Cutest, Easiest Halloween Cookies Ever

Happy Halloween!!

I love Halloween. I really do. I love to go all out decorating the house…usually more towards the omigosh-where-did-you-get-that-seriously-adorable-mummy route and less the omigosh-you-have-fake-blood-running-down-your-walls design.

Yes. Even though I made two kind of disgusting looking, body part themed Halloween treats this year, I’m much more into adorableness and cuteness. In fact, last year, I did zero creep-you-out treats, so. Yeah.

I guess it’s cause I’m kind of a wimp about scary stuff. I have this sort of love/hate relationship with it.

I love thrills and chills…a good, edge-of-your-seat scary movie, or spooky ghost story. I do NOT like gore and bone chilling fear…like bloody movies and terrifying haunted houses.

Really, what is up with all of the gruesome torture porn type movies out there now?? I don’t understand how people subject themselves and their poor brains to sitting through something so horrifying. I can’t do it.

I empathize with the characters way too much, even though they’re just actors, running around pretending. I can’t help it…I just want to see them all make it out alive.

Instead, terrible, terrible things always happen to them, and I spend the rest of the week locked in my bedroom, cowering on my closet floor because I’m convinced a maniac with a grudge against cupcakes is out to get me. Not cool.

I have only subjected myself to this type of movie, from start to finish, twice. I don’t know why I did it once, let alone twice, but I did, and it was terrible.

That being said, I do enjoy a spooky, well done horror/suspense ghost story. Like, personally, The Sixth Sense scared the bejesus out of me. AND I cried like a baby at the end.

Then there’s the Blair Witch Project. Alright, now, I know a lot of people will scoff at this one, but I don’t care. This movie made me afraid to go camping for years. I thought it was TERRIFYING. And seriously, there wasn’t blood and gore and butcher knives around every corner. Or boobies flying in your face as some stupid sorority girl trips on thin air and bites it (why do all movies insist on making sorority girls so stupid?? I have sorority friends who are brilliant).

Blair Witch came out when I was 19 years old, fresh out of high school, gearing up for my first year at college.


The characters were college students working on a project for school. The whole thing terrified me. Really. And I’m not afraid to admit it.

I’m much more into sci fi horror than most “traditional” horror films, though. Take Alien and it’s sequel Aliens, for example. Holy crap, those movies are scary. They’re sort of slasher flicks, but with aliens instead of mute, undead wanderers with hockey masks and/or butcher knives.

Admittedly, I love a good zombie movie (GOOD…that’s sometimes hard to come by). In my experience, the best zombie movies are the funny ones. I love Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland.

They’re funny, and smart, but they still have holy-crap-I-just-peed-my-pants-a-little moments.

You can imagine, then, that if I like my movies a little on the tamer side, then it’s no surprise to see me make some seriously adorable Halloween cookies. Right?

These are also some of the easiest decorated cookies I have ever made. Ever.

The secret is that I used stamps to decorate them. I got a bunch of these super duper cute Halloween stamps at Michaels for a dollar each (any rubber stamps will do), and I knew immediately that these were going to be treat stamps.

Really. Just look at how perfectly they emboss rolled fondant. Less than two minutes of work right there, people.

Step One: roll the fondant.

Step Two: cut out a square of fondant.

Step Three: stamp it.


You could easily leave this just the way it is, stick it to a cookie or the side of a cake, and it’s perfect, as-is.


You can break out some disco dust and clear extract, and bling these little cuties out.

It’s your call.

Let’s cover some basics first.

You don’t have to get all fancy with the fondant (unless you want to). I made basic square sugar cookies, and plain square fondant. I didn’t even color it…I used all white fondant for this project.

Getting the fondant to stick to the cookies is a simple matter of adding a little royal icing to the cookie, then just laying the fondant on top. I prefer to use my faux royal icing royal icing because it adds a nice flavor.

One important thing, though, is that you need to stamp your fondant before you “glue” it onto the cookies. You have to press quite hard to get the stamp to emboss properly, so it should be on a flat surface when you do it. You’ll either crush the cookie, or squish the royal icing out, if you glue the fondant on before stamping.

I chose to use disco dust to decorate my cookies with. If you’ve never used disco dust, it’s super easy.

You just need a paintbrush and some clear extract (I used almond), or vodka. The reason you use extract or alcohol is because it will evaporate, leaving behind the now stuck on dust and nothing more.

Brush the extract on neatly in the design that you want it (you can just make out the wet edge in the first photo). Sprinkle on the disco dust (I always work on a clean sheet of paper so that I can transfer the excess dust back into it’s jar).

Once you tap off the excess dust, you’ll probably still have some stuck to areas that you don’t want dust on. Just use a separate clean, dry paint brush to gently brush the extra dust away.

You can do more than one color by brushing on a small amount of extract and adding dust, then brushing on more extract and adding another color of dust, until you have the desired pattern or design.

Be sure to add the dust darkest to lightest, thoguh, as the black will show up a bit in the other colors. For example, I added the colors to this fondant in the following order:





This ensured that the colors wouldn’t bleed or cover each other up.

