Perfectly Pinterested Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner: Caramel Filled Brownies and Beautiful, Easy Mums

I’m posting on a Sunday. This is totally weird. It’s like I’m in the Twilight Zone or something, except in color, and with baked goods instead of, like, scary aliens or murderous dollies.

Several weeks ago, as I was perusing Pinterest for nothing in particular, I came across this gorgeous photograph of flowers laid out in a lovely ombre pattern. I was inspired (of course…that’s why these Perfectly Pinterest posts happen….it’s like Pinterest does something to my brain and I can’t make it stop until I create what was inspired in the first place). As soon as I saw it, I thought of another Pinspiration that would be perfect in bringing these to the edible world for me. Ironically, this particular pin isn’t anymore edible than the one pictured above.

I pinned this onto my Crafty Clever boards months ago, because…well, I mean…look at it. They’re just beautiful! The original tutorial can be found here via not martha.

I haven’t made the felt version yet, but I used the excellent tutorial as a guide for my very own marshmallow fondant version, and they turned out gorgeous! They look like they took forever to make, they took my brownies from “yummy but simple” to “yummy and WOW”, and yet they’re easy as 1-2-3! Gotta love stuff like that.

Alright…before I get into the mad simple mum tutorial, here’s the 411 on the brownies.

I made two batches of my favorite brownies. They’re fast, they’re easy, and they’re de-freaking-licious. Once they were cooled, I placed one batch top side up on a cake stand and covered the top of it with caramel sauce. Alright…in all honesty, let’s go ahead and admit that we could stop right here and be happy. I mean, really…I would be.

But I didn’t stop there. Instead, I placed the second batch of brownies, face down, on top of the caramel covered first batch. Mmmmm – giant brownie caramel sandwich.

Next, I frosted the whole thing with my chocolate buttercream from my Death by Chocolate cupcakes. Here’s a fun fact: when I made those cupcakes, back in the beginning of October, I froze half of the frosting. That’s what I used on these brownies. I simply removed it from the freezer and let it sit at room temperature until it was thawed, then spread it on.

This frosting was frozen for just over a month in a lidded container. When it was thawed, it was still creamy, smooth, and delicious. It spread onto the brownies beautifully, and it was incredibly easy to smooth out. So…YAY! Easy to make, easy to freeze, super yummilicious chocolate buttercream.

Okay…here’s where things get wild. I poured a big batch of rich chocolate ganache on top of the brownie cake, letting it drizzle over the sides, because chocolate ganache makes everything better. Yum.

I could have stopped there. The brownies would have been mighty tasty, you’re right. But instead, I decided to just go all out and drizzle more caramel sauce over the top. I don’t regret my actions one bit.

Not. One. Bit.

Now. Seriously, you can stop here, and you have an amazingly delicious, easy dessert that adds something different to your Thanksgiving table…or you can dress these babies up in their holiday finest. 🙂

The mums (I settled on my flowers being mums, cause they look most like them)are super simple…and before you get wrapped up in how time consuming they must be, stop right there. They really aren’t that bad. Really. I made all eleven of the mums on my brownies, plus two extras that I didn’t use, in about five minutes per mum. That’s just over an hour for a baker’s dozen of lovely fondant mums.

You also need to take into consideration the time for coloring and rolling the fondant, but that’s a given. Cutting and assembly time was a mere five-ish minutes for each flower (which gets faster with practice).

Let’s get started, once your fondant is tinted, you’ll need to cut simple circles out. I made small, medium, and large mums, so I cut two different sized circles out. I used the smaller circle for both the medium and the small mums and the large circle for the large mums.

Next, you’ll need three different sized petals. The petals should be teardrop shaped, or close to it. In the felt tutorial, they cut squares out, then cut those into pointed petal shapes. You can do this with fondant, too, but I highly recommend using cutters like the ones found in Wilton’s flower making kit. They’re much easier, more consistent, and way faster.

