Where in the World is Bakingdom? Epiphanie Camera Bag Review and Giveaway {Updated}


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Epiphanie Lola Bag Review | ©BakingdomWell, you guys are pretty good guessers. I will say that many of you have already guessed correctly where in the world we’re headed to next, but that’s all I’m gonna say for now. 🙂

Instead, I’m crazy excited to give you the next clue. This clue is even less specific than yesterday’s clue was, but it will give you a general idea anyway. Besides, this is the best clue I’m giving you…you’ll see.

How is a camera bag a clue? Well, let’s just say, I’ll be needing to haul my camera around to some pretty incredible places over the next three years, and I’d like to do it in style.

Enter Epiphanie Bags. I recently got to use one of their gorgeous bags for LeakyCon, and I am smitten.

So I’m gonna tell you all about it today, and then, when I’m all done, I’m going to GIVE ONE AWAY.

See? Told you it was the best clue!

Like I said, I’m going to be needing a good camera bag for the next few years, because I’m going to have the opportunity to travel a lot. I knew I wanted something organized and roomy, but not bulky or massive. I also knew I wanted something attractive and stylish versus generic and hey-I’m-a-tourist looking.

I’ve been coveting an Epiphanie Camera Bag for ages, and I decided that if this new adventure in our lives wasn’t the perfect excuse to have one, then what was?

I had a hard time deciding which bag I wanted most, because seriously, they’re all gorgeous. I was particularly torn between Belle in Teal, Stella in Pink, and Lola in Mustard.

I thought that the Belle and Stella bags looked like they might be slightly roomier for larger objects, like iPads or laptops, but I just loved Lola from the start.

Bakingdom Instagram Lola BagI went with Lola. Obviously. It was love at first sight.

She’s  stunning, I love how stylish and purse-like she is. It’s a great bag to carry as more than just a camera bag.

First of all, let’s talk about that color, shall we? The mustard color is much prettier than any mustard color I usually see. It’s bright and bold, golden yellow like a creamy egg yolk, and yet somehow, still perfectly neutral enough to match any outfit you throw at it. Besides the mustard, though, Lola is also available in pink, teal, black, and red. I almost got pink or teal, but honestly, I’ve already got other bags in each color, and I don’t have any bright, sunny golden bags, so mustard was the perfect choice for me.

Epiphanie Lola Bag in Mustard | ©BakingdomLola is quite different from almost all of the other Epiphanie bags, because of the shape. Most of the bags have a general rectangular shape, while Lola is curvier. That’s one of the main things that drew me. The shape, pleating, straps, and hardware are more fashionable. That doesn’t keep the Lola bag from being extremely functional, though.

Epiphanie Camera Tag | ©BakingdomOkay, before I tell you about how fab and functional Lola is, can we talk about how cute this is? Seriously. In love.

Epiphanie Camera Bag Side Pockets | ©BakingdomLola has two outer pockets, one on the front and one on the back. The pockets are lined with an incredibly soft material that keeps delicate equipment from being scratched or snagged. They’re pretty wide, and plenty deep. I was able to comfortably store my Kindle Paperwhite in one of the pockets with no problems at all.

Side Pocket ContentsIn the other pocket, I stored my phone, some personal care stuff, and a mini multi-tool.

Interior PocketThe inside of the bag also has a zippered side pocket. You can also see in this photo how soft the interior lining is. It’s the same lining that’s in the outer pockets, and it’s perfect for all the delicate pieces of equipment that a photographer uses. Then there’s the soft, padded dividers in there. They have velcro along the sides that allow you to remove and rearrange them, as needed. I found this particularly helpful for switching from work mode to personal mode with the bag. I used less dividers when I was carrying the bag for personal reasons, allowing me to fit more large items, like my iPad in the bag.

Full Epiphanie Camera Bag | ©BakingdomHere, you can see that the bag has a double zipper, meaning that it can be zipped closed from either side. I was really happy with that feature, because it allowed me to keep the bag zipped most of the way closed when I was just getting something small out.

