Mini Tiered Flower Garden Cakes

Mini Tiered Flower Garden Cakes by BakingdomWhen I was a little girl, my parents the Easter Bunny always put my, and my sisters’, Easter baskets at the foot of our beds. I’m not sure how that tradition started, but it was every, single year.

I don’t remember ever being sneaky and trying to catch Santa Claus in the act on Christmas…I think I was too scared he’d know and take all my presents back to the North Pole. I mean, it was pounded into our heads every year that “he sees you when you’re sleeping” (which is actually kinda totally creepy, bee tee dub).

One year, though, I decided to wait up for the Easter Bunny (and if I’d known the Easter Bunny was Hugh Jackman, I would have waited up every year…hubba, hubba, wink, wink).

I think I was under the impression that we were allowed to see him. I don’t know. I do know that I thought it’d be easy to catch him, because he left our baskets on the foot of our beds… How hard would it be to sneak a peek when I didn’t even have to get out of bed?!

I lay awake for hours…nothing happened. I nodded off, only to jerk awake, frantically checking the foot of my bed. No basket. This went on through the night; doze, jerk awake, check, doze, and so on.

Finally, in the wee hours of morning, when the sun had finally risen, I crawled out of bed and went to the living room.

No baskets.

Kitchen…no baskets.

I became frantic…had I ruined Easter for everyone? Had the Easter Bunny seen me waiting, peeking, sneaking? Had he taken away our Easter treats as a reminder to me to mind my business and sleep, so he could get his work done?!

I ran in to shake my parents awake, and, on the verge of tears, explained that the Easter Bunny hadn’t brought us anything this year. I imagine I was a sad sight.

My parents said that the Easter Bunny wouldn’t forget us, and maybe I just didn’t look hard enough (I wisely omitted the part about trying to catch Bunny in the act). After waking my sisters, Mom and Dad sent us into the living room to take a look around.

Turns out, that was the first of many years that my parents the Easter Bunny chose to hide our baskets.

Many years later, I told my mom about the night I tried to catch the Easter Bunny in the act, and I asked her if they’d seen me awake. Was that what led them to hide the baskets that year?

Laughing all the while, she said no. They had just decided to change things up, and it was just a perfect coincidence.

Besides buying a pretty new Easter dress every year, that is my favorite of Easter memories.

It has nothing to do with cake, but I made some anyway. 🙂

Easter Garden Mini Cakes by BakingdomThese look more complex than they really are. I made the cakes in y favorite cake pan, then just covered them with little fondant elements over a crumb coat of buttercream.

Admittedly, those flowers were tedious, but with all the little cutters available out there, they were easy as pie to get made.

The flower pot is simple terra cotta colored fondant, and the “dirt” is just crushed Oreos.

Green Fondant RopesFor the “stems” on the cakes I tried two different methods. The first was to use an extruder to make ropes of fondant that could then be cut down to size and placed side by side on the cake.

Textured Green FondantThe second method is a little easier, but not quite as detailed. I just rolled th fondant out in a strip, then created the stems by drawing lines along the fondant. Once it’s done, all you have to do is wrap the piece around the cake. This is a great method if you don’t own an extruder.

Topiary Mini Cakes by BakingdomFor my little topiaries, I went with rolled sugar cookies that I frosted and coated in green sanding sugar, but I’ve also done these with cake bites.

Color Lolly StickFor the “trunks” on my topiaries I colored a lolly stick with a yellow food writer.

Faux Wood StickNext, I lightly drew over the yellow with brown, smearing the coloring while it was still wet.

Mini Easter Garden Cakes by BakingdomThese are certainly time consuming, I can’t lie, but they’re absolutely not difficult. Once you have all of the flowers cut out, it’s just a matter of sticking them in place with a little frosting. Just plan on spending at least a couple of hours on those little flowers.

In the end, they’re totally worth it. These would be a gorgeous, edible centerpiece for any Spring or Easter table.


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  1. PeggyFin says

    What a cute and creative way to use a tiered cake pan! I’ve had one on my amazon wish list for awhile now… Now I have another reason to buy it! Beautiful cakes!

  2. says

    Oh my gosh, I seriously cannot handle how cute these are!! I especially love those adorable little topiaries (is there a plural form of “topiary?”). Definitely bookmarking this idea for next Easter!