Happy Garland Cake

Happy Bakingdom CakeHello friends!! And welcome to the new and improved Bakingdom!

Can you even believe how beautiful and fun and magical it is?! I mean, I have a WAND now. MAGIC.

All thanks to wonderful Melissa, of Melissa Rose Design for being so patient and understanding and talented and for just getting me. She does real live magic.

Sweet Garland Cake by BakingdomObviously, the only way to celebrate such an exciting development here is with cake. Sweet, fluffy, colorful, confetti and star covered, garland draped, I-have-my-very-own-castle-now cake (I used this easy yellow cake recipe, paired with my favorite vanilla buttercream.


I kept the cake pretty simple by covering it with a bit of an ombre of pink and blue frosting on the sides, with white on top. Next, I used an offset spatula to swirl the top of the cake, which I decorated with a spiral of ink, blue, white, and silver sprinkle, and little golden stars. For the garland on the side of the cake, all I did was pipe a random swag of blue frosting around. The garland goes all the way around the cake, and I used a plain writing tip. Don’t worry about making each swag of the garland exactly the same – part of what makes this so charming is having them all be different sizes. Finally, I added large pink, blue, and white sugar pearls, and more golden stars to the garland. Easy peasy!

Happy Garland Cake by BakingdomI hope that you love the new site as much as I do. I’m over the moon for all of the details, and I hope you’ll take the time to explore a bit.

There will still be some changes going on behind the scenes for a bit, so thank you for your patience. If you notice anything is slightly off or wonky, please be sure to let me know, so I can address it. Otherwise, enjoy!

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  1. Cassy says

    That cake looks fantastic! I especially like the top,it looks like a swirling pastel galaxy of deliciousness. And, I love the new site! One thing though, and it might just be me, but the white background to everything kind of makes it hard to see some of the more pastel aspects. Perhaps if it was just a pastel pink or yellow or something, it might be easier to see. But, again, it might just be me.

  2. Sheri C says

    The site looks great! The cake is beautiful, too. Just as a heads up, on my screen your navigation is wrapping. Contact shows up on the second line, even when my browser is as big as it can go. I have a pretty large monitor. I’m using Chrome on a mac.

    The drop down also pushes the whole site down a little when it expands, not sure if that was on purpose or not.

    Great design though, super fun and girly and seems just perfect for you!

  3. Marta S says

    I LOVE IT!!! It’s amazing watching your blog grow from the cute beginnings to this!! Yay!! (and of course you can’t go wrong with cake and sprinkles!)

  4. Nathalie says

    You are very creative and make beautiful cakes. I don’t try to duplicate your efforts (I don’t have the patience!) but I always enjoyed reading your posts and looking at the gorgeous creations.

    However, I have to unsubscribe from your blog on Feedly because your new design will only allow Feedly to show a couple of lines of text and I actually have to come on the blog to see the photos and read the rest of the post, which might be what you were trying to accomplish, I’m not sure how pageviews work… but sadly, I don’t have enough time to visit all the blogs individually, which is why I subscribed to them (and yours) in Feedly (and Google Reader before that) in the first place.

    So good luck to you, continue to make delicious-looking cakes!

    • says

      I don’t have any control over how things appear in Feedly…or if I do, I don’t know how to change it (to be perfectly honest, I’ve never heard of it). Sorry it’s not appearing how you’d like, but I didn’t intentionally change anything to clickbait or force pageviews, because I do not support or practice those tactics.

      • says

        It looks like you use WordPress, the first place I would suggest looking if you want to change how that works is Settings > Reading; there’s an option called “For each article in a feed, show:” and that is probably set to Summary currently 🙂

        The new site looks great, and this cake is beautiful!

        • says

          Thanks so much for the info! I’ll check it out! 🙂

          Edit: I followed your steps (super helpful, btw!), and it’s already set to ‘full text’, so I guess it must be something within Feedly.

          • says

            It might be a plug-in, if you’re using anything for that. I use WordPress also and my full posts show up in Feedly so there must be something else somewhere in the equation. Or it might a setting in Feedburner; I took a peek at the direct Feedburner feed and that’s not showing the full post either. Feedly will only show what the RSS feed shows, so I don’t think it’s something there. Without knowing exactly how your feed is being generated I don’t have any more specific steps to suggest, but hopefully those two leads will help 🙂

  5. says

    I’m not often comment on English written blogs, because I’m so lazy and I’m insecure because my English isn’t the best, but I totally love your blog. Every recipe/blogpost looks so lovely and your new design is pretty cute. ♥

    regards from Germany. ♥

  6. says

    I like the new layout, but I’m disappointed you got rid of your list of links to other pages! I used to click through your page to the other pages frequently.


  7. says

    Hi Darla! I follow your blog from Spain a long time back, and the same on Facebook 🙂 I absolutly looove you new desing, and the wand is awesome! I’m a Harry Potter fan like you, and I have to say I miss your Potter-recipes! :p Anyway I love all your recipes,like this beautiful cake,congrats!


  8. Cathy says

    LOVING the new layout! It was nice before but this is even better – has a more professional feel to it while still being completely inviting. The cake is beautiful!

  9. says

    Darla the new design is amazing, I love the pastel color, is so clean and festive. Congratulations!! Now, this cake is just gorgeous!! The little garland is super cute.