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Comment #9!!

Congratulations, Kim!! I’m so jealous of your Christmas day fun! I want a sonic screwdriver!! And I NEED that mug!

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Merry Christmas!!

And since it’s Christmas…

SURPRISE!!! I have a present for you!


I have a present for one of you, anyway.

It’s amazing (duh).

It’s Christmas-y (sort of).

And it’s geeky (shocker).

Who knows what all of these things, all at once, could possibly be all about??

If you said it’s gotta be something to do with DOCTOR WHO, you’re totally right!!

If you’re a Doctor fan, then you know that there is a Doctor Who Christmas special on today.

Personally, I can hardly wait. The Doctor Who Christmas episodes have become a new tradition in our house…that is probably one of the best ever.

I got myself this amazing shirt from TeeFury a few weeks ago.

Coolest thing ever.

It’s even better in person, when you can really look at all of the details.

Anyway, TeeFury had a grab bag recently, and I ended up getting this shirt for a second time.

I’m not gonna lie. I thought about keeping it, so I’d have a replacement when I wore my other one to death, but then I thought there’s probably someone out there that would love it as much as I do.

And since it’s better to give than to receive, it’s up for grabs.


The deets: this shirt is a woman’s size Small. It isn’t available  in any other sizes in this giveaway, because I already have the shirt. I wear size Small, so I ordered a grab bag in Small.

The shirt is black with white printing, just like the photo.

It’s completely amazing.


Wanna win a Whovian shirt?

It’s easy. Just leave a comment about what makes Doctor Who so fantastic, and why you’re Whovian, in the comments section below, before 7pm EST on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011:

This giveaway is open to international readers.

The winner will be chosen randomly at and announced Wednesday, December 28th, 2011.


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  1. Diana says

    Once you discover Doctor Who, your entire life changes! At least, mine did. There’s nothing more exciting than a new Who episode – it’s always exciting and there is something so wonderful about the Doctor — all of them! — he’s so warm and loving and his life is an adventure and he brings kindness with him everywhere he goes.

  2. says

    * What makes DW so fantastic ?
    First of all, Doctor Who exists since 1963, so it’s as old as The Beatles. But I love the all universe around DW ; the creatures, the ennemies (even if it’s often the Daleks or the Cybermen), the characters (All the Doctors and their companions), the stories. I mean, I THINK EVERYTHING IS FANTASTIC WITH DOCTOR WHO !
    * Why am I a Whovian ?
    Just because I fell in love with DW when I watched the first episode of season 1. Then nothing could’ve stopped me and I watched the six seasons quickly including specials episodes.. Then I started watching DWClassics ! This is as awesome as modern DW ! I don’t have any particular reason(s)… But I’m a Whovian because Doctor Who Universe is wonderful !

  3. Brandy says

    I watch Doctor Who now. Doctor Who is cooool. /end Doctor Who voice

    But seriously, Doctor Who reminds us that even though we may be small and relatively new (in the grand scheme of things) in this Universe, we have value and are amazing. He is the epitome of brains over brawn.

  4. Rebecca B says

    Ah the Doctor- my DVR us already set for this evening. I think the one episode that made me a Whovian was the end of time- enough said about why he is so fantastic!

  5. anonymous says

    I’m not really a sci-fi fan so I’m not really sure how or why i am fell in love with this show…but i think that the thing i love best about it is that it is a mixture of comedy and suspense, filled with awesome monsters, clever doctors and companions in addition to everyone having a British accent…Merry Christmas and enjoy the Christmas Special tonight! 😀

  6. Cecily says

    Why do I love Who. Becuase it is so fun, funny, amazing and cool. It’s filled with great stories, from serious to hilarious. The actors love it as much as we fans do. And because it has a blue police box that is bigger on the inside. I’m still waiting for mine to come, it’s taking forever.

  7. Rosa says

    What DOESN’T make Doctor Who fantastic?! For me, I love the stories – all of them! They range from serious and scary to down-right HIGH-larious. I just adore the characters and the actors (I still love David Tennant’s Doctor Who the best, but Matt Smith’s is growing on me (^_^)), and I love his sidekicks too! I am going to miss the Ponds terribly when they leave, but I look forward to the next sidekick(s). I love all the people that are fellow Whovians – it’s like a kindred spirit thing. Whenever I wear my Doctor Who t-shirts, anyone that recognizes them always compliments them, and vice versa! Doctor Who is just a fun show that makes everything seem magical! I can’t wait to watch the Christmas episode!!! Even if I don’t win this shirt, I just look forward to reading everyone else’s comments. Happy Christmas, Darla and everyone!

