Happy 50th Birthday, Doctor Who!

Happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who from BakingdomTonight is the night, my friends! In a few short hours, the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who will air (and in 3D, if you’re lucky)!!

I’m wildly excited! I haven’t been happy with every decision and all the changes that have come to the show through the years, but I have always loved The Doctor, his companions, and his adventures. As a Doctor Who fan, I’m incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic show that I get to continue enjoying. So many great shows are cancelled too soon, but we still have Who. We’re the lucky ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

You guys knew I wouldn’t let this pass without a special treat, right?

I went all out this time. Fifty years is a big freakin’ deal.

So I made cakes. Dressed as the Doctor through the years. It was my only option.

Doctor Who One Two Three Cake from BakingdomFirst up, from the bottom tier to the top, are Doctors One, Two, and Three. I don’t know as much about the oldest incarnations of The Doctor, because there are so many lost episodes. I have thoroughly enjoyed revisiting the original episodes that are still available, though. I like how the earlier incarnations were kind of grumpy.

The first three incarnations of The Doctor were all very similar, and yet very different, looks-wise. Obviously, they looked physically different, but the clothes were also quite different. And yet, each one wore a bow tie of some sort, and a suit coat, or similar. It made this first cake one of the easier to decorate, since the colors and style are similar.

Doctor Who Four Five Six Cake from BakingdomThe next cake is made up of Doctors Four, Five, and Six (again, from bottom to top). I think that, in general, The Fourth Doctor is the first very recognizable one. Tom Baker played the Doctor’s fourth incarnation, and he famously wore a very long, very colorful (and very cozy, I think) stripy tie. What better way to represent him than to wrap his bright scarf around and around the cake? ๐Ÿ™‚

This cake is, by far, the most colorful of all the cakes I made, because the fifth and sixth incarnations of The Doctor wore bright colors, too. Five was quite dapper in a summery suit that always makes me think of tennis, but is, in fact, more appropriate to cricket (which he calls the greatest game in the universe). He also wears a stalk of celery on his lapel. Because Doctor.

Six was a rainbow of colts, but he also wore the same general outfit in monochromatic blue, on occasion (specifically, thisร‚ย outfit was used in the webcast Real Time). I think that Colin Baker, who played Six, looked the sweetest as the Doctor. Not just because of his costume (which would, admittedly, be insane to recreate for cosplay), but his face and hair, as well – he’s so kind and sweet looking. I think anyone who encountered him wouldn’t hesitate to want to tag along on his adventures. He just makes them look like they’d be so fun!

Doctor Who Seven Eight Nine Cake from BakingdomMy third mini cake represents Seven, Eight, and Nine. The bright. fun, and whimsical look really comes to an end with Seven. Clad in his mostly standard suit and tie, things are spruced up with a bright and colorful seater vest covered in questions marks and chevron stripes. After all, he’ll be asked, numerous times, “Doctor who?”

Eight dressed pretty elaborately, but I kept things simpler on the cake…after all damask and velvet is quite a feat to recreate in fondant. I almost re-created Eight’s look from The Night of the Doctor, but I really wanted to try to capture the more quintessential looks of each incarnation. (P.S. If you haven’t seen Night of the Doctor yet, go here. You can see it, and other recaps, teasers, and clips to get you caught up for the special today!)

Finally, we get to Nine. Nine holds a very special place in my heart. He reintroduced me (like everyone else) to the wonderful world of Who. I’ve been watching the new series since it began, and I’ve loved it since the start. I loved that Nine was still a little grumpy, and I also love that he reminds me of the Hubster. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Doctor Who Ten Eleven Twelve Cake from BakingdomFinally, we wrap things up with Ten, Eleven, and Twelve. I’ve never made it any secret that Ten is my favorite. In his pinstripe suits and deep red Converse, he’s at once classic, and fresh. Plus, he’s adorable. I think that I love Ten as much for him as I do for the companions he had while he was here. Especially Donna, but that’s another post.

Eleven is definitely the easiest Doctor to whip up in fondant. Sweet and geeky in tweed and bow ties, his costume is instantly recognizable, and completely fun.

Last, but not least, the Twelfth Doctor……………….or should I say Thirteenth?? We shall see, Hm?? Peter Capaldi will be playing the next incarnation of The Doctor, and I have to say, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store. We don’t know what his look will be, how he’ll behave, or any of his quirks yet, but for my part, I hope he’s grumpy and maybe a bit Nine-ish. I think leather would work nicely on Mr. Capaldi. ๐Ÿ™‚

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Cakes from BakingdomOnly a few more hours to go, and we learn some of the Doctor’s secrets, see the return of Ten and Rose, and meet John Hurt’s mysterious character (NO SPOILERS!). We’ve also been teased or told that we’ll see other incarnations of the Doctor, as well, such as Four…and more? We’ll see soooooon!

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  1. Rosa says

    These look so AWESOME! I’m super excited about the 50th anniversary show, and I can’t decide if it’s because it’s the 50th anniversary show or because 10 is back. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for introducing the Doctor to me! I finally decided to check it out after you made “fish fingers” and custard and I’ve never looked back. You’ve made a life-long Whovian out of me and I’m grooming my two little girls to be Whovians too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Mary Anne says

    Fantastic! (Ten is my favorite, too, but Nine is a very close second, and I love the way he says this!)

    Made “FishFingers” and custard for The Girl to take to a Who party today. She’s leaving me to watch alone … *sniff* … But she promises to watch the BBC America rebroadcast with me later tonight.

  3. Lil' Miss HK says

    Love these! I’m making plenty of Whovian themed snack to sneak into the theater on Monday (our local theaters are showing it! Yay!!!)…. Er… I mean, to… well, yeah… sneak. Sadly though, these wouldn’t sneak easily! What I am making though is Thumbprint Cookies drizzled in white chocolate to look like Jammy Dodgers/TARDIS self-destruct buttons, Mini Fish Fingers and Custard white chocolate covered pretzel sticks, and store-bought jelly beans (because I don’t know any place that sells actual Jelly Babies)… So I’ll have to make these for the Christmas Special! I will be watching it, in full cosplay as Eleven, with (hopefully) Sonic Screwdriver in hand! And Nine is my favorite incarnation of The Doctor! (I won’t ever say “my favorite Doctor” because, let’s face it, HE’S THE SAME PERSON!) Thanks for being extraordinarily geeky, and for giving me awesome Whovian food-stuffs to fangirl over! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. says

    I LOVE them! They are so cute. We had our Thanksgiving on Saturday but the whovians here went to the Lion and Rose pub and invaded for the whole day in costume to celebrate the 50th. We watched in Sunday morning, Fantastic!! We are lucky to have the Doctor, it was truly wonderful, just like your cakes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. says

    You’re Whovian, too?! I think you have officially become my favorite blogger! These cakes are beyond adorable. Such a wonderful and cute idea for the 50th! We made themed treats for our party, too, but not nearly as amazing as this!