Fun and Easy Witchy Krispy Treats

Fun and Easy Witchy Krispy Treats from BakingdomHave you ever heard of rice krispy treat addiction? It’s a thing, I assure you. My…uh…friend…we’ll call her Not-Darla, is a sufferer.

Krispy treats are like crack to Not-Darla. Normally, if you were to ask her what her favorite dessert is, she would say brownies. Always brownies. Not krispy treats. Yet, if you put krispies in front of her, she’ll eat them, all of them, every time.

Not-Darla recently made krispy treats for a Halloween idea…

Um. Not these in this post. It was something else.

Anyway…she made a batch, and by the end of the day, she’d eaten a whole half of the batch. All on her own.

There are some ways to justify this, of course.

1. It took all day for Not-Darla to eat said half batch.

2. Krispy treats are made from breakfast cereal, and are therefore a healthy snack.

3. Not Darla is home alone for the week while her husband is away for work. Far far away. In Qatar.

The problem with these justifications, though, is that Not-Darla ate the krispy treats until she was sick; until she had a stomach ache.

Let’s face it, you’re not allowed to justify stuffing your face with sugar until you’re sick anymore as an adult. You’re supposed to know better.

I decided to makes some rice krispy treats for Halloween, and I did not, I repeat, did not, make half a batch into cute little witchy faces, and eat the other half in one day. I also did not finish the other half the next day. It never happened.

That would be bananas.


Wanna know how to make these?? Good…moving on……

Coloring MarshmallowsI’ve made colored rice krispy treats a few times, and I’ve learned a couple of things:

You need more coloring than you think you do. And you should add the coloring to the marshmallows while they’re still melting.

You need more coloring because the cereal is very light in color itself, and it will leach away color, so you’ll need the marshmallows to be slightly darker than you might think.

As for adding the color while the marshmallows are melting, it’s the easiest way to get even, consistent color, without over mixing or over heating the treats. If you had the color after the cereal, you’re going to be mixing and mixing to get it evenly distributed, and your treats will start to get hard.

I added a little yellow and some green to get less of a grassy color.

Green MarshmallowsI think it’s a very Wicked Witch of the West green. I dig it.

Green Krispy TreatsYou can see here how the cereal really caused the color to look lighter.

I used a quarter cup measurng cup to scoop out portion and rolled them into balls.

You don’t have to do this immediately; you can let the treats cool for a bit before rolling them, so you don’t burn yourself, but be aware that the longer you wait, the harder they get.

Lightly grease or oil your hands (I like to use butter because it is a more pleasant flavor than oil if it gets on the treats) to keep the treats from sticking too badly

Witchy Krispy Treat Faces from BakingdomOnce the treats have cooled and set up, you can add the faces. You can basically use an candy you like for this, or just use frosting, but I chose to use shimmery green Sixlets for the noses, and fun pink candy eyes for the eyes. Obvi. I just a little dab of icing to act as glue. For the icing, I just mixed half of a cup of confectioners’ sugar with a splash of milk. Easy peasy.

**All candies, etc. used to make these are linked at the end of the post.

Black Fondant CirclesTime for the hats. Listen, these are easy. Really.

For the base of the hat, just cut out a fondant circle, about two-inches across. I just used a medium biscuit cutter. See? Easy, so far.

Cut Ice Cream ConesFor the main part of the hat, cut the end off of an ice cream cone using a serrated knife. Take your time, and use a sawing motion. If you try to rush or chop, you’ll just end op crushing the cone.

Witch Hat How to from BakingdomNext, wrap a piece of fondant tightly around the cone (you can use icing to ‘glue’it in place as you go). Cut the excess off the end, leaving a neat seam, then, tuck the excess fondant at the bottom into the cone, pressing to secure it.

See? Still easy! 🙂

Sculpted Witch Hat from BakingdomYou can also sculpt the fondant around the hat to give it a more wonky character. I really prefer this method for two reasons:

1. Easier. You don’t have to get the fondant snug and perfect.

2. It looks freaking awesome.

Once you have the point covered, use more icing to secure it, centered, to the round base that you cut out before.

Ice Cream Cone Witch Hats from BakingdomYou can leave the hats plain and classic like they are, or you can add some fun decorations. These are all super easy to add, as well.

I added some fun silver stars first. I dipped a toothpick in water and placed small dots of the water randomly on the hat. Next, using the same moist toothpick, I picked up the tiny stars and pressed them into place.

For the hat band, I simply cut a straight strip of fondant in a contrasting color, and wrapped it around the base, using more icing to secure it. Last, but not least, I ‘glued’ a candy jack o lantern onto the band. Donezo.

Smiley Krispy Witch from BakingdomSlap the hat onto one of your waiting treats, add a wonky smile (using more fondant or some colored icing), and voila! Witchy cuteness.

Cute Rice Krispy Treat Witches from BakingdomI experimented with edible glitter, various sprinkles, and different candies for the hat, so I can say with authority, theres no wrong way to decorate these.

Easy Rice Krispy Treat Witches from BakingdomI kept all of my witches relatively simple, with just fun hats and funny faces, but you could also add silly hair and other decorations, if you want to.

These are deceptively easy and much quicker than you might expect.

Easy Rice Crispy Treat Witches from BakingdomThe best part about these is that everything on them is not only edible, but yummy, too.


Recipes and supplies:

1 recipe rice krispy treats (Makes about 14 1/4-cup sized balls)
Marshmallow Fondant
Faux Royal Icing

Lime Green Shimmer Sixlets
Candy Eyes
Mini Pumpkin Icing Decorations
Jack-o-Lantern Sprinkles
Edible Stars
Disco Dust

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  1. Becca - Cookie Jar Treats says

    Not-Darla, you are not alone at all! I can’t make rice krispie treats very often because all of them will be gone in a matter of hours. They are just so easy to snack on!! 🙂

    These are freaking adorable by the way 🙂

  2. Vicki says

    These are sooo adorable! And, Krispy treats are absolutely addicting,. Your blog is my absolute favorite, I found you when I was searching for Harry Potter recipes and have been obsessed with your blog ever since.