Tutorial Tuesday: How to Brown Butter

How to Make  Browned Butter by ©BakingdomI haven’t done a Tutorial Tuesday in a long, looooooooooong time. I sort of gave them up, to an extent, because a lot of the stuff I do on a regular basis is filled with tutorial instructions, so they were spread out over time, rather than just on Tuesdays. However, today is an actual tutorial.

A lot of people have asked me how to brown butter since I posted my Salted Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, so that’s another good reason for a real life Tutorial Tuesday. 🙂

Now, I realize there’s about two million and one tutorials all over the inter webs that tell you how to brown butter, but it’s nice to have all of the information in one place. Plus, I’m posting a crazy-good new recipe tat uses browned butter later this week, so this is a good thing.

Let’s get started.

Browned Butter - Cut Butter ©BakingdomPick a pan. If you have a cute little pan that you never get to use for much of anything, except making browned butter, then I suggest you use that one.

A lot of people tend to use larger, shallower pans, which I get; the butter tends to brown a bit faster since it’s more evenly distributed over the heat.

But I like my witto enamel pan. The end.

Oh…also, I like to cut the butter up into chunks. You don’t have to, but it does melt a lot faster if you do. Your call. I prefer to use unsalted butter, but you can use either. I like the versatility of unsalted butter.

Browned Butter - Melting Butter ©BakingdomTurn the heat on your burner to about medium high heat. You’re going to need to cook the water out of the butter before it will start to brown, so you need to bring it to a light boil.

Browned Butter - Whisking Butter ©BakingdomAs soon as the butter starts to simmer, grab a whisk and start stirring. I whisk the whole time, because it keeps the butter solids moving and allows them to brown more evenly.

Browned Butter - Foamy Butter ©BakingdomJust before all of the water cooks out of the butter, it will become very foamy. Don’t worry…totally normal.

Browned Butter - Simmering Butter ©BakingdomAfter 30 seconds or so, the foaming with subside and the butter will become a little more condensed and yellow in color.

Browned Butter - Cooking the Butter Down ©BakingdomYou can see here the difference in color and volume from the moment just before it starts foaming to the moment afterwards.

Browned Butter - Cooked Down Butter ©BakingdomKeep simmering and whisking; you’ll start to see browned bits int he pan, and on the sides. Once you have a consistent golden brown color in the butter, remove the pan from the heat.

Browned Butter Fat ©BakingdomThe butter will continue to brown as it sits in the pan, and it may have a bit of foam on top. Keep stirring the butter for about 30 seconds after you’ve removed it from the heat. Don’t worry if it gets very dark, it’s not burnt. You’ll know if it’s burnt. Trust me.

Deep Browned Butter ©BakingdomAfter a few minutes, the foam will dissipate, and you’ll be left with beautiful, caramely…

Homemade Browned Butter by ©Bakingdom…fragrant, delicious browned butter.

Homemade Browned Butter Tutorial by ©BakingdomYou can use the butter immediately, for pretty much anything you want. I prefer to allow it to cool at least to room temperature before adding it to baked goods or frosting. Adding it while it’s still hot tends to cause a runnier batter or frosting, so I like the consistency I get from cooled butter.

Homemade Browned Butter by ©BakingdomYou can also store the butter and use it as needed. I like to keep some in the refrigerator, and scoop out a teaspoon or two to cook with on occasion. Or I’ll nuke it for about 15 seconds, just long enough to liquify it, and mix up some cookies. Which is what I suggest you do. Today.

Might I suggest these?


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  1. Rosa says

    Thank you for the tutorial and pictures! Just like your salted caramel tutorial, I really appreciate it and now feel more confident in making brown butter.

  2. says

    I love browned butter and your blog! I am going to try your chocolate malt ice cream..my ice cream freezer container is in the freezer as I type. I’ve been trying to find an ice cream to equal Kemps Twins Touch Em All Malt for years. It had fudge ripples and tiny fudge-filled chocolates in the shape of Minnesota!! Kemps ice cream lost the MN Twins contract-it went to Blue Bunny who did not make the same malt ice cream. Sorry to blab so much. Thanks for posting the malt ice cream recipe!

  3. says

    Thanks for the tutorial, but I have one question please that I hope you don’t mind my asking – do you save the brown bits with the butter or do you strain it out? I am never sure. 🙁

  4. Sue says

    Thank you for this easy-to-follow tutorial. I now have browned butter cooling and I can’t wait to make the cinnamon browned butter/caramel cupcakes. I was always intimidated, but today I learned that browned butter is easy!