  8. says

    What makes me a Whovian? Because I grew up knowing that a Tardis was bigger on the inside. I’m a second gen Whovian. We had a mug with a Tardis on it that disappeared when you put hot water in it. As a kid, I thought that was the coolest thing ever (still do). I knew daleks said exterminate and the Doctor didn’t die; he just regenerated. I’m a Whovian because I couldn’t imagine being anything else (truth: my brother got a sonic screwdriver this morning and the two of us have been playing with it all day like small children. It’s defeated Darth Vader about 3 times already).

    Why is Doctor Who fantastic? Because with all of time and space at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. It can be scary or silly or sad, but I love it best when it’s clever. It just captures my imagination and there’s no way of predicting where it will go next.

  9. Irene Frances says

    Doctor Who is wonderful for a whole lot of reasons, but the real reason that I am a Whovian is that my good friend Maggie introduced me to it, and we proceeded to spend countless nights staying up late watching episodes, analyzing them, and feeling all the love and heartbreak the show has to offer. So even though Doctor Who is great on it’s own, I’m really a Whovian because of Maggie. That’s why if I won I’d give her this shirt!

  10. Ashley says

    Because it’s just amazing! The Doctor is the best. Confident, funny, and always ethical to the last. Plus, the storylines are so intriguing and have amazing pay offs. Although it’s hard to get used to new characters, I think it’s actually kind of fun too because you can really see how one character can be played in different ways. I’m soooooo excited for the special tonight, and I’m actually making your fish fingers and custard. Again.

  11. Charleen says

    Oh my God, what a wonderful shirt I didn’t even know about yet!
    What I love about Doctor Who – it rarely gets into those ruts that so many shows devolve into. It’s never predictable, you can have any and all genres, it doesn’t take itself seriously except when it does, it’s touching and heart-warming and dramatic and melodramatic and side-splittingly funny; it always changes! (I, for one, will be glad to see the Ponds replaced even though they were teriffic, but it’s time for one of these aforementioned changes, and if Rory dies one more time… oh well.) It really does change your life, too… I’ve only discovered it some three or four months ago, and I feel like I may have gone a little bit crazy – all I know is that I baked TARDIS and K9 and even Ood cookies for christmas (the Ood cookies are hilarious and amazing and have once been moose cookie cutters), and my fellow obsessed fans loved them to bits. In any case, I’d say it changed my life to the better, and that’s why I wear my Whovian badge with pride! (Or I would, if I had one. Or a t-shirt. Or…)

  12. Michelle says

    Doctor Who is one of those rare shows that, for an hour of so, take you to a place where magic and mystery are alive and well. It’s a show where the good guy is not only smart, but funny, compassionate and believes in the good in humanity even when we may not deserve his faith and love.
    I am a Whovian because everybody needs to believe in some sort of magic, and I chose to believe in the magic of the doctor.

  13. says

    Yay Doctor Who – I am such a fan! 🙂 I’d say what makes me a fan (at least one of the things!) is how the show is able to be both hilarious and heartbreaking at the same time…and terrifying! 🙂

  14. says

    Man oh man where to start?!?!?!
    Well for one, the best ‘one’, my sister and I’s mutual… *cough* obsession *cough* has brought of very close together. We’ve never been better friends than now all because of a mutual love for that timey wimpy two hearted very so wobbly wobbly alien in a ricky blue box!

    But here’s my other reason(s) – Its ability to rejuvenate itself when it seems to be growing stale. Also, definitely its cross cultural and mass age group from little kids to the elderly who fondly remember the original series from long ago.

    Last, but of course never ever least. The Doctor. Need I really say more? =) <3

  15. Emma says

    I love that it is something that my whole family enjoys together. My dad, sister, and I watched it together as a family as us kids grew up. We still watch it together or apart. What other show has spanned such a long period of time?

