Questions, comments, just wanna chat? Email me: darla{at}bakingdom{dot}com

Please forgive me if I don’t answer your email promptly. Aside from the good deal of time I spend planning, baking, photographing, editing, and writing this blog, I have a lot of momming and wifing to do. I also spend lots of time hunting and gathering, being glittery, maintaining a (semi) smooth running house, dancing, making time to hang with my girls, and trying to eek out a little time in there for myself.

Not to mention the quest I’m on for my lost acceptance letter to Hogwarts, and my preparations to be the Doctor’s next companion (during which time I intend to encounter not only the crew of the Enterprise [both 1701 and 1701 D], but also Captain Tightpants and crew aboard Serenity). Should I become fortunate enough to find myself either finally in the halls of Hogwarts, where I clearly belong, or in distant times flying through far away galaxies, I’m sure you’ll understand that my correspondence would likely become non-existent for a time. Until then, please understand that it may take a few days for me to reply. Thanks!


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