Doctor Who: Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Jello in a Jar

I’m keeping it geeky today, because when your favorite TV show is premiering, you have to get back to your roots and share your love of all things Who.

As I told you on Tuesday, the new season of Doctor Who premieres tomorrow (Saturday…September 1st…2012). Honestly, people, if you don’t already know this, have your calendar cleared, and your viewing party planned, I just don’t even know how we can even be friends.

But I digress. The truth is, I forgive you if you haven’t given The Doctor a chance yet. There’s no time like the present, though, so I came up with a super quick and easy dessert for you to enjoy while being pulled into the Vortex of Doctor Who Fandom (which is currently being sponsored, for free, on both Netflix Watch Instantly and Amazon Prime Instant Videos, so seriously, what are you waiting for?).

Obviously, I knew I’d be making a Doctor Who food for the new season’s premiere, but I pondered for quite a long time what it would be. I’ve done Weeping Angel cookies (which everyone is scared to look at, lest they become angels themselves), and “Fish Fingers” and Custard (which were, frankly, way more fun than they should have been), but that’s it. The truth is, even though The Doctor needs a particular nourishment after each regeneration (hence the strange combo of fish fingers and custard), food isn’t really a big part of the equation when it comes to Doctor Who. In the end, you tend to want to make cookies, cakes, or cupcakes for it, because you can add so many decorations that are a part of the show, like 3D glasses, a multicolored scarf, or a bow ties, not to mention the TARDIS. It’s all been done, though, and while I think I’ll probably go that route some day, I wanted something unique for the season premiere.

So I stuffed all of time and space into jars. Who knew that the universe tasted like blueberry jello and candy?

Probably The Doctor. He probably knows that.

It’s all there, people; Eye of Orion, Raxacoricofallapatorius, the Ood-Sphere, the Medusa Cascade. All of it.

Being a time and space traveler just got delicious.

Aside from the blue jello, which makes obvious sense, seeing as how it’s all wibbly wobbly, I experimented with several different types of sprinkles and candies, including nonpariels, sugar pearls, sixlets, Jellybeans, star confetti, and Everlasting Gobstoppers.

I know the Gobstoppers (jawbreakers) sound a little terrifying, but honestly, they get all soft and stuff after sitting in the jello, so they’re safe. However, when I make these again, I will forego the larger candies, in exchange for fruit, like blueberries, grapes, and other round planet-esque fruits.

Here are some things I learned from my candy/sprinkle experiments:

These gorgeous silver Wilton Sparkling Stars Edible Glitter look amazing and perfect at first, but trust me when I say do’t use them. They start to melt very quickly, and as they do, they lose their shape and look quite unappetizing.

Just a small sprinkling of non-toxic silver disco dust, on the other hand, looks gorgeous, spreads easily and evenly throughout the jello, and doesn’t melt or stray. I adore the “galaxies” that got this added.

I tried several methods of adding all of the candies, from putting everything in allat once (above), then stirring it in, to adding each different element on it’s own and stirring them in individually.

I found that adding, and stirring, each element indidvidully worked best. I also learned that adding them by size was somewhat important. In the end, this was the process I found to work the best:

1. Stir in smallest/lightest element. In this case, silver disco dust.

2. Stir in the next smallest element (regular nonpariels).

3. Stir in sugar pearls (the next size up).

4. Finally, stir in the largest sprinkles that you choose to use (mine were star sprinkles).

As for larger planets and moons, which I used Sixlets, jellybeans, and Gobstoppers for, I recommend dropping them into the jello from varying heights and allowing them to sink on their own.

I wasn’t sure about these, going into this little project, but when the Kiddo woke up the next morning and asked if he could have a galaxy for breakfast, I was thrilled. He’d been out the night before, when I made them, and didn’t know what they were actually supposed to be, so when he looked at them and saw all of time and space in a jar, I couldn’t have been happier.

I mean, it could be that he just sees my warped visions better than some since he lives under the same roof as me, but I’m pretty sure that it was actually because he really did see all of the universe just hanging out in our fridge.

I think if we eat these jars of time and space, technically, we’re probably the bad guys that The Doctor is going to have to come and incapacitate with his Sonic Screwdriver, so we don’t devour the universe and end time itself, but I’m hoping that I can bargain with him: I promise not to eat everything in existence, if I can be your companion for a while. Deal?

I’ll keep you posted on his answer.


Doctor Who Galaxies in Jars

1 6-ounce package Berry Blue Jell-O
A variety of candy, sprinkles, and fruit

After preparing the Jell-O according to the package directions and dividing it among your jars, glasses, or bowls, allow it to chill for about an hour, or until it is the consistency of raw egg whites. Remove the Jell-O from the refrigerator and stir in candy, sprinkles, and fruit as desired. Return to the refrigerator and chill until set, about another 3 hours.

