Homemade Disney Vacation Fund Jar

Homemade Disney Vacation Fund Jar by BakingdomNope. I don’t have food to share with you today. I have a craft instead.

Some of you are probably totally not interested now, and that’s totally cool; food is freaking delicious.

But. We are planning our next Disney vacation, and it’s gonna be a doozy, so I needed a Disney Vacation Fund jar.

Needed it.

Here’s the lowdown on my history with Disney:

I’ve always been a fan of Disney films. Cartoons, live action, whatevs. I was never really interested in visiting Disney World, though.

Then, in 2009, I learned that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter would be opening in 2010, which coincided with my 30th birthday, as well as our move….which was going to go right through the great state of Florida. Serendipity.

For my 30th birthday, we planned a trip to Orlando, and since we would be there anyway, why not hit up Walt Disney World, too?

And an obsession was born.

Homemade Disney Vacation Jar by BakingdomI’m thrilled with how my fund jar turned out. It makes me completely happy, and it’s thoroughly Disney; red, yellow, black, and white, Mickey Mouse, polka dots, and happiness.

Cinderella's Castle Disney-Fund Jar by BakingdomIt even has Cinderella’s castle (because why wouldn’t the back of the jar also be decorated?!), and…

Tinkerbell-Bakingdom…a teeny tiny Tink. 🙂

Okay, now, how it’s done.

Coin SlotFirst, you need a jar, obviously. You can use any kind of jar that you like, but there are somethings to consider:

For starters, how big do you want it? This is directly proportional to the number of trips you’ll be taking to the bank to cash in and deposit your change. Also, it plays a part on how quickly you can fill the jar.

For us, I decided on a rather large jar. Being a military family, our bank is in another state. All of our trips to cash the change in will be more convoluted with changing it in and using it for groceries or bills or whatever, and then taking money from those budgets to go into our Disney savings account. Less is more, in this case.

If you have little ones, though, then I think a smaller jar is so much more fun. They get to see the jar filling up quickly, with lots of trips to cash in and deposit. It’ll be much more gratifying and participatory than one or to trips.

Now, glass or plastic? We are good with glass, since we have no little ones, but if you have small kids, you probably want to go with shatter proof.

Next, do you want it to be lidded? I’m a lidded girl, myself. There will be no hands dipping into the jar, and no accidental spillings. Easy peasy.

Lastly, you need to decided if you’re happy with a lift off lid, or if you want something slightly more permanent. I wanted lid that could have a coin slot, so I bought a large Bell jar with a metal, screw-on lid, and the Hubster chopped a little slot in the top.

Magical Memories Disney Fund Jar by BakingdomObviously, it was an ugly lid and needed improvement. I cut and glued pretty paper to the top of the jar, pressing it down firmly to mold to the shape. After trimming the paper to match the coin slot, I added fun Disney-themed stickers on each side, for a little more pizzazz and inspiration to save.

Cut Jar CoverFor the jar itself, I decided I didn’t want to see through the glass. If you’ve got kids, they’d probably love to see inside the jar as you save.

I contemplated how best to cover my jar, and settled on paper. I thought about paint, but I wanted a clean, flat surface to add embellishments to, so I used the paper instead.

I cut a sheet of yellow scrapbook paper down to height. I knew I didn’t want it to go as high as the threading for the lid, so I cut it to just below where the lid sits. Then, I cut strips in the top to allow me to fold it in at the top, and follow the curves.

Glue Jar CoverNext, I folded the strips in, overlapping them, and glueing them down all the way around the jar. That’s it. Actually quite simple.

Now for embellishments!!

The majority of my decorations are store bought stickers, but printing out your own pieces and stickers would be fun and easy, too. In fact, if our printer hadn’t been lost in our latest move, then I would have done just that.


Mickey StickerFirst of all, I wanted a 3D Mickey sticker, and I couldn’t find one I liked. I went to Michaels, and they had lots to choose from, but I very much wanted classic Mickey, and classic Mickey colors. They didn’t have anything that was all of the above (3D, classic Mickey, classic Mickey colors), so I decided to make my own.