My one complaint about the bag is that it’s somewhat hard to zip right at the very edges. Because the bag naturally wants to sit open when unzipped, it’s a little difficult to pull the edges together and get the zipper going at first. Once you get past that little one inch of pull, though, the zipper slides along easy peasy. Just a teensy, minor flaw.

The picture above shows what my bag looked like, all packed and ready to go to LeakyCon. Doesn’t look like much, huh? Well, let’s unpack, shall we?

Epiphanie Camera Bag Contents | ©BakingdomYeah, so this is everything I took to LeakyCon for work. Not pictured: all of the goodies I added throughout the weekend, like tees, buttons, art, and other souvenirs. And I packed snacks in there, too! Three granola bars, 3 fruit leathers, and a water bottle. I’m not even joking.

Plus, you should see all the stuff I fit in there when I’m not working…you know, on days when I’m sightseeing, so I don’t need all that technical equipment. In goes the iPad, a mini first aid kit, a mini beauty kit, a second wallet (yes, a second wallet), my keys, headphones, chargers… It’s like Epiphanie somehow managed to create the technology (or learn the magic) behind all the great bigger-on-the-inside things in history…Mary Poppins’ bag, the TARDIS, Hermione’s handbag. Have they mastered the Undetectable Extension Charm? Why yes. Yes they have.

Epiphanie Lola Camera Bag | ©BakingdomSomething I think is super helpful is to see things on real life people, so I grabbed my bag and the Hubster took a photo of me with it. I’m 5′ 4″, so you really get an idea of the size of the bag, based on this photo. It’s quite big, but in not in a bulky, heavy way. I mean, how else are you going to fit everything you need in there? I was really impressed that, for such a large bag, it didn’t overwhelm me at all.

I can attest to its comfort, as well. I carried the bag all four days of LeakyCon, for anywhere from five to 12 hours. I was extremely impressed with the comfort of the straps (both the smaller shoulder straps, and the longer crossbody strap). I have another camera bag that is supposed to be made for comfort that I can’t wear for more than a couple of hours at a time, so this is a vast improvement. The only time it got uncomfortable was when I kept adding more and more stuff to it. But that was just because it started getting too heavy for me, and had nothing to do with the bag itself. 🙂

I couldn’t be happier with this bag. It’s lovely, stylish, and roomy, and it’s so versatile; it doesn’t just have to be for camera, but could be used as a diaper bag, for travel, or as a great book bag.

And the winner is…

Epiphanie Winner…comment #286!

Epiphanie AshleyCongratulations (and thank you), Ashley W.! I can say that if you get the Lola bag, you won’t regret it. 🙂 I will be contacting you shortly to get your mailing address.

So…want one?

Epiphanie Bag Giveaway from ©Bakingdom

It’s easy. Just visit Epiphanie Bags, browse around for a bit, choose the style and color of bag you would pick if you won, and come back here and tell me about it in the comments below. Also, visit Epiphanie’s facebook page, and ‘Like’ them to confirm your entry.

Oh, and one more thing…in the same comment, take another stab at where you think we’re off to. Because fun. 🙂

Told you it was easy.

And hey, want an extra chance to win? Just follow @Bakingdom on twitter and tweet, “I want to win a beautiful new @epiphaniebags camera bag from @bakingdom! http://bakingdom.com/?p=13175 #WhereintheWorldisBakingdom”

Once you’ve tweeted, return here and leave a comment saying you shared the tweet. Be sure to leave this as a separate comment; each comment is an entry.

This giveaway is open to U.S. and International readers, but please note that International readers will be asked to cover the cost of shipping, should they win (overseas shipping costs range from about $40-60).

**Comments are moderated, so if you’ve never commented here before, your comment will not immediately appear.**

Contest is open until 11:59 pm, EST, Monday, July 15, 2013. The winner will receive any in-stock Epiphanie bag of their choice. The winner will be chosen randomly at www.random.org and announced here Tuesday, July 16 2013.

I will contact the winner, so don’t forget to add your email in the email section!

Good luck with the giveaway!


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Disclosure: this is a sponsored review,with a bag provided by Epiphanie Bags. However, all thoughts, comments, and opinions within are my own.

