Kitchen Style Series: Bakingdom Edition

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Now that you all know that I’m moving yet again, how about I tell you where we’re headed to?

If you guessed the Netherlands during my giveaways, then you’re awesome, because that’s where the U.S. Coast Guard is sending us in just two short weeks. Yes, two weeks from today, we will be boarding a plane with our little family and heading to Europe! We’re incredibly excited, this is an outstanding opportunity, and we can’t wait to explore everything about the Netherlands, Europe, and beyond. Adventure is out there!

Today, sort of in conjunction with our move, I’m starting a fun, new series that I have been wildly excited about for a few months: Kitchen Style Series.

Darla | Bakingdom Kitchen

As someone who moves a lot, I rarely get to make a house my own before it’s time to move on to the next one, but I do the best that I can. Since I’m unable to makes serious changes to my current place of residence (wherever it may be at the time), Pinterest is my best friend. I can’t always renovate, but I can dream and gather ideas.

Recently, while I was perusing kitchen and dining room styles and ideas on Pinterest, I was struck by the idea that I would love to see where my fellow bloggers make their craft and recipe magic. As readers, we see all of the incredible work they do, the delectable recipes, the hilarious stories they tell, or the incredible crafts, but we rarely, if ever, see where they were made. And I don’t know about you all, but my nosiness makes me want to know.

A few months ago, I had to have a couple of promotion photos taken of me in my kitchen, and it occurred to me that it would be the perfect way to kick this series off, so today, I’m going to show you my current kitchen. Each month, you’ll get to see where a different blogger cooks, crafts, or creates. I’m super excited about this series, and I really hope you guys enjoy it!

I only have a couple of short weeks left in this kitchen, so I’ll get to show you another kitchen soon. For now, though, here’s my kitchen in Oregon. 🙂

Messy KitchenIn the interest of full disclosure, the above is what my kitchen looks like after a full day of baking. I’m not talking about one batch of cookies or cupcakes. These pictures represent a day of baking that resulted in about seven different recipes. It was a busy day.

Bakingdom Kitchen LeftAnd this is basically what my kitchen looks like on a regular basis. Since I’m unable to paint, change that ugly backsplash, or put in beautiful glass-front cabinets, I find other ways to make each kitchen we’ve had my own. It’s all about the details.

You’ll notice that I don’t really have appliances on my counters…

Bakingdom Storage Shelves…the Hubster and I don’t like cluttered countertops, so we try to keep as much as possible put away or stored elsewhere, particularly appliances. With all of the many props, utensils, and baking gear that I have, we knew we needed extra storage, so we bought these shelving units when we first moved in. They sit in the garage, directly out the kitchen door, so they’re close at hand, but out of sight. All of our typical countertop appliances sit across the top shelves, while smaller, more fragile, or more frequently used items sit lower.

I have countless baking pans, candy and chocolate molds, cookie cutters, and cake decorating supplies on the righthand shelves, while the left side holds primarily props, such as napkins and placemats, glasses, plates, bowls, and most of my cake stands.

Sweet Treat Kitchen TowelsBack inside the house, I love a bright and cheery kitchen. I can’t stand baking in a dreary cave, so the first addition to any kitchen I use is colorful kitchen towels…usually with a sweets and treats theme.

Kitchen Decor | ©BakingdomOne of my favorite elements that I brought to my kitchen recently is this display, which is both beautiful and functional. Cupcake papers, stripey straws, and handy spatulas within arm’s reach at all times.

Cupcake Papers | ©BakingdomI got these jars at Pier 1 Imports several months ago, and I’m completely smitten with them. They’re perfect for displaying my pretty cupcake papers, and popping them on top of cake stands adds even more visual interest to them.

Stripey Straws | ©BakingdomI used varying heights and styles of cake stands for the jars to give the display a shabby chic feel.

Spatula Bouquet | ©BakingdomThis little spatula bouquet, as I like to call it, sprang from the necessity to have lots of spatulas, in lots of sizes, close at hand. Who says it has to be boring or utilitarian, though? A little washi tape, coordinating and glittery spatulas, and a pretty glass Ball jar, and you have a sweet display for any kitchen.

Bakingdom Kitchen RightThe other side of my kitchen is the sink and refrigerator, as well as baking essentials and the only two appliances we keep out and plugged in all the time.

We aren’t big microwave users, but there’s no denying that they’re convenient, so we keep this little one for the small tasks we need it for. Our other appliance is a countertop water boiler. We’re both hot tea fiends, and the Hubster is a huge fan of pressed coffee, so we like to have hot water on hand at all times. We have had this boiler for almost our entire marriage, and we’re not looking forward to leaving it behind as we head for the Netherlands, but we definitely plan to find a European version as soon as we get there!

