Elegant Autumn Rice Crispy Treats

I have a new obsession lately. You may have noticed it, as it’s been making itself known on the blog.

I am recently obsessed with painting my fingernails wild and whacky colors.

Here’s the thing: I hate painting my fingernails.

Hate it.

I love having my fingernails manicured and looking nice, but I hate painting them.

Someone else can paint them, and I’m happy for a bit, but eventually I hate them anyway.

I hate painting my fingernails because one of two things always happens:

I either ruin them before they dry because I have a bazillion things to do and I’m too impatient to wait for them to dry (not a good combo for painting fingernails).

Or they chip way too fast and I get angry because I hate chipped nails and now they have to go, even though I just painted them yesterday.

And despite all that, I have been obsessed with finding unique colors and painting my fingernails, almost every day.

It began about a year and a half ago with my toes, a pedicure, and a purple OPI polish. Over the course of about a year I began painting my toes all sorts of wild colors, and really loving it.

Then, about six months ago, it spread to my fingernails.

It all started with a shimmery turquoise. And it hasn’t stopped. I have acquired more new nail polish in the last 3 months than I bought in the entire first nine years of my marriage. Seriously.

My most recent acquisition is a blue that I like to call TARDIS Blue, and I stopped at Walgreens with my sister, during a ten hour drive, to try on and buy funky colored and glittered nail polishes for almost 30 minutes last week.

I’m telling you all of this, because I think I may have a problem.

Not that I plan to do anything about it or anything. Um. My nails look too pretty.

But if I don’t acquire some matte nail polish soon, I’m probably going to go into mental breakdown or something.

Just sayin’.

And, on that crazy, completely-unrelated-to-baking-or-Autumn-in-anyway note, wanna see how to make those pretty rice crispy treats up there?

Yes, they really are rice crispy treats. 🙂

See? I told ya.

I saw these pretty little ornaments on Etsy the other day, and I was immediately inspired. I love it when that happens.

After snooping around the interwebs for a little while, I found a tutorial for making the ornaments and knew it’d be a cinch to make them edible.

I also knew that the decorating would be a little more involved, so I wanted the food to be easy.

Enter the rice crispy treats.

I wanted to make some Autumn inspired treats that would look pretty on a Thanksgiving dinner table, and taste good as dessert afterwards, so I went with the original pinecone shape that I found, and added an acorn design of my own.

For the pinecone, I molded the rice crispy treat into a simple egg shape.

I experimented with the acorn a little more before getting just the right shape.

I tried two different techniques for the acorn.

First, I shaped the bottom part into a half oval that was flat on top, then I shaped a flat disc to stick on top. That worked, but as you can see in the top photo, the disc part kept trying to pull away from the bottom.

In the end, it was better to shape the entire acorn from one treat. Just go for a bell shape, then give it a bit more of a lip, rather than a flare, to create the cap of the acorn.

I also decided to make some trees, since winter and Christmas are right around the corner. I’m cool like that.

As for the fondant, once I had it tinted, I rolled it out nice and thin. I wanted to work with thinner fondant so that the treats wouldn’t weigh a ton, and the fondant wouldn’t fall off from being to heavy.

Cut the fondant into strips about an inch wide, then cut the strips into slightly wide triangles.

To give the fondant a curved look that would last, I folded parchment a paper back and forth, accordion style, and taped it to a baking sheet.

I laid the triangles into the folds of the parchment, allowing them to curve into it, and let them dry out for a couple of hours.

Once dried, I used frosting to stick the fondant to the treats. Cover the bottom of the pinecone, or acorn, with a small round of fondant, then layer the triangles until you have the treat completely covered.

Be sure to stagger the triangles a bit to give the pattern a more natural look. You want to work from the bottom to the top, to be sure to layer the fondant properly.

I capped all of the treats off with a piece of fondant cut out with a small star cutter. It was the perfect shape to layer in with the triangles and gave all of the treats a clean finish. Then I just added a stem and copper luster dust to add some striking details and a little shimmer to them.

I did everything identically for the acorns, except I laid the fondant triangles flat, rather than curving them out. I particularly like the caps on the acorns, and the lovely bronzy finish that the copper luster dust added to them.

For the trees, I covered them in exactly the same way, even using a star to finish off the top, but instead of using luster dust, I coated the ends of the “branches” in sparkling white disco dust, then “glued” red nonpareils on with almond extract.

Okay, so adding the nonpareils was a somewhat tedious step that can totally be skipped, but just look how cute! Totally worth it. 🙂

This dark brown, bronze colored, shimmery pinecone is my favorite. I think it looks very real, and it’s so pretty, but absolutely delicious…cause it’s a rice crispy treat, so…duh.

I had a lot of fun making these, and they’re easy enough that kids can help, too. Plus, the possibilities are endless as far as how to decorate them and what shapes to make. They are a little bit time consuming, but since the treats are so super fast and easy to make, it wasn’t too bad at all.