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for participating!

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  1. ThePaintedBaker says

    I kinda love the Ginger in caramel! And I’m thinking I am totally jealous of your new move! Is it the Netherlands? That seemed to be a popular guess yesterday…

  2. Julie says

    I have a crush on the London backpack, in brown. I just like anything that looks like I’m a fairy tale character, going on a long and trying journey.

  3. says

    It would be amazing to have a “purse” to carry my camera in at nicer events instead of some clunky, all eyes on my awkward camera bag/backpack.
    I absolutely love the Pink Stella Purse <3

  4. Ivette Gutierrez says

    I almost went with the pink, but Lola in mustard seems lovely, I’d pick that too!

    And for a guess that’s different from the previous one, I’m guessing the UK, Scotland perhaps?

  5. Emily says

    I want the Lola bag in Red! I LOVE IT! Like Ephiphanie on fb and I think I just started my Christmas list with it. So many pretties!
    Are you in Italy? Be well, wherever you are!

  6. Lisa L. says

    I would totally get the Lola in teal!!! <3 it! I still think you are going to England. Perhaps London! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  7. Sabrina says

    I’m totally in love with the lyric-olive bag!
    My guess is either France or the Netherlands. Wherever it is, I hope you have a wonderful time!

  8. Barbara says

    I have to say that I am smitten with the Austin Black. I like to carry cross body, as I do a lot of urban shooting, and i think I will look quite stylish(plus my refurbished leather bucket bag, is sorry need of repair and well replacing). Lovely bags…I would actually take them all if that is what you were offering. Pick me! Pick me!

    I am hoping that Bakingdom is in Toronto, and then I would not only get to meet you, but save on shipping!


  9. says

    I am torn between the Ginger bisque bag and the Belle teal bag.. I like them on FB now too.

    As for where you’re off to, I’m convinced it’s in Europe – so easy to travel, especially if you’re mainland Europe, like the Netherlands (which I had guessed earlier)

  10. says

    Oh my, those bags are beautiful. And so functional as well! I’d go with Ginger in grey. It’s quite roomy and goes with everything. And I’d say you’re off to the Netherlands. 🙂

  11. Judy says

    Red is my absolute favorite color. I’ve always wanted a red bag, but I’ve never been brave enough to “take the plunge.” I think the Clover style is my favorite. I’m a mother of two and still need a diaper bag; I like that the description for Clover plays to the mommy in me.

    I’m sticking with Belgium. Not only known for poppies, it’s smack dab in North Central Europe and will be a great starting point for many European adventures.

  12. Dawn P says

    I love the Charlotte in Metallic Chevron. Also, as a chef, I would think the first stop would be either Paris or Tuscany! :^)

  13. Heike says

    I really really like the Ginger in Grey, such a classic style. *sigh* Oh, and my guess is that you’re off to Australia. 🙂

  14. Lauren says

    I think you are in England, but I am going with something other than London. I am thinking maybe Manchester, so someplace such as that.

    I am loving the Stella in Grey. It is just beautiful!

  15. Lynn Dorney says

    IF I would I would love the Brooklyn backpack in Turquoise!

    I think you’re going to Germany. Best wishes on your move! Looking forward to the pictures. 🙂

  16. Michele says

    The Lola in teal is beautiful! I had never seen their bags before, and I was envious of yours. They are all SO PRETTY! I love that it didn’t bother you carrying it around all day, too. Function, comfort, and style all in one. Pretty please…I want one!

  17. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    What a tough decision! I like Belle and Clover in Fuschia and Stella in Plum (Bisque and Teal are such pretty colors, too!) I also love the Brooklyn BackPack in Blush.
    I already like Epiphanie on Facebook.
    I’m thinking you wanted me to guess a geographic location; however, I’m going to guess an event: are you going to a wedding?
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  18. Payton says

    I love the London backpack in Brown… I just feel like it says we are going on an adventure, whether it’s across the universe or across Middle Earth!

    I’m still going to stick with England on the move..

