Easy Ranunculus Cookies

Easy Ranunculus Cookies from BakingdomThe Hubster is currently teaching me to play chess. I mean, I basically know how to play…you know, all the pieces and the moves they can make, but that’s about it.

Here’s the thing, though…I’m hating it.

Not because I don’t like playing. And not because I think it’s boring or anything like that. It’s just that, and I’m a little bit not proud of this, but…I just hate losing. I WANT TO WIN.

The thing is, I’m not like ridiculously competitive or anything, it’s just that…with most games, there’s a good chance I could win. I mean, I’ve got a fighting chance. But with chess…losing, at least for now, is basically inevitable. I’m no good.

It’s not just losing the game, though…I don’t want to lose ANY PIECES. None. At all. So I get all defensive and cornered, and then I lose everybody.

No wizard chess set would ever trust me enough to let me use them.

Well, now, the Hubster has taken pity on me and told me that he’ll pick me up Scrabble or Boggle tomorrow. I’d be insulted, but word games are my forte, SO BRING IT ON.

I’m off to lose another round of chess, but don’t feel bad for me – by this time tomorrow, I’ll be the reigning Scrabble champ, so I’m cool with it. In the meantime, you guys check out these fun cookies. 🙂

I’ve been thinking on these flowers for awhile now. I love ranunculus, and I’ve been wanting to out them on cake, or cookies, or basically anything with sugar in it. I decided on cookies, because cookies. Obviously.

When I say these are easy, I’m not exaggerating. They really are. They’re ridiculously easy.

Spring Frosted Sugar CookiesHere’s how easy there are:

Step 1: spread frosting on the cookies. You can give them a little swirl or spiral with a spatula, if you want. Or you can make them smooth. I went with a bit of texture.

Step 2: using a piping bag fitted with a Wilton #3 writing tip (or the equivalent), spiral lines of a contrasting color of frosting all willy-nilly. You’re going for an abstract or a rustic-type look, so don’t agonize over perfection. The more perfect you make these, the less natural they look.

Easy Ranunculus Sugar Cookies from BakingdomThe last little detail I added were a few little green leaves on the edges of the cookies. So simple, but so pretty.

Easiest Flower Cookies from BakingdomI’m telling ya… Easiest. Flower cookies. Ever.

These are perfect for spring. April showers have passed on by, so bring on the May flowers! They would be perfect for Easter, especially fabulous for Mother’s Day, and they’d make great teachers’ gifts, as well. Plus, they’re so fun and easy, kids can even get in on the decorating!


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Simple Ranunculus Cookies from Bakingdom

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  1. Cameron says

    Those do look pretty. I may need to sit down and make them for my next board game party.

    Speaking of board games, you and your husband should try out Lords of Waterdeep. Very fun game that lets you make interesting and tactical choices (like Chess), but it isn’t about destroying your opponent’s pieces (unlike chess). It works great for 2 people all the way up to 5.


    • says

      I just used plain white frosting on some, then added small amounts of blue, yellow, and pink for the various flower colors. I made the lines with grey frosting (a small amount of black coloring), and finished with green for the leaves.