Once you have your petals cut, brush a small amount of water onto the rounded or flat end (NOT the pointed end). Gently fold the rounded end together and pinch lightly, allowing the water to “glue” the folds together. Voila! Mum petal. 🙂

Tip: I cut all of the large petals out at the same time, then fold and glue them all before moving on to the medium. Again, I cut, fold, and glue all of them before moving onto the smallest petals. Doing this prevents the fondant from drying out too much after it’s been cut, which also prevents cracks from forming in the petals. As always, all of your fondant should be stored in a plastic bag, or under plastic wrap when not in use.

Using more water as glue, place the petals on the fondant circle. The largest petals will go on first. I averagesd 11 large petals on the medium flowers, and 13 on the large flowers. Try to fit as many petals as you can – the more, the better.

After adding the medium and small petals (on the smaller flowers, you can skip the smallest or even the largest petals, and just use two sizes, rather than three), I cut a small daisy out of the fondant. Fold the daisy in half once, then again and glue it into the center of the flower.

Aren’t they pretty?? And seriously, weren’t they easy?!?! I pretty much only did three rows of petals on the large mums, but you can do them all however you like – they look so lovely anyway.

Once all of my mums were complete, I did my best to recreate my original ombre inspiration across the top of the brownies.

Maybe I shouldn’t say this…it’s probably conceited…but I think these are the most beautiful brownies ever. I’m sorry for that moment of patting myself on the back, but really, I adore the way these look. From the frosting, to the caramel, to the mums…everything about these brownies makes my heart smile.

I’m so proud of these, and I’d be thrilled to add these to the dinner table on Thanksgiving day. Their colors and design work perfectly for the holiday, and brownies are a nice change from your typical turkey day desserts (especially when you’re not a pumpkin pie fan…like me).

Plus, as much as the prettiness of these made my heart smile…the taste of them made it sing! Enjoy!

2 recipes Brownies

1/2 recipe Chocolate Buttercream

1 recipe Chocolate Ganache

at least 1/2 recipe Caramel Sauce, salt optional

Marshmallow Fondant

Recipes by Darla

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  1. says

    You have made me want to devour brownies for breakfast – what a classic idea of layering brownies together! I bet you could use marshmallow fluff instead or peanut butter or nutella!!! Whatever I will though the caramel filling will really give my own caramel brownies a run for their money!!!

  2. says

    This cake is stunning! I would love to taste it and since I was looking into making something chocolate and caramel for the Thanksgiving dinner, this might just be the one i’ve been looking for. Thank you for sharing! Your cakes are always mouthwatering!

  3. Andrea says

    These are so UNBELIEVABLY beautiful! So beautiful that I can forgive your distaste for Pumpkin Pie. 😉 Pat away! I think you have all of our permission! I wish I had room/time to make these for TG. There are only 6 guests and there are 3 desserts already (including a Maple Walnut Pumpkin Pie that I will be testing on the fam). 🙂

  4. bindiya says

    hi Darla,

    did you freeze the cake before frosting it with butter cream. It’s so prefect;y done 🙂
    When i try to frost my cake… i get crumbs all over the butter cream.

    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bindiya says

    hi Darla,

    did you freeze the cakes before frosting.. its perfectly done 🙂
    when i try to frost mine.. i get crumbs all over my butter cream.
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ziona Bates says

    I follow your site frequently for inspiration, not so much for recipes, but after a long search for the perfect brownie I thought I would give yours a try. I have to say this recipe is fantastic and wonderful. Simple, fudge-y and a little cake-like at the same time. This brownie was exactly what I was looking for and I just wanted to say thank you.

  7. bindiya says

    hi Darla,
    i made these awesome brownies for my Christmas dinner and it was huge hit.

    thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes and creative idea :).

    i have a small request.. can you please post a video tutorial for frosting a cake,, no matter how hard i try i can never get it right.. it would be a huge help