Peppermint Week: Pink Peppermint Buche de Noel {Updated}

Pink Peppermint Buche de Noel by BakingdomUh…so it’s December 21st.

And the world continues to turn.

How many people are feeling sheepish today?

I’m not, personally. I mean, really? Aztecs (or Mayans…oops) predict the Apocalypse? No.

But seriously, I would love to be a fly on the wall in a house with one of those dooms day prepper people. You know what I mean?

Do you think they were all, “Well, oops. Don’t I feel silly for stocking up on months’ worth of food and supplies? Especially considering that it was supposed to be the end of the world, so how did I actually think I’d be fortunate enough to survive when no one else did anyway?? And also, did I really think that a few months’ worth of bulk food would last me, and possibly my loved ones, for the rest of our lives?”

Somehow, I don’t think they follow that reasoning. But I still think it’d be fun to see their reactions when they woke up. Do you think they were disappointed?


Well, anyway. I didn’t prepare, and I spent the morning eating cake for breakfast.

So, basically…business as usual. 🙂

Also, I made another Yule log, y’all. This one is less Ghoulish and more girlish, though. And totally wintry and sweet and does anyone else kinda wanna live in it??


Okay…just me, then.

Technically, this is my first Yule log. I mean, yes, I made a Halloween themed one back in October, but when my friend Tina asked me if I’d ever made one before, I realized that I hadn’t ever made a Christmasy Yule log before. Guess I kinda had to do it. And so did my friend Tina. We’re cool like that.

To get that perfectly pink peppermintiness without having to do any real work at all, I used this Peppermint Stick Frosting Creations kit from Duncan Hines. I used the frosting as my filling inside the cake.

I could get used to how easy this is. You might remember that I used an Apple Pie flavor packet for my Apple Pie Eclairs in November. This time, I decided to use the frosting starter, as well. Seriously. Easy, delicious frosting…1 minute of work, tops. Win.

Sweet Pink Mushrooms by BakingdomAs for my yule log, I decided to take the pretty pink theme all out, and covered the roll in pink white chocolate ganache.

You could use pink candy melts here, or you can use straight up white chocolate, and add some nice pink candy coloring.

To assemble and cover your yule log, you can use the same instructions found in my Ghoul Log post.

Buche de Noel Decorations by BakingdomAfter topping my pretty pink tree limb with some snowy white vanilla frosting, I prettied everything up even more with pearly pink Sixlets and soft green leaves to make fun holly sprigs, while my squishy pink mushrooms are made out of fondant. Easiest decorations ever.

To give the leaves and shrooms a little sparkle, I used a light dusting of light green disco dust on the leaves, and gave the mushrooms a dry brush of pearly white luster dust from Wilton.

Pretty Pink Mushrooms by BakingdomMore pretties on top. I pretty much just want to curl up under those mushrooms and have a nap in that fluffy frosting.

Pink Peppermint Yule Log by BakingdomI had a lot of fun making this cake. Like, more fun than I’ve had on a cake in quite a while.

As for the recipe, I wasn’t a fan of the cake recipe I used, which is a vanilla genoise cake, so I’m not gonna bother sharing it with you guys. It was fickle and annoying, and not worth the effort. I recommend making a nice, simple sponge cake instead.

That being said, the Duncan Hines frosting was delicious, and the perfect amount of peppermint flavor to stand up to the white chocolate ganache and double vanilla cake.

And guess what? It’s, like, Buche de Noel Day or something. My twinsie, Tina, over at Sugar Bean Bakers made the sweetest red velvet Yule log, all cute with a little snowman and everything! You guys have got to see it! Have to.

And the winner is…

…comment #110!

Congratulations, Kathy, and thank you!! I’ll email you shortly to get your shipping information.

**Oh! And hey…anyone wanna win a fun Duncan Hines and Wilton baking kit?**

Kit includes: 2 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Flavor Packets (in Limited Edition Holiday Flavors), 2 Duncan Hines Frosting Creations Frosting Starters, 1 Wilton 18-piece Cake Decorating Set, 1 Wilton Trim-n-Turn Plus Cake Turntable, 1 Wilton small offset spatula, and 1 Wilton large offset spatula

It’s easy! Just leave a comment in the comment section below:

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Since I hated the cake recipe I used for this, and the frosting is easy peasy Duncan Hines Frosting Creations, I’m only leaving you with one simple recipe today. My white chocolate ganache was a bit touch and go for a while, but I think I got it just right, so I’m going to wrap things up with that recipe. Enjoy! 🙂

White Chocolate Ganache


9 ounces white chocolate, or candy melts (just be aware that the candy melts set up harder)
1/2 cup heavy cream

Place the chocolate in a medium bowl.

Bring the heavy cream to a gentle boil. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate, and allow to sit for 5 minutes. Whisk the cream and chocolate together into smooth and glossy. If you have any lumps of chocolate still in your ganache, microwave the mixture for about 30 seconds, then continue whisking until smooth.

This is very runny while warm, so don’t worry if seems thin. Allow the mixture to cool to room temperature, about 30 minutes, before using. The mixture will thicken as it cools.

Recipe by Darla

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  1. says

    Oh how adorable. I just adore all that pink.

    I did not prepare for the end of the world. We are all still here (so far lol). I’m just going to decorate cookies all day, just in case it’s the last day for me to do so haaa.