  19. Kisha S. says

    I really like the style that you have. It is a great shape for a camera bag or even a purse. However, even thought the mustard color is fabulous I like the Lola bag in Teal!!!

    Really excited to see where you will be heading. I think you will be heading to Netherlands.

    tweeting now!! ”)

  20. Krys says

    Oh my, the Brooklyn bag is so amazing, I just fell in love so very hard! I think I would pick gray to go with everything, but the blush and turquoise are so pretty too!

  21. says

    Clover in grey is so pretty and has so much space – an ideal bag for traveling!
    Liked their FB page as well and still believe that all clues point to the UK :o)

  22. Kelly S. says

    I can never choose one Epiphanie bag, which is why I’ve never bitten the bullet and ordered one yet! If I must though, I’d say the Clover in teal … no grey … no camel … no teal. Definitely teal. Definitely?

    And I think you’ve got to be in Europe. Where specifically, I have no clue. 😉

  23. Elizabeth Wilcox says

    I love the Lola design, but I really like the teal. Also, I think you are going to England. I would need to take my camera everywhere if I were going there too.

  24. Kerry S says

    I would totally pick the Ginger style in grey – I love the front pocket and the amount of stuff they carry, we’ll, that alone sold me! I’m the one my friends refer to as the Girl Scout – always prepared! Needless to say, I always have a bunch of stuff with me!

  25. Stephanie Bennett says

    If I won I would have to pick the London backpack in Brown. It looks like the kind of bag that would just improve in appearance with age.

  26. Nem says

    Wow the London backpack navy is just beautiful, and the color is so rich <3
    As for where you are I'd think it's either the UK or Germany.

  27. says

    I immediately knew I wanted the Charlotte in metallic chevron. It’s so cute. Now I just need a fancy camera to put in it. Someday… And I knew you’d mention an undetectable extension charm. That’s why you’re my favorite.

  28. KimB says

    I think I would go for the Lola in Pink…although your mustard color would be my second…then the teal! So hard to pick!!

  29. Brenda says

    Like many others above, I absolutely adore the brown London bag. I’ve been trying to find a cute and comfortable forever, and the ones one Amazon just don’t seem big enough. Thanks for introducing me 🙂

    It looks perfect for traveling, which is great for me because I’m heading to Europe for first time in the Fall for the semester, so I, too, will have lots of opportunities to travel. 🙂 Based off the clues, I think you’re headed to England or somewhere else in Europe too! Best of Luck!

  30. Rebecca says

    I love the Austin in grey… it just looks like a classic camera bag to me! <3 And I'm sticking with Italy as my guess!

  31. Jennifer says

    I’m supposed to comment on just *one* that I like? I can’t make my mind up between, say… ALL of them? The Clover, the Belle, The Stella… The backpack one. My mind is so blown at the moment. Whenever we travel we always end up having to carry my husband’s LowePro macho-man backpack for all our camera gear. I usually just want to carry our smaller Eos and a 50mm lens along with our Canon G11 for a point and shoot. I don’t typically need to be able to see into the next county or scope out a bird at 1000 feet for what I’m shooting. These bags are fabulous! Still lots of protection for expensive equipment but room for the small essentials I’ll need. And these bags don’t scream: “She’s holding a couple of grand worth of camera equipment, jump her!”

    Pick me, pick me! I’m from Indiana. I’m a geek. I love Harry and the Doctor and ALL those things you love, too! Pick me!

  32. Andrea says

    I’m going to guess that you’re moving to the Netherlands, the world’s lead producer of poppy seeds! I recently took up photography after my hubby bought me a digital SLR for christmas so I would LOVE to own a beautiful Epiphanie bag! I’m totally in love with Lola in teal. Teal is my favorite favorite color! Good luck in your move, I hope it goes smoothly 🙂 looking forward to reading about your new adventure!

  33. says

    Oh…their bags are so chic and beautiful! Way better than my nerdy manufacturer camera bag, lol. My favorite is the Stella in Pink, simply gorgeous! and I liked Epiphanie’s facebook page.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  34. Nem says

    I tweeted for the first time too! @NemElsay- Don’t worry I’ve been following your recipes for nearly 2 years now ^_^ Love your work!

