Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You Push-Up Pops

Did you know that today is Star Wars Day? You know, because it’s…May the fourth. I love it. I love, love, love it. Every year, it just cracks me up. All day long. And I’m totally that weirdo that walks around saying to everyone she sees that day, “May the fourth be with you!”

Shockingly, no one seems to get it, and everyone looks at me like I’m broken, but I just laugh anyway, and go home to watch a Star Wars marathon.

I really wanted to make something for May the Fourth this year, but let’s face it, Star Wars treats have been done, re-done, and done again. I wanted to try to something different, so when I came across my push up pop containers (that I bought back when my friend Courtney from Pizzazzerie, and author of Push-up Pops, guest posted), I finally found some inspiration. I decided to try out push-up pops for the first time, and made Star Wars inspired creations.

Push-up pops couldn’t be easier or more fun to make, seriously. I baked up a plain white cake, divided into four batters and tinted to the colors I needed. I left one white, then I made a blue one, a yellow, and a brown. I used the Push Pop Containers to cut out the circles of cake. They’re the perfect size every time, obvs.

Once they’re all cut, it’s just a simple matter of layering. Cake on the bottom, frosting, more cake, more frosting. Voila! All done. If you plan to dress your push-up pops with ribbon or stickers, I recommend that ou do it beforehand, while they’re empty.

My first Star Wars inspired push-up pop is inspired by R2D2. It’s just a simple combo of a white cake layer, topped with blue striped white froting, then a blue cake layer, and topped with more striped frosting. A few fun star sprinkles and a mini red M&M on top finished R2D2 up. I love that you totally get a feel for R2D2, even though it’s not an exact replica. 🙂

Next up is C3PO. He was tougher, because I honestly wanted him to be shiny and golden, but I went ahead anyway and I’m really glad I did. All of the cake for C3PO is golden yellow, but the middle frosting is black with multi-colored sprinkles to represent C3PO’s wiry abdomen. The top laer of frosting is the same golden yellow as the cake, topped with golden star sprinkles and a brown M&M. I don’t like this one quite as much as R2D2, but my very favorite is…

…Wicket!! Wicket has always and forever been my very favorite Star Wars character. Wicket is the adorable little Ewok that wears the orange-ish hood and stars in Caravan of Courage. I remember cuddling up with my sisters and watching Caravan of Courage over and over and over again when I was a little girl. Even though Wicket as a push-up pop is also the simplest design, I really think he’s the most accurate and adorable. I’m probably a little biased, since he’s my favorite, but there you have it. All you need for Wicket is a little brown, or chocolate cake, layered with brown or chocolate frosting, and topped off with orange frosting. I also added some chocolate sprinkles and a brown M&M. When I did the middle layer of frosting for Wicket, I used a grass tip to make it look sort of like fur.

I had a blast making these, and I can’t believe how fast the process was. I used a boxed cake, and made my favorite buttercream frosting. The whole process only took a couple of hours (taking into account cooling times for the cake), and the end result is a unique treat that any Star Wars fan would enjoy.

Plus, it would be easy to make almost any character into a push-up pop. I was thisclose to making a Leia with tiny cinnamon buns on top. 😉

If you want a sweet, simple, and fun way to celebrate Star Wars Day that everyone will smile over, these push-up pops are the way to go! Enjoy!

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  1. Brianna says

    I love them! So cute. I just have to tell you that I don’t often comment but I love your site. So good to know there are other baker geeks out there!

  2. Laura says

    I am a secret Star Wars nerd… I love this post!!!! As an English teacher, I feel the need to throw in another of my favorite Star Wars puns: “Metaphors be with you . . .” Enjoy!

  3. says

    Wickett was always my favorite too! Growing up the only part I would watch was the Ewoks. I don’t think I watched a full film until middle school. My girls are now Star Wars fans as well and when I told them it was Star Wars day they nearly jumped out of their skin. I wish I had the push pop holders to make these, they are so cute!

  4. says

    May the Fourth be with you, too!!! 😀

    This are so great—a perfectly themed dessert for Star Wars Day! 😀

    I love Wicket too! I’ve always been disappointed that the Ewok plushies just cannot capture the true cuteness that is Wicket~~~ ^ ^ (Using the grass tip was genius!!!)

  5. says

    I bow down to your awesomeness! I run a comic book store and am shamed at the moment by my lack of preparedness for May the 4th celebrations like you are showing here.