  16. Melissa E. says

    Oh I wish I could remember what I said to my husband tonight after watching the special… something along the lines of: The Doctor’s so great, ’cause he is fresh-faced and innocent but full of love and wisdom. I love the quirky, touching, sometimes a little scary moments.

    Since I only got on board for the end of Season Six and the last couple of Christmas specials (and the confidential behind-the-scenes of course) my husband promised tonight that we could watch a bunch of back-episodes together, which I’m excited about.

    By the way, that shirt is Awesome!

  17. Kay W says

    My husband turned me into a Whovian (and a Trekkie) 32 years ago. Doctor Who is awesome on so many levels – but I absolutely LOVE the TARDIS. Bigger on the inside, traveling through space & time, always being at the right place at the right time. I can’t wear a size S, but I happen to know a remarkable 12-year-old who can – and who would LOVE it!

  18. Emily says

    What makes Doctor Who so fantastic for me is that it’s simply a lot of fun, but at the same time it’s a clever show. It’s refreshing to see entertainment that doesn’t insult your intelligence – sometimes I think it even overestimates the intelligence of myself and my family, at least where River Song’s storyline was concerned. But it was sure a lot of fun to watch! The writers for the show are so creative that I always wonder what they’ll think of next.

    Why am I a Whovian? If not because of the stories, it’s definitely the characters. They’re endearing and human (well, most of them!) and I love how the Doctor tries to see the good in everyone, particularly in the people of Earth. We’re flawed and make mistakes sometimes, but he still comes to save the planet when it needs saving. He’s the greatest cure for cynicism. 🙂

  19. Charlotte says

    I have to admit, I’, only a new Doctor Who fan, but already I love it. I find that it just has a great mix of genres and the characters are all relateable. I like that the Doctor isn’t perfect; he still has flaws like the rest of us.

  20. says

    There is no one reason why Doctor who is so awesome, it just is. I love the doctor, I love all his companions, (although I admit Rose was my favourite), I love all the evil creatures, I love the plot, I love everything about it! I think it’s great that it’s been around for so long, so there is such a variety in ages of the fans, from older people to teenagers like myself. It’s the perfect show.

  21. Milena says

    Doctor Who is fantastic because:
    — my dad remembers dressing up as a Dalek with a trash can when he was a kid!
    — Tom Baker’s scarf is the best scarf in the whoniverse (even cooler than bowties!)
    — the universe is saved by someone who alternately wears silly scarves, a celery stick, a fez, or a stetson.

    I’m a Whovian because:
    — Every episode makes me laugh
    — banana dacquiris, fishfingers and custard, adorable robotic dogs, and much whimsy figure largely

  22. Samantha :D says

    Doctor Who is so amazing because he legitimately cares. The fame or fortune doesn’t matter. I swear each time her sais ‘That was murder” I fall more in love with him. <33

  23. Emma Brunner says

    Doctor who is fantastic because it is this great big wonderful ball of wibbly wobbly, timey whimey stuff! Each episode is so fun. But they call also make me cry or laugh or love. It truely has everything you could ever want in it from romance to robots. And that’s also why I am a whovian, beacuase it has everything I love in each episode. Plus The Doctor is totally cute 😉

  24. Kristine N. says

    Doctor Who is so fantastic because there is no other show that appeals so wonderfully to the ideals and imaginations of its viewers. With every episode, lovable characters overcome huge challenges, often without the use of violence. It’s all about “the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism”… And what’s not to love about that? 🙂

  25. says

    I’ve become a Whovian just half a year ago. And a find the Doctor really fantastic.
    First of all I don’t know any other character that could be so genious, generous, gentle, polite and diplomatic as the Doctor. He is the greatest ever.
    The Doctor really changed my mind and made my life thousand times better. I am completely thakful to him and looking forward to enjoying the new series.

  26. Sian says

    Because what girl doesn’t want a mysterious handsome stranger to whisk her away on an amazing adventure? Like Prince Charming, only awesome 🙂 xxx

  27. says

    Doctor Who is fantastic because he’s very old and very kind. Also he has cool hair.