  35. Asher says

    I’m horrible at guessing,but based on the clues I’m going to say Italy. Which I hope is right because I can just imagine the amazing treats and photos you’ll take!
    My poor heart is torn between the Lyric in plum and the Brooklyn backpack in grey.

  36. says

    I’ve been pining for a Lyric bag in either Mustard (fun!) or Black (pretty sleek!) for ages now! 🙂
    I like the Epiphane Facebook page aaaaanndd…

    I’m still guessing somewhere in the U.K., if only because if I were to move there, my own geekery would never let me leave my new home without a camera and I suspect your Who and Potter love wouldn’t either. 😉

  37. Valerie says

    Oh WOW! Those are amazing. I had never heard of them before.
    If I could choose any one from their collection it would be the Turquoise Brooklyn option for me.
    How cool it would be to pack away my camera AND laptop in one bag when I’m traveling instead of carrying two more bags.

    My first guess would be Belgium.
    Thinking of Poppies and their place of origin I also wondered if maybe the Mediterranean might be your destination.

    Putting Epiphan!e on my wish list too, just in case.

  38. says

    I adore the Stella in pink! And I’m going to change my guess to Holland this time! Wherever it is I’m sure you’ll have a blast with that amazing bag of tricks!

  39. says

    I want the Lola, it’s so cute! I don’t even have a fancy camera, (yet), I just want a super cute bag.
    I love all the nerdy references in this post!
    And I definitely think you’re going to the Netherlands, or at least somewhere in Europe. 🙂

  40. says

    I am LOVING the Lola in mustard or teal (I really cannot pick, so you would have to 🙂 – LIKED on Facebook and I am thinking a trip to Australia would be stellar, if you aren’t already there. Safe travels 🙂

  41. LissB says

    How to choose??!! I love the Lyric in mustard, the Clover in teal AND the Charlotte in metallic chevron. I would be ecstatic to pay for postage all the way to Australia!!
    I think you are going to Belgium, a perfect place for many European adventures.

  42. Melanie Ann says

    EEEK… I might shed a few happy tears to win a Miss Lola in Red (LOVE mustard too!)!! I want to be Lola’s new bbf) I’ve loved Epiphanie on fb for forever yo! P/S I’ guessing Greece maybe? XO

  43. Karen says

    What a great giveaway Darla! 🙂 I am coveting the exact style and color that you have– LOVE it!! Would look so lovely roaming around Maine, don’t you think 😉 hope you are well! Xo

  44. Serene says

    I’ve just started following your blog and just love it! Your caramel recipe is just perfect – easy and sooooo yummm! ^_^

    My guess is Holland…enjoy the tulips!

    I’m so glad to find out about these bags! Goodbye Lowepro bag lol. Belle in Teal or Stella in Slate Blue <3

  45. says

    SO first off I want to guess where you are going…some place where you can travel and where there are poppies…so I am guessing maybe the UK or Belgium area.
    Second if I where to pick a epiphanie bag I would go for the Brooklyn in Turquoise. It would be easier on my back and keep my laptop safe too! And I love the color Turquoise!

  46. Kerri says

    I’d love to win Brooklyn in turquoise! I’ve spent enough time overseas hauling necessities in a bag I am partial to back packs and I LOVE that it is convertible to wear across your body. This would be great for hauling my stuff around Europe!!

  47. Angela Willis says

    London Backpack- burnt orange or brown OR Clover-cream (I think it was…)
    Ummm… I am going to take stab and say someplace exotic in the middle east, like Turkey!
    How exciting for you, Darla!

  48. Sharron L. says

    I LOVE them all but would choose to win the “Lola” in mustard. I tried earlier to leave my post with no success. Hope this one goes through!

  49. Molly Nowak says

    It would simply have to be Lola in pink. That hot pink is AMAZING!! These are so cute! Thanks for sharing them with us!!!

  50. Laila says

    A difficult decision but the Ginger model in slate blue came out tops.

    My guess as to where you are moving to is the Netherlands. Home of poppies and clogs.