I bought a book of Disney stickers that, admittedly, had tons of stickers I didn’t need but it also had that cute on in that picture up there, so I got it. Worth it.

Now, the first thing I did for my sticker was to place Mickey and additional elements onto card stock. I went with a pearlescent white paper that allowed Mickey to pop.

Cut Mickey StickerNext, I cut around the pieces, trying to keep the edges as smooth as possible.

Homemade Mickey Sticker by BakingdomThen, all I did was use foam tape to place Mickey and the other decor onto another card stock (this time yellow and white polka dots to match the lid). Again, I cut around the edges smoothly, then I finished the sticker up by using more foam tape to place the sticker onto one more layer of card stock, which was glittery red this time.

In additonal to my homemade sticker, I found an excellent embroidered ‘Disney’ sticker that perfectly matched my color scheme, and super fun glittery foam stickers for ‘fund’.

Mickey Mouse D-BakingdomPlus, lookit this adorable embroidered ear hat sticker that came with the ‘Disney’ sticker, and demanded to hang out on the ‘d’! How could I resist??

Where Dreams Come True-BakingdomI also loved this “where dreams come true” sticker that came in the same set as the stickers that embellish the lid. It’s practically perfect in every way.

To give the jar a finished look, I glued some fun black and white polka dot ribbon around the base. I was worried about overdoing it, but it really gave the jar a complete, polished look.

Ribbon Bow Detail by BakingdomOn the back of the jar, below Cinderella’s castle, I added a contrasting bow for a little pop.

Flower PiecesLast, but not least, I wanted to give my jar one more thing. A little something special. And frilly. What can I say? I like frills.

I found both these flower items on clearance at my local Michaels, and decided to use a sticker from my embroidered set, as well.

Mickey Flower CenterFirst, I placed a tiny red Mickey icon sticker in the center of the black, glittery flower piece. I secured it with a little extra glue.

Disney Fund Jar Flower by BakingdomNext, I glued the black flower into the center of the yellow one. Easy peasy.

Then, all I did was wrap a little red tulle around the jar with some black sheer ribbon, tie a big, fun bow, and glue my fun flower into the center.

Homemade Disney Fund Jar by BakingdomNow, just add money. Dinero. Moola. Cashola. Pennies, dimes, dollars, quarters. Add them all, cash them in, and go to Disney!


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  1. Ashley says

    That is the best thing EVER! I’m totally making one since we are saving up for a Disney trip at Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Bernadette says

    This is adorable Darla. 🙂 We started one but it was just a decorative jar with no lid and like you said, too many hands dipping in it. My daughter is 8, a Harry geek like yourself and we are so excited for the new expansion at Wizarding World next year so we will be saving for a trip once the opening melee slows down.

    We took our first trip to Disney with our daughter when she was 5, I was 41 and my husband 44. I was the opposite of you–not a huge Disney fan but liked some the animated films but we loved the park. This is a great idea that will make the next trip to Disney World and Wizarding World fun saving for my Hermionerd!

  3. says

    Love it! I am a Disney Fanatic too, been following you for a few months, also love your dr who ideas. I mentioned you on my blog this morning and your trip to Disney, very excited for you. Just went to WDW for our year anniversary was a blast 🙂

  4. says

    What a great and wonderful idea. We are going to Disney in September, last time I went was 10 years ago and had no kids. Now I am going with my 6 year old and my 19 month old baby, we are so excited and also started a Disney jar, not as cute as yours, I will be using your inspiration to make my prettier.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. says

    Darla, you are adorable! This is such a creative idea. I’m going to Disneyland Paris soon, so I can get my own jar going 😀 Its people like you who really put a sparkle in life 🙂 so thank-you for the inspiration. xxx

  6. says

    Thats so nice! We have one too but it’s just a plain mason jar 🙂 we plan on going in February – went summer of 2011 and 2012- stupid us!!:)