Meet Darla

Hi! I’m Darla – the maker, baker, and picture-taker of all things sweet here on Bakingdom. Geeky, girly glitter-lover, who’s currently traveling the world with my Hubster and our furry baby, Loki.

Darla Channeling LunaI’m a self-taught baker and photographer. As a military wife, I live wherever the United States Coast Guard sees fit to send us; which is currently the Netherlands. My days are usually dusted with sugar and covered with sprinkles, spent working hard on my puppy snuggling skills, and cheating at rock, paper, scissors, so I can play on the PlayStation instead of the Hubster. When I lose anyway (usually because he caught me cheating), my nose is stuck in a book, or I’m lost in a world of Wizards, Browncoats, the Federation, a madman in a blue box, or if I’m really lucky, some combination of them all.

Also, spiders are total a-holes.

Bakingdom is about having fun and exploring new, and old, recipes. It’s about good food, beauty, and knowing that ruling the kitchen is easier to do than you think. I’m simply here to eat, drink, and be merry, to try and find joy in the small things, geek out over the things I geek out over, and to have fun in this short life. I hope you’re here to join me…I invite you to! Constructive criticism and comments/reviews of my recipes are extremely welcome and important to me. However, unconstructive, negative, hurtful, or otherwise unpleasant, pointless comments will not be published and will be marked as spam.

All images and content on this site are my own work, unless otherwise noted. If you are interested in reproducing my work, please contact me for permission to do so with appropriate attribution and links back to the source.

Occasionally, I link products, businesses, and books that I like, it is not often that I review products per se. If you represent a product you think I might be interested in trying, please email me. I do not offer paid reviews, for books or products, nor do I publish editorial input or content from outside parties. All of my opinions are my own true thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!

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