  51. Kim says

    I absolutely love Belle in Fushia…Lovely and so many uses since the dividers are removable! I think perhaps you are headed to London?!?!? Thanks for the chance at the giveaway…Kim

  52. says

    Hm… this is a tough question where bakingdom will be located. The shortbread points to Scotland but the Poppy Seeds might point to Turkey, but could be any other country that produces them. You want to take a lot of pictures. Hm. I will have to guess now. I hope it will be Scotland so the U.K.! I love this Country.
    I love the LOLA bag in Teal.

  53. says

    I’m thinking France – poppy fields, lots of tourist opportunities….. The Ginger Bag from Epiphanie is gorgeous. The hardest part is deciding the color…..

  54. Leah S says

    I love the CLOVER Camel color bag as well as the Teal one. I also really like the BELLE-Fushia one. Gorgeous! I think you’re moving to England. 🙂

  55. Kerri says

    I’m in love with the Stella in Olive!!!!! That is almost exactly like the one I would have designed if I had a machine strong enough to go through the leather (and the time to make it!).

  56. Katie says

    I have wanted the Lola in teal for SO long!! I’ve always admired Epiphanie bags! And I think you’re headed off to England.

  57. Larissa says

    Love that camera bag! I don’t have a big camera to put in it, but hubby and I would like one soon! I still vote for California…but seems like everyone else is going toward Europe. Wherever you go, please keep blogging!!

  58. Mami2jcn says

    I’m guessing your heading to England. I like Epiphanie on Facebook as Mary Happymommy. I would choose the Lola Red.

  59. Sheri C says

    I love the Lyric in plum. I prefer bags I can sling across my body to distribute the weight better, and that one is really cute! Plus with the messenger-style, I find I can rummage and get things I need out of the bag without actually having to take a bag off of me.

    I’m guessing somewhere in Europe, since there’s so many countries to visit there, thus requiring an awesome camera and bag. Still leaning towards Netherlands after the flowers clue though.

  60. Michelle says

    You were one of my inspirations to go buy a really good camera and start learning all about photography! Now that I finally have it, I’ll need and a really good bag too! I like the Lola in black, or the Ginger in Caramel. I liked Epiphan!e on Facebook…if there was a LOVE button, I would have loved them!!! My guess for the relocation is still the same, Holland/The Netherlands. Weeeeeeee, this is fun!

  61. Heather says

    I absolutely love the mustard Lola too! I love the cut of the opening and the rich mustard color. In comparison to the other bags on the site the Lola style is by far my favorite. The London backpack is super cute too but in my opinion the Lola is the way to go 🙂

  62. Stella Rohm says

    Although at first thought I wanted Stella, but I really love the look of Lola in red. Love their bags!

    I think Europe! Maybe czech republic.

  63. Chrissy Finnigan says

    I really like Lyric in Mustard. She’s sooo pretty!

    I hope you are headed to London, because I know how you love Harry Potter!

  64. Shelly says

    OOOOOOOOO…the Brooklyn in Grey. I’m boring when it comes with colors but that bag oh heck any of them are awesome! And my guess to where you are heading is Netherlands. Have a great time!

  65. Jillian says

    Great blog post! I’ve heard a lot about these bags and I almost bought it as a gift for someone but I didn’t want to spend the money without being sure of it. Hands down, I’d get the Lola. I love the shape. I’d probably go for red or teal though.

    And hmmm I’m going to say England is where you’re headed next!!!

  66. Kat says

    Ooh, I’d love the London backpack in Burnt Orange please!
    I know you’ll be moving somewhere in Europe; if its the Netherlands, the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS during the summer!

  67. Carri says

    LURV the Stella bag in Olive! As for your travels, I’m going to take a stab at Belgium…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. Nakakna says

    The Lola in teal is gorgeous! What a beautiful group of camera bags! I liked their Facebook page too =)

    And I’m still guessing London. For no good reason 😉

  69. Amanda L. says

    I love the Lola bag in teal…although Lyric in slate blue is pretty, too.

    I’m still guessing The Netherlands.

