Kitchen Style Series: Sprinkle Bakes Edition

Today, I’m so excited to bring you the second post in my new Kitchen Style Series, and even more excited that it’s the Sprinkle Bakes Edition! Heather is one of my very favorite bloggers, but she’s also one of my very favorite people. We have been blessed to form a friendship that only sugar and cake could have created. Heather is a beautiful, talented, and kind friend, and her blog is, by far, one of the loveliest ever to grace the endless halls of the internet (proof, proof, more proof).

Not surprisingly, Heather’s kitchen is a happy, inspiring place. Enjoy!

First of all, thanks to Darla for inviting me! When she first asked me to be part of this series I thought, kitchen style – do I have any of that?  I’ll admit, my kitchen is a little neglected when it comes to aesthetics, and lately the only redecorating that’s happened had to do with frosting flung on the wall after a mishap with the stand mixer.

But then, when I think back (five-ish years ago) to our first week in this house, and this tiny kitchen, I see how far it has come. We updated all the appliances and I lovingly sanded, primed, painted and sealed all the cabinets and cabinet doors – turning them from a bright mustardy oak to espresso. On went new hardware, too. These days I still find myself pining for new cabinets, but I’ll take what I’ve got for now. I do so much work in the kitchen it’s hard to imagine giving it up for renovations.

I don’t have a lot of cabinet space, so my mixer stays on the counter top (it’s in constant use anyway). I’ve taken to stacking my vintage Pyrex pieces on the counters and bar because I love looking at them and also because I’m afraid they’ll get chipped in my overflowing cabinets.

I truly appreciate having a double oven. It’s one of my favorite things about the kitchen. It’s so convenient and I can’t imagine not having one now.

I love my sink and I hate my sink. I mostly love my sink because it has extra deep bowls, but on the other hand it really just encourages me to keep stacking in dirty dishes. In an effort to be transparent, I’m including a picture of my kitchen taken the day before Thanksgiving 2012.

I look sad because I am sad. Sad about all those dishes!

I’ve long given up having any kind of decorative rugs for the kitchen floor. With all the drips and spills, they were in the washing machine more than they were on the floor. My lobster pot and chaffing dishes are stored on top of my refrigerator. It’s kind of an eye sore but not so awfully bad as the bread, chips and cereal I once stored up there.

I love illustration, and so I have a few reprints of vintage lithographs on the walls. I especially love the Decorated Gateaux prints I found online. They’re so fun!

So, that’s my kitchen all stacked up with basil and a fishbowl in the window.  Even though it’s small and the lighting could be better I’m extremely grateful for it.

Thank you for sharing your kitchen with us, Heather! And thank you guys for stopping by. Stay tuned for more bloggers’ kitchens and workspaces in the coming months.

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  1. says

    Ooh yay, I’ve been looking forward to the next kitchen in this series! I love seeing where other people bake. The cake illustrations are beautiful. Unfortunately (or fortunately) now thanks to Heather I want a pug as my next kitchen accessory…. How cute are they?!

  2. Becca from Cookie Jar Treats says

    I would love to have a double oven! Usually around Thanksgiving and Christmas is when it would be best to have it since my mom and I are always fighting over the single oven haha. And those reprints are so beautiful and cute! I want something like that decorating my home some day 🙂 Your space (and you) are absolutely gorgeous, Heather!

  3. says

    I always imagine my favorite food bloggers have enormous kitchens with endless counter space and that’s how they’re able to turn out such great things. And that’s also why I can’t, since our apartment kitchen is so tiny. I think this series is going to destroy my trusty excuse, ha! I love seeing the kitchen all clean and sparkly with the different decorating styles and kitchen gadgets and ways to organize, but I really love seeing the honest mess. Awesome series!