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Hogwarts House Tie Cookies by BakingdomFirst day of school! First day of school! Wake up, wake up! C’mon, first day of school!

All aboard the Hogwarts Express!!

If only, eh?

Actually, this time next year, I will be on the Hogwarts Express. I’m not even joking. The Hubster and I, along with my bestie and her boy, are headed to the Wizarding World in Florida to check out the new expansion. I. Can’t. Wait.

But I have to. Mostly because the expansion isn’t open yet, but also because we are finally moving into our new home, so…not really the time for trips to Florida. Unfortunately.

You won’t hear me complain too much, though, because I’m thrilled with our new home. This was actually the very first place we looked at, but we were so scared to commit to the first home we saw in Nederland, so we kept looking. And looking. And looking.

When you know, you know…this was the place for us! Tomorrow will be our first official day in our new Dutch home. Sure, it’s completely empty, we have no furniture, dishes, or linens, but we don’t mind. Because home. At last.

Wanna see?

We are 14Boring first photo, I know, but I don’t even care, cause really…those are some pretty numbers. The end.

Dutch StairsDutch stairs. I’ve yet to see any that weren’t interesting, beautiful, or odd in some way. And I love it.

Great Big Living RoomThis is our massive living room. I love open floor plans, so it makes me very happy that I can stand in the kitchen and interact with everyone in the living room.

Our Dutch KitchenA little sneak peek at the kitchen. I’m going to be posting a fresh new Bakingdom edition of Kitchen Style Series, so I won’t give too much away, but I couldn’t resist sharing that I have two ovens (even if they are pretty small little jobbies), and gorgeous doors opening out onto a balcony. Seriously. And just wait until you guys see how big the kitchen is. I’m very happy, and feel very blessed.

Our New BalconySpeaking of the balcony, it’s really perfect for us. It’s not small; it’s about 4 feet deep, and about 16 feet long. I can hardly wait to put a pretty little bistro table and chairs out here with lovely flowers, and fragrant herbs!

Our Dutch ViewThe view from the balcony is so wonderful, too! A private courtyard keeps it quiet, while we enjoy the Dutch rooftops in the distance. I mean, is this real life??

Dutch BathroomBack inside, I have to share the bathroom, because it’s very unique, from an American perspective. None of the Dutch bathrooms we’ve visited have had the toilet in the main bathroom. The toilet gets it’s own little powder room. I particularly love that ours has this tiny, sweet little sink. 🙂 As for the main bathroom, I’m pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves.

Lovely Dutch SceneryOne of my favorite things about our new home is that we are close to some really beautiful sights and walking paths. I’m pretty sure that’s Loki’s favorite thing of all. 🙂

Now, all I need if for our stuff to be delivered so I can get busy making more fun treats like these cookies!

Hogwarts House Tie Cookies TemplateThe great thing about these cookies is that you don’t have to ice them perfectly. Whether you use buttercream frosting or royal icing, you’re covering it with lots of sweet and shiny sanding sugar.

I tried two techniques when I made these. The first really wouldn’t work with royal icing, but it’s ideal for buttercream (which is what I used). I created a template of the ties, using thick, heavy cardstock. I cut out every other stripe, then laid the template on the frosted cookie, and sprinkled the exposed frosting with sanding sugar. Next, I peeled the template off and sprinkled the remaining icing with a coordinating sanding sugar.

House Tie Cookies No TemplateThe second techniques was to hand draw half of the stripes onto the cookie, then sprinkle with sanding sugar. Next, I drew on the remaining stripe and covered them with the coordinating sanding sugar.

Tis technique works with either buttercream or royal icing, and is the only way to do these cookies with royal icing.

Template vs. Freehand CookiesI found that the template gave the buttercream version of these cookies a much neater and cleaner finished look. With royal icing, the cookies were beautiful using the second technique; just do the first color and allow the cookies to dry for several hours before adding the second color of sugar.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Tie Cookies by BakingdomI did all four Hogwarts house ties, and you’ll noticed that I went book canon and kept Ravenclaw blue and bronze, rather than the blue and silver that you’ll see in the films. Obviously, you could do movie canon, and replace the brown sugar with silver, but I really prefer the book colors.

I also decided I wanted the ickle firsties to have ties, too, so I did Hogwarts school crest ties.

Hogwarts House Tie TutorialTo do these, I frosted the cookies, and covered them entirely in black sanding sugar. Next, I drew the top left portion of the Hogwarts crest (which is the Gryffindor section), and covered it in scarlet sanding sugar. Next came the top right section, in Slytherin green. Last I drew on the bottom right and covered it in Ravenclaw blue, and finished up with loyal Hufflepuffs on the bottom left in yellow.

Harry Potter House Tie Cookies by BakingdomI have to admit, as much as I love the stripey house ties, and how perfect they turned out, the Hogwarts crest tie is my very favorite. I’ve always loved representing all four houses, and Hogwarts as a whole, so that was my cookie. Well, that and the Gryffie one. 😉

What about you? What’s your Hogwarts house? Which cookies would you keep to yourself?


Recipes and supplies:

Rolled Sugar Cookies (scroll down for recipe)
Vanilla Buttercream

Coarse Sanding Sugar – Red
Coarse Sanding Sugar – Gold
Coarse Sanding Sugar – Green
Coarse Sanding Sugar – Silver
Course Sanding Sugar – Yellow
Coarse Sanding Sugar – Black
Coarse Sanding Sugar – Blue
Coarse Sanding Sugar – Brown (I got this at Whole Foods, and haven’t been able to find it online – will update with a link as soon as I have one)

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  1. says

    I love the cookies. And the Hogwads style. Beautiful. But it looks like a lot of work.
    Your new home is beautiful and your view is so nice. Again. Welcome to Europe!

  2. Bernadette says

    Those are adorable! I must make those for my Hermionerd for school on Wednesday. Last Sept. 1st, she woke up to an owl post wrapped in brown paper and twine. I put in her new Gryffindor robe, a chocolate bar wrapped in a special dementor wrapper, a white shirt, Gryffindor tie and some other small snippets of Hogwartiness.

  3. says

    My house is Slytherin, and I’m pretty sure my mother is, too. I also suspect my dad is Ravenclaw and my sister is Hufflepuff. So those are the ties I could see myself making if I ever made these…