Halloween Recap and A Big Fat Thank You Giveaway [Updated!]

Halloween Tricks & Treats from BakingdomIt’s Halloween!! At last! I’m sporting my vampire Mickey Mouse tee and some skeleton leggings in honor of the occasion, but what about goodies? I’ve got you covered, my friends. Fun, easy, and super tasty treats for all your Halloween festivities, coming right up! For even more spooky goodies, you can see all of my Halloween posts here.

Oh, and hey, read through to the end for a fantastic giveaway. No, really…it’s fantastic.

Spiced Almond Spritz Pumpkin Cookies from ©BakingdomFirst treat up today is one of my favorite cookies – not just for Halloween, but ever. These Spiced Almond Spritz Pumpkin Cookies are buttery and rich, with a sweet and spicy filling; perfect for autumn. Add sweet and scary little jack-o-lantern faces, and they’re just right for spooky trick-or-treaters.

Fun and Easy Witchy Krispy Treats from BakingdomThese Witchy Krispy Treats were one of the easiest and funnest Halloween goodies I’ve made. Simple rice krispy treats with a little green coloring mixed in, and funny faces added. Give them simple ice cream cone hats, and they’re ready to fly.

Creepy Monster Claw Cupcakes from BakingdomMy Creepy Monster Claw Cupcakes were one of the scarier treats I made this year, because let’s face it, Halloween is creepy. Sometimes, it’s cute, but part of the fun is the scary, too.  To make these, just pick your favorite cupcake and frosting recipes, then decorate with easy to make fondant claws and some red food coloring.

Sparkling Apple Cider Slushies 2 by BakingdomWhen I was a little girl, we’d go to the apple orchard every fall. We would pick apples, choose the perfect pumpkins, and drink as much slushy frozen apple cider as we could get our hands on. Now, I can have that slushy again as an adult (and you can even add a little splash of champagne to make it even more grown up) with my Sparkling Apple Cider Slushies.

Soft and Chewy Googly- Eye Cookies from BakingdomFor a sneakier, less in your face Halloween cookie, I made these Googly-Eye Cookies – delicious cinnamon white chocolate pecan cookies, and added baby mini chocolate chips to make the white chips into googly eyes. Simple, delicious, and fun.

Fuzzy Monster Claw Cupcakes from BakingdomIn addition to the creepy monster claw cupcakes I made above, I also made these Fuzzy Monster Claw Cupcakes. Not everybody is into creepy and scary for Halloween, so this is a great way to make the same cupcakes more kid-friendly.

Pumpkin Spice Ghoul Log with Apple Butter Cream Cheese Filling by BakingdomWhy wait all the way until Christmas to have a Yule Log when you can have a Pumpkin Spice Ghoul Log right now??

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Cupcakes by BakingdomLast, but not least, are probably my very favorite Halloween cupcakes I’ve ever made. My Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Cupcakes are two things I love – Halloween and Disney – happily combined into cupcakes, which…oh hey! I love! I made these last year, because the Hubster and I were going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Talk about inspiring: Mickey and Minnie decked out for Halloween, and happy jack-o-lantern Mickeys decorating the park…all these cupcakes needed to join in the fun was some sanding sugar, fondant top and witch’s hats, and candy melts for ears. Easy and absolutely cute. 🙂

And theeeeeeeen…

This past week, my Facebook page passed up 50,000 Likes. I was floored. I know how busy we all are, and how many incredible blogs there are out there, so I’m awed and grateful that so many of you spend your time here.I have the most amazing readers, and I love hearing from you all, seeing what you guys think and what you’re up to, and interacting with you.

That’s why today, to say thank you, I’m giving away not one…

Thank You Gift Card…but two (!!)…

Halloween Gift Card…gift cards to Amazon.com for $200.00 each!

I very much wanted to have a giveaway that would benefit all of my readers, both U.S. and International. The best way to do that was cold hard cash. 🙂

Today, you can enter for the chance to be one of two lucky winners!

Just tell me something about Bakingdom…how you found me, your favorite Bakingdom recipe, what keeps you coming back, or things you’d love to see in the future. There is no wrong answer. I can’t wait to hear your feedback!

Contest ends Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 at 6pm EST, and you’re automatically entered to win!

Want an extra chance to win? Just follow @Bakingdom on twitter and tweet, “I want to win a $200.00 Amazon.com gift card from @bakingdom!” Once you’ve tweeted, return here and leave a comment saying you shared the tweet. Be sure to leave this as a separate comment; each comment is an entry.

This giveaway is open to all readers, internationally!

The winners will be chosen randomly at www.random.org and announced Wednesday, November 6th, 2013.

I will contact the winner, so don’t forget to add your email in the email section!

**Comments are moderated, so if you’ve never commented before, it will take some time for your comment to appear!**

Good luck with the giveaway!


Congratulations to the two lucky winners!

First up…

360…comment #360!

360-ElainaCongratulations, Elaina!! I’m so happy that you enjoy coming here, and I hope that you keep coming back! 🙂


125…comment #125!

125-LisaCongratulations, Lisa!! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m happy you found me, and I hope I can keep the creativity going for you! 🙂

I will email you both shortly about tour prizes!

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  1. Jessica says

    If I remember correctly I found your blog while looking for a butter beer recipe. Sad truth, I still haven’t tried it. 🙁 Maybe I will do that this weekend.

  2. says

    Oh boy.. I love everything about your site, Darla! I think it was one of your geeky recipes that reeled me in back in the day, but I love that every recipe I’ve tried from your site has worked PERFECTLY. All of your cupcake recipes are fantastic, and I love your wit and all the geekiness! Not surprised at all that you’ve surpassed 50,000 likes; it is SO well deserved! Keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

  3. says

    I found your blog several times while looking for some recipes or ideas throug the internet. When I got here randomly for the third time it was clear to me that I HAD TO follow you 😉

  4. Xuan says

    I found your blog when I was looking for petit fours recipe. I really like your site and the interesting and creative recipes you post 😀

  5. Nicola Kavanagh says


    I found your blog while I was ready about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’d love to go there one day, but in the mean time I like to try making the treats mentioned in the books. I was delighted with your butterbeer recipe, it’s delicious!

  6. Genia says

    I found you through Pinterest, I love looking for new ideas for cupcakes. Your website popped up from there, and I’ve been “stalking” you since. You have a way of making me smile with your stories, even after listening to lawyers argue their case (I’m a transcriber).

  7. Chalyn says

    I am an avid Harry Potter fan and had been dying to try Butterbeer, but not having the funds to pack up my family and go to Universal Studios I did a trusty Google search for recipes that I could try to make on my own. I stumbled across your blog and have never really left. Your recipes are spot on, and directions are so easy to follow and I love the pictures you post of the process. It really lets me know that I am on the right track. Just so you know, your Butterbeer is the bestest!

  8. Sheri C says

    I found you on Cakewreck’s Sunday Sweets for the adorable halloween cake you made a few years ago, the black and orange striped one. I think she also featured your steampunk cupcakes, and I was hooked! 95% of all my baked goodies now come from your blog!

  9. Melissa M says

    I found your blog on Facebook A’s thought you had some fun festive ideas that I would love to try since baking is one of my hobbies. The fact that we share the same love for Harry potter is just icing on the cake!

  10. Cassy says

    I think I was looking up Harry Potter recipes and found your blog 🙂 We share similar interests like Disney, Harry Potter, baking, and clothes!

  11. says

    I found you through your Doctor Who ‘fish sticks’ and custard recipe, shared by ThinkGeek =) I kept looking and looking and got hooked on your blog, easy to understand as I’m a Disney loving geek girl too. The one recipe I’ve made from your blog is the pumpkin streusel bread with pepita topping – so yummy! I need to make that again. I’m always inspired by what you make and share! Thanks for blogging and thanks for the giveaway!

  12. says

    I found you a year or so ago when I was looking for a butterbeer recipe! As a HP, Doctor Who, and all things science/geeky, I enjoy your creativity and how you tell your story in each post. Keep it up!

  13. says

    I first noticed your blog when a Facebook friend liked a post and it showed up in my newsfeed. I love cooking and baking, so I checked it out. Your presentation is wonderful, so I knew I would like your site. I was right. My favorite recipe so far is the hazelnut pear cupcakes. The picture of the almond spritz pumpkin cookies is so adorable that I have to try that next.

  14. Lindsay says

    I love all of your recipes. Your blog is my go to source for recipes to impress people. I can’t remember how I came across your blog, but I assume my husband showed it to me. He’s the cook in this family.

  15. Shawna W says

    I first heard about your page & blog when blueberry picking with my very pregnant best friend & our two boys. We were talking about all of the wonderful things to bake with our blueberries & I’m pretty sure we tried a couple of your delicious recipes!

  16. Kristina A. says

    I found your blog searching for Harry Potter ideas. I stick around for the beautiful photography and fun ideas. The butter beer is our new thanksgiving drink tradition!

  17. says

    I found your blog years ago when searching for a chocolate-orange cake recipe. I came across your chocolate-orange Halloween layer cake with the adorable pumpkins on it, made the recipe, and it was a huge hit. I’ve been coming here ever since for great cookie and cake decorating ideas. Congrats on the 50,000 likes!

  18. Gaelle B. says

    I don’t remember how I found your blog, probably trough googling recipes or following a link from another foodblog I follow. However much I enjoy your blog and recipes, my ever favorite part is your whovian side!

  19. says

    I came across Bakingdom when I was looking for Baking Blogs and yours came up on Bloglovin as a ‘similar to this blog’.

    I absolutely love your creativity and only wish that I had even half of it to make my own cupcakes. 🙂

    I don’t have a specific recipe that I like the most, but anything from your cupcake section is amazing!

    Congratulations on 50,000 likes!

  20. Skye says

    I found Bakingdom as I was looking for Harry Potter recipes and I’ve been hooked ever since! My favourite recipe would have to be the Butterbeer one since it brought me here in the first place.

  21. Lisa Kroft says

    I found your web-site on fb, and have been following you since then, And trying most of your recipe and sharing this site with my daughters..If I`m not trying one of your recipes my daughters are so it always fun around my house.

  22. Amanda F says

    I love all your Harry Potter recipes, and more recently have been going back to look at your Dr. Who-inspired ones! You are so creative and it inspires me to get in my kitchen and create!

  23. Tanya Steel says

    Hi, I found your blog through facebook, I love your creativity and there are too many gorgeous recipes to choose just one favourite.

  24. Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage says

    It’s hard for me to remember that far back, but I think I found your blog from Pinterest–I was looking for Harry Potter-themed food for a HP party (that I am still yet to have, BTW) and found your site, and put you right into my blog reader then and there! Thank you for your yummy recipes and pretty photographs!

  25. Bailey Bushue says

    I think I found your blog while looking up Harry Potter treats. From then on I have enjoyed reading you blog and seeing all the cute ideas you have come up with over the years.

  26. Jill says

    I first came across your blog when I google image searched decorated cakes 2 years ago. I found your owl birthday cake and thought it was so adorable! I’ve since made many different recipes that you’ve posted, they never look as good as yours but they’re always DELICIOUS! 🙂 Your vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream recipes are my staples! <3

  27. Darla says

    I found your blog and decided to follow it since we share the same name! I kept following you because you share such beautiful photos and great recipes!

  28. Debbie says

    I don’t remember how I found you, but hands down, my favorite and most-used recipe from your site is the meringues. Thanks for all the inspiration you’ve provided!

  29. Laura says

    I think I found your site via Bakerella or another blog and I fell in love with your recipes. You seem to put so much care into presentation and I’m a big fan of that.

  30. Krys says

    The first recipe I remember from you was your Harry Potter Cotton Candy Cupcakes, although I can’t quite remember how. Possibly through another baking blog. I think my favorite recipe is the French Toast cupcakes!

  31. Erin Maree says

    One of my favourite recipes of yours is your Chocolate Swirl Cinnamon Streusel Cake, I have made it multiple times and each time its amazing! The smell of the house when it’s baking is also amazing, I swear it needs to be made into a candle or perfume just so I can smell it all the time 🙂

  32. Mira says

    I found your blog via SprinkleBakes’ FB-page! I love your suprising recipes, especially those that are holiday- or cinema/tv-themed! As your FB tells me you are a Downton Abbey-fan as well, will there perhaps be some Downton Abbey-recipes on this blog in the future? Or some Hobbit-themed recipes for the premiere of the next Hobbit-movie?

  33. Rebecca says

    I love love LOVE when you do Disney, Harry Potter and other “geeky” treats! I always get a little more excited for baked goods when mouse ears are involved 🙂

  34. Kathryn G says

    I found your blog through a steampunk Facebook page who had posted a pic of your steampunk cupcakes, my favourite recipe of yours is your snickerbrookies but I can’t wait to try your homemade butterbeer 🙂

  35. Heather H. says

    I started following your blog, when I came across a Pinterest pin of Hermione’s birthday treat. It piqued my interest & I’ve followed since!