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  1. Rebecca says

    LOVE it!! We are anticipating the Doctor here at our house as well. We were pretty focused on having a football themed day because of college football starting but now I am thinking that we should also have some Dr. Who stuff as well!!

  2. Erica B says

    I FINALLY just started watching Doctor Who, and I must say, I’m hooked!! I may have to make these for my next Who marathon 🙂

  3. says

    I can hardly even believe this is edible.


    Also…I have never picked Dr. Who back up since watching the first season on Netflix. Would it be too confusing for me to watch this new season without all the back seasons?

    • says

      Thanks, Kristan!

      I think you could pick it up here, but you really have missed a lot. The first season is great, but David Tennant has always been my favorite, and he becomes The Doctor in season 2, so that’s when I think it gets really good. Not just because he’s completely adorable either…he is really amazing in the show. If I were you, I’d watch the previous seasons first, but I think Doctor Who is one of those shows that you can always enjoy. 🙂

    • mml says

      Honestly, not really. If you understand that the Doctor is a Time Lord and Amy and Rory are his companions, you *could* start with this season. Not to say I wouldn’t suggest going back and watching. Because you did miss a bunch. But it is possible to start now. (Or at least go back and start with 11, which is season 5).

    • Gloria says

      I say keep watching them, i love all the older ones from the 60 to the present. it is up to you though. i really do like them all. if i were you i would start with the 1st episode of david tenant ones which is right after the chris ecelson ones.

  4. Laura says

    Well, dang. I kinda wish you had posted this a few days ago. I’m making your Fish Fingers and Custard right now (the cookies are in the oven) for my Party tomorrow. There is no way I can run around and get even more stuff for the party or my husband will kill me. Oh well, we’ll have to host another party when the season resumes in the spring.

  5. Wic says

    As a obsessed Doctor Fan I love it, adore it, will do it.
    I can’t wait for the new season of the adorable Doctor, I also hope to soon expose my twin boys to him.
    What fun we will have, saving Planets, watching Darleks blow up and hiding behind the sofa cushion in fear of something really horrible.
    And now we can even eat a delicious wibbly wobbly time with it.

  6. says

    I LOVE this post SO much!! I also love that you have use Doctor Who toys as props…woo hoo for Eleven!(Have you seen these commercials on BBC America recently? We get so annoyed when the announcer calls them DA-leks rather than DAH-leks! Shouldn’t he know how to say it properly??)

    (Rereading this post, I realize what a geek I actually sound like!)

  7. says

    Don’t judge me…I haven’t seen Doctor Who yet, although I keep telling my husband it’s all over Pinterest! However, that being said, these galaxies in a jar are absolutely the most creative thing I’ve seen and are SO COOL! I love the idea and will be pinning to try myself! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Sierra says

    This is absolutely brilliant! I love all your baking projects and am attempting your DW (Weeping Angels, the TARDIS, and perhaps some Daleks for the “Asylum of the Daleks”) cookies tonight for the premier tomorrow! Your baking and creativity really inspires me. 😀

  9. danielle says

    I didn’t get these in my email. Why didn’t I get these in my email? *grumble* actually, I haven’t received any of your posts since early June. *goes off to un-and-re-sub*. I love Doctor Who! Have you seen the adorable stuff on etsy yet? My mom got me a TARDIS necklace and an angels have the phonebox bracelet.

    And I’m totally making these for some event I haven’t planned yet, but now will.

  10. Joanna says

    Raxacoricofallapatorius! It’s so fun to shout randomly. I’m super excited for the new season to start! I’m hoping I’ll be able to locate it online somewhere because, sadly, I don’t get BBC America!

  11. says

    Oooooh my gosh! These are the most unique Dr Who dessert I’ve ever seen! I only wish I’d read this sooner so I could have made some for tonight… Hubby and I are so excited about the new season!

    What’s also great about these, if you have a diverse group of geek friends like I do, is they’d be perfectly appropriate for a Star Trek or Star Wars party, too, just serve ’em a little differently to match the theme.

    Thanks so much for this great idea!

  12. Angela Willis says

    How did I miss the other Dr Who treats that you have made!? Fish fingers and custard for the premier tonight!
    I LOVE the timey whimey wibbly wobbley time and space in a jar and Dr Who would, too- I must say are brilliant!

  13. kathryn says

    Oh my goodness!!! I think I’ve fallen in love! You have combined two of my VERY favorite things…baking and the Doctor!! Thank you! Hats off, standing ovation, you’ve made it to the top of my book-marked list! I cannot wait to see what other creations await me!

    Most sincerely,
    A New Devoted Follower!