  70. Vicki Sianez says

    All of the Epiphanie bags are gorgeous but I too love the Lola in mustard! It’s absolutely perfect. I’m going to guess you are going to Germany.

  71. says

    I would KILL for the Grey Clover – it’s the purse of my dreams, considering I could keep essentially everything I own in it and it still wouldn’t bulge 😉 I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’re moving to France!

  72. Holly Moser says

    I would LOVE the London backpack in burnt orange. Amazing! And I’m sticking with my original guess of Holland/the Netherlands.

  73. Elizabeth says

    I think it’s still somewhere in Europe, and for now I’m saying Italy! I know it’s famous for a lot of its landmarks, and being in Europe will give you the opportunity to visit lots of places.
    Personally, I like any of those Lola bags.

  74. Beth says

    My fave is the Lyric in Olive – I love the braided strap! My guess is that you will be moving to Holland. No matter where you go I know you will have a fantastic time!

  75. says

    I’m horribly torn between Lyric in olive and Stella in grey or plum. But the Stella bag has a photo of a woman wearing those strappy orange heels…the same strappy orange heels that I have! So clearly it’s telling me something, right? That bag is meant to go with my shoes so that’s the one I need.
    That or a lot of women like finding awesome shoes at Target.

    As for where you are, DEFINITELY sticking with my first thought of mainland Europe now. But where, specifically? Hmmmm.

  76. Jessica says

    I have been crushing on these bags for awhile now. My fave is the Brooklyn backpack in Mustard or Turquoise. I love that I would be able to carry my laptop and camera with me! My other choice would be the Lyric in Olive, I love the pockets.

    My first thought would was England with the Shortbread but I am horrible at guessing games!

  77. Karen says

    So I strolled over and looked at Epiphanie bags…OMGoodness! So beautiful – I think I hate you for turning me onto them, LOL! I’m torn between the Lola bag in teal or pink. As far as the move, hate that you’re leaving again, but hope it’s someplace wonderful like Italy. Blessings!

  78. Beth says

    If I could get any bag it would be Charlotte in the Metallic Chevron! As for my guess, right now I’m going with Belgium 🙂

  79. Draygon Blake says

    I’m gonna change my previous guess to London now 😛
    Oh my goodness! Never new how amazing a camera bag could look. Mine is just a big block! So in love with the London Backpack in black. Its just amazing!

  80. Michelelynne says

    I think Belle in Fuschia. Though I love them all!
    And I’m guessing France?
    Oh and I Liked (Loved) Epiphanie’s Facebook page.

  81. says

    So hard to choose–so many beautiful bags. But I guess I would go with the Lyric in Plum. Today I would guess London because that is one of the names of the bags.

  82. Megan says

    I love Stella in Slate Blue, it’s so pretty, plus I just got a camera (Nikon D5100) for my birthday about a month ago, and while I have a nice bag the strap is awkward and the bag is really boxy and odd…So an odd coincidence that you happened to have this contest now.
    I still think you’re in Belgium or Germany though, since I know for a fact just how many awesome things you can photograph over there.

  83. Amber says

    Oh my, such cute bags! I like the Stella in Pink. I like Epiphanie on Facebook (Amber H). Thanks so much! LeakyCon, I’m SO jealous. I’m a super huge HP nerd. I think you’re off to..London? Platform 9 3/4!

  84. Kesi says

    That bag is gorgeous! You picked a stunning one.

    I fell in love with the Lola in red. And I still think it’s Turkey you’ll be heading off to. What could be better than taking photos of the Roman Theatre, or the Acropolis! 😀

  85. Luzie says

    I love LOLA-Mustard, because I like the design and the colour… it looks so happy 🙂 And my other assumption is… Germany! I hope so, because I live in Germany and that would be awesome. Anyway, I assume it is Germany.

  86. Jessy says

    Oh my! I love Lola but the style with burnt orange is so pretty! Thank you for hosting the giveaway! I guess Italy although it could be France….

