spock and Bones are my favourite ones of the cookies (although in real life, I always fancied Scotty, Chekov and Spock).

    But hey! Do you know you’ve received big-time attention on the Boing Boing website? You probably do – they’ve probably emailed you to ask your permission to mention you and the Bakingdom blog and this particular post, but if you’ve not seen it, here ’tis (including readers’ comments):
    Celebrating Star Trek’s 45th anniversary with USS Enterprise crew character sugar cookies
    Posted by Xeni Jardin on Thursday, Sep 8th at 8:35am

    Bakingdom has a cute photo gallery and how-to on the occasion of Star Trek’s 45th TV anniversary: Star Trek Sugar Cookies.

    Thomas Traxler [Moderator] Yesterday 09:34 AM
    No, the way to do it is make Kirk, Spock & McCoy, and 300 generic red shirts. Then, each time you sit down to eat them, you put the command team on the plate along with several red shirts. Each time, the command team beams back to the cookie jar, until they are the only ones left. Then, tragically, the series is cancelled…..

    mark zero [Moderator] Yesterday 08:44 AM
    I think they all need red shirts 🙂

    Mister44 [Moderator] Yesterday 11:44 AM in reply to Culturedropout
    “You WILL… re-spect.. myyy author… ity!” (read in Shatnerese)

    CLamb [Moderator] Yesterday 12:19 PM
    They look like the offspring of a mating of Star Trek and South Park.


    Culturedropout [Moderator] Yesterday 11:12 AM
    Is it just me, or does the Captain Kirk cookie bear a strong resemblance to Eric Cartman?

    Mister44 [Moderator] Yesterday 08:49 AM
    Cool. Not as cool as the Star Wars sugar cookies I get on my Birthday and Father’s day. But cool. IIRC the William Sonoma makes the Star Wars cookie cutters.

    sigismund [Moderator] Yesterday 03:33 PM
    I wish I could celebrate, but what George Lucas would think ?

    freshacconci [Moderator] Yesterday 01:35 PM
    I thought they all looked pretty bang-on except the Chekhov, but then the more I looked at it the more I realized that really does resemble Chekhov.

  60. june in ireland who loves to bake says

    Wait! Wait! I’ve changed my mind – again! I think my favourite THREE cookies are Bones, Spock and Uhura. How could I have left out Uhura?! I love the way you did her hair and her oh-so-short-short uniform (which my mom always thought was scandalously too revealing – her words, not mine – but my dad, of course, thought she looked ‘quite lovely’ (his words, not mine). You did such a brilliant job on these. I really think that if you could sell them – especially on-line – people all over the world would eat ’em up (both literally and monetarily speaking). Please give it some serious consideration, Darla. These are wonderful, adorable and I’m absolutely sure that they are absolutely delicious.

  61. says

    I ahve been a Trekkie all my life. I remember being in Kindergarten and going to my Nanny’s on Friday after a long day in school and trying to stay awake during the 10:00 time slot. I usually did not make it all the way through thee episode. Beautiful cookies. And i love all the series, except for Enterprise, they really blew it with that one.

  62. says

    OMG! You are so awesome! These cookies are sooooo adorable! I heart them so much.

    A couple of years ago when the reboot movie came out, I re-watched all of TNG. Then Voyager. I never watched Voyager when it was on tv, but found it improved as the series went on. The funny thing is, though I watched TOS on tv, I couldn’t get into them on dvd. I like TNG the most though.

  63. says

    These are, without a DOUBT, the cutest cookies I’ve ever seen! Each one has so much character. You did a terrific job!

    My husband & I are having a CLUE themed 40th birthday party. Any chance you could make cookies for the CLUE characters? You know: Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, etc.???

  64. Tina Scott says

    I love,love,love the Star Trek cookies!!! My son and I both love Firefly also!!! Just like you it makes me sad ;( when the good shows get cancelled way too soon. I wish I was as creative as you, but sure enjoyed seeing your creations. Keep up the creative work.

  65. Julia says

    You’re so right!
    Even I’m not a Trekkie, I love these cookies! 🙂
    They look so cute and would be a perfect present for my boyfriend, I guess. 😉

  66. andrea says

    DO Firefly! Nathan Fillion tweeted a photo of Firefly amurigumi(sp?) crochet dolls- I’m sure he’d tweet your cookies. I watched the original Star Trek and met Leonard Nimoy this year. I am going to try these-I’ve made plenty of gingerbread cookies but never with this level of decoration. You are awesome.

  67. says

    LOVE these cookies! They are AMAZING! I want to make them for my hubbies best friend, he is a massive Star Trek fan!
    Also, I think you SHOULD make a movie with them! …I’d watch it!

  68. Tommy Chan says

    Wow, you r amazingly talented 🙂 Growing up, I knew alot of Trekies. but I myself didn’t really watch the show. I watched “Lost in Space”, BattleStar Galatica, Buck Rogers .. etc. Then one day I watched a whole episode and fell in love with the show. I couldn’t get enough. When the next generation came out, because of my stubborn loyalty for the original. I try to hate the Next Generation. But it was too good. I quickly became a fan of the next gen as well 🙂

  69. Danielle says

    Hello! I saw your cookies and I must ask, is there any way you would consider making these cookies and selling them? A friend of mine is obsessed with Star Trek, and I think he would love these cookies! If you would be willing to make, sell and ship a batch, please let me know! They are extremely beautiful..


  70. Rachel says

    Oh my … these are the most awesome cookies I have EVER seen! My Dad was a HUGE Trekky – he would have flipped for these! Oh how I want to try and make them.

    Live long and prosper.

  71. Charla says

    Found your site on the Today show link to…. Love Love your work! It shows how much you love it. I forwarded a link of the Today show info to the site I frequent almost daily so others can see it. It’s called (I am not affiliated with it other than being a frequent poster) but would love for you to stop in and say Hello to everyone. Sometimes Bob Orci, one of the writers of the “New” Star Trek movie stops in and converses with us, as well an occassional post from Chris Doohan, son of TOS “Scotty”, played by the wonderful late James Doohan.

    The site has information about other shows as well, like Dr. Who, Fringe, etc. along the sci-fi genre. They also post articles concerning “real” science on Saturdays that is breaking news to discuss as well.

    Anyway, I think everyone there would love to see you and your work! I plan to post a direct link to this site for them to see. Here is the link for you and anyone who loves Trek to visit. It has your typical Trekkies/Trekkers. Some nitpick everything to death, and others of course just want everyone to just get along, but it is a fun site to visit none the less.

    Hope to see you there, and again love all of your work!!

    Charla – I use my name there as well, if you want to say hi.

    trekmovie. com

  72. Tiffany says

    Soooo cute! I’d like to make around 24-30 cookies. Would halving the recipe work for that or would I get that amount with the original sugar cookie recipe? Also, how much of the faux royal icing and fondant recipe would I need for about 24-30 cookies if I am making faces like you did here? Would have a batch be enough or should I make the whole thing?

  73. Alonoui says

    I love these!!! even though i am a 90’s kid, i have watched all of the next generation adn voyager films/series!! those cookies are the cutest- can you add a recipe (pretty please!!!) xx

  74. says

    Okay, seriously. You have to come help make more TOS at the sets of Star Trek: Phase II and bring these cookies for the Captain!! (of course they should be made with chocolate for him!)

    Seriously! Come in June or September!!


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