    I love Doctor Who because it’s fun. I need more fun. We don’t get Doctor Who in real time, so we get it from the library – always a few seasons behind, but we have watched a couple of seasons worth all weekend long. My youngest wants fish fingers and custard. I believe your recipe for fish fingers is on the menu for today. Many thanks!

  28. says

    I absolute LOVE Doctor Who! What makes it fantastic? It’s unique, the entire thing is exciting and engaging! I was introduced as a child by my dad, who’s been a fan since the original series aired, and he got me into the new series after we watched a marathon of the Christmas specials one year. I’m a Whovian because I love the actors, the characters, the plots, everything!

  29. Kay says

    What makes Doctor Who the best is the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff that ties it all together even as the Doctor changes! Doctor Who is a show about the companions mostly, and I love it cause the Doctor loves fezes and bow ties. Any show that can keep going like Doctor WHo does and never gets old has to be the awesomest. 🙂

  30. Alice Pryfogle says

    I love Dr Who for so many reasons. His incredible capacity for compassion, even for the smallest of creatures, his loneliness, his spirit of adventure and his awesome weirdness! I need the Dr in my life or I fear I would be lonely too!

  31. Cyndy says

    Thanks Darla and Happy Who Year!!!! I love the Dr. because it’s like no other sci-fi program out there. Been watching for quite a few years, it’s also something my Daughter and I share. We talk about the characters like they are family. This will make a great pillow for her favorite chair. Regards, Cyndy

  32. Barb K. says

    I have followed Doc Who for many years. I like the way he can get himself out of trouble. Like the TARDIS and the thought of time travel is so interesting. I am Whovian because I find the idea of time travel and space travel exciting.

  33. says

    I first started watching Doctor Who back in my babysitting days. Old school 1960’s/70’s Who reruns, to a teenager, were simply something I watched because there was nothing else on at 11:00 on a Friday night. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love. I watched it to pass the time, was occasionally entertained, and never got into because I missed the Monday to Thursday episodes so the stories seemed to have hopeless plot holes in them.

    In 2006, I was channel-surfing one evening and came across ‘Tooth and Claw’. It was playing on the Maritime CBC feed so it was 5pm my time (West Coast). I was hooked: I loved the chemistry between the characters, I laughed in all the right places, and I jumped so many times my cats left the room. At 6pm, it started on the Eastern/Central feed and I watched it again. All told, I watched that episode four times that night. The next morning, I went to the mall and bought the first series (and all the subsequent ones). I’ve never looked back.

    There are so many things I love about Who, but it always comes back to this: he always gives his foes a chance to redeem themselves and do what’s right before he defeats them. How can you not love a man (or Time Lord) with that sort of moral compass?

  34. says

    I have always loved time travel stories and movies. So when I tried Doctor Who one fateful day while studying abroad (and missing my then-boyfriend now-husband terribly), my mind was opened to a world of possibilities. I’d escape from my dreary classes and my unendless Liebeskummer and get drawn into the TARDIS for a big adventure. The night before my wedding I did half hope he would show up outside my parents’ house.

    I’m one for adventures and Doctor Who just amplifies my Wanderlust. Also, who doesn’t love the Doctor?!

  35. Angela Willis says

    Our entire family adores Doctor Who! I think that it is a fantastic show, because of its uniqueness. From the ever evolving Doctor, himself, due to his regeneration, to the engaging story line and archs to the creative aliens and characters that sometimes cause your childhood fears to come to life; you never know what to expect when watching a Dr. Who show, which causes me to adore it more and more.

    When I was young my brothers (sci-fi geeks in their own right) tried to get me to watch the original show, on PBS. It bored me. It wasn’t until my husband, who has slowly turned ME into a sci-fi lover, and I revisited those shows, years later, that I really started enjoying it. When the new series started for BBC, I found my intrigued. After the first show, I was hooked, and I became an official Whovian!

    Last night’s show was great! I really love that they come back and show us a Christmas special during their break… such a nice way to finish up your Christmas Day!

    Hope you are having a lovely holiday break, Darla! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!