  36. Sabrina says

    Someone posted on of your hp recipes on facebook and I’ve been in love ever since. Your hot chocolate and no rise cinnamon roll recipes are pretty much a staple for my household and everything you post is fantastic

  37. Leticia says

    For sure I remember! I found Bakingdom looking for Chocolate Cauldron recipes, and I fell in love with all the recipes, although many times I can’t do some recipes for not be able to find the ingredients in my country. But always enjoy reading the funny stories that Darla shares with us! Thank you! XOXO

  38. says

    My absolute favorite recipe on your site is your lemon cream scones! I’ve made them, or used the basic recipe for variations dozens of times and THEY ARE SO GOOD, I LOVE THEM!
    Your blog is always the first place I come for a good sweets recipe because I know it’ll be good if you made it. Thanks for being excellent and CONGRATULATIONS ON 50,000 LIKES!

  39. Alanna S says

    I can’t remember exactly, since I’ve been reading it since 2010. I think I was looking for marshmallow fondant which was one of the first few blog posts.

  40. Maaike says

    My favourite Bakingdom recipe is the Chocolate Cookiolis (the cookie-inside-a-cookie recipe). I’ve made them several times and they never fail to impress when people have their first bite and discover another cookie inside the cookie! I also like reading about your adventures in the Netherlands since I myself have been living in Amsterdam for the past three years (and before that in Rotterdam). This giveaway is surely a really a good way to say THANK YOU to your thousands of followers!

  41. Holly Koons says

    This blog has been a part of my daily blog reads for a couple of years now and I don’t remember how I found it but I’m glad I did! I love so many of the recipes but the one I go back to time and time again is the BUTTERBEER. My kids think I’m SOOOOOOO smart since I “figured out how to make it just like at Harry Potter World.” 😉 Thanks for that!

  42. Jessa says

    I found your blog while looking for Butterbeer recipes.

    Then I found out that we pretty much shared the exact same fandoms, and we were both (at the time) military wives, and that you were so good about comments about how to make your recipes vegan — how could I NOT stay? 😛

  43. Julie says

    What an awesome giveaway, Darla! I don’t really remember how I discovered the blog–it was just a crazy random happenstance, but I ended up falling in love with your recipes and how you manage to make everything look so gorgeous. When I was an undergrad, my roommate and I loved to look at your site for inspiration: “Did you see what she posted today!?!?” Now I don’t have a lot of time to bake, so I mostly live vicariously through you.

    Sorry. Maybe that was a weird post. Honest, but weird.

  44. Julie says

    Found the site while looking for a butterbeer recipe for my daughters Harry Potter party……loved the Butterbeer and love all your lovely posts!

  45. Beth says

    I think the first recipe I tried was your salted caramel mocha cupcakes….and then I found out what an amazing nerd-fan you were, and I’ve been hooked ever since! Still trying to perfect my pumpkin pasty… 🙂

  46. says

    I don’t remember how I found your blog, I’ve been reading for years. I keep coming back because of your wicked creativity with your baking and the way your receipes are still simple with everyday ingredients that I’ll likely find in my cupboard. Anytime I make one of your recipes I get lots of compliments! Btw, I’ve used your pizza recipe dozens of times and it’s my families’ fav!

  47. Opposites_girl says

    Your butterbeer recipe was linked somewhere and I had to try the recipe. I made it for my boyfriends bday just before xmas last year and we loved it. Drinking your butterbeer is now part of our putting up/taking down our xmas decorations ritual! So thank you.


  48. Lynna says

    I found your blog by searching for glutenfree recipes and since then I have adapted quite a few of your delicious yumminess for me as a coeliac and even my glutenfull friends always love your recipes. In fact, tonight I might just try the Googly-Eye Cookies as I am still searching for the perfect chocolate cookie recipe. 🙂

  49. Jill says

    I was looking for something either Dr. Who or Harry Potter when I found your blog.
    My 13-year-old daughter thinks you make cool stuff and she loves the Butterbeer.

  50. Kim says

    I found you from a friend on Facebook. Now I have you on Facebook and Pinterest! I love all your recipes! Mostly your cakes. So beautiful!

  51. Kelly says

    I found your blog thru a link in another blog…unfortunately I don’t remember which one. I love your fantastic photographs and great recipe directions. It doesn’t hurt that everything I have made off of your site has been delicious!

  52. Erica says

    I found your blog through another blog last year but I don’t remember which. Your oatmeal-pumpkin cookies are a favorite in our house. I’ve switched up the recipe and used bananas, changed the spices, and added nuts, chocolate chips, and coconut. Oh! And your brownie recipe is a big hit too! Thank you for your creativity.

  53. Nora says

    I dont remember how I found your blog, but I saved it immediately! I like your style and the type of recipes you post. I can relate as a geek and could see more bread or cake recipes. Nice blog, keep up with the good work 😉

  54. Ron says

    My business partner started making cake pops almost 2 years ago. She sent me to your site for your unique cupcake and cake recipes. My wife and I have been hooked ever since!

  55. Amber T says

    I don’t remember how I found your blog. It was probably through somebody else’s blog a couple years ago. But I stayed a follower because you are incredibly creative and your blog is awesome!

  56. Alexandra says

    It was so long ago that I stumbled across your site that I can’t remember how I got here! But I know I always keep coming back for your cute, creative, and down right craveable recipes.

  57. Jenna says

    I found you through another blog but I can’t remember which one. I love your site because of the super creative treats you make and I’m also a Harry Potter lover. Your recipes are also very good! I’ve made a few of your cupcakes.

  58. Dani says

    I don’t remember how I found your blog, but since I have I’ve never turned back! I love your overt geekdom (power to the Potterheads!) and how you bring that childhood whimsy into your sweets. Bonus points when you bring it into your wardrobe. Every time you post I can’t wait to see what you baked up!

    Your blog is awesome and I’m SO HAPPY you hit 50k fans! Each and every one of them is deserved. You rock that much!

  59. Jessica says

    I found your site searching for some harry potter ideas. The first thing I ever made, butterbeer! It was delicious, and I have been following you in my RSS ever since! Keep up the awesome baking!

  60. Michelle Iujvidin says

    I believe I found your blog through another blog a couple years back… the only thing that matters is that I’ve been visiting Bakingdom every day since then and am so happy that I discovered it!
    I think what I love most about Bakingdom is your creative (and some times nerdy, which i really appreciate!) take on classic recipes. I love how much you love Harry Potter and Disney (as do I) and easily incorporate that love into yummy sweets and treats.
    Thanks for being awesome and keep up the amazing work! : ]

  61. Caitlin says

    I saw your amazing orange and black Halloween cake many years ago on Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets! I’ve made many a thing off your blog since then. I think my favorite is still the chocolate bread pudding 🙂 Happy Halloween!

  62. Bernadette says

    Congratulations Darla! I remember when your FB page had but maybe 10g fans/followers and it’s ballooned!

    I found your page about a year ago when I was looking for Harry-inspired ideas for my HermioNerd’s birthday. I loved that you like all things Harry as well but your Harry Hogwarts House Cake was the clincher for me and I *tried* to duplicate it but not as nicely as yours. Since then I follow for your great scratch recipes, Harry related posts, of course, and your overall quirky style.

  63. Missy says

    I found your page when looking for Harry Potter inspired dessert ideas and have stayed because your recipes are so do-able for an average bear like me!

  64. Julia says

    My absolute favorite recipe is the Death By Chocolate Mum Cupcakes! I love to make them with mini chocolate chips in the mix, and my family adores them. This blog is one of the best – you are so refreshingly honest and funny, your photos are gorgeous, and the food is delicious! Thank you for hosting this giveaway, and Happy Halloween! 🙂

  65. Deb says

    Hi Darla! I can’t remember when I found your blog, but I’m sure glad I did! I love your recipes, ideas and your wonderful, cheerful, upbeat, friendly, unique, and inspiring joie de vivre! Maybe it was the double-batch, caramel filled and ganache and caramel drenched brownies that had me hooked? Or your fantastic Harry Potter Love (Ginger Toffee Cupcakes! Butterbeer!)? Or the delicious photos and the step by step explanations that encourage me to try out something new? Or just your warm stories about yourself and your family? I think it must be all those reasons that I’m addicted to Bakingdom! Your blog is definitely my go-to for getting into the spirit of any holiday or season, and always cheers me up and makes me feel good and wanting to make & eat yummy goodies! Congrats & best wishes!

  66. Sandra says

    I found your blog while searching for Harry Potter related recipes and I am more than glad that I found it because all the things you make look great!
    That’s the main reason I keep coming back and also because you’re a Potterhead and that means a lot of Harry Potter related stuff every once in a while 😀
    Happy Halloween!

  67. says

    I ADORE your blog and everything you post! All of your recipes and ideas are just fab and I’m so glad you share them =) Oh, and if memory serves, I just stumbled upon your blog one day while looking up cakey goodness =)

  68. Rachel says

    I can’t remember how I found your blog- but I THINK it was from Cake Wrecks posting your HP pheonix cake (in her Sunday sweets, obviously, not as a wreck!). Just blew me away. I keep coming back for the recipes, and for the nerdiness- because you seem a lot like me with the fandom- and I think that’s fun. Nerd cookies/cakes FTW! 🙂

  69. Laura I says

    Hi Darla! I think I found your blog through a link through another blog I follow… and I know its been quite a long time and here we are! I’ve always loved looking at your gorgeous photos and the recipes as well are easy enough for even me to follow. 🙂 And, being able to follow you through your adventures in moving to new locations is always a treat too. Happy Halloween!

  70. Lisa says

    I think I found your blog through another blog a few years ago. You are definitely one of my favorites and I check your site daily. Obviously, I like your recipes and ideas…but I think what I like most about your blog is the “feel” you have here. Your personality shines through and you seem like a very kind, positive and fun person. You are also creative and your ideas and photos are fun to look at. Thank you!!

  71. says

    Oh gosh, I don’t even remember how I found your blog- it was a long time ago though, it’s been one of the originals I began following years ago. I do know the reason it’s one of the few I still actively keep up with though- mostly because I love *you*! Lots of blogs feature yummy treats- but I enjoy actually reading everything you write and ADORE your geeky themed food posts (and non-food posts!) I think my most favorite thing you’ve ever done is all of the Harry Potter treats, like frozen butterbeer! Please keep the Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and other geeky recipes coming!!

  72. Susana I. says

    I don’t remember how I found Bakingdom, maybe through another blog. I like that the recipes are always cute and look so good 🙂

  73. Linden V says

    I discovered Bakingdom through Epbot and CakeWrecks. I popped over to see a recipe she’d featured or to check out the website because she’d mentioned it, and I loved what I saw. I’ve only made a few recipes, but I have a good portion of them on my to-do list. Everything I’ve made was delicious, and pretty much everything you post sounds so good that I want to try them all. My favorite “snack” to make is your candied bacon. It’s a hit with my friends and I can practically eat a whole batch by myself.
    The recipes and the great stories about what is going on in your life are what keep me coming back. I love hearing about your adventures, whether you’re traveling or fending off scary spiders, trying to get back into running (for the impending zombie apocalypse) or wandering around a creepy mall after watching a creepy movie, I love them. It brightens my day, so thank you for that!

  74. Angie says

    I’m pretty sure I found your website while I was looking for a Dr. Who themed dessert for my daughter’s party. And when I found it, I just kept clicking on your other recipes and ideas. I instantly became hooked! There are days when I scroll through FB just looking for some new recipe posted from Bakingdom. When I need an idea for a class party or for a work party, I always look through your website for inspiration first. I’ve made countless recipes from your site. And your funny little commentaries that go with some of the recipes make me smile and then I end up sharing with my friends, who have now become fans of your blog as well. Continue sharing your great ideas with us!

  75. Sara L. says

    I’m pretty sure I found you through Pinterest either one of your Doctor Who or Harry Potter posts and I was instantly hooked. It was like soul food for my geeky little heart!!

  76. Karen E says

    I found your page via a link on another blogger’s site I visit. I always like to check out the links from other bloggers and I am so in awe of your baking and decorating skills. I stop by your page EVERY week day!!!!


  77. says

    I found your website when was looking for some recipes with lemon and I found your delicious creamy lemon cupcakes from 2010. Funny thing is, I never got around to making them, but I kept coming back to admire all the deliciousness from your page. Now that I found you on facebook, it is super easy for me to follow the updates and specially now that you live in The Netherlands, it is fun to see how another person experiences this country and all its oddities, just like me when I came to live here 11 years ago. Love your site!

  78. mandassassin says

    My favorite recipe is your “figgy pudding” Chocolate Christmas Pudding Cupcakes. They’re my mom’s favorite too, and she insists that I make them for her every year since I first made them a couple years ago.

  79. Marcie says

    Yours was the first cooking blog that I started reading religiously. I forget what the first recipe was that I’ve tried now that I’ve tried so many, but you really got me to venture out of my comfort zone in the kitchen, which really started to reflect in my life as well. Now, I’ve put my cubicle behind me and work at a restaurant while going to culinary school.