There are lots of designs you can do. This one will look striped when it’s done.

Once you have your border on, you can stamp the fondant. I prefer to add the disco dust before stamping, simply because it’s easier to clean the excess off when the fondant is still smooth and even.

When stamping, position the stamp where you want it, then press down, hard and evenly. I press down each side, then center my fingers on the stamp and press the center down, in order to make sure that I get the entire design.

You can also add the disco dust to the stamped on design.

Just use your paintbrush to paint the extract into the design before sprinkling the dust on.

Again, be sure to work from darkest to lightest with the disco dust.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of disco dust and icing, then you can also use the stamps as…stamps.

Color the stamp design generously and quickly with a food writer, then quickly press it onto the fondant. You have to work quick with this method, because the food coloring dries relatively quickly on the stamp, but once you get it stamped on, omigoodness! It’s sooooo cute!

If you want to color your stamped designs in, you can, using more (colored) food writers. I recommend doing it a little non-traditionally, though. What I mean is, gently press the clean stamp into the fondant, lightly embossing it. Then, use  your food writers to color the design in before stamping a black outline into place with the stamp.

I recommend doing it this way, because the black food writers tend to bleed into the colors otherwise.

I didn’t color any of my inked cookies in, though. I loved how cartoon-ish and minimalistic they were. These would look gorgeous on a black and white themed party table.

As for the embossed cookies, I had a blast glittering them up. 🙂 I used Halloween-ish colors to add sparkle to a little or all of the cookie, but I knew I couldn’t do the finer detail work with dust, so I left those areas blank. I added some black food coloring to the leftover icing that I used for glueing the fondant in place, and used it for outlines and the like.

I used a Wilton #1 tip to draw the icing on with. It took a little practice, but it worked out great.

On most of the cookies…

My poor little skeleton was just too fine and detailed to be outlined by the icing. I tried, but I’m not afraid to admit that I failed. He is much, much better as a simple inked on stamp. Next time, I may glitter him up a bit, though.

Otherwise, the majority of the cookies turned out great with a combination of embossing, glittering, and icing. I did leave a few of the cookies plain, with just a light dusting of sparkle, too, though. In some ways, I love the plain inked cookies, and the simple embossed ones, the most.

Then again…look how cuuuuute!!

These cookies are as fast and super easy, or a little more time consuming and complex, as you want them to be. Obviously, the simple embossed or stamped cookies were the fastest, taking all of about thirty seconds to decorate. The more elaborate, sparkly cookies were not difficult at all, though, and they only took a little more time and effort. My favorite one, the little Frankenstein, only took about two minutes to decorate, if that.

If you need a last minute Halloween treat today, one that will still impress everyone without lots of time and effort, then I definitely recommend trying this out. You can even buy oven ready cookie dough and pre-made fondant to make this an even faster, easier process. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it! This is one of those cookie decorating projects that the kids can totally help with, and they’ll have a blast.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Be safe trick or treating, and keep your eyes out for a particularly long haired, feminine Doctor (bow ties are cool).



I used:

My favorite Rolled Sugar Cookies

Yummy Faux Royal Icing

Marshmallow Fondant

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  1. says

    These are so cute! This is probably the first “decorating” tutorial post that I have seen that inspires. You have offered some easy techniques that yield such wonderful results. This is one of the reasons that I am glad I found your blog. I have yet to acquire real artsy skills when it comes to baked goods-so this post is a great fit.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. says

    TOTES agree. Why is it that we have like Saw 53 coming out on DVD but we’re just now getting a new Footloose? Ridic. And Blair Witch? Don’t even get me started… that scene where the camper clearly needs to blow her nose and is just crying into the camera? I’m never sleeping in a pup tent again.

    Speaking of fear, you’re totes taking the terror out of fondant for me for which I will be forever grateful. It never ocurred to me to use stamps but this will be my next project. Happy Halloween, lady!!!

  3. Alice says

    That’s so clever! I’m still learning to do royal icing (I CAN NOT even think about doing a design yet!) so it’s great to see an alternative. I’m definitely going to have to find some big stamps now

  4. says

    Totally with you on scifi horror vs. traditional horror. Scifi horror, I’ll gladly watch; traditional horror tends to send me scurrying for the covers. And Shaun of the Dead is by far my favoritest (that’s a word, right?) zombie movie of all time. I love Simon Pegg and company. Even funnier if you’ve watched Spaced and can get all the inside jokes 😉

    And oh yeah, the cookies are adorable! I think your stamp embossing idea may just save decorating dunces like me. I can’t draw worth a darn but trace? That I can do!

  5. Quin says

    I have to say, I just discovered your site today and couldn’t stop reading it. I have a question about DISCO DUST. I noticed on the container it said non-toxic but does it mean it’s edible. Is disco dust a type of decorating sugar? Thank you so much for sharing. You are so talented.

  6. Kathy says

    Thanks for this tutorial. I just went to Michaels and purchased a few Christmas stamps. Can’t wait to decorate the cookies using these stamps.