  36. says

    It’s just so wonderfully, utterly, completely quirky and brilliant and insanely genius. It’s everything that’s good about film and literature- it’s inpiring, entertaining and has the unique ability to transport you to another world. It is, in many ways, my replacement Harry Potter 🙂

  37. Alice says

    what makes Doctor Who so fantastic? It’s original, mind-blowing ideas (I love sic-fi:D best genre) and of course captain jack harkness and Rory Williams makes it awesome!! They are incredibly cool, and THE best monster has GOT to be the daleks, but the adipose are SO cute, And and a timemachine!!! In a police box!! Of all things strange and wonderful and most definitely retro, and oh, the bluest blue!! And buzzer was also incredibly cool!! And not forgetting the doctor!! The star of the show, and probably also the brightest!!
    why i’m a Whovian?
    Dr who is something that as well as being geeky can actually in small doses can be cool! A huge audiance and also British might I just add! (I am very patriotic) it’s just too cool for words!!
    P.s sorry if this comment is all over the place I just get a bit over-exited!!!

  38. Emily says

    Once you’ve seen Doctor Who you find yourself constantly tweeting, texting and talking about it. You can’t sleep because you’re replaying the episode you just saw over and over in your head trying to comprehend what, how, and ‘who’. Well, thats at least how I see it. I love Doctor Who! I love the beauty of new episodes like ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ and the cleverness of the new Doctor (Matt Smith) especially in ‘The Wedding of River Song’.

  39. Jessica says

    I have only been a Whovian for about a year, I first got into it because my boyfriend watched it and I usually like the things that he likes so I gave it a try. I began with series five and fell in love. I had to watch every other episode of the series as soon as possible! Then I went back and began series one and watched through series four. I love David Tennant but Matt Smith will forever be my Doctor. I think my favorite thing about the show is how much you fall in love with the characters, from the Doctor to the companions to the random side characters that are only in one or two episodes. There is so much emotion in Doctor Who and I think that is what has kept it going for so long.

  40. Kat says

    Dr. Who is fantasmical, whimsical, out-of-this-world-sical! The good parts are AMAZING, but the bad parts are really, really, awful, which adds to the shows charm. :D. Also the fact that the doctor regenerates is pretty epic. AND don’t forget their British accents. Whovian for Life!

  41. Cherron says

    I started watching Doctor Who because Netflix kept suggesting it to me, so when I was home sick one day, I decided to give it a shot. And with that first season of the Ninth Doctor and Rose, I found myself thinking, “god, British people are weird…why is this show so popular?” Cut to the end of season 2, and I’m sobbing on my couch because I’ve managed to become so drawn in and attached to the characters (trying to keep it vague…spoilers! But I’m sure you know what had me going…). And the writing and characters just keep getting better–I thought I’d hate any Doctor after Tennant, and yet Matt Smith and his Eleven have just wormed their way into my heart (not to mention the brilliance of Amy and Rory). So, despite the majority of my family not quite getting it (save my awesome younger sister, Kristina), as a Whovian I’ll continue to strive to get them to not only watch it, but enjoy it the way I (and my younger sister, who got a TARDIS cookie jar from me for Christmas this year) do. 🙂

  42. Kelley says

    I don’t watch Doctor Who, nor – while I do check the site almost daily – have I entered any past giveaways. One of my roommates, who is also one of my closest/longest friends, however, is very into the show.

    I’ve only seen two or three episodes, and they were more at the “even people who haven’t seen DW know exactly what happens in these episodes” level of widespread (Don’t Blink, obviously, and both parts of the “Are You My Mummy?” story.) What I did see, however, was great storytelling that will certainly draw me back to catch up on the series eventually, I’m sure. Even now, months after I actually watched the episode, I find myself randomly considering “Don’t Blink” and the time paradox in it, in which the Doctor gives her information, and he has the information because she gave it to him. A loop with no beginning, because if the transcript happened “first”, then it never would have because there was no video and nothing to reply to, and if the video happened “first”, then it never would have because the transcript wouldn’t exist. Sometimes I just sit and think about that and am just amazed by it. I can’t imagine what sort of state my mind would be in if I was actually a dedicated viewer!

  43. Roxanne says

    Oh gosh, where to start?! There are too many awesome things about that show! I’ll just pick my favorite, and that’s the character of the Doctor. He is so wild and wise, so almost human yet undeniably alien, so alive and so good, but most certainly not safe. He’s hands down my favorite fictional character of all time.