  80. Chiara Brancacio says

    I found Bakingdom around a year or so ago by looking up “best baking blogs.” You were on someone’s lost and now you’re on mine. I come back because of all your nerdy treats and that everything I make from you turns out delicious. (But really.. It’s nice knowing someone loves Harry Potter and Doctor Who as much as I.) And thanks to your snicker doodle pup cakes, my dog loves you as much as I do! (:

  81. Devon Rose says

    I found Bakingdom while I was searching for yummy treats to make last year for a party. Ever since I have been a fan of everything you post Darla and I absolutely love reading about how much you love Harry Potter! Being a huge fan myself, I really enjoy sharing this what I call passion for that world with others 🙂 hope I win but really just hope you continue to be quirky and make amazing treats to share with us all.

  82. Lindsey W.B. says

    I followed links for amazing harry potter treats to you one day and then shortly after you posted some AMAZING aprons you had made and I ended up browsing your site all day long. I think the first think I made of yours was some dog treats as a christmas present for my aunt who runs a dogwalking business! Thank you for sharing all your creativity with us 😀

  83. LWebster says

    Gosh I have been reading your blog for so long I don’t think I can remember exactly how I found it I just know that I was hooked once I found it. You have so many great recipes not sure I have a favorite other than I am charmed by the Harry Potter themed goods you come up with. So very creative and so very generous!

  84. Joy T says

    I think I found you through Jen Yates when she was blogging about their book tour and they met you IRL. I love how you share your talent with the world! I also love that you have a gluten-free label. So many baker blogs have fantastic recipes that I just can’t figure out how to convert.

  85. Linda says

    I am nuts over Harry Potter and the fact that you have so many recipes devoted to my favorite thing in the world really drew me in. That and the fact that you love Doctor Who and Disney (you actually made me start watching it and I am now obsessed.) You are a terrific and captivating writer and I love your blog!

  86. Julie says

    I found you Valentine’s Day 2012 and have been following you ever since! I had re-discovered my passion for baking and was searching for ideas/recipes to mark the holiday celebration. Google was kind enough to serve me up a link to your Valentine’s Day Cookie Cakes. I fell in love instantly. I’d never seen such creative sweets! 🙂 And you made it look simple, like I could even do it. I then found your Disney and Harry Potty recipes. I knew I’d love everything you touched. I was right! Your writing is refreshing and I enjoy following your adventures, both in food and in life. Keep on keepin on!

  87. Luli says

    I owe SO much to Bakingdom. I found the Harry Potter aprons on the internet, somewhere and that brought me to this blog. It was the first cooking/baking blog I ever visited and the one that got me into hardcore baking once more, I mean, I’ve always loved baking, but that hobby of mine was being ignored.

    I started discovering more and more blogs after this and eventually I was so fueled to BAKE BAKE BAKE that I ended up starting a little home business and now I’m studying to be a pastry chef and it feels so good! I graduated from high school in 2007, but I was so lost, I couldn’t find something I really really wanted to do and all of this just happened and I suppose the starting point to rediscovering this passion was finding this blog 🙂

  88. Kelly says

    I found you just a couple days ago when I was looking for dessert fish fingers and custard recipes. I’m planning a sleepover with my nephew for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary. He is already counting down the days until the sleepover, but will be very excited to learn he gets to bake these cookies with me! We love baking together – and watching Doctor Who together!

  89. Marcia Jimenez says

    I think I found your website while looking for Harry Potter recipes and I was amazed about how a big fan of HP are you! I even showed your blog to my brother who used to tell me I was the biggest adult HP fan he knew… jajaja

    I added you to my feedlist since then and I have been enjoying all your post, I think I have been reading you since 2 years or so.

    I just want to add how grateful I am that you are having a give away for your readers outside the US, I’m from Costa Rica.

    Thank you for all your recipes, stories and all the joy you share here!

  90. Melanie says

    I was looking up blogs that features recipes inspired by books, and of course, your Harry Potter posts came up. I love your endless creativity and great photo styling. :•)

  91. Beth says

    I first found your site when another site (I forget which one) linked to your Star Trek cookies. Being a geek-girl who loves to bake, I was hooked! I love your site Darla – thanks so much for all the great ideas!

  92. Virginia says

    Dear Darla, I am a big Italian fan. The first time I’ve visited your blog was from a “Sunday Sweet” post on CakeWrecks – and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I simply love every recipe you post, I believe you are very talented -and fun too! My favorite recipes are the ones with cakes: they’re always amazing and beautifully made. I also really like when you post recipes that are not sweets, I really think you should post more of that, because they all seem so tasty!
    Keep it going, you’re doing great!!!

  93. Lila says

    I found your website when I was searching for fondant recipes….been hooked ever since! Love that you put your personal twist on things.

  94. Amanda L. says

    I don’t remember when or how I found your blog – but it was a few years ago. Yours was the first blog I started following regularly, and I’ve made several of your recipes. I especially love your recipe for pumpkin bread – I made a couple loaves just a few weeks ago!

  95. Heather N. says

    I found Bakingdom on Pinterest, a picture of something Harry Potter related. I followed the link and found the blog and have been enjoying ever since. I’ve appreciated your pumpkin bread recipes, I’ve been looking for a best pumpkin bread recipe this fall and you’re definitely the winner. Thank you!

  96. Hannah S says

    I found Bakingdom through a post about Harry Potter themed food on Buzzfeed. I’ve only been a follower for a few weeks, but I love how cute EVERYTHING is. It also helps that I like all the nerdy things that you theme your recipes around! And I think you are always entertaining to read.

  97. Danielle Payet says

    I love looking for new recipes and I just happened to come across your blog as I was Googling. I tried your s’more brownies and I have been on here every day since then! Not only are your recipes awesome, but your blog is funny; it’s the first one I’ve ever actually followed… Thank you Darla! 🙂

  98. Caley says

    What an amazing giveaway! What I love best about your blog is your positivity and courage in the face of a pretty crazy life! I can’t imagine relocating as often (and as far) as you seem to, and I just think you are an inspiring person. 🙂 Your recipes are also so gorgeous!

  99. Nakakna says

    I just love your creativity to the goodies you come up with! I especially love your cupcake offerings. And love of Harry Potter 😉

  100. Carly says

    I came for the marshmallow fondant, stayed for the cupcakes… and the cinnamon rolls… and the cakes… and the… well, everything!

  101. Amy says

    I was just telling someone in the office about how I found your awesome Halloween cake on CakeWrecks a couple of years ago. I’ve been a huge fan ever since! I even brought Cauldron Cakes to the Halloween potluck today, straight out of your blog. I can’t wait to hear about your future visit to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter tour!!

  102. PeggyFin says

    Woo! Giveaway and Halloween – awesome! I randomly found your blog a few years ago while searching for a homeade corndog recipe of all things… I ended up spending several hours that night going through all of your archives! Your chicken pot pie recipe is in our monthly rotation. I’ve made the turkey and dumplings, ham and potato soup, and yeast rolls more times than I can count, and I always check your site first when I’m looking for a dessert recipe. I still haven’t found one that wasn’t a hit! You could say that I’m a fan. 🙂

  103. Laila says

    I came across your blog when searching for cupcake recipes. I was impressed by your beautiful photos and marvellous creations. Even after following your blog for a while, you continue to impress me and surprise me. I really admire how you are able to share your life with us, all the good and the bad. The impression I have of you is one of strength, a wicked sense of humour, creativity and the mind blowing ability to be yourself, no apologies! You are certainly a role model. Keep it up.

  104. Kayleigh says

    I started following you ages ago. I think I might have found you on pinterest? I honestly dont remember! I love your recipes, i love the way you write, i love that you love harry potter and all things nerdy!

  105. Christina says

    I don’t really remember how I found your blog but I’m so glad I did. I was mildly obsessed with your cupcake button cookies! Love them!!

  106. sara says

    I love how intricate your treats are. Many of them are beyond my realm of talent but I just love the inspiration. Keep it coming. I drool over your pictures on a daily basis.

  107. Claire says

    I’m almost more excited to hear about the places you go and how you adapt than the cakes. Not really! But I do love to hear about it – so adventurous and your bakes always look delicious.

  108. Marta says

    I found your blog when I looked up “most amazing orange cupcakes ever” back in February or March of 2010. Being an avid baker, and being new to the whole idea of blogs at the time, I decided to bookmark your page. I stuck it on my main bar by accident, and it’s remained there ever since. It’s got a place of honour right between Pottermore and the ONE other blog I follow. I’m on here way too often.
    It’s almost like I know too much about you. But I don’t. 😀
    As everyone before me has mentioned, I love what you do. Keep it going. Seriously. I need my Potter-Who recipes, and I can only trust yours 😛

  109. Andrea Munoz says

    I think I stumbled upon your blog while looking for a Butterbeer recipe. I never made the Butterbeer, but ended up surfing around, discovering other delicious things, and learning about you as a person. I always enjoy reading your posts: they always make you seem so very down-to earth, sweet, and funny. You were also part of why I started watching Dr. Who. I thought, “well, all these people say it’s cool, and this Darla person seems to share similar interests as me and she has a good sense of humor, so, meh: I’ll give it a shot!” So, thanks! Haha I’ve made your Hot Chocolate recipe, but I tweaked it a bit (sorry! Nothing personal!). I was originally looking for something decadent like Italian Hot Chocolate, and I looked to you since you have good taste for a backbone recipe. So I added a little cornstarch as a thickener. Totes worth a try. Totes. 😉

  110. Chantelle says

    You wouldn’t believe how often I check your blog for an update! After I found your blog while doing a google search for Harry Potter desserts. Since then I’ve made a few of those recipes and then some! 😉 You’re just so creative, unlike me that needs to follow a recipe word for word lol
    What do I want to see on this site? FIREFLY!! PLEEEEASE!! You mentioned doing so in one post looong ago and I’m still hopeful 🙂
    My fav recipe would have to be a tie: Layered House Spiced Cake (not just because its HP! But because it looks awesome and I’ve done it twice with different colors) and Homemade Devil’s Food Cookies because my grandpa LOVED them 😉

  111. Ashley says

    I was in New York last October for the JK Rowling q&a and book reading with girls I volunteer with at the Harry Potter Alliance and because were all super nerds we were trading food blogs and they introduced me to yours!

  112. Laura says

    I found you via Jen @ Cake Wrecks when she featured first your rainbow heart cake, then again when she posted your Halloween bajillion-tiered cake. That Halloween cake made me point my browser in your direction. I browsed and browsed until I was caught up, then fell in love with your caramel-y, chocolate toasted hazelnut torte (names escape me at the moment). THEN you posted a recipe for homemade cinnamon rolls and because my then-boyfriend (now husband) is diabetic I converted the recipe to sugar free and it was FAB!! *breath*

    Your pictures and yumminess keeps me coming back!

  113. says

    I can’t remember how I stumbled across Bakingdom, but your recipes are so enticing with such beautiful photos that I quickly started following it regularly. Your writing is hilarious, too. I used to live in NL, so I’m enjoying your comments about settling into life there.

  114. Rebecca Newport says

    I don’t remember how/when I found your blog but I was hooked. My daughter and I drool over all your recipes!!! A phrase often heard here is, “Amanda, look at this….YUMMMMM!!!” 🙂

  115. Alex says

    Hi Darla!

    I <3 bakingdom because the pictures are as good as the recipes! Sometimes just looking through them is just as good as actually eating the treat.

    Keep up the great work!

    ps. I'd love to see petits fours. 🙂

  116. Rachel says

    I found your blog from Epbot. I love that you love the same things I do: Disney, Potter, Who, baking, etc.. Keep up the creativity! (My family loves everything image from this site!).

  117. Lil' Miss HK says

    I don’t remember how I found Bakingdom, but I absolutely LOVE all of your stories! And the geekery! I can’t wait to see what “dalektable” treat you might have up your sleeve for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special! =)

  118. says

    I don’t remember where I found you, maybe through something posted on Pintrest. I just bought a house and plan to buy a bosch mixer and start baking again. It’s been awhile since I have been able to do much baking. You post some wonderful recipes and the pictures are great!

  119. says

    I have been a fan for years! Your blog is aesthetically pleasing to look at, you have shared many great stories about your life and I enjoy looking at your recipes and creations! Congratulations on your success!

  120. Jacqueline says

    What a fantastic gift! There are two reasons that I was drawn to and continue to visit your site. First, your baking is gorgeous, creative, delicious, and always a surprise! Second, I love the ways you show your personality through your treats. Being a lifelong (well, since I read my first one at 8) Harry Potter devotee, I can’t get enough of your magically inspired confections. 🙂

  121. says

    My favorite Bakingdom recipe is your black and orange Halloween layer cake with the marshmallow fondant jack-o-lanterns, I made it for our Halloween potluck at work a couple of years ago and it was (a lot of work) a big hit. Love the Potter world stuff, too.

  122. Beth says

    I found your blog when I was looking for Hogwarts recipes. The House cake is what really caught my eye (but I haven’t had the guts to try it yet). I made the Googly Eyed Cookies most recently though. and they were a hit! 🙂
    Thanks for all your great ideas, goofiness and inspiration to be singularly creative and true to yourself!

