It’s a Very Harry Potter Valentine’s Day! {Free Printable Cards}

Harry Potter Valentine's Day Cards by BakingdomI didn’t make any food for you guys today. Sorry.

But there’s Harry Potter. Do you forgive me?

I knew you would!

It’s gettin’ all crafty up in here.

So, I saw these fantastic Harry Potter Valentine’s Day cards by Yenniper months and months ago, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. I really wanted to offer up some versions of my own, so with Jenny’s cards as inspiration, I got all artistic for you. 🙂

Harry Potter Valentines by BakingdomI’m no Michaelangelo, but I think my little sketches of Hagrid, Snape, and Sirius turned out pretty darn cute. I particularly love Hagrid, but that’s true all the time.

Harry Potter Trio Valentine's Day Cards by BakingdomOf course, I drew The Trio, as well. I need a little Gryffie scarf.

Harry Potter Valentine Cards by BakingdomLast, but not least, a few more members of Dumbledore’s Army. Neville, Fred and George, and Luna are four of the best, as a matter of fact.

I had so much fun making these! I hope you guys have half as much fun printing and handing them out!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


To print, clink on the link(s) below, click on the desired image, and save or print on heavy bright white paper. Print at 100%, do not scale.

Harry Potter Valentine’s Day Cards One (The Trio)

Harry Potter Valentine’s Day Cards Two (Neville, Fred and George, and Luna)

Harry Potter Valentine’s Day Cards Three (Hagrid, Snape, and Sirius)


P.S. For more fun, geektastic Valentine’s Day cards, check out these amazing Portal cards by my friend Jen over at Epbot! My Portal Valentine’s

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  1. Rosa says

    Soooo cute! Thanks for the printables! And I’m having so much fun with February’s #geekphotoaday project. Thanks so much for the ideas!

  2. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says

    Oh my gosh! These are the cutest things I have ever seen! I remember back in elementary school when I would pick the best Valentines for the people I liked and the worst ones for the people I didn’t. Oh good times. 🙂

  3. says

    These are great! My 7-year-old daughter flipped over them and insisted on passing them out to her class for Valentine’s Day! Thank you for being so creative and for sharing!