Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Cookies

Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Cookies by BakingdomSixteen years ago today, my daddy passed away. It was on a Tuesday, instead of Monday, but Easter was that Sunday, just like it is this year. Easter is inextricably linked to my family’s loss that year, but that doesn’t take the joy out of the day for any of us, and this year, I’m dedicating one of my Easter treats to my dad.

It was easy to come up with an idea… I’ve been pining for Disney pretty much ever since we got back from our last visit this past October, and there’s a weird and funny story that ties my dad to Mickey Mouse forever and ever.

When my dad was young, he injured his right hand, which led to him having to have his middle finger amputated later in life. They removed the finger in such a way that it appeared that he didn’t have a pinky. Rather than leaving a gap between his index and ring fingers, they removed all of the tendons, etc., and shifted his fingers over. What he was left with was what our family began referring to as a ‘Mickey Mouse hand’. You know, three fingers and a thumb.

People never ceased to notice, or to ask about it, and he always replied along the lines of, “Oh? This. No big deal. Just my Mickey Mouse hand.” He even bought a white glove to wear on it.

Cause he was just that cool.

The fact that my dad had no qualms about being a Disney fan only made it that much better. He never got to visit Disney World…time ran out…but he was Mickey Mouse fan for as long as I can remember. I’m even blessed enough to have his old Mickey Mouse watch. 🙂

My dad was a weird and wonderful man. I’m fortunate to have inherited much of his weirdness, and I like to think some of the wonderfulness, too. I often try to imagine his reactions to our world now; the technological advances that we’ve seen, the way the globe has become a smaller place because of it. Or his reactions to his family now, with two sons added on, and five grandsons to love. I can’t think he’d be anything but awed and enamored of it all. He was always able to embrace the world with a childlike glee that is beyond rare in adulthood. I like to think it’s my best inherited trait from him.

These cookies are for you, Dad. When I go to Disney, you go along with me, in my heart. I know you’d be crazy for it, and for these cookies, and I’m grateful every day to feel your love and pride shining through my heart into all I do.

I made these extra, extra special. They’re multi-layered, and filled with candy. Cause Easter.

Mickey Cookie Dough RoundsOkay. So. These are involved to describe, and when I first got busy making them, I really thought I’d be at it f-o-r-e-v-e-r, but seriously…just knock those ideas right out of your head. These are way easier than they seem. Trust me.

Alright, so you’ve got your basic shape cut out…in this case, a Mickey Mouse head. Now, it’s time to cut out the building blocks that make these 3D. For these particular cookies, that meant I needed a little cookie ring. This ring would act as the base for the basket I’d be adding later, as well as providing the basket’s handle.

To make sure the cookie ring was the right size, I used the same Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, then lopped off the ears. Now I’ve got a nice round cookie, that is exactly the right size. All that was left was to cut out the center.

A little advice here: the bigger the hole in the center, the more room you have for stuffing these full of candy and frosting. However, that also means the ring will be thinner, so it’ll cook faster, and be slightly more fragile, so proceed with caution.

Cut Cookie RingI used a large round decorating tip to cut mine. It provided a nice big center, without making the ring too thin.

Cookie Dough BasketNext up comes the basket portion. Again, you need to make sure this is the right size, so I recommend starting with your original cutter and trimming as needed. I chose to use a large round biscuit cutter to trim my basket piece down, because it added a subtle curve to the top, but you could also just cut straight across.

Build 3D Mickey Cookies by BakingdomAssembly time! Cookie, ring, basket. A little fondant. Some frosting for glue. Here we go!

I decided to cover my base cookie with a piece of fondant, becuase it gives a perfect smooth finish to the background. You could also do royal icing, but if you’ve already got the fondant on hand, it’s faster; you don’t have to wait for it to dry to proceed.

Now that that’s in place, use a little frosting to glue the cookie ring in place. I used good old buttercream, but you can also use royal icing. In all honestly, the royal is a stronger “glue”, but the buttercream still worked perfectly.

Add a little more frosting glue to the bottom half of the cookie ring, and put your basket cookie in place.


Candy-filled Mickey Easter Cookies by BakingdomYou’ve got an aesthetically pleasing configuration of cookie that humans go nuts over. Plus, there’s candy.

Mickey 3D Easter Basket CookiesFinally, it’s decorating time. I chose to go whole hog and do a for realsies basket weave for my basket, because basket. Some simple loopy swirls along the handle and across the top of the basket are all you need to finish it up.

Basket Weave Frosting Tutorial by BakingdomA word on basket weaving – notsohard. Okay, that’s three words, but really, tis truth. If my flashy little gif doesn’t make everything perfectly clear (and let’s face it, it doesn’t), here’s my tutorial: (link coming shortly…sorry!).

3D Mickey Mouse Easter Cookie Baskets by BakingdomAfter filling the cookies with some mini M&Ms, I just added some frosting grass, and a few little fondant Easter eggs. Easy peasy.