  123. says

    Our mutual love of Harry Potter and other nerdy things is why I adore you and your blog. Plus, I can just tell that you’re super sweet and that we’d have an awesome time hanging out. 🙂

  124. Rena says

    I love your recipes, your humor, hearing about where in the world you are, and mostly the kindness I can see shining through every single post. There’s a reason we keep coming back for more 🙂 Your creativity and delicious recipes are very inspiring. Thanks for the chance.

  125. Casey B. says

    I started following your page when you made the butterbeer recipe and I have checked your blog DAILY ever since! I love it so much! I think you’re absolutely wonderful!!!

  126. April B. says

    I believe I was first directed to your Halloween chocolate orange layer cake from a link on Sunday Sweets of Cake Wrecks a few years back. I was mildly obsessed with it, and once I discovered your love of Doctor Who, Firefly, and Harry Potter in addition to cakes and sweets, I felt I would never find a blogger who understood me quite like you.

  127. Trisha says

    What an awesome site! Love all the Halloween goodies. Just found your site from facebook suggested sites. Can’t wait to the weekend to start browsing thoroughly! Thank you â„¢

  128. says

    I honestly can’t remember how I found Bakingdom, but I do remember I kept coming back because I wanted to buy one of your House aprons designed after Harry Potter. =o] I even asked if you’d make me one before you had them available on Etsy! Been a faithful follower ever since. <3

  129. Michaela says

    I found you via another baking blog – can’t remember which one, but am so glad that I did. Love your creative treats, you always come up with some that is cute and tasty!!

  130. Lorraine R says

    Growing up, I used to be obsessed with Harry Potter. I used to read the books and wonder what the food and drinks tasted like. I had always imagined Butterbeer tasted like cream soda (also my favorite drink). I was referred to your site from sweetapolita and on the front of your page you had a butterbeer recipe! I couldn’t believe I found a baking blog with someone who was as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am. Thank you! My best friend worships the HP books, and for her last birthday I made all of your HP themed recipes and OMG did it top every other birthday she had

  131. Mor says

    Congratulations 🙂
    I’ve heard the name Bakingdom come up in others blogs I’ve been reading before, but then one day you made the candy meringue necklaces.. I came, I stared at that post for several months straight (until I finally made it myself – as bracelets), I stayed!

  132. Mir Hite says

    I actually found Bakingdom from someone’s post on tumblr–they had posted a picture from your Watermelon Cupcake recipe, and I found you that way! I’ve been checking every single day for more delicious recipes since then!

  133. Jacelyn says

    I chanced upon your website when I tried to google for some recipes. What caught my attention is that your page is always beautifully decorated! Even your cookies as well!

  134. Anna says

    I don’t remember how I found you, But I love your recipes, your photos and above all, your imagination creating desserts, like Mickey’s Not-So Scary Cupcakes, I love it!! 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  135. says

    I have BINDERS full of your recipes. Yours was actually the very first baking blog I found when returning to baking after many years. Love your blog design, chatty “dialogue,” and, oh, yes, YUMMY recipes!

  136. Alex says

    I can’t remember how I found your blog, but your amazing recipes and gorgeous photos keep me coming back, plus your love for Disney and Harry Potter! Thanks for all your amazing ideas x

  137. says

    I found you when I was searching for Harry Potter recipes on the web, and I’ve stayed because of….well, everything! But I particularly love your HP posts.

    Thanks for the great job you do–

  138. Rachel says

    Your wonderfully adorable treats keep me coming back every day! I’m interested to see what you come up with. I enjoy seeing your talent- thank you for sharing! And thank you for the opportunity to win!!

  139. Shanelle says

    I love the creativity here! I always find such fun things to try with my daughter. Thank you for constantly having new ideas and recipes to inspire me!

  140. Michelle Sanville-Seebold says

    I absolutely love how creative you are! Whenever I am looking for something out of the box, I come to your site. I especially love your Harry Potter and Disney recipes. I am a huge fan of both so thank you for putting those out there on Pinterest.

  141. Marie Limback says

    Hi Darla! I found you through Pinterest, but I don’t remember the specific photo or recipe…there are so many! I’m a baker, and I’m Dutch, so I appreciate that you live in the Netherlands! Love the photos and the enthusiasm for baking and good flavors.

  142. Becca - Cookie Jar Treats says

    Goodness gracious everything looks spooktactular (sorry :P) I really love your Ghoul Log. I mean that has to be one of the most creative things ever.

    And I don’t even know how I came across your blog, but I was mesmerized by the cute colors and the little Darla cartoon and then I started reading through your last posts and I just got hooked. And your love for all things geek and your adorable pictures and recipes always keep me coming back for more. 🙂

  143. Lori says

    I followed on twitter , but have been following you by email for a time now. Thanks for your creativity in your culinary skills. It’s always a treat to see what someone else is doing.

  144. Laura R says

    I don’t even remember how I found your blog it was sooo long ago! But you love Disney and Dr Who and that is FANTASTIC! 😉

  145. Hanna says

    I can’t remember how I found your blog. I think it was just a google search for baking blogs, because that is what I love too 🙂 And the best things on your blog are the little geeky and nerdy things. such as the Harry Potter Butterbeer (because I love Potter and when I was on my first Trip to Florida I went to The Island of Adventure/Universal Park as well and it was soooo amazing! The Harry Potter Rollercoaster (do you remember the speaking Pictures in the Waitingline or the Snow-Spell from Ron.. It was actually real snow.. So amazing…)) or The doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Jar. I love the Doctor as well. 😀 And when I found your blog and saw that so wrote about these things I just thought “Fantastic and Wow! Thats my blog! :D.
    To cut a long story short, … Thank you for your amazing work here. It’s all so wonderfull. And sorry for my crappy englisch… Best Greetings from Germany.

  146. says

    Hi Darla,

    I enjoy all the creative ideas and yummy recipes that you share. Since I do not travel, I love reading all your stories every time you move.
    Keep sharing.

  147. CRYSTAL says

    I think I found your website while googling a good sugar cookie recipe. I remember thinking your page was soooo adorable :-).

  148. Natasha says

    I found your blog a few years ago after seeing your Chocolate Orange Layer Cake. I am a HUGE Halloween fan and that was the most perfect depiction of the girly spooky halloween treat I wanted. Your adorable spunk and creativity keep bringing me back to see what you whip up. Happy (belated) Halloween 🙂

  149. Brenda O. says

    I happed upon your site from another blog link. I bypass many sites based on first impressions. I liked your blog immediately. It is warm and inviting and full of unique ideas!

  150. Emily says

    A friend showed me Bakingdom awhile ago and I’ve been a fan ever since. I can’t pick a favorite recipe! Every time I visit, I am blown away by your creativity and amazing photos. Keep it up 🙂

  151. says

    I LOVE your blog, I stumbled upon it on google when I was looking for ideas for my hubby’s Doctor Who birthday and realized how much I have in common with you, Disney, Doctor Who, Harry Potter and Halloween. I love your ideas and your writing, I even made your smore cupcakes for our Disney UP valentine this year. Great work! And Happy Halloween!

  152. Anneke says

    I first found your blog via a link from a photo of your Harry Potter spice cake. From there I saw some Doctor Who cookies, and BAM, I was never going to leave!

  153. Alice says

    I made your lemon surprise cookies for two friends’ birthdays and they were a huge hit with everyone who tried them! The lemon curd went over spectacularly, something that really made me happy as it’s the first time I’d ever made lemon curd. And I owe it all to your pitch perfect recipe! A huge thank you for that recipe as well as all the other wonderful ones on this blog.

  154. Jacqui says

    What keeps me coming back is your super creative recipes!! You make everything SO cute and I just love it! Your creativity is inspiring.

  155. Luzie says

    Hi, my name is Luzie, I live in Germany and I´m nearly 15 years old. I found your blog a year ago because I was searching for a Harry Potter recipe. I loved your blog from the first click on and I looked at every recipe from you on the same day. I don´t have a favorite recipe, they are all awesome, but I like your Doctor Who and Harry Potter recipes most! I´m a big fan of both and never miss a new episode of Doctor Who. Anyway, I look everyday on your website, because I can´t wait to see what you think out next! I´d love to have more Doctor Who and Harry Potter recipes here, or something with ingredients we have in Germany too.
    Keep it real!

    PS Sorry for eventuelly spelling- or grammar mistakes, my English is not the best 😀

  156. Joanie from NC says

    I first found you somehow via your amazing Star Trek cookies post!! Now your blog is a regular check for me. Your talent and imagination is breathtaking! Thanks for the fun and inspiration!

  157. Cecily says

    I absolutely love your nutella sandwich cookies. They are so good. It’s also neat to know there i another geeky girl who loves to bake roaming this world.

  158. says

    I stumbled across your blog more than a year ago through searching for Harry Potter recipes. Since then I read and reread every post. You have the most fun ideas, and delicious recipes! Being a fellow Potter-head, I just love all your fun HP ideas.

  159. caitlin mack says

    I found you a few years ago on a quest to replicate the butterbeer I had at Universal, and I’ve loved every post you’ve written since! Thank you.

  160. Hannah hicks says

    I love Bakingdom!! I found your blog the same time that I found Pinterest and needless to say my life has not been the same! Your blog is fantastic and I hope you keep blogging! We’d all be amiss without you!

  161. CindyH says

    I found your site when Bakerella mentioned you in one of her posts. I had to take a look, and I’ve been enjoying your creations for a few weeks now. Thanks!

  162. Laurie Reed says

    I found you through a post on Pinterest. I love your site! What an inspiration to those of us who are challenged in the “pretty” baked goods department. You’re on my favorites now!

  163. S C says

    A friend sent me a link to your blog, and I keep coming back because you keep posting so many delicious recipes. Never been disappointed.

  164. says

    I LOVE your recipes but the more i learn about you the more I love your sense of style, too! That Minnie Mouse outfit the other day was gorgeous! I would have never thought to put those pieces together. Well done!

  165. Brenna says

    I can’t remember how I got your page, but I’ve made a few of your recipes and they’ve been wonderful! Recently I made your slow cooker beef stew and we loved it! I keep coming back because everything you show is not only adorable but also easily achievable. Thanks!

  166. Julie says

    I don’t remember how I found you but I love your creativity. I made you Orange Dreamsicle cupcakes and your Creamy Lemon cupcakes. They were such a hit.

  167. says

    I found your blog some months ago when I was looking for cute cupcakes ideas. Since then I´ve been in love with your Pink and Fluffy Birthday Tea Party. It´s so adorable! I want to have such a party, too! And of course I love your Sweet Chocolate Filled Raspberry Meringue Kisses. Best way ever to create perfect meringues!

  168. Ana santos says

    Hi Darla> I can’t remember how I found you blog but I just love sweets and I also share the experience of moving every few years.
    I’ve also like your comments on some tv shows that you like such as downton abbey and call the midwife that I started watching right after your post.
    Keep up the great work with your recipes and just continue to be yourself.
    Thank you for giving us the oportunity to win some cash specially for those of us who live in other countries.

  169. Kinga says

    Love your photos of the creative and yummy stuff you do. It inspires me every time.
    Not quite sure how I found you though, been looking at bakingdom for quite a long time now 🙂

  170. Jillian says

    I love your website – it is one of my favorites for unique, delicious treats. One of my favorite recipes from your site is the french toast donuts. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love looking at all your beautiful treats! You are an inspiration!

  171. Amanda says

    I don’t remember how I found your blog…probably through another baking blog! I keep coming back for the cookies and cupcakes!

  172. Debbie says

    I just started following you this October when I came across your recipe for Pumpkin Bread with Cinnamon Streusel Topping. I believe I found it on Pinterest. I have made that recipe 3times this past month. It is wonderful! Everyone who has tasted it raves over it. Thank you soooo much. I love your Blog now that I have subscribed. You are very talented and creative. Thanks for all the tips and tutorials. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for the holidays!

  173. Wendy R says

    It was your butterbeer recipe that brought me here first, but I love to bake and I love how you style your photos, so you made the list of blogs I check every few days. Clearly I’m a Harry Potter geek (we just hosted a Diagon Alley haunted house at the library where I work- it was awesome!), and I’m also a big Disney fan, so there are tons of posts on your site that make me smile!

  174. Lady Sally says

    I think I found your blog while searching some Doctor Who recipes on Google. Since then I came back quite often because I absolutely love your unique style and inspiration. And a blogger who love both Doctor Who and Harry Potter can only but be an awesome person. 😉

  175. Alicia D says

    I honestly cannot remember how I found your blog, but I’m an avid blog reader and probably found it by reading another food blog. I have a problem ;). Keep doing what your doing. You rock.

  176. Hang T says

    I can’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog but I’m glad I did. I enjoy seeing what you come up with and I also like reading about your family and the exciting places you get to go to.