  2. Julie says

    Beautiful! Although I can imagine my attempt at making this cake: a pink blob with misshapen mushrooms, hopefully ones that taste good. Nailed it!

  3. Caroline says

    You are too adorable and so is this too. I keep meaning to send you pictures from my Doctor Who birthday party where your fish stick and custard were a big hit, and eventually I’ll remember 🙂

    I did want to point out that it was the Mayans and not the Aztecs. Normally, I wouldn’t care, but there’s lots of people who are taken the end of the Mayan Long Count Calander seriously (there are crazy awesome pictures out right now). Just thought you might like to know random facts…they’re kinda my specialty

    Anyway, thanks for all your great ideas! This is my favorite place to come for recipes and a good laugh.

    • says

      Haha! I knew Aztecs were wrong, but I watched the Doctor Who ‘The Aztecs’ yesterday, and that’s all I could think of. I shoulda looked it up, but I was all, “Meh…someone’ll tell me.” I was that lazy this morning. Thanks!! 😀

  4. Deb says

    The cheery bright pink, and peppermint, for a buche noel is scrumptious. I’ve been bookmarking so many of your wonderful recipes for the holidays, that I think I’ll have to be in the kitchen for the rest of the year just to try them! (and that sounds like a great way to spend a vacation to me) Thank you for sharing so many fun and gorgeous yummies, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Elizabeth Stewart says

    We didn’t prepare for the end of the world either, just had frozen pizza for dinner (and made your peppermint shortbread bites–yum!). I like how your Yule Log breaks away from the traditional Christmassy colors and goes all feminine! Looks lovely!

  6. Anne Hernandez says

    What a beautiful take on a traditional cake! the pretty pink (and I LOVE peppermint) are adorable! I’d love to win the prize and have fun baking with my daughter when she comes “home for Christmas” in January!

  7. Anne Hernandez says

    I tweeted, too! Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope your holidays are full of the love and fun that you bring to all of our lives. :oD

  8. Michelle says

    Cutest. yule log cake. ever. And seriously, I would totally be your neighbor living under those adorable wintry pink mushrooms! I love your blog Darla…it’s my favorite place to retreat for a laugh and a cupcake!

  9. tracey hudson says

    I was thinking tonight that I needed to find a fun recipe for Christmas & I think this is the one. Love it! Thanks & have a Happy Christmas & a fantastic New Year!!!

  10. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says

    Holy Pinkbomb! This is the cutest thing in the entire world! I can picture cute little bunnies and fawns walking up to it and awww it’s just so so so so so cute x 1,000,000! :3

  11. Beth says

    i made the chocolate peppermint crunch crinkles yesterday. after crushing the candy canes in the food processor everything smells like peppermint!!! 🙂 they have a texture like fudge brownies. yum. thanks!

  12. Debbie Weber says

    Darla, Came across your site in search for carob chip recipes. What a delight! Your passion and creativity explodes off the pages. The photography is grand. Thank you for sharing yourself with all who venture here. My sister would love the baking kit. 🙂

  13. Megan says

    Wow, this cake is so beautiful! I thought I was a Christmas “traditionalist” but after looking at your blog, I think I might be falling in love with pink fairytale Christmas! Oh, and I would looove to win this giveaway 🙂 Merry Christmas

  14. Bobi says

    Linked to your site via Zite. Really pretty cake. I’m currently hung up on peppermint baking projects and am planning a chocolate peppermint filled Yule log for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration.

  15. Jill Hampton says

    Darla, I love your pink yule log. I would love to win this set of bake ware. Thanks for the chance. And Merry Christmas to you and your family!! Kisses, Jill

  16. Evelyn says

    Oh goodness, this log is so cute! I wanted to make a yule log for our family christmas, but since a whole cake would never get eaten, I think I’ll settle with some swirly cookies c:

  17. Tracy says

    Absolutely adorable! It’s so nice to see a (classy and beautiful) twist on a classic. Do you suggest a sponge cake recipe? I’ve honestly never found one I’m terribly fond of.

  18. Marcie says

    I’m not a fan of mint in sweets. I save it for toothpaste, gum, tea, and the occasional mojito. But most people love it, so I try to bake something minty now and then. And since I’ve never made a yule log before, I might just have to try this!

  19. Mir says

    Oh wow, this is absolutely adorable! I wish I’d found this the day you posted it–it was my birthday, and what luck! It’s a cute yule log in just my favorite colors!

  20. Maebelle Barrett says

    I love your little handmade edible decor around the pretty-in-pink log. Is it hard to do? Marzipan? gumpaste?

    Thanks for ALL the eye-candy! I have made some of your “delictables” already!

  21. Saher says

    I love peppermint. Just add it to anything and I would love it. This looks soo delicious. It’s making me hungry lol. I love ur work. Ur truly an inspiration. Merry Chistmas, Happy Holidays , and Happy New Year… 2013…!!!! Bye for now talk soon

  22. Lindsay says

    I’ve only ever made one bûche de noël. It was for a competition, which I did not win. It looked like a real log with mushrooms and branches. Kind of like yours, but much less pink. I was very proud of it. It tasted strongly of death and coffee. I was 15. I’m not sure my baking skills are much improved.