Side-View Easter Basket Cookies by BakingdomHere’s a side view of the cookie to give you an idea of what’s happening here. I usually roll my sugar cookies out to be about 3/8 of an inch thick, but since I was stacking these, I decided to go slightly thinner (1/4 of an inch), to keep them from being cookie skyscrapers.

3D Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Cookies by BakingdomThese turned out fantastic. Even rolled out thinner. I can’t complain…even though I still like a thicker cookie. What can I say? I’m a cookie pig.

3D Mickey Easter Basket Cookies by BakingdomI’m like a cross between Miss Piggy and the Cookie Monster. I’m what would happen if they had babies together. Cookie Piggy.

And Cookie Piggy loves these cookies. I mean, really…aren’t they pretty?! They have it all…cuteness, whimsy, soft cookies, and fluffy frosting.

Candy-filled Mickey Mouse Easter Basket Cookies by BakingdomAnd then there’s this.

Happy Easter and enjoy!

P.S. My best bloggy friend made some Disney Easter Cookies today, too. They’re egg shaped. They’re awesome. Go see: Mickey Mouse Easter Egg Cookies


Rolled Sugar Cookies
Marshmallow Fondant
Vanilla Buttercream


M&MS Minis
Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter
Wilton No. 47 Tip, for the basket weave (I actually used 46, which is slightly smaller, but 47 will work, too.)
Wilton No. 233 Tip, for the grass)

Inspired by these amazing Pinata Cookies

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  1. Shelby says

    My Dad passed away about 7 years ago, 5 days before Easter, so I totally understand what you mean about having a holiday that you’re always thinking about him.

    I love these cookies, they would be such a great little gift in Easter baskets!

  2. Rosa says

    What a beautiful (and delicious) tribute to your dad, who sounds like you – amazing! Once this third trimester exhaustion is over, I’m going to be baking up a storm with my two girls! 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  3. Debbie Robbins says

    Wow! Gorgeous cookies, gorgeous photos.Really clever and so creative.Definetly going to give these cuties a try!!

  4. says

    This is such a wonderfully sweet post, Darla. I’m so glad you have such wonderful memories of your dad. He sounds like he was a truly incredible man. You know, we’re currently facing the decision to amputate Clara’s thumb and move her index finger in its place. I have no idea what we will do because it’s such a hard decision, but I hope that, if we do it, she will handle it the way your dad did.

  5. says

    I recently celebrated what should have been my mom’s 52nd birthday. It never gets easier, does it. Do you wear the watch? What a beautiful way to remember him. These cookies are adorable. I’m glad you made them and not me. I’m much too impatient. 😉

  6. Feyatia says

    These are squee-a-dorable! Your story about your dad rings with me in a very strange way….my grandfather passed away on easter sunday 16 years ago too. He was more into Bugs Bunny than Mickey Mouse though :p And Star Trek. He is the reason my dad, and though him, I, love Star Trek. Keep making delicious sweeties! And keep up the positive attitude regarding passed loved ones. I like to think about all the happy things I remember rather than the sad, I believe its what they would have wanted too.

  7. Michelle says

    Darla, you are so adorable, and so are these cookies. I’ll just come out and say it though…I will never make them. I’m not that talented or that patient! LOL! I LOVED the story about your dad. For me, it’s my grandma and Halloween. It was our favorite holiday. She was the best cookie baker, and sugar cookies were her specialty. Whenever we asked for her recipe, she said, “you know, I really just add a little of this and a little of that!”. I have her cookie cutters now and I try to duplicate her recipe, but it was as special as she was, never to be duplicated. I miss her so much, as I know you miss your dad. It’s an honor to celebrate them in ways we know they would approve of…like sugar cookies. Cause, sugar cookies.

  8. Natalie says

    This is my first time commenting on your site, but your story about linking your dad with Easter is familiar to me…my mom unexpectedly passed away on Mother’s Day. It will be 3 years this May. I have not yet been able to find the joy in that holiday, but I hope that someday I will.

    Thanks for sharing the story of your dad. And the super cute cookies.

  9. says

    I love your cookies and, more importantly, I want to give you a hug! My dad passed away 14 years ago on Easter Sunday (April 4th). As with your family, his anniversary and Easter are always linked, even when they fall on different days. Here’s so celebrating their wonderful lives.

  10. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says

    This is such a cute idea, and I wish I had the patience to sit down and do all this 😛

    Happy Easter!

  11. says

    In December, 2011, my dad and I took a trip to Vermont to learn to decorate holiday cookies at the King Arthur Flour kitchens in Norwich Vermont. We stayed at a lovely bed & breakfast where they now allow dogs, and more than welcoming me to the Inn. Cookie decorating was so hard for me, smelling all those fresh baked cookies, sugar and other great ingredients made me want some. But wanting to be on my best behavior I waited until we got back in the car with our fresh cookies before I started up with those puppy eyes I have, who could say no? My dad says I was a great “ambassador” for service dogs everywhere.