Perfectly Pinterest: May Flowers Crafts and SprinkleBakes Winner

I’m pretty sure it’s the new house in a new location, and the lack of having the company of the Hubster, and pretty much anyone else that I know, but lately, all I want to do is craft. Mostly, they’re homey crafts, but I’ve also been in an accessory crafting mood.

If you follow me on Instagram (@bakingdom), then you have been privy to my crafting moments. I’ve been getting lots of people asking me if I would please do some tutorials for the stuff I’ve been making, so here’s the thing: there are tons of tutorials all over the interwebs for the majority of the stuff I’ve made, so rather than bore you with step-by-steps, I’m going to show you what I’ve been up to, and send you to the fabulous, crafty ladies who have either inspired or helped me along the way.

But fiii-iiiirst, I have a winner to announce from my giveaway of SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist, by Heather Baird of SprinkleBakes.

The winner is…..

…comment #156!

Congratulations, Erica!! Booze in dessert is totally the best way to have booze. 😉 I will contact you shortly for shipping information.

This has been the scene of my office or living room floor pretty much every day for a few weeks now. In fact, I’ve been baking way less, because I’ve been hot-glueing way more. I don’t regret it for a second, though. I’ve been having tons of fun, and I adore the pretty, home-like touches the crafts are bringing to out otherwise empty (for now) home.


The craft that started it all was inspired by this wreath that I found on the mother of all crafty goodness, Pinterest. I adore the wreath above, but it’s a little fancy schmancy for me; I wanted something brighter and happier, and a little more homespun looking. For that. I turned to the thousands of crafty bloggers who have beautiful fabric flower tutorials, and here is the wreath that I ended up with:

I absolutely adore it. Everything about it makes me smile from ear to ear, and I’m tempted to bring it back inside and hang it up, just so I can look at it every, single day. I’m so proud of myself for this…it may be pretty simple, but I’m just so thrilled with the results.

You can see in these closer shots that the ‘W’ is a glittery turquoise (not super obvious here, but lovely IRL), and that there’s two types of flowers. One is a fabric rose, while the other is more of a petal-y poppy-ish type flower.

For my ‘W’ I started out with a simple, black letter that I got at Michaels. Mine is about four or five inches tall. I painted it a lovely, bright turquoise, then I went over the color with Martha Stewart Glitter Paint in a similar shade.

As for the flowers, Cherry Street Cottage has a fabulous fabric rose tutorial that is done in photos, as well as on video. It’s clear, instructive, and easy-to-follow. The one change that I made when I made my roses was to fold the fabric in half once, and glue it with tacky glue. Then, I folded it in half again, but I didn’t glue the second fold (you’ll understand what folds I’m referring to after you read through or watch the tutorial). Without the glue for the first fold, I really struggled with keeping the flower from just turning into a mess. That little step made each flower easier and neater, in the end.

I found the other flower on The House of Smiths, where Shelly walks you through making them with a simple, clear photo tutorial. The only difference between my flowers and Shelly’s, is that she uses brads in the center of hers, while I made more, tiny, fabric roses to be the centers of mine. Her way is certainly faster and easier, but I felt that the rosebuds in the centers really tied all of the flowers together more.

Another great project that I’ve done recently is this monogram wall art, inspired by Tatertots & Jello. Mine totally looks crooked, but it’s just the angle of the photo…I was crazy OCD lady about making it straight. 🙂

It’s hard to tell by the photo, but it’s actually a fabric wrapped canvas, so it’s nice and thick, and it really adds dimension to wherever you’re displaying it. Jen doesn’t have a tutorial for this craft (I don’t think…), but truly, you don’t need one. Simply pick your favorite fabric, wrap it tightly around a canvas in the size of your choice (making sure the pattern is straight), and glue it flat to the back of the canvas using hot glue. Once I was finished gluing, I secured the fabric more with a few staples. Next, paint a letter (if desired), center it on the canvas and glue it on. TA-DA!!! Easy peasy.

Another floral-y, and chevron, project I did recently was a matching pair of pillows for my new office chairs. This was stupid easy. Really. I turned to genius Shelly from The House of Smiths again, and used her fantastic Fat Quarter Pillow Tutorial. Once again, the tutorial was clear and easy, and in no time at all, I had two pretty, new, and cheap (!) pillows for my office. I again varied from Shelly’s original tutorial in that she folded her fabric for her pillows length-wise, while I folded mine width-wise. This made Shelly’s pillow longer and shorter, while mine is taller and narrower, which fits much better in my chairs.

Finally, I made myself a camera strap cover. I have been wanting one for-e-ver, but I could never find one anywhere that was exactly what I wanted. Either I loved the design, but hated the colors, or loved the colors, but hated the patterns. I tried getting in touch with a couple of people about custom designs, but never got much response. It was driving me nuts, so I finally selected a base fabric that I loved (the pink and gray chevron from BeeYourselfFabrics), then I accented it with two fabrics I already had (the pink from my fat quarter pillows, and the gray from my wreath project).

Now, the truth is, I didn’t use a tutorial for this. I already knew how to make ruffles, and the rest was pretty easy…just make a sleeve long and wide enough to cover my camera strap. However, I know that there are lots of beginner sew-ers out there, so I have two really great tutorials to recommend. The first is from Kevin and Amanda. Amanda made a seriously adorable ruffled camera strap cover and shared, through photos and awesome instructions, how to do it yourself. The other tutorial comes from Crap I’ve Made, and is informative and easy to follow (and also has lots of photos). As for my roses, you can use the same fabric rose tutorial from above. I hot glued jewelry pins to the back of my roses, so they’re moveable and removable.

A couple of tips for your camera strap, should you choose to make one:

* Use interfacing on the main part of the strap. I can’t recommend this enough. It adds great padding and stiffness (for lack of a better word) to the finished product. The cover makes the strap more comfy, and the stiffness from the interfacing really gives it a more polished and professional look.

* Be sure to topstitch the strap to finish it off. This isn’t vital, but it really does give a finished look to the strap.

* Take your time and pay attention to what you’re doing. I know this seems like obvious common sense, but seriously, it’s so easy to suddenly find that you’ve sewn the wrong place closed or something, and it can be such a pain to have to fix that problem.

I hope you guys didn’t find today’s post too boring. 🙂 I have just had so much fun crafting lately, and I really wanted to share with you all. Plus, there are so many wonderful websites, blogs, and Etsy sellers out there, I think it’s important to share them. 🙂

I’ve had many requests and inquiries asking if I plan to sell any of my crafts in my Etsy store. At this time, I am still undecided, but I’m leaning towards no. I’m not saying no, yet, but I’m definitely not saying yes, either.

Thanks for letting me brag about all of my projects. Have a fantastic week!

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  1. Mary Anne says

    Really like your wreath, might need to try that (‘specially since I **hangs head in shame** still have my Easter wreath on the door).

  2. PeggyFin says

    This wasn’t boring at all! I’ve been wanting to make a camera strap for quite a while, but my sewing skills are limited to say the least! I’m definitely going to look up these links and try it out. Thanks for sharing your crafts!

  3. Lisa L. says

    I love all of your projects!! I am not typically big on the whole Chevron thing, but I really like it in your projects!

  4. says

    Darla, you’re the craft queen, I adore them all. The wreath is amazing, totally digging the sparkly W and the chevron cushions. They’re so beautiful. As for the camera strap, awesome! Are you talented at e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. you do?!

  5. bttrflybabydoll says

    Definitely not boring! I want pillows for my daughters room! I may have to try out what you made. I am the least crafty person I know though. LOL!