  14. Beki G says

    Omg! I love this idea and the name is brilliant! I think I need to make these next weekend. I loved the season premiere! So many new twists that I can’t wait for.

  15. dawne says

    Brilliant! and Fantastic! If I could go back in time I would steal this idea as my own. Well… maybe not because I’m very nice but I would be tempted for a moment.

    Totally making these for TARDIS Day in November!


  16. says

    this looks fabulous! I just discovered your adorable blog through Pinterest, and I wish I had seen it last week for my own solo Doctor Who premiere [I just moved out of state, and the hubby doesn’t care a lick for being a Whovian]. given your impeccable media taste and awesome food taste, I think I’ll be around for a while!

  17. Regina says

    OK – the recipe is SUBLIME – but you must tell about the little figures next to the jar… where did you ever find those!!! (inquiring minds – and wives desperate for gifties for hubbies for Christmas -must know!)

  18. says

    My boy is going to be the 11th Doctor for Halloween & I am making some of your Dr. Who treats for his class. This one and the fish fingers and custard are going to be our suprise treat the next couple Saturdays. Thanks!

  19. Heather S. says

    My best friend and I are both Doctor Who fans, but we live 2 states away from each other, and no one else we know likes the show! (They obviously haven’t seen it!)… She is coming to visit me next month, and we are having a Doctor Who day! I am planning on baking ALL of your lovely DW treats since we will be watching from sunup til sundown! Just glad we won’t have to eat REAL fish ffingers and custard! (Which she has done)

  20. Christine says

    Love this! i knew i could count on you for making something Doctor Who for the premiere! Love so much for all the geekiness + food! =D

  21. mml says

    Okay, these are gorgeous. I’m worried about how they’ll taste (I have texture issues), but thinking that I could make these as candles…

    Anyone taste one yet?

  22. Sarakenobi says

    we did have a Doctor Who viewing party 🙂 and again last weekend and then again this past weekend :p the first one was a bigger party (we actually invited friends) but the next two was just our family. We had dinosaur chicken nuggets two weeks ago and a campfire this past weekend! For the viewing party we had fish fingers and custard, Jammy Dodgers and Jelly Babies (and pizza) with Dalek cupcakes. We made fezzes and we watched the show on my tv which is in a TARDIS cabinet ! *follows you*

  23. Monica says

    These are so beautiful! I think they would be perfect for Christmas – and people who don’t watch DW can enjoy them. Where did you buy the jars from?

  24. Hello says

    Hello. Thank you for this absolutely amazing idea. I tried this and found out that if you use green and yellow mini m n M’s the dies from them comes off and if you stir it after the die comes off it looks like nebulae. Thank you so much.

  25. Emily Hunt says

    You should hae a catagory just for all the ‘geeky’ things you’ve made. : D All very awesome stuff you’ve made, (im in the process of doing some of the stuff)

  26. Rachel says

    These look AMAZING!!! Great idea. So, the Wilton Sparkling Stars Edible Glitter really doesn’t work? I was thinking about putting them on top when I make my own…what do you think?

  27. says

    Hello from your newest follower!!! I’m in love with your blog, and couldn’t decide which gorgeous post to comment on first, until I saw this one. I just discovered Doctor Who 2 weeks ago, and the timey-wimey detector, “it goes ding when there’s stuff” is my favorite line!!! Anyway. I’m pinning your recipes right and left. You’re just so much FUN!!

  28. Lyndsey says

    This is awesome! I’m totally going to have to make these for my son’s first birthday party (we’re doing it Doctor Who style)! Quick question: would baby food jars work well for this project? I’m thinking of making small batches and crocheting little red bow ties to go around the neck of the jars. 😀

    Thank you for such an awesome party inspiration!

  29. Sandy Boettcher says

    These are absolutely gorgeous! I just adore them and REALLY want to make them as favors for my upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary party. But I’m having trouble finding jars that are clear and round like yours, big enough to see the detail and have a decent portion, but small enough for a favor, without a big label on them. Would you mind telling me what kind you used and where you found them? Thank you for the great idea!

  30. Rebecka Catey says

    Please I am trying to make homemade christmas gifts this year out of food…. Can you freeze this Doctor who jello? Or would it ruin it? I would very much like to be able to make a big batch of this and mail it out to a dear family member of mine.

  31. Brenda says

    LOVE these! Pinterest led me to you! Only bummer… silver disco dust isn’t supposed to actually be consumed (eek). The product website clearly states that this glitter is not for consumption — It is for use on gum paste, and non-edible flowers and decorations. In your defense… that’s kind of lame that product is sold along side the rest of the edible glitters and such. 🙁 I still look forward to making these… just no disco dust!

    • says

      The brand I use is listed as non-toxic and carries no consumption warnings. The amount used in this project is negligible, but, use your own discretion.