The Top Thirteen of 2013 (Plus, One More…and a Tie)

Top 13 of 2013

Hi all! Long time, no…see? I mean, I don’t actually get to see you guys, so I’m not sure that really applies. Whatever. Let’s just go with it.

You may have noticed that I’ve been on a little holiday hiatus, and let me just clear this up right now: It. Was. Awesome. Just what I needed. Sometimes, you just need a little breather. After our trip to England, I definitely needed a little breather. Then the holidays came and went, and I just wasn’t ready for my vacation to end.

Of course, now I have what I have christened Zombie Flu. That’s the illness that’s going to bring about the Zombie Apocalypse. I decided. I considered calling it Zombieolio, but that just sounds like fun…like a square dance movie or something.

Trust me, nothing about this Z. Flu is fun.

Loki seems to have contracted it, too, so for all those who ponder the possibility of animals being affected by zombiehood, you can put it to rest. Loki and I are laid up with Zombie Flu, and the Hubster is out of the country.

I told him that he needs to be prepared to end the Apocalypse before it even begins when he gets home. I don’t imagine I’ll be capable of escaping the house once I fully convert, so it’ll be like shooting fish zombies in a barrel barn.


I was thinking that I’d kick of my new blogging year with a little recap of all the things you liked the very best from last year.


White Tea Coconut Oil Bath Bombs by ©BakingdomTurns out your favorite thing all year this year wasn’t even food! I made these White Tea Coconut Oil Bath Bombs for myself, because I wanted a fun and easy way to incorporate coconut oil into my baths. Turns out you did, too!

Chocolate Caramel Liege Waffles by ©BakingdomYour very favorite food of the year, though, were these Chocolate Caramel Liege Waffles. Because you’re a bunch of geniuses. Obviously.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pots de Creme by ©BakingdomNext up, and I must say I was surprised, were these Chocolate Peanut Butter Pots de Creme. I’m surprised, but super pleasantly so, because these are absolutely wonderful.

Lemon-glazed Raspberry Lemon Mini Muffins by ©BakingdomNext on the list are Lemon-glazed Raspberry Lemon Muffins. I mean, lemony, raspberry muffins covered in sugary lemon glazey goodness? What’s not to love?

Cinnamon Sugar Nutella filled Soft Pretzel Bites by ©BakingdomI’m so happy to see that you all loved my Cinnamon Sugar Nutella-filled Soft Pretzel Bites as much as I did. I think I can confidently say that these are one of my very favorite recipes of the year. A new, easy technique for making an old classic even better.

Cinnamon Red Hots Shortbread by ©BakingdomI’m not surprised to see my Cinnamon Red Hots Shortbread Cookies so high on your favorites list for 2013. These are one of the Hubster’s new favorite cookies of all time, and I have to say I agree. And perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Almond Joy Brownies by ©BakingdomThe fact that these Homemade Almond Joy Brownies are high on the list, right after another candy recipe, confirms what I’ve always suspected…you guys love candy as much as I do. It’s what makes us awesome.

Chocolate Chai Tea Cupcakes with Chocolate Cinnamon-Buttercream | ©BakingdomMy Chocolate Chai Tea Cupcakes are probably my personal favorite recipe from all of last year. I love everything about them, and since chocolate and chai are two of my favorite things on their own, putting them together was unavoidable.

Pink and Fluffy Birthday Tea Party by ©BakingdomLast year, My Pink and Fluffy Birthday Tea Party was possibly the best birthday I’ve ever had, and you thought it was pretty fun, too! I don’t know how I’m going to top it this year. 🙂

Caramel Filled Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie by ©BakingdomI think it goes without saying that my Caramel filled Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookies are on the list. Delicious cookies are delicious. These have it all. And now I must go make some…

But first, tied with these skillet cookies were the bar cookies coming up next…

Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars from ©BakingdomI made these Chocolate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Bars simply because one day I couldn’t decide between peanut butter cookies and no-bake cookies. That’s why I made both. Mad genius.

Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake by ©BakingdomMy Lemon Blueberry Coffee Cake was my attempt at making a classic breakfast cake even better for summer. And what’s more summery than lemons and blueberries?

Triple Layer Strawberry Cream Brownie Cake by ©BakingdomI was really happy to see Bakingdom’s third birthday cake – this Strawberry Cream Brownie Cake – make the list. This cake just made me happy. Pure happy. Which is how I always want my blog to make people feel.

Neapolitan Sugar Cookie Sandwiches by ©BakingdomLast, but not least, and actually an Honorable Mention, are my Neapolitan Sugar Cookie Sandwiches. I decided to add one more food treat, since number one for the year was non-food. These cookies are easy, quick, and delicious. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re pretty dang cute.

Thank you all for making 2013 absolutely wonderful. It was a big year for us, with a lot of change and sacrifice, but also so much adventure and excitement, and I’m so honored that you have supported me and stuck with me through it all. I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!



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  1. Beth says

    so glad to “see” you back! so sorry to hear you are becoming a zombie…as such will your recipes now involve other (ahem) types of ingredients? i hope your strain of zombi-ism still eats chocolate and butter and all the yummy things your previous Live self enjoyed! or else you may be getting a new audience. 😉
    Get. Well. Soon.!

  2. MKat says

    So sorry to hear you’ve been ill. Too much of that going around here too. Rest up, drink lots of good stuff and eat whatever you want. You do NOT want to be mistaken for a Zombie! My company would hire you in a heartbeat! Take care!