Chocolate and Biscoff Spread Candies, Cookies, and Treats

You’re gonna want to hear about these treats. Really. You’re also gonna want to make sure you have the ingredients on hand, because holy yum. The day I made these was an excellent, excellent day in my kitchen. Most excellent.

But first, I have a certain prize to giveaway, so without further ado…

Congratulations to…

…comment #470, Megan!

Yay, Megan! You have won the amazing new book  Sweet Designs: Bake It, Craft It, Style It by Amy Atlas! I think a vintage Disney party would be amazing!! Let us know if you throw this party, I’m sure we’d all love to see photos! I will be emailing you shortly about your prize.

Okay, so, if you didn’t win, don’t go rushing off, because these candies and treats are way worth sticking around for!

I finally got my very first jar of Biscoff spread. Finally. It’s tasty, tasty stuff…if a little pricey…and I couldn’t wait to try my hand at making some kind of wonderful Biscoff-y goodness with it.

In all honestly, I’m not a huge fan of the spread all on it’s own. For my taste, I really prefer it with something bolder, like chocolate, to offset the sweetness. Which is how these candies came into being. I wanted to do something new, easy, and fast. Something that hadn’t exactly been done with Biscoff spread before. What’s simpler than chocolate filled with Biscoff? And it turned out so wonderful!! If you’re pressed for time and need a great treat that everyone will love, then read on. You can even make these vegan, since Biscoff cookies and spread are both vegan!

There’s no special recipe for these; all you need is good semi-sweet or dark (or milk, or white, whatevs) chocolate, Biscoff spread, and Biscoff cookies. You can even skip the cookies, if you want to, but I like the extra crunch. To make these vegan, be sure to select vegan/dairy free chocolate.

You don’t even have to make these with Biscoff, as a matter of fact. You could do chocolate, marshmallow fluff, and graham crackers for s’more cups. Or use peanut butter and PB cookies, Nutella and crushed hazelnuts. You can try vanilla frosting and Oreos on top… Seriously, just about any combo you want would be delicious!

Coat the inside of your chocolate mold (my mold is from amazon) with the melted chocolate. Fill each mold with a bit of Biscoff spread and tap the mold on the work surface a few times to flatten the spread. Finally, add more chocolate on top, again tapping the mold to flatten the candy, then sprinkle the top with crushed Biscoff cookies.

I love that the filling for these is simply a healthy dose of Biscoff spread. Pure, unadulterated Biscoff spread, a.k.a. pure joy.

Once the candies were made, I couldn’t stop there, so I decided to make Biscoff filled party spoons, which was pretty much the funnest idea ever.

I simply filled several spoons with a small amount of Biscoff spread.

Important tip: Tap each spoon gently on the work surface to flatten it out slightly before adding chocolate.

Cover each spoon with melted chocolate and tap again to flatten them, then sprinkle cookie crumbs on top and allow the cookies to harden.

I love that these have a little surprise inside that no one will expect!

Plus, just look at how super adorable they are! 🙂

Once again, I just couldn’t stop there. I grabbed some Biscoff cookies and dipped them into the Biscoff spread, then coated them in dark chocolate.

I know it seems redundant to dip a Biscoff cookie into Biscoff spread, but trust me on this, these cookies only get better with Biscoff spread and dark chocolate. Much, much better.

In fact, of all of the treats I made using chocolate and Biscoff, these are definitely my very favorite. They have just the right amount if yummy spread, tasty chocolate, and crunchy cookie. I adore them!

Every single one of these yummy Biscoff candy ideas is insanely easy and ridiculously fast to make. I love the combination of rich, dark chocolate and creamy Biscoff spread. They are meant to be together. Trust me on this. If you’re not into dark chocolate, though, you can use white or milk chocolate instead, and I have no doubt that these will still be seriously scrumptious! Enjoy!

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  1. Crystel says

    Megan is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and her (almost) 4 year old is my godson – so I better be invited to the vintage Disney party! ;o) (ahem, Meeeeegs!)

  2. says

    Pricing on the Biscoff spread seems to vary a lot. It’s expensive on Amazon, but in my local grocery store, it’s the same price as a natural peanut butter.
    I’ve made a few things with the spread- my favorite so far have been Biscoff truffles (using white chocolate). Easy to make and even easier to eat!
    Love your ideas!

  3. says

    Wow, those all look like great ideas. I love Biscoff spread and have been trying to think of new ways to use it beyond eating it with a spoon. I haven’t yet tried the combo of Biscoff and chocolate, but I’ll be doing that very soon. I’ve also tried Trader Joe’s version of Biscoff Spread “Speculoos Cookie Butter”. It’s okay, but I like the original better. But considering it’s about $2 less per jar, it may be worth the trade-off. Thanks for the great ideas. I hope you and your family are enjoying your new home here in the Pacific NW.

  4. says

    YUM!!! I finally bought my FIRST jar of the spread less than 2 weeks ago… and it’s almost gone! I eat that stuff like it’s going out of style! Such wonderful ideas. I used my spread to make crescent roll treats. So Yummy!!

  5. says

    All of these look so delicious and cute! I love your pictures too. The only time I get to have biscoff though is when I fly Delta. I have yet to see Biscoff spread or cookies in any store 🙁 But still, like you said, I can use marshmallow and peanut butter. Mmm fluffernutter chocolate cups. 😛

  6. says

    Biscoff? How weird! They must have renamed that for international export. Here in Belgium, which is where they are from, it is called speculoos or speculaas. We always stock up on them when we go to Australia to share them out with family. Next to our Belgian chocolate (best one is Coté d’Or!). It amazes me how they change names. Speculoos is something so common and cheap over here. We use it for so many things and in so many forms. Maybe you might find it under those names for a cheaper price online. Just a suggestion…

  7. Erin says

    This looks absolutely amazing, but just one question what does Biscoff taste like?? Im not sure if we have it here in Australia.

  8. says

    Just so’s ya know, I blame you for my new found Biscoff obsession.

    I saw them (spread and cookies) at the walmarts and yelled, HEY! That’s that stuff Darla said to get.

    And so I did. And so I’m hooked. On the cookies in particular.

    Gee thanks 😉