  177. Min says

    I was looking for an easy bread recipe, and I found your blog in the google search. The recipe looked easy and the pictures were great. I still do like your photos very much, and the recipes .. although. I’m too lazy to do anything myself 🙂 Plus the fact that I don’t have an oven is a good enough reason not to do anything.

  178. Holly says

    My favourite things about bakingdom is the creative and inspiring food as well the personality you put into each one of your blog posts, Darla. I love all the Harry Potter creations.

  179. AKM says

    I believe I found your website because it was on a list of “websites I like” links from another food blogger (don’t remember which one, sorry!)

    I keep coming back because a) your creations are amazing to behold! b) I enjoy reading about your adventures traveling the globe and c) your scone recipes are super yummy! I don’t think I have the patience to recreate your works of art in fondant and icing, but I can do the scones…

  180. Chelsea says

    Might seem silly, but I love how delightfully sharable your treats are without being exclusively kid-focused. So many baking blogs offer only “too pretty to eat” sweets or “what to bake for your toddler’s birthday” recipes. Your blog is for everyone. While so many of yours are certainly worth showing off, your treats inspire sentiment closer to “I should bake a dozen and go share them at work!”

  181. Chandra says

    I think I found your blog via another blog (maybe a cupcake blog it’s been a couple of years). I enjoy how creative and thoughtful your recipes/designs/writing style is–it’s pretty inspiring makes me want to bake them although most of the time I just admire them.

  182. says

    I found your blog two years ago and I am not sure how…pinterest probably. But I keep coming back becuase of your amazing photography, creative recipes and writing and your love for Harry! Oh and your friendship with Sugarbean. You two are my favorite bloggy BFFs.

  183. Anna says

    I always read your posts not just because of the recipe but also because of the funny and cute tects you write. And I’ve had success with all the recipes I’ve tried from your blog and people always love them!

  184. Nancy in MI says

    I found your site from a link to your butter bear recipe ayear ago. I love to bake and am inspired by your creative and colorful confections! I would enjoy seeing more easy treats with fun and unique decorations.

  185. Danya says

    My sister introduced me to the magic and beauty of Bakingdom, and it has since brought us together over drool-worthy sweets and stomach-hurting laughs. Thank you Bakingdom!

  186. Cosima says

    Hey Darla, I don’t even remember how I found your blog because it was a few years ago. Since then, I check your blog about every couple of days, because I love how you create beautiful desserts and cakes while making me feel like I am able to make them, too. Also, I live in Germany, and ever since you moved, I am even more excited to see that you uploaded a new blog post because I enjoy reading about your new home and how you’re adjusting to living around here. So, if you ever want to visit Cologne (and I recommend it!), don’t hesitate to mail me- I’d love to be your guide 🙂

  187. Maddie says

    I love all your recipes and photography! But I especially love the harry potter stuff. Also your lemon raspberry muffins. They were delish

  188. Megan says

    Found a post for your Hogwarts cake (the one with the vertical icing on the inside) on tumblr, and I saw a couple more recipes and bookmarked your blog and I check it every day for new recipes now. I really love all the recipes and the stories, and I grew up military so I understand the moving around, and hearing someone else’s stories about moving are always really nice, because most of the people I know never understand moving the way I do.

  189. Megan says

    I followed you on twitter and I posted the thing above which you wrote (I admit I don’t really understand twitter and I only have one because I was asked by a fellow student at my university to follow their twitter for a class assignment, so I just copy and pasted the message from here)

  190. Michele says

    I can’t remember how I found your blog… But I do remember looking for a Valentine treat to make for my husband and son and I used your recipe for Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Turtle Thumbprints…a very big HIT. :0)

  191. Chantelle says

    It’s your delicious recipes and mouthwatering photography that keeps me coming back for more! I have yet to try any, but I’ve saved a couple so I can start baking once my high school exams are over – I would love to someday be a baker as skilled as you are ^_^ I also like, that despite your very large and growing fanbase, your posts remain humble, amusing and show you are still very much a home baker at heart. Keep up the good work – you are an inspiration to many.

  192. says

    I love that those apple cider slushies are on this post because that’s actually how I found you! There was a collection of fall-y recipies somewhere and I saw the slushies and HAD to know where they came from! Love your blog =) I’m using your Winter Wonderland printouts for my goody bags this year.

  193. Jaime Walker says

    I first found your blog when I was looking for autumn-y recipes to use at my pumpkin carving party for my birthday two years ago. I used and LOVED your chai latte cupcakes and homemade butterbeer for that party, and have loved many many recipes since. 😀 In case you were wondering, my birthday is November 6th.

  194. Kim C. says

    I believe I found Bakingdom a couple years ago on Pinterest. I saw your Chocolate Button Tree Cake and I’ve been hooked on your blog ever since. I love your recipes, they are Delicious!! I recently used your Marshmallow Fondant recipe and it was Perfect!! It was so easy to work with and it is actually Much Better than the one we used in Pastry School. You are very creative and talented and you are one of the main food blogs I turn to when I’m searching for a recipe & I love that you are a HUGE Harry Potter as well. Thank You for blogging! 😀

  195. Elise says

    How did I find you? I can’t remember…maybe through Pinterest…. Anyway, I think the first recipe of yours that I saw was for the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey Doctor Who jello. I love Doctor Who! Later I saw some of your Harry Potter and Firefly related recipes and I was hooked. Plus, your pictures are beautiful.

  196. Liz says

    I remember searching for a fish finger and custard recipe a couple years back. And I loved yours. After a quick look around your website I fell in love with both you recipe and pictures.
    Would love even more vegan recipes!

  197. Kadee says

    My favorite thing about Bakingdom is how much you love Harry Potter and still celebrate character birthdays and whatnot. Your baked goods are fantastic but that die hard geekiness is the absolute best!!

  198. Milena says

    I can’t for the life of me remember how I got here, but I’ve been following for a couple years! 🙂
    Hm. I think what I like most about this site are the pictures and the sugar. Also the sugar. But it’s a tough choice, because really the sugar is pretty important, too.

  199. says

    I honestly can’t remember how I found your blog – I’m guessing through another one. I sort of fell into the food blog world and I started following about a dozen, yours being one of the first. And I keep coming back because of the recipes and I love your style 🙂

  200. Nicole Marie says

    I know I found your blog from another blog (can’t remember which). What keeps me coming back are the recipes, and your love of things geeky (specifically Harry Potter and the magical world, and also Disney).

  201. says

    I came across your website ages ago when I was looking up food blogs to get inspiration for my up and coming food blog, & I stayed for the amazing recipes (your Stroop Waffle Cupcakes are one of my favourites) & your beautiful photographs! Every time I’m styling photos for my blog I always come & look here for inspiration. I truly love your blog!

  202. Christina says

    I’m pretty sure I found you on livejournal’s bakebakebake group around two years ago (either you posted or someone used you as a reference) and I’ve been hooked on your blog since because your photos are amazing and your writing is very funny. 🙂

  203. Crystal Kay says

    It has been so long since I found your blog, that I can’t remember how I found it! But I do remember the first recipe I ever made was your sugar cookie with buttercream frosting to make cupcake cookies (cupookies!) and I have been hooked ever since. Your beef pot pie recipe is one of the only reasons I bought a food processor, though since then I have found it useful for other things.

    I love the photos you take of the steps, and your recipes are delicious. Keep it up!

  204. Talia says

    A friend once posted your brownie recipe as “the best”, and now it’s my go-to for brownies! I also adore your sugar cookie cutout and faux royal icing recipes (although my stuff never looks as good as yours!)

  205. Marie-h says

    I discovered Bakingdom on Foodgawker with your fat owl birthday cake. I loved you post because of your beautyfull pictures, fun anecdotes and good explanations. I started reading it for the start and I can’t stop reading it since!
    I am sorry for the mistakes, I am a francophone from Québec

  206. Adri says

    I found you because of your Doctor Who fish fingers and custard. I am a recent convert to the show and am very much obsessed. My friends loved the cookies! 🙂

  207. Maneesha Pradhan says

    I’m not sure how I found your blog, but I do enjoy your recipes. You are very creative and inspiring. SPecially with the Disney which is my fav. I have made quite of few of your cupcakes.

  208. Lisa says

    Your blog is simply the perfect source for finding recipes that are extraordinary and down-to-earth at the same time. No matter if I want to find a fancy cake recipe to impress friends and family or an idea for a simple weeknight dinner (like your pizzas!!), I always turn to your blog for inspiration 🙂

    Keep up your great work!!

  209. Fabiola says

    Hi! I found you a while ago, during an intense search for a lavender biscuit recipe, I read your recipe and gave it a try, OMG, I loved it! Ever since I’ve been following you and I think your blog is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing with us! We moved to the US a few years ago, so I know what it means to experience a new culture, isn’t it very exciting?
    Now, I’m curious, since you live in the Netherlands, what do you think about queen Maxima?

  210. Kaitlin says

    I love Bakingdom! I think I’ve been coming here for three years now. Since before the move to Oregon! I porbably make your cupcakes more than anything else. I love your spin on treats- bacon-hazelnut buttermilk cupcakes, gingerbread cocoa cupcakes, black and white cupcakes. In fact, one year for my daughter’s birthday, all of her cupcakes were from Bakingdom. Three differnt varieties. I also loooove your salted carmel. I’m not a big carmel fan normally because it has such a fake aftertaste. But I made your version for a recipe and fell in love. Now anytime I need caramel, I always make your salted caramel. And maybe eat the leftover carmel myself. Maybe. 🙂

  211. Jeanne says

    I’ve been looking for a baking blog for some time now, and stumbled upon yours via a Buzzfeed article on Harry Potter treats. Can’t wait to give your Butterbeer recipe a try during winter break! 🙂

  212. Diana says

    I found Bakingdom looking for a Butterbeer recipe after I visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for my high school graduation trip with one of my best friends. But what sealed the deal was the pesto rolls and I have fallen in love the deliciousness I’ve found here since!

  213. says

    Your love of Harry Potter and all your Harry Potter treats keep me coming back! Every time there is a new harry potter recipe to celebrate someone’s birthday, I get a huge smile!
    I also love the monster claw cupcakes! Ah!

  214. Elaina says

    Oh goodness! I found your blog through a link on Facebook years and years ago! I’ve been hooked since. I love all of the nerdy posts that you mix in among your other sweets! Thanks for all the hard work you put in here!

  215. Rachael G says

    I always look forward to your Harry Potter and Dr Who goodies (both crafty and bake-y). In fact, it was your enthusiasm for Doctor Who that inspired me to start watching, so thank you for broadening my tv viewing habits! 🙂

  216. Amber says

    Found you by searching for recipes for chicken enchiladas (kid friendly cheesy chicken enchiladas), stayed for the amazing desserts and photography! Your cinnamon roll cupcakes are one of my favorites!

  217. lisat says

    I don’t have a fav recipe, but I came across you a while back from one of your Harry Potter-themed recipes (as if that narrows it down!!). Love your ideas! Also like your Dr. Who-related recipes.

  218. Annabelle Taylor says

    I found your site via your Facebook page and I’m in love! my fave recipe is the Butterbeer one – keep it up!! <3

    also tweeted an entry 🙂 xoxo

  219. Sarah says

    My favorite recipe is the Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes – I made them for a party and they were a huge hit!! The coffee icing was perfect with them!

  220. Karen Meister says

    I’ve been following you for quite a while now. I love your photos and food styling. Great job on the blog and FB page <3

  221. Mattie says

    I’ve been following your blog for several years and I am thrilled to see how successful it has become (though it does make giveaways more competitive :P). I have tested quite a few of your recipes (the first one being your layered Halloween cake), but I have to say that the éclairs and the raspberry-chocolate chip meringues have become classics in my house. I remember sharing your excitement when Pottermore first opened in beta, and I relish in your Harry Potter treats 🙂

  222. Tatajana White says

    I found you through a recipe on pintrest and then you appeared as something I should like on Facebook. It was butter beer that lead me to you but honestly I love your cupcake recipes.

  223. Suzanne Sale says

    Hi Darla I think I found your website on Pintrest while looking for Harry Potter inspired cakes and have been coming back ever since to see what delightful feasts you carry on making 🙂 I even made my son the Hogwarts scarf cake off your blog which went down a treat for my Potter fan..Thanks for inspiring us all x

  224. Jeanette says

    Normally I think it’s irritating that Facebook keeps recommending things to me, but once it was spot-on: it recommended your Facebook page and I’m so glad it did! I love your style of writing, your love for Harry Potter which I share, the fact that you now live in “my” country, The Netherlands, and of course YOUR RECIPES! I loved your googly-eye cookies and so did my friends when I made them for them.

  225. says

    I found your fabulous blog via facebook. I started following many creative bakers for inspiration for my own small business. Every time Bakingdom pops up on my feed it catches my attention! Thank you for the inspiration! It helps keep me motivated and to learn new things! You Rock!

  226. Tina says

    I have just found your blog on facebook and I think your receipes and ideas are wonderful and very creative. Your pictures are so great that I am getting hungry immediatly and that I can`t wait to bake your cakes, cookies and other sweet things.