Baking Ingredient Storage | ©BakingdomI keep my main baking ingredients – flour, sugar, confectioners’ sugar, and brown sugar – on the counter in glass jars for easy access. To make them more interesting, I applied pretty labels that I got from The House of Smiths. These are one of my favorite things I’ve ever done for my kitchen. They’re clean, organized, and pretty…perfect!

Flower BrushThis is my dish brush, and it is adorable. That is all.

Cupcake Stands | ©BakingdomI love this little display. The Hubster had this trio of cupcake stands made for me for my birthday a few years ago. Best. Stands. Ever. I added the little jars on top from Anthropologie a few months ago. They are filled with exactly what their labels say: sugar (sugar), spice (cinnamon), and everything nice (vanilla sugar).

Cupcake Chalkboard | ©BakingdomOn the walls, I’ve continued the sweet treats theme with my cupcake chalkboard, which was a gift from my sister a few years ago. No surprise…I LOVE IT.

Cupcake Clock | ©BakingdomI also made myself a cupcake themed clock several years ago that always makes me smile.

©Bakingdom Kitchen StyleAnd that’s my little kitchen! Well, for now. We only have 10 days left in this home, and then it’s off to claim yet another kitchen as my own. This time, it’ll be a real adventure, too, as I adjust to European eating, cooking, and life in the Netherlands!

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  1. says

    Have you seen the eat drink bake spatula from target? I just got it the other day and it’s adorable! It’d look so cute in your spatula bouquet!

  2. Luli says

    You have the cutest kitchen! I wish my own kitchen was more colorful. I admire you for being able to make a kitchen your own in such a short time, since you’re changing all the time. The touched definitely make it very you and very cosy 🙂 I can’t wait to see more kitchens, I’ve always wondered where the different bloggers cook too!

  3. says

    This is such a fun new series. I love seeing how you made your kitchen your own little space without painting. The straws in a large jar is such a great idea…mine are still in bags in the closet. I have those cute little spice jars from Anthro too…they are so cute for sitting on a window sill too.

  4. Bernadette says

    Very cute Darla. I hope you can find the stove and oven you like in Europe. Never been myself yet but as a fan of House Hunters International, things are smaller and in tighter spaces generally but then that depends on the city, budget, etc. Best wishes!! Cannot wait to hear about your adventures! Do you know how long you might be there? Paris or Leavesden in your future??

  5. Tammy young says

    I loved the Netherlands! My hubby and I vacationed there last September and it was marvelous. The food is lovely, the people are so kind, and it’s beautiful! Enjoy your new adventure!!

  6. says

    I love everything in your kitchen! I just got one of those jars with the little chalkboard on the front and I’m also using it to keep my stripey straws, cupcake liners and coloured twine. You’re making me want to go shopping and buy tons of props ‘n bakeware (which the Husband would deeply disapprove of since we have neither the space nor the expendable funds). A girl can dream!

  7. Djoeke says

    Good luck with your move! 🙂 The Netherlands are awesome, because it’s such a small country you can easily access all the dutch cities by train/car in less than two hours. (Well almost everything)

  8. Larissa says

    Love all your storage ideas – the glass jars with the straws/cupcake papers are so pretty, yet functional! And the canisters/spice containers are adorable!! I really need to makeover my kitchen to make it prettier and less cluttered. I have nowhere to store my appliances that’s nearby, though. 🙁
    Good luck with your move and have fun making your new kitchen your own!
    Can’t wait for the next post in this series!!

  9. Rachel says

    I will be interested to see what you make of a dutch kitchen. Ours is pretty tiny. And a remark on the “lekker” comment- we use that word a LOT- also to talk about the weather.

  10. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says

    Your kitchen is so adorable! I love everything you have added to made it so cute 🙂 I hope to someday have a kitchen as cute as this. And I don’t are what you say, I like that kitchen backsplash tile thing going on. It works it your décor 🙂

  11. Tiffany says

    I love the idea of putting cupcake baking cups in a jar! I am going to have to do that when I move in a few months and get a new kitchen. I have so many and trying to fit them in my tiny cabinets is terrible.

  12. Nessa says

    Good luck with the move! Your kitchen is absolutely adorable and so fun! I love all the small, special touches you’ve put in 🙂

  13. says


    You come to Europe!!!

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!!!! I hope you find time to visit all countrys you can!!! There are such a nice places, so different food…

    Well, I know, you also have that at USA, but, I’m so excited (why? If I don’t move!!).
    I have never been in Netherlands, I want to, but I know France, Germany and Italy, and you have to love it!!
    I hope you can make some “trips”, and you know, I can’t wait to see what cook you in Europe. I know, there are a lot of things that are the same, but when one moves, always introduces some changes, and I have curiosity to see it 😉

    Love the bikes dress, and you know, you’re going to need one at Netherlands!! 😛