These would make an elegant, fun, and surprising addition to any Autumn get together. No one will know that the decor is the dessert.

Until you pick one up and bite into it. And that’ll be really funny. Enjoy!

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  1. says

    very cute.

    I love your nail polish story, because I too have been doing the same thing. I started with pedicures. Which are always amazing. And then I did some crazy polish on my nails for halloween. I was hooked! I totally feel for you about the polish not even making it a day. I too have always had that issue.

  2. Ashley says

    Wow. I am thoroughly impressed. I hope someday I find the time to be able to do this! Also, at the risk of being annoying, I’m super excited for my Hufflepuff apron!

  3. Linda says

    I would never have the patience to be able to do this, even though I wish I could. There have been many a brownie disaster where I cut them to soon and I have a big mound of ruined brownie. At least it tastes good. That, and I am deathly afraid of fondant. Do you know where I can but some? Preferably not online because I can’t stand shipping.

  4. says

    BRILLIANT! I so need to make these for the Holidays! Thankies for sharing this~

    And I share your pain with painted nails. I can never wait for them to be dry because I’m always on the computer or I have to do things xD And if one is messed up then I start all over again lol I guess patience really is a virtue. lmao

  5. says

    Sooo, I have to say I COMPLETELY agree with you about the nail polish, and the frustration of it chipping and taking forever to dry. This post is not a shameless plug, I promise! I found this topcoat called Seche Vite and it’s incredible. My nail polish stays on without chipping FOREVER, and it’s a speed dry topcoat. Make sure you read the online tips for how to apply it to get the best results. I’m not kidding: AMAZING.

    Also, I can’t wait to make some of these Christmas trees!!!!

  6. Jonna says

    Love the treats and love pretty nails =) Agree with Stephanie’s tip about Seche Vite topcoat but also, if you’re craving matte nailpolish, get a matte topcoat and ALL of your nailpolishes can be matte…

  7. Montana says

    Oh. My. Bieber. I am completely agreeing with you on the nail polish thing. If I get a tiny bit wrong I have to start all over! I can`t paint them now though because I`m in school, but in two weeks I am FREE for another year! So I`m gonna paint my nails something different every day! I think you would adore the Justin Bieber collection, they is a clear one with little confetti hearts and it is so pretty! I also love my lifesaver which is a minty green. I put that one and put the confetti one over the top for 5 weeks and it didn`t chip ONCE!
    Please respond I am your biggest fan I am 13 and you are the reason I started reading the Harry Potter books, I have only seen the first 2 movies. {I know, I know,} I have just started Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire and I LOVE it! I am in Australia and next year we are going to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter! Your owl birthday cake was the inspiration for my 13 birthday cake! I want to own a cupcake shop when I am older!
    Love your biggest fan,

  8. says

    I can’t believe you don’t have the patience to wait for your nail polish to completely dry but you have the patience to make these delicate and delicious treats…Well, I don’t go for mani and pedi anyway, so I guess it will all depend on each one’s preference. I applaud you for posting something like this. looks really intricate! I am bookmarking this coz I believe someday I’ll have the patience to make these too…Or perhaps the patience to wait until my mani and pedi session is done. Happy Holidays!

  9. Laura says

    I could never keep a manicure looking nice because I’m rough on my nails but then someone took me to a salon that does UV gel/shelac. You have to have a pro do it but it lasts for WEEKS without chipping! They make all kinds of colors in matte, metallic, iridescent, and even GLITTER! I highly recommend it.

    Also, adorable treats as usual!

  10. says

    These are so ridiculously cute, and look scrumptious to boot!

    I used to mess up my polish all the time too until I started buying these oil drops (I think they’re Nicole brand) at Target…They dry your polish so much more quickly than waiting for it to air dry!

  11. says

    Those are like Rice Krispie ART! Have I mentioned that I love krispie treats, as in they are my favorite food of all time love them? As in I want to place a ring on their finger love them?

    Also, Essie makes a matte-ify clear coat that you can put on any polish and turn it matte…it’s awesome.

  12. says

    Those treats look absolutely amazing!! They’re just so beautiful – I am in awe of your creativity!!

    Also, I totally agree about nail varnish – finding lovely new colours gets a bit addictive, but it’s so annoying when it chips, especially when it’s a dark colour since that makes it super obvious. My nail varnish usually lasts about a day before I mess it up completely. Frustrating!

  13. says

    All I can say is…You ARE the BOMB!!!! These are too cute and my son would love this! WHat a great treat we can work on together 🙂 Rice Krispies are a fave in our home.

  14. Sugargirl says

    I am right there with you sharing the polish sickness! I have been collecting nail polish since I was 12. I have, no exaggeration, hundreds of bottles! And I have a secret for you, if you are looking for the perfect matte polish, Essie makes a top coat called Matte about you that will make ANY polish matte!!! It is AMAZING!!