  227. says

    I forget exactly how I found this blog but I know it was recently and through another baking blog I follow. I haven’t had a lot of time to dig through all of your past entries but those googly eye cookies you recently posted were amazing! I had to give some away to make sure I didn’t eat them all on my own!

  228. Heather M. says

    Hm, I think I found your FB page randomly recommended, but keep coming back for all the amazing looking food! Such awesome ideas 🙂

  229. Lynnette says

    I found your blog a few years ago.. I had heard a myth that you could make your own marshmallows! So I came on here and used your recipe. (I think it’s from early 2010!) Anyway, I have been following you on FB for a while. And also share the love for all things Potter and the Doctor too! 🙂

  230. Amanda J says

    Ahhh so many yummy things that I need to make now 😀

    I found your blog I think maybe 2 years ago when I was looking for blue food and came across the blue velvet cupcake recipe. It’s the ONLY velvet cake recipe that I make and will eat, so that says something about how delicious it is.

  231. Kelly Mallery says

    I’ve been following your blog for so long, I can’t even remember how I found it. But, I’m glad I did! I love the originality of your recipes. I also adore that we share the love for a lot of same fandoms. <3

  232. Kelly South says

    Can’t remember how I found you but I have to say every recipe is my favorite recipe. You are seriously talented and I am super jealous of your super duper baking abilities 😀

  233. Lauren says

    Hi! I found Bakingdom on facebook. It suggested I would like your page, and it (for once) was right. Your recipes look awesome, but I haven’t gotten a chance to try any yet. I am excited to try the chocolate oatmeal cookies on top of peanut butter cookies though… those are my two favorite cookies! I really looove that you include vegan substitutes!
    Bonus: you are so cute and love all the geeky things I love!

  234. Joe M says

    It was odd because Facebook suggested your page and I had never heard of it, I love cooking but baking even more so, glad you post such yummy dessert ideas.

  235. felicity frengle says

    I love, love, love your blog! I also love how all of your recipes work out each and every time. I found you on a link off of BBF and have been following you via FB for the past 5 months.

  236. Kathy C says

    I found your blog a few years ago after seeing your Halloween layer cake featured on another food blog and I am blown away by how talented you are! I love seeing each treat and all the nifty crafts you create!

  237. sue goodhouse says

    My daughter shared your blog via FB a few months ago and I love your posts and the recipes. I also like how they are for small quantities – so I am not making 24 cupcakes just 12 which is more manageable for 2.

  238. Gabrial Klatecki says

    I found your blog one day long ago and thought that your recipes and decorating were ingenious. I’ve been following and baking along ever since then.

  239. Lesley says

    I can’t remember how I found you either, but I keep following cause you are awesome!!! Love, love love everything you bake, just delicious!!

  240. royce frengle says

    I really enjoy how happy your blog and recipes make my wife. Okay, the guys at work are also fans of the recipes since my wife sends in the leftovers. Thanks for keeping the Airmen happy via my wife.

  241. Cindy Clogston says

    You popped up as a recommendations on Facebook and when when I saw Harry Potter and Doctor Who inspired recipes I knew I had to follow your blog.

  242. says

    I have followed you for do long I don’t even know how I started… I’m sure it was Social media related since we went to HS together!! 😉 I have to pick a favorite?! I can’t do that. But, a few of your recipes have become staples in this house… BBQ sauce, s’mores brownies, brownies, hostess cupcakes, corn dogs… The list is lengthy!!

  243. Carolyn says

    I found your blog surfing for recipes. I kept coming back to it because I, too, live overseas and laugh at Darla’s stories about settling in and living life as an expat. Darla, you actually live close by – I am in Belgium. It would be fun to compare notes sometime.

  244. Jenni Lyytikäinen says

    I found your blog via facebook and i love this halloween post, everything looks so cute, yummy and colours are fantastic. Keep on the good work!

  245. Laura says

    I found out about your blog through a friend of mine who is a fellow Potterhead, and she linked me your Butterbeer recipe! 🙂 I still haven’t tried it, though. 😉 I enjoy reading your blog because I can truly see your passion behind your recipes.
    Hugs from Italy,

  246. Dawn Dodge says

    I found you on my search for Cosmopolitan cupcakes (which were wonderful) and it was love at first “site” your recipes and pictures are amazing and we share a love of Disney (got married there in 1992), Harry Potter (read them all), Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, etc, etc

  247. Nicole says

    I first found you on Pinterest I was looking for Harry Potter stuff, and I fell in love with your whole blog! It is always nice to know you aren’t the only grown up Potter geek lol. And your recipes are so creative and fun! I’d have to say my favorite so far is Chocolate Chai Tea Cupcakes with Cinnamon Chocolate Buttercream! Scrumptious! Reading your blog is like getting a letter from a friend 🙂

  248. Theresa Sea says

    I don’t remember how I found you (I’ve been an active stalker for years), but I do recall it came about over a gorg layer cake you did! 🙂 Thank you for all that you do!

  249. Marissa O. says

    Your website and FB posts always keep me drooling! I found your site when one of my besties linked one of your blog posts and I have been hooked, happily-ever-after. My husband and I are just finishing up with a PCS back to the states from Japan and I can’t wait for all my baking utensils to get here so I can start baking away. Yay for military spouses! Keep on baking and sharing your fabulous creations!

  250. MrsNumbles says

    BUTTERBEER. I was hunting for a recipe for my sister who is in love with the stuff ever since going to Orlando! And the cocktails for the HP trio are my favorite recipes from Bakingdom….*hic*

  251. Elain Ponce De Leon says

    I don’t remember how I originally came across your blog but I’ve been a long time follower. I love all your cutesy goodies!

  252. Belinda G says

    I found Bakingdom while searching for baking inspiration on google. Everything you make is always so fun, pretty and tasty – I love it!

  253. Katy Kelley says

    I LOVE this site! I have a couple of “unicorn” blogs – where I love the people, so I come here to read and see what you’re up to, and I LOVE your recipes – so I come here when I need something that is guaranteed no fail. Everything I’ve ever made from here has been a total hit. This is truly your calling and I’m so glad you’ve answered it!

  254. Regine Kim-Darov says

    I am pretty sure I found you via Pinterest, looking for a cinnamon roll recipe. I loves the way you write, so fun and honest. I feel like I know you and often tell my husband about your new recipes and stuff happening in your life, like the big move. I too once had to move all the way across the atlantic, so I know how crazy that can feel like. Keep up the fantastic work and keep on inspiring people with your ridiculously yummy recipes! Greetings from Cologne, Germany 😀

  255. Aneira says

    I found your blog while looking for ideas for making my own butter beer. We needed HP themed snacks for a HP movie marathon…
    I ended up spending quite a bit of time here, due to overlaps in our interests!

  256. Kate says

    I don’t exactly remember how I found your blog, but ever since I found it, it has been my favourite baking blog ever! The fact that you’re a Potterhead, a Whovian, and a Browncoat at the same time just makes me love this blog more. My favourite recipe that I’ve actually tried is the Hogwarts Houses Layer Cake, which looked and tasted awesome. 😀

  257. says

    Came across your blog by suggested pages on Facebook and ever since liking it, I keep reading your updates on Facebook. Thanks for having the opportunity for all to enter the draw…that’s amazing

  258. Sam S. says

    I keep coming back because I love all the recipes and the way you include all the awesome geekery with both your family and cooking <3

  259. Jessica says


    I found your awesome blog while looking up brownie recipes… I found the brookie recipe and have been coming back for a year and a half since. Amazing! What keeps me coming back is your awesome recipes and wonderful, positive personality! I’m now also a Facebook friend. Keep up the wonderful work!


  260. Shannon says


    Besides the fact that I would love a gift card to Amazon, one of my favorite things about your blog is that you take so much time to make the steps easy for any one to follow! I’ve tried my hand at a couple of your recipes and they were huge hits! Keep creating beautiful, delicious treats and I’ll keep coming back for more! 🙂


  261. Charlotte Humphreys says

    I found Bakingdom whilst searching for baking blogs on Google. I check back every day because you’re so inspiring and make me feel as though I can do great things too! Thank you 🙂

  262. Catherine H. says

    I found your blog a little over a year ago while searching for Harry Potter themed drinks, and since then I’ve kept coming back for more. Every recipe I’ve tried from here has turned out magnificently! Can’t wait to see and try more.

  263. says

    I think I was searching for some nice recipes when I stumbled upon you page. I immediately fell in love not only with your inspired recipes but also the pictures and the way you present it all. It’s girly, funny, geeky and just makes you want to try every recipe at once! Your creativity and talent keep impressing me!
    Thank you so much for sharing your passion!

  264. Jessi says

    A friend shared a recipe on Facebook so I went to take a look. After going through most of your recipes and reading about you I was (and am) convinced that we would be best friends if we had met in person and not through the interwebs. Like seriously. Lots in common. Your recipes and clever ideas are an inspiration on a regular basis so, thanks!

  265. Jen G says

    I love Bakingdom so much and have been following your blog for 3+ years now! I stumbled across your blog on Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets and fell in love! I love how geeky the posts and recipes are and loving trying everything you post! My favorite recipe is your chocolate chip cookies! I’ve made them so many times that I have the recipe memorized! I’m always telling my friends about your blog and encouraging them to check out the amazing recipes! Can’t wait to see what you make next! 🙂

  266. Stacy Zimmerman says

    I’ve known you since high school, and we are friends on Facebook! Your blog astounds me! You are one talented chic! I simply can’t pick just one recipe that’s my fav…all of them are wonderful!! Ohh…and congrats on being in Women’s World!!

  267. Karen says

    Ooh boy…how did I find your blog? Definitely while looking for a recipe. Was it scones? muffins? dinner rolls!? the butter beer?!! I don’t remember! But a few years ago I stumbled across your marvelous blend of food, photography and geekdom, and I’ve followed along ever since. Thanks for the wonderful work, Darla!

  268. Abi Dunki-Jacobs says

    I tweeted at you (from @abidunki) because I couldn’t figure out if there was a tweet of yours that I was supposed to retweet. Thanks!

  269. Abi Dunki-Jacobs says

    I love Bakingdom because it has inspired to me relish in the details. For instance, in this apple pie I just made, I dipped my fingertips in a cinnamon-sugar/water mix, and then pressed the crusts together! It gives the edge a delicious burst of flavor.

    Thank you so much for all that you’ve taught me, Darla!

  270. Jillian says

    I’m a Coastie myself, and found your blog while I was stationed in Hawaii and perusing food blogs. I love the photography, amazing decorating skills, and creativity you have! Plus, I love that it’s baking focused. 😉

  271. says

    I first found your site because of your sweet fish fingers & custard recipe for Doctor Who! I love your photography skills and the clever and varied recipes you come up with.

  272. NancyJ says

    I think I found you on Facebook. I keep coming back because you are so creative and have such a beautiful blog. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I absolutely love everything you have made!

  273. MKat says

    I found you through another blog. I love your pink creations, your fun chatter, and artful designs. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Netherlands!

  274. Jennifer says

    I found you while planning my husbands 50th surprise Star Trek birthday party. I made your Star Trek character fondant cookies and incorporated then into my cake design. They were a hit! Email me and I will share a couple of cake pictures that I took immediately after I finished. Not fancy photography on my part, but you can see my work. Keep your great ideas coming!

  275. says

    Those pumpkin almond spiced spritz (something!) cookies look positively scrumptious! I love your blog, you and your recipes are so much fun. Your honey oat bread is the first recipe I ever made, but have since pinned dozens, including those slushies! I think we would be friends in “real life” 🙂 Congrats on the zillion followers!!

  276. Monique says

    I found Bakingdom about 2 years ago when I was looking for Doctor Who themed recipes and it was love at first sight! Whether it is a nerdy treat or beautiful or delicious or all of the above, your blog has given me much joy as well as many growls from my stomach! So, thank you..? Haha. 😀

    I didn’t get the chance to make any of these delicious Halloween treats this year, but I’ve bookmarked a couple for next year! I especially love the Mickey ones, Disney + Halloween is very magical, indeed!!! 🙂

  277. Jennifer says

    I found your blog when I was searching for Star Trek ideas for my husbands surprise 50th birthday party. I incorporated your cookie characters into my cake design. If you want to see my finished Star Trek cake then you can email me! I really enjoy all if your creative ideas and excellent instructions. I visit the blog all the time to see what you are making next. Thanks for sharing your time and talents!

  278. Gabriela says

    I found your page when I saw a marvelous Harry Potter cake, though I don’t remember which page sent me here. Since then I visit regularly and I have tried many of your recipes. I am sure my versions of your desserts are not half as good as yours, but I always get compliments and refer people to your page. Thanks for sharing your talent and your geekiness, makes me feel good to know there are other adult women like me.

  279. Ms Monica says

    I found this page when I was searching for butterbeer recipes! Now I follow everything! And I just adore all of your pictures of delicious food and super cute outfits!

