Rainbow-filled Chocolate Icebox Cookies

Rainbow-filled Chocolate Icebox Cookies by BakingdomHappy St. Patrick’s Day!! I made you some cookies. 🙂

These are obviously fun, pretty cookies…duh. But they’re also one of my very favorite recipes, because yum. Seriously, these are so good. You can’t eat just one. Or two. Or twelve.

Rainbow Cookie Dough from BakingdomThis recipe consists of half chocolate cookie dough and half vanilla. The recipe makes two rolls of cookie dough, total (two chocolate rolls with rainbows inside).

With the vanilla dough, I divided it into six parts and colored each one to match the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. When dividing the dough, you don’t want to divide it into equal parts. Since each layer has to cover slightly more than the last, each piece should get larger, with purple being the smallest and red the largest. To achieve this, I divided each color as follows:

PER COOKIE ROLL (in other words, you’ll do this twice)

Purple: about 54 grams
Blue: about 59 grams
Green: about 64 grams
Yellow: about 69 grams
Orange: about 74 grams
Red: about 79 grams

Rainbow Cookie Dough Layers by BakingdomStarting with smallest (purple) first, and working up to largest (red), layer the cookie dough. Start by shaping the purple into a log, about 6-inchs long. Press the dough ever so slightly into your work surface to flatten it on one side, then layer on the other colors.

Layering Cookie Dough by BakingdomTo layer the colors, roll each one into a 6-inch log or rope, then flatten it out sideways, but try to maintain the 6-inch length. Once its flattened, layer it onto the rainbow. Repeat until all colors are added. To smooth the layers out, gently roll them against a smooth surface. this isn’t necessary (I didn’t do it for all of the layers), but you can do so if your layers are particularly bumpy.

Last but not least, cover the entire rainbow in the chocolate cookie dough. Once you have the chocolate dough completely covering the rainbow, wrap everything in plastic wrap, and chill int he refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours, or in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Rainbow filled Slice and Bake Cookies by BakingdomOnce the dough is chilled, all you have to do is slice and bake. Easy peasy. I like these a little on the thicker side, but they’re fantastic thinner and crunchy, too.

Rainbow-filled Icebox Cookies by BakingdomThese are so much easier than they look. Once the dough is mixed and colored, the shaping and baking is a breeze. And they’re so darn pretty!

Rainbow Chocolate Icebox Cookies by BakingdomI made these for St. Patrick’s Day, but seriously, when wouldn’t they be amazing to have? Like, really? Rainbows are always awesome.

I hope you’ll give them a try, because they’re incredibly delicious, too. This is one of those recipes that I have to be sure to give away…like, all of them. Or, you know, eat all of them. Which is actually what usually happens. And I’m not even ashamed. Make them. You’ll see.


Recipe and baking instructions used for these cookies found here: Shamrock Blarney Cookies

Yummy Rainbow Icebox Cookies by Bakingdom

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  1. ryan ascher says

    Hi darla.

    I’m an amatuer baker and these look like something I could try. I think they’d make perfect gifts for friends or just laying around at home… But could you please do a conventional recipe guide?

    you didnt mention the temperature to bake or ingredients. you did mention what to do but could you please do a step-by-step?

    Like i said, i’m an amateur (or maybe even lower,just a novice) so i’m not confident without a-z instructions.

    hope its not too much of a bother.

    • says

      Hello, you will find the recipe and instructions for these cookies at the bottom of the post in the link for Shamrock Blarney Cookies. I hope this is helpful.