    Thanks for being so generous with this givaway! 🙂

  44. Nicole Jones says

    Doctor Who is fantastic because of its interesting characters, sense of humor, range of story lines, and overall awesomeness. I am a Whovian thanks to my Who-obsessed sister. 🙂

  45. Louise Farant says

    My daughter Emma, a fierce Whovian in first year university near home here is hosting a Who New Year’s Day levee for ten of her clOsest Whovians. They graduated from high school and stayed out of rouble and are all now at school or about to go. Yay for Who. She’s also promised to wear nothing but t shirts and second-hand jeans until graduation. There’s just so little room in her Tardis…

  46. Amy in KY says

    What makes Doctor Who so fantastic? Everything. Why am I a Whovian? I really love how the show mixes history in with some of the story lines.

  47. Kaleigh Mc. says

    Doctor Who is wonderful if only for the constant yet changing personalities of the Doctor. I love watching the different versions and what each brings to the show!

  48. Kary S says

    What makes DW so great and why am I a Whovian? The writing, the cast, the sets (yes I have a pic of me on the 9th/10th Doctor’s TARDIS from the DW Experience in London), in other words EVERYTHING!

  49. says

    I’m a proud Whovian because you can always count on the Doctor. Plus he’s charming and funny. And he has a bloody time machine!! And who wouldn’t like some fish fingers and custard? My favorite Doctor is Matt Smith, just because he is so quirky!

  50. Marta says

    Why am I a Whovian…?? Oy vey, where do I start??
    The Doctor is FANTASTIC! He’s the perfect friend. He’s cheeky, silly, sarcastic, loyal, daring, sweet, and a little nuts. His companions are wonderful character mirrors, and he had a TARDIS. I want one. Right now. Right. NOW!
    David Tennant has a special place in my heart… although I must say that Tom Baker did a good job as a Doctor, too.
    The Doctor transcends time, space, nations… he’s just super-awesome-sauce 🙂
    I mean, who doesn’t love the Doctor?

  51. Lisa says

    My oldest daughter is a HUGE Dr. Who fan & this would make her day! We’ve had a rough time of late & this would definitely put a smile on her face. She asked for Dr. Who related items for Christmas from everyone; even great-grandma!

  52. says

    The doctors. The companions. The banter. The mind-blowing plot twists. The accents. The bow ties (they’re cool.). Random statements like “it goes ding when there’s stuff.” And the fact that the show helped bring me, my brother, and my brother’s wife closer together. That is why I love Doctor Who.

  53. Patti Brown says

    The magic of the TARDIS being bigger on the inside, the thrill of not knowing where/when it will wind up after traveling through time and its influence on me.

  54. Candice Duffey says

    It’s all about the gadgets and the fantastic story line’s for me. I love how they put their sets together and the depth of creation and color they provide us Whovians with. Not to mention all the funny quirky moments.
    It’s a show everyone can enjoy no matter where they come from.

  55. Clarissa says

    I think the Tardis is so cool. But I really want to win my best friend this shirt who is a die hard Dr. Who fan. She has Dr. Who posters covering her room with a life size cut-out of her favorite doctor, the 10th doctor! I even made her a Tardis cake for her birthday!

  56. Deb Baldwin says

    I have loved Dr. Who since I was a teen. I actually lost my car for a WHOLE summer – I drove to a friends house to watch it, missed curfew, got a speeding ticket on the way home….but man, it was worth it.

    I have tried, for over a decade, to get my hubby into my sci-fi geekiness. He came around in fits and bursts, but last year – something changed. He caught Dr. Who on accident. I dare say he is hooked….and quite proud of the fact that he knows more than I do at this point…

    I love Dr Who for it’s fun and whimsy, it’s ability to connect through time and ages. I have 30 years of stories that somehow, someway, connect to Dr. Who (ok…and usually a pint and some cops, but they are completely secondary, I swear!). I am SO happy my hubby and I have something to talk about now that we both agree is interesting (no more head bobbing of “oh, that’s nice, dear…..”).

    I would love to win this T-shirt for him. However, he isn’t a small. Gosh….but…I am?!!?? Oh, what a wonderful thing to win and completely gloat about…um…er…I mean….show as a cool t-shirt and all that….yeah. That’s what I meant.