  280. Jan N says

    I was looking for a cake recipe for my niece’s Birthday, when I stumbled on your web-site. I Bookmarked your Blog and I keep coming back. Love your recipes it never fails.

  281. Eugenie says

    I’ve stalked your site for a while, and now I’m not quite sure how I found you but I think through the blog of someone else. I enjoy all of your recipes, especially your harry potter themed ones!

  282. says

    I cannot remember how I found your website. I think I just stumbled upon it and instantly fell in love with it. My favorite recipe? That is really difficult, because I like most of what you make. If I had to decide, at the moment it would be Rolo Brownie Trifles with Caramel Sauce and Chocolate Whipped Cream.

  283. says

    I love cakes, sweets, cupcakes, royal icing, buttercream…. so what is not to love on bakingdom?
    I found you on facebook.
    <3 Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake & a cuppa tea!

  284. says

    I found your blog last year when I was going to a steampunk themed Halloween party. I found your AWESOME cupcakes and made them. They were a huge hit! So I keep checking back for more and am amazed every single time! You certainly have talent – and to be honest, I wouldn’t change a thing!

  285. Nikola says

    I found your blog only 2 weeks ago while I was looking for a good recipe for starbucks’ gingerbread syrup. Yeah I know it’s not yet christmas season but it’s already pretty cold here in Germany, so I just needed somehting warm and comforting <3 I instantly tried your recipe and oh my gosh it was so good. So I scrolled through your other recipes and in those last 2 weeks I tried also the butter beer, cinnamon roll cupcakes and maple pecan cinnamon rolls. And I loved them all! You're taste seems to be very similar to mine, I just love cinnamon and chai spices and chocolate and Starbucks 😉 but above all I love caramel!! So far my favorite recipe ist that for maple pecan cinnamon rolls <3 Oh and btw I just love how you decorate everything so beautifully <3
    And als a HUGE thank you for the weight conversions because here in Germany it's really hard to find measuring cups for ozs or cups 🙂

  286. Jessica says

    Hi Darla,

    I’ve been reading your website for a couple of years now, and love your receipes. I mainly go for flavours, not for decoration, but you’ve shown me that decoration can be easy too!

    I love that you really like our little country, and I hope that you will get to love it even more. It’s smal, but I’m proud of it!

    And of course I’d like to win a voucher for my favourite bookshop 🙂

  287. Carms says

    I found your website through Google and I have enjoyed reading your daily adventures and tried many of your recipes. The last one I made was your stoopwaffles cupcakes a reminder of our holiday in the Netherlands. Looking forward to continuing following your blog in the future.

  288. Jennifer says

    I found your blog when I was searching for Star Trek ideas for my husbands surprise 50th birthday party. I incorporated your cookie characters into my cake design. If you want to see my finished Star Trek cake then you can email me! I really enjoy all of your creative ideas and excellent instructions. I visit the blog all the time to see what you are making next. Thanks for sharing your time and talents!

  289. Alice says

    I can’t recall how I found your blog, but I’m so glad I did:) I love reading your entertaining posts and each ‘story’ ,if you like, about every awesome recipe. My favourite of there recipes is probably the weeping angel cookies from back in 2011:)

  290. Amber Lyn says

    I honestly don’t recall how exactly I came across your blog but I do remember the first thing I saw on it: the tiered square teal cake with the cute owl topper. I keep coming back because I love your brand of humor, creativity and wit. Can’t help but love your open embrace of your inner geek! Let it fly!

  291. Indy says

    Found your marshmallow fondant recipe and tried to duplicate your chocolate/orange layered cake for halloween. Unfortunately, taste wise, the cake was a bomb (my recipe, not yours!). It was so pretty though! my (then) 4yr old and I had fun making fondant pumpkins for the decorations. Just love how you make baking so much fun!

  292. Han Fang says

    I found the website after seeing someone post something (it was the caramel cupcakes that look like they mimic Starbucks lattes) on pinterest. I got hooked through your website design (how adorable everything is!!) and how lovely the pictures were and most importantly–the recipes themselves! I “like” your blog on Facebook and what keeps me coming back is how cheerful your blog is and how creative your recipes are. I would love to see more of what you’re already doing. Cute recipes! I would like to see some “easy” or fast ways to make a cupcake/cookie but have it look as adorable as you’ve made them.

  293. Nem says

    Hey I love Bakingdom, your work is amazing, I love the photography… & your imagination is unreal ^_^ Please keep up the good work, I’ve been following you for I think now 2 years? Wow time flies, I hope I’ll still be following you in the next 10.

  294. Vee says

    I think I found you through either sweetapolita.com or sprinklebakes.com
    I keep coming back to your website for your humor and style.

  295. Fatima says

    I stumbled upon your blog after linking from another foodie website and I just fell in love with your quirky desserts. I particularly love all the fantastic cakes you’ve done over the years. Since I’ve never worked with fondant, I live vicariously though your cake art:). A girl can dream after all!

  296. MP says

    I know I found your blog way back when someone linked to one of your Harry Potter week-long celebrations. It involved the cauldron cakes, and I thought they were adorable and looked so fun to make! My favorite recipe of yours that I’ve made is the cookieolis. Such a great, simple idea that I never would have thought of myself. Between the adorable and delicious recipes, and your awesome stories of your family, dog, geek chic, and travel experiences, I love the balance of your website. Plus, I sympathize with your arachnophobia- I know they’re necessary for the ecosystem, but that doesn’t mean they should be in my house!
    I’ve also used your blog for advice. My sisters and I went to Universal earlier this year, and I remembered a post about your trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, so I looked it up to make sure we didn’t miss anything awesome or essential! And reading that post made me even more excited for our trip, because your excitement was palpable in the post.
    I love this blog, and will follow it until your very last post- hopefully decades from now! Thanks for everything!

  297. Betina says

    I found my way to bakingdom via Pinterest. I follow you(r work) on FB as well. You are an inspiration and I love the way your kind heart shines through your every post. You are charming, passionate and you have FUN! What’s not to love?
    -Betina (from Denmark, btw).

  298. Cari says

    I can’t remember how many years I’ve been following you. I think it’s been two or three years now. I remembering the first time I came upon it though. I found your blog by searching in google for a rainbow cake and yours popped up. I then noticed that you were a Potterhead like me (love Harry Potter as much as I do) then I saw you posting Star Trek ideas too. I love how you are interested in the same things as I. There’s so many great recipes on here I can’t choose a favorite… It’s so hard. I suppose I would have to choose the Butterbeer one or your buttercream recipe! Love those! I enjoy reading about your dog (maybe you could start his own blog or something on his adventures) and your family. Since I follow you on Facebook that’s what keeps me coming back here! It keeps me updated on everything new and exciting. I hope to visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter like you did one day. It looked so fun! I will never stop following you. You have great ideas and I love your photos! You take great pictures! Thank you so much for everything! You inspire me each day to be a better decorator! Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t say it enough! Keep up the great work! I look forward to your many new creations and stories to come! Oooo I’ve been wondering have you played Lego Marvel yet? Did I perhaps miss a post about you talking about it?

  299. Jazmin says

    I found your blog about a year ago and I’ve been checking it daily since! I love how cute and funny your intros are and the fact that you love Doctor Who and Star Trek. Speaking of Doctor Who I’ll be making your recipe for fish fingers and custard for this year’s special!

  300. Judy says

    I learned about Bakingdom when a friend shared one of your Facebook posts. I have been a fan ever since. I love how creative your ideas are and I think your stories are probably the most interesting of all the bloggers I follow.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I hope you are enjoying your time overseas. My husband just came back from a business trip in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. He says it’s amazing over there. I hope I can travel with him the next time. Sadly the only European countries I’ve had the opportunity to visit are England, Scotland, and Wales. Gorgeous countries, but I want more!

    Alas, I have avoided the Twitter craze…but I’d certainly tweet about you if I had an account! <3

  301. Lisete Alves says

    I just found you in Facebook, literally 3 minutes ago! And I fell absolutelly in love with your ideas, really ! I love them! (BTW, I have a soft spot for the cookie monster and your Monster Claws Cupcakes just mede think of the cookie monster’s paw! LOL)
    All I could think of is “Why did it take me so loooong to find this page?”
    Love it!

  302. Stephanie Dunne says

    Wow! What a great giveaway.
    Well, how I stumbled upon this GREAT blog was the Homemade Butterbeer recipe. I am a true HP fan even though I wasnt at first but I love to come back an see what wonderful creations you always have. I will admit I do stalk this blog because of your fun, and witty nature I feel if we met in person we would totally hit it off. I find myself sometimes checking if you have any new posts even when I first found your blog I was up last at night laughing at all your witty comments and all the while my husband asks “What is so funny?” Keep up all the good work Darla! -Stephanie

  303. Lori says

    I found your blog years ago by searching for “Halloween cake” and finding your orange and chocolate thin layer cake with adorable fondant pumpkins. Then I found out you were a fellow Potterhead AND Whovian, and I was hooked. Your Hogwarts cake with all for house colors made my jaw literally drop.

  304. Kelly G says

    I found your page from another blog that I follow…I believe it was sweetapolita, Your creativity is so inspiring…especially because I have two small daughters! Your Halloween desserts were simply adorable, and my daughter is a huge Mickey and Minnie Mouse fan, so those cupcakes were definitely on my to-do list!

  305. Megan says

    I love the little stories you include in your posts! And of course the recipes…though I can’t pick a favorite. 🙂 Let’s not forget the awesome pictures too!

  306. Bridget says

    Yours was the first food blog I discovered and fell in love with…it was my gateway drug, if you will. Everything you make is amazing, but the Harry Potter and Doctor Who treats have a special place in my heart!

  307. Davy says

    I found you a couple months ago, but I don’t remember how I got here. I do remember burning through a big chunk of my data allowance that month reading current and older posts and salivating over the beautiful and delicious-looking photos and recipes. I love the stories you tell, the often obscure but awesome ’80s references you make, and the fact that you’re a huge Disney and Potter fan like I am. I think we could be good friends (don’t read that in the creepy, stalker way it came out!). I love to bake, but rarely get to lately because I’m on a diet or my husband’s on a diet or my aunt’s going to be at the party and she can’t have gluten… So I enjoy baking vicariously through you!

  308. Nikki says

    I absolutely love your blog and your brownies are my ultimate brownie recipe! I had almost given up trying to find a homemade brownie that tasted like a mix, but once I found yours I never tried another recipe or bought another box of mix again 🙂

  309. Marie says

    Bakingdom is my go-to site for all food-related Harry Potter things! I love it! That huge Harry Potter party post is totally awesome too 🙂

  310. Melissa Nichols says

    I found your blog by clicking on a link one of your friends posted in the comments on Bakerella’s blog for the high hat cupcakes you made. You have some fun, cute and yummy looking recipes.

  311. Doreen says

    Not sure how I found you but glad I did! I read it every time it comes for cooking ideas! Always nice to have fresh new recipes to add! Thanks

  312. says

    I found Bakingdom looking for HP related recipes. I stayed for our shared love of baking and all things geeky and wonderful. You’re a very interesting and charming writer, so I’m always looking forward to your posts.

    I’d love to see more cakes! I love how you find inspiration and turn it into art.

    Thanks for the contest!

  313. says

    Also, I first found your blog either through a Doctor Who thing or a Harry Potter thing. I can’t remember which, it could, let’s face it, have been either. I love seeing your love of Harry Potter as it feels like you would be super good friends with my friend Lizzie and I who have big love for the boy wizard too!

  314. Becky Riemann says

    I came across your blog maybe two years ago. My favorite recipe of yours is by far the Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes with Coffee Glaze and Creamcheese Frosting. I have made them countless times for every occasion ever. They are always such a hit!

  315. Angela Willis says

    I have loved you since I met you… and your blog. 🙂 I can’t remember when we met… its been too long! But I knew that you were the girl for me, when I discovered that you were a sci-fi lover, a whovian, and a baker! Now you are traveling and so lucky to live in Europe… its like my dream life, and on top of it all… you have the best brownie recipe to date! What don’t I love about you… if you lived on my block we would be best of friends!

  316. Paula says

    I don’t really remember how I found you but I’m so glad I did. The favorite recipe of my house is the soft pretzels. And you are really funny.

  317. cathy says

    miss darla! i found you while searching for information on Harry Potter Land! i think you visited the wonderful wizardy world a month before me. 🙂 i’ve been fan of your site, your cute creations and your humor for years now. youve been one of the few sites i follow religiously. 🙂

  318. Kristen says

    I wanted to surprise my Japanese grandmother by making her some mochi. I searched and found the guest post on your blog and I’ve been addicted to your recipes ever since. Your treats are wonderful sweet surprises for my kids and I find myself continually turning to your blog when I want to show them a little extra love through yummy treats!!:) thank you!!

  319. says

    I don’t quite remember how I came across your blog, it was either through: Bakerella, tumblr, or Google. Whatever way it was, I’m pretty sure it had to do with Harry Potter (the butterbeer post perhaps?) and I’ve been a fan ever since 🙂
    You take lovely pictures of your creations and I can definitely appreciate that some of them are Disney and Harry Potter related 😀

  320. Mary says

    I’ve been visiting your page for some time now – I absolutely love it!! I love your writing style and your amazing recipes. They are creative and also look amazing. You do an excellent job.

  321. Ashley Fillmore says

    I discovered your wonderful blog while searching Pinterest for recipes of baked good so I could send care packages to my best friends brother who was deployed. I discovered your Pumpkin Bread with Streusel Topping and boy was it a hit! This is now my go to recipe for Pumpkin Bread! The Chicken Pot Pie recipe has been a favorite of my families, especially on the cold days in Maine! I told my aunt about your blog the other day and she has already started making some of your recipes! I love looking at all your recipes and figuring out which one I am going to make next!

  322. Joel says

    I found your blog last week when I was looking for inspiration for a Harry Potter cake for my birthday party on the weekend. I came across your Hogwarts Spice Cake and gave it a go. It turned out brilliant and was a huge hit. I’ve actually just posted a picture to your Facebook. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing!

  323. María says

    Hi! I found your blog about a year ago while looking for a butterbeer recipe and I just fell in love with it, especially with your Harry Potter recipes. I love reading your posts and trying your recipes -I made your individual apple pies yesterday and they were delicious!-. I check the blog almost everyday to see if there is any new entry. Keep sharing your posts with us, you are amazing! 🙂

  324. Jessica says

    I was looking for a recipe for raspberry meringues and came across Bakingdom – and I was hooked! You are my go-to source for so many things now. Your simple vanilla buttercream and marshmallow fondant are probably my favorite things ever!

  325. Piper says

    I randomly found your website through “spoonful” trying to find something creative to make for my 3 year old for Halloween. I saw your ghost hi-hat cupcakes and thought they were really creative. I tried them and found your recipe easy to follow and delicious. I live at high altitude and without adjusting anything the cupcakes came out flawless!

  326. Kendra says

    I don’t remember how I came across you blog but I remember you had recently moved to Oregon and that’s where I live so I kept coming back to your site and found myself enthralled by your creativity, delicious recipes, wonderful photograpy, and great personality. Oh…and your hatred for all things with eight legs!!! I was hooked. I instantly felt a connection with you.

  327. Jenna O says

    I really love your recipes and they have inspired my boyfriend too! He is not that type who likes to spend time in kitchen but has now found some very delicious recipes and tried them 😛 I like that you have all kind of recipes including those easier ones for us beginners 🙂 PS: Thank you for this lovely giveaway, I´d love to win!

  328. says

    I found you with your Harry Potter treats (specifically your butterbeer after my first trip to WWoHP!) I love all of your recipes and I love hearing about your adventures around the world! I also love your pictures of other bloggers’ kitchens!

  329. Kat says

    Hi Darla! I think I stumbled onto your Butterbeer recipe after visiting the Harry Potter world. My cousins and I had so much fun with the recipe. Your creations, pictures, and setup were all so adorable!

  330. Holly L. says

    I found you on facebook because one of my friends “liked” and shared one of your posts – and I am SO glad she did! I’ve been hooked ever since! I keep coming back because you’re witty and I love your recipes!

  331. Charlotte says

    I found your website by researching ‘Harry Potter recipes’ and came across your amazing site! Sitting here in New Zealand, your website has been an escape for me!! I also tweeted 🙂

  332. Tiffany Hunt says

    I found you on Facebook, “Liked” your page and was instantly hooked! I SO love all your cute ideas and cannot wait to try some of these out! You’re so inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!

  333. Misti C says

    I love your website. I stumbled upon you when looking for buttercream recipes. I don’t know that I have a favorite recipe because they are all awesome!

  334. Hege says

    I still remember the glorious moment I found you, I was searching for Doctor Who inspired recipes and found your ‘Weeping Angels Cookies’ recipe. I’ve been hocked on your blog ever since!

  335. Elaine R. says

    Your love blog – you are very creative and I always like to come back to your site for great ideas to do with my son. Thank you sooo much!

  336. Rosa says

    Hi Darla! I found you through CakeWrecks (a Sunday Sweets post) with your beautiful Halloween cake 2 years ago and I have never looked back! I would check on your page almost religiously and ooh and ahh over all the delicious recipes as well as the gorgeous photos and secretly wish that I lived nearby to stalk…I mean befriend you. Or take lessons from you. Or watch Doctor Who with you. You were the one that made me a Whovian too! I was so curious with your adoration for The Doctor that I watched a few and got hooked.

    My all-time favorite recipe that I love is your yellow cake recipe. Mmmmm! So good and so much better than the box version!

    Why do I keep coming back to your website? Well, to look over all the recipes again and again, to read up with what’s going on in your life, and to admire your pictures. In addition, I hope to see tutorials again. I love the directions you gave for making salted caramel.

    Thanks for such a beautiful blog!

  337. Christy in NC says

    I found Bakingdom some time ago on Pinterest, but I didn’t actually get to sit down and look at your site, until a few days ago. I’m just sorry it’s taken me so long!! Love this site! 🙂

  338. says

    I found Bakingdom when I Googled recipes for Butterbeer because I’m planning a Harry Potter themed Halloween party in 2014 and was researching for possible food items. I’m going to rely quite a lot on Bakingdom for the inspiring Harry Potter themed recipes I’ve found here, and would LOVE to see more! 😀

  339. brandy S says

    I think I found your site a while back when I was looking to do a Harry Potter party! I love that you love him as much as me LOL! The butter beer recipe was just awesome!

  340. Bex says

    I came across Bakingdom a few years ago when looking for Harry Potter inspired recipes for my friends birthday and found more recipes than I could have wished for! My favourite thing about your blog is your creativity and how you manage to fuse geekdom and baking. All of your ideas and unique and if I had time I would make them all! Also you’re photography and presentation is wonderful! I made your salted caramel sauce recently and the photos were so helpful, it is my go to recipe now! Thank you for sharing you’re ideas, I’m always excited for the next update!

  341. bonnie says

    I search out and follow as many baking blogs/websites that I can. When I found yours, I’ve kind of been stuck here because you have such fantastic articles, recipes and gorgeous pictures. I love getting my emails with your next posts…..keep up the fantastic work!!

  342. Sheri says

    I’ve been following your blog via FB. I LOVE your ideas!! They are all very original and I can’t wait until I’m done with school so I can have time to bake more =) Thank you for all your hard work!

  343. shelley M says

    Hi Darla, I found you and your wonderful blog on Facebook and am in awe of your creativity and can only aspire to make things as beautiful and appetizing as you, thank you for this wonderful feast for the eyes and hopefully someday the stomach!!! stgmng22@aol.com

  344. Erin Burke says

    I absolutely loved the Harry Potter Scarf House Cake… I’m totally sure that’s what it was called… the vertical icing layers were so cool! My mom and I made it for my 25th birthday!

    Also, about a week ago, you wrote “serious as a dementor attack” and I about lost it. That was the funniest thing ever!

  345. Christine E. says

    I always come back to see what neat stuff you have come up with. Your stuff is so cool but easy enough for someone to do at home too.

    Thanks 🙂

  346. Lauren Rush says

    I found your blog through Facebook and am very new! But clearly from all the comments I’ve been missing out! Can’t wait to check out these Harry Potter recipes (my son and I are both obsessed) thanks for the chance to win!

  347. Kat Hartwig says

    The first recipe I saw on bakingdom was the Harry Potter house cake. It is amazing and I just love how geeky this site is. How can you go wrong with geeky baking? I would love to see more recipes that tie in with tv shows like Firefly, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, BSG, etc. Also, one of my favorite quotes I read on here was “serious as a dementor atrack”. I’ve never read more awesome recipe posts!

  348. Cheryl T. says

    I stumbled upon your blog on Facebook one day and fell in love with all your creative ideas! I am a baking/decorating enthusiast and your recipes/ ideas inspire me to get in the kitchen and start making beautiful creations myself!!

  349. Alondra Olvera says

    I keep coming back because of all the delicious recipes you have. I absolutely love everything disney and Harry Potter and am a die hard Whovian so pretty much everything you post keeps me entertained and happy. Whenever I have a bad day, I know I can come on this website and check out something new or look back at things I have already read or try out a new recipe!

  350. Iza says

    I found U on FB, while I was looking for some new ideas on baking some goodies. I just fell in love with your recipes and your creativity, and your photos. 🙂 thanks for all of it.

  351. Daria Rusanova says

    Hello, for a hobby baker like me, who has only been baking and decorating for a year, it is really inspiring to visit blogs like yours. It does make me feel that in a few years I can be successful too.
    Thank you for sharing ideas and experience

  352. Dana says

    All of the recipes I have tried from Bakingdom have turned out delicious, but my favorite recipe is the Death by Chocolate Mum Cupcakes. Yummy and pretty!

  353. Erika F. says

    Your blog was recommended to me on Facebook. The photo drew me in first that this wasn’t any ordinary cake business. You seem to love what you do and find joy in the activity of making delicious and scrumptious looking sweets. Finding a kindred spirit in baking was a joy, which easily accounts for how popular your FB page is. Keep up the great, creative, and fun work! Thank you!

  354. Vicki says

    I found your blog when I was searching for Harry Potter recipes and fell in love with your beautiful, fun and geeky blog. I’ve been a big fan ever since. I love your Harry Potter posts but the mini raspberry almond scones are sooo delicious!

  355. says

    I found you via a shared link and some fantastic recipe from Wanna Be a Country Cleaver. I came back for all the geek talk – I remember the Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Jello as a favorite read!

  356. Denise Roberts Podhorsky says

    Found you via Facebook. Stayed tuned because your a Dr. Who fan like me. Always have such great, tasty and good looking desserts. You seem very grounded with all the moves and still continue with your blog.

  357. Marie says

    I first found your blog by your harry potter themed recipes. I started following you because of your nerdoms, as well as your ability to whip up crazy creative things. It is an inspiration. Plus I always giggle when you mention your dog, my dog’s named Loki as well.

  358. Mary B. says

    I honestly can’t remember how I found your site, but I have been reading for a couple of years now and always love it. My favorites are your birthday cakes for yourself and your fondant tutorials. I used your homemade fondant for the first time about a year and a half ago and have made some really fun cakes for my kids’ birthdays. Once my baby gets a little older, I hope to do more with it!

  359. Heather says

    I love the combo of geeky and sweet and your recipes always look delicious with clear directions. Maybe you could arrange your recipes by difficulty level?

  360. Jessica M says

    found Bakingdom nfacebook in a recommended pags section and loved all the Halloween recipes. I love to do theme partes so this is my new favorite blog!!

  361. candice duffey says

    I found you around 2 years ago by chance on Google! I love the feel of the site , your easy to follow directions with photos which I love love love!!!! I love reading all the posts and updates. We have house hold favourites from your site from dinners to desserts 🙂 I really wish I could get a cookbook of yours, you have really allowed me to be more creative in the kitchen and we all thank you for that!

  362. Harmony says

    I love all of the wonderful pictures! I bake all of the time, and even as a job now, so at home I like to do things a little bit more special and fun. I love to read baking posts that are aomewhat geeky!

  363. Sara Staffeldt says

    First off…I love how pretty your site is! Its so girly and pink <3. I love food blogging (baking obsession)…and I came across yours by searching through Facebook. My favorite thing about your website is your best of 2012 or whatever that year that may be section! Whenever I want to bake something, I take a lovely scroll down memory lane on there and pick one! Scrumptious 🙂

  364. Judy says

    Okay, Darla. I did it just for you. I *gulp* created a Twitter account and you were the first person I followed (then the whole tutorial thing made me follow a bunch more people). I tweeted the gift card tweet.

  365. Alicia Unzueta says

    Hi Darla! I found your blog on Facebook and I fell in love with your Lemon Raspberry Muffins!!
    What keeps me coming back is all the wonderful recipes you continue to post! You are so creative and a refreshing spirit with excellent taste in clothing and housewares as well as fantastic food 🙂 Thank you for helping to keep our tummies happy!

  366. Patricia Mitchell says

    What I am: a Dr Who adoring, Harry Potter obsessing, Nerdfighterian supergeek mom with Dr Who adoring, Harry Potter obsessing, Nerdfighterian supergeek kids. What I am not: innately bakey or crafty or creative in any of the ways you are. I follow your blog because you always give me awesome ideas for treats for my kids. Thank you so much for spreading the geeklove and for providing decadent recipes so clear that even I can follow them. 🙂

    PS Despite my non crafty-ness, I still give it my best shot and home-make the Halloween costumes. This year, my little one went as DOBBY! (And I thought the year she went as Gir was a challenge!)

  367. says

    What keeps me coming back for more? Your wit, charm, creativity, and all out love of everything geeky, and letting your nerd flag fly – it’s given me the confidence to try new things, too – you and Beka have officially turned me into a full on Whovian.

  368. Emily Davis says

    I knew you on high school and have followed you on MySpace and Facebook! I love watching how well you are succeeding with bakingdom! You are very inspiring 🙂