Christmas Ribbon Candy Ruffle Cake

Ribbon Candy Ruffle Cake by BakingdomI made you guys a super simple, ultra festive, sweet-tooth-satisfying cake for Christmas.

But then I ate it all. Sorry.

Well, I shared some with the Hubster and the kiddo. but it still all got eaten.

So you know all those gorgeous ruffle cakes we see everywhere? Like this one? Or this one? Or even these mini ones I made? Well that’s all this is. A lovely, ruffly, Christmasy version of all of those.

I was inspired when I went to this little market down the street from our house. They had beautiful Christmas candies on display, and I was instantly drawn to the ribbon candy. Then a lightbulb went off, and voila! A pretty ruffled and ribboned Christmas candy cake.

Ribbon Candy Christmas Ruffle Cake by BakingdomDecorating for this cake is as easy as squiggling lines, and the whole cake is done in less than 10 minutes. This will definitely be the most impressive dessert on the table, for the least amount of effort. It gets the Biggest Faker Award. 🙂

Since it’s the holidays, and things are always frilly and decadent during the holidays, I brought the buttercream ribbon candy over the top of the cake, tapering it off as it came towards the center.

Ribbon Candy Christmas Cake by BakingdomAnd then, I piled a whole lot of real life ribbon candy on top. If you think this is a bad idea, we can’t be friends. Sorry. I used Hammond’s ribbon candy, because 1. um, hello, do you see how pretty it is? And 2. yum.

Christmas Ribbon Candy Ruffle Cake by BakingdomI say it all the time, but I really mean it, this is so crazy easy and stupid fast. Depending on the cake recipe you use, there’s no reason you have to spend all day making it. A quick recipe or a boxed mix make this come together quick, but I do recommend homemade frosting; mostly because it’s delicious, but also because it holds together far better than canned frosting.

Enjoy, and merry Christmas and happy holidays, my friends!!

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  1. T says

    That’s about as pretty as it gets. Juuuust lovely. Only I think you should put even MORE ribbon candy on top!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!