Pretty Pastel Reindeer Cookies

Pretty in Pink Reindeer Sugar Cookies from BakingdomWhen I was little, I had a Rainbow Brite doll. I loved her to pieces, but a few years after I got her, we had a house fire, and I lost her forever. Rainbow was my GURL. Every year, two or three times a year, I go onto eBay and ogle vintage Rainbow Brite dolls.

Do you ever buy stuff on eBay?? Not necessarily the ‘Buy it Now’ stuff, but auctions? Watching, bidding, hoping-to-win auctions.

Are you an early bidder? Like…do you reveal yourself right away? Or do you wait until the auction is almost ended? I’m always torn… Do I show my hand, with five hours left to bid?? Or do I hold out to the last minute, and put the nail in the coffin when no one else can challenge me? I hardly ever go onto eBay, but when I do…

Confession: I’m super competitive about it, and almost exclusively swoop in at the end to try to win with my final bid. I also like this strategy, because I’m more likely to stick to my maximum price…if I bid early, and get outbid, I might decide to bid even more when I shouldn’t. But mostly I just like winning.

When the auction is counting down to the end, I get so nervous and stupid. I get all shaky and excited. Seriously, I’m a total weirdo. I’m telling you, people, I could easily get addicted to the high of eBaying…

…until I lose. I hate it when I lose.

I lost the other day. It was hard…I took it hard. I had to make cookies afterward. It was the only consolation that could ever help. Obviously. And the , of course, I had to make Christmas cookies. Obviously again.

I decided to do pretty shades of pink and blue, because I’m missing my Christmas decorations back home. 🙂 I even used some of them as inspiration.

Pretty Pastel Reindeer Cookie from BakingdomI added a little sparkle to some of the cookies, which was gorgeous and magical in real life, but just looks kind of flat and flour-like in the pics. :/ Since you’ll most likely be serving these, though, and not just sharing pictures of them with your friends and family, I definitely recommend a light dusting of glitter. 🙂

Pretty Pastel Reindeer Cookies from BakingdomThese cookies are wonderfully easy – just my favorite rolled sugar cookie recipe decorated with pretty marshmallow fondant and a bit of fluffy vanilla buttercream. I used my largest heart-shaped cookie cutter and a new, pretty reindeer cutter to cut out both the cookies and the fondant shapes I used to decorate them.

I used a very thinly spread layer of buttercream to afix the fondant to the cookies. Make sure that when you put the frosting on, you spread it thinly and evenly to prevent the fondant from looking bumpy. Next, I repeated the process to stick the reindeer-shaped pieces onto them hearts. You can also use a tiny amount of water for the glue here, but you need to use frosting or royal icing to stick anything to the cookies directly.

For the noses and holly berries, I simply rolled small pieces of fondant into balls and afixed them using tiny amounts of frosting or water. The leave were a little more complicated, but still ridiculously easy. I just rolled small amounts of fondant into an egg shape, then flattened them with a small rolling pin. Next I cut the jagged edges of the leaves using a small flower cutter, cutting small round areas away from the outsides of the leaves, leaving points behind. Finally, I used a toothpick to give the leaves a small amount of definition down the center, and I glued them to the fondant with a small amount of water.

Pretty in Pink Reindeer Cookies from BakingdomThe finishing touch for the large heart cookies was to pipe a small buttercream border around the edge. You could skip this step, but it really adds a nice finish to the cookies, and gives them a festive frill. (I used a Wilton #17 star tip.)

These were fun and easy to make, and kiddos would have a blast cutting and ‘glueing’ different shapes together. They would be perfect to make together on Christmas Eve to leave out for Santa! Enjoy!


Rolled Sugar Cookies
Vanilla Buttercream (for ‘glue’ and trim)
Homemade Marshmallow Fondant

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  1. Maya Mehrotra says

    Oh my gosh! I haven’t been able to visit your blog for a while, and I absolutely LOVE the new look! It’s so pretty! As are these pastel cookies. Love it!

  2. says

    DARLA! These took my breath away! I LOVE the buttercream swirls, and I have cutter envy! I NEED a reindeer like that! I have ebay problems too. I get STUPID to the max when the bidding gets tight. Not long ago I paid $30 for a cutter because I lost my head!