  87. Lindsay Pond says

    I am planning a 3wk trip to the UK in September and have been looking for a great bag to take that didn’t look so touristy – I am totally in love with the Ginger – Grey 🙂 Bigger than a purse, way more stylish than a practical messenger bag… Crossing my fingers!!

  88. Paula says

    Hi Darla! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. My whole family loves your recipes, specially the breads.

    I really, really like the Lyric in olive.
    And I think you’re going to The Netherlands.

  89. Mary B. says

    Your review has me sold on the Lola, though I’m in between the red and the teal. As a mom of four little kids, I think it sounds like a perfect bag to use as a diaper bag and still fit our big camera in! And I’m sticking with the Netherlands as my guess!

  90. Keara B. says

    I’ve been in love with the Lyric in Plum since I first laid eyes on it! But in truth, I’d be really REALLY happy with any Epiphanie bag.
    As for where you’re going…. my guess is somewhere central Europe. Maybe France or the Netherlands? That area is a good launching pad for the chance to see “some pretty incredible places.” 🙂

  91. Kathryn says

    Completely agree about the Lola, absolutely love it in teal, it’s gorgeous. My guess would be that you’re going to France.

  92. Stacey says

    My guess is the Netherlands!
    I’d love to get the Ginger in grey. Thanks for the review and good luck on your next move!

  93. Megan S says

    I would LOVE Lola in Teal! And I think you’re headed to The Netherlands. I have family there, and I can’t wait to go visit them.

  94. Monique says

    Those bags look amazing! Too many wonderful bags to pick a favorite, but I really like Charlotte in Metallic Chevron, Ginger in Bisque or Grey, and Lyric in Slate or Plum.
    My guess = Netherlands! 🙂

  95. Linda says

    Those bags are to die for! And I’m totally jealous because I think you are moving to the Netherlands. Amsterdam perhaps? Anyway I adore the Brooklyn camera backpack in grey!

  96. Kathy says

    I think I love every bag, but I’d have to go with the Lola, probably in teal. Gorgeous! And you have to be off to The Netherlands!

  97. Eileen says

    I’m an amateur photographer and am using a camera bag my parents have had for 30 years( no kidding!). It’s a great bag but I do love the Epiphanie bags especially the Lola in Teal. Love the room & pockets for all the extras. Also very jealous of your upcoming travels!

  98. Amanda says

    Top of the morning, I think the Lola in teal is fab. I can see myself toting it around on my adventures. I would be a combination of comfort, flashy, and practicality. My gut is telling me you’re in the mood for some chicken tikka and are on your way to India.

  99. Christy says

    I know I’m late to the game, but I would L-O-V-E the Lola in pink! Because I’m a pink girl, what can I say? And after reading the next post, I am assuming the Netherlands. How awesome!!

  100. Ashley W says

    I would absolutely love the Lola in Teal! It’s so timeless looking and chic at the same time. You on the other hand look marvelous with the mustard color! Love the short hair by the way! ;D

  101. Debbie says

    I would love the LOLA in red because I think I am a red hot photographer! OK, I am an OK photographer buy I have the hope of becoming red hot with a new LOLA EPIPHONE bag!

  102. Rosa says

    I love the Ginger in Grey or Bisque. I have coveted these Epiphanie bags since I first got my DSLR camera. It reminds me of the Tardis – bigger on the inside! 🙂

    And I’m with the rest of the people – Netherlands?

  103. Sally Tolle says

    WOW! They are amazing camera bags that dont scream CAMERA IN HERE! I love the Stella in Slate Blue 🙂 I may have to save my money LOL

  104. says

    The Charlotte in metallic chevron is incredible! Epiphany has some fantastic options!
    And I’m not going to guess where because you know why 🙂 <3

  105. Renee Salmen says

    It’s almost impossible to choose only one (I have 3 favs) but I’d have to say the LOLA in TEAL is the one I want the most:). Love Epiphanie bags!!

  106. Dave says

    My girlfriend has been wanting this exact bag!
    Her purse is almost the same yellow color as your bag, so how about a green-teal color?

  107. KimS says

    This was a good review. I have been torn between Lola and Lyric but seeing how large the Lola looks in the pic with you makes Lola the winner (: