What I Did This Summer (Instead of Blogging)

Hi friends! I bet you thought I was never coming back, huh? I'm sorry. I know I just up and disappeared without a word. It was pretty rude of me. I really am sorry. Also, though, I'm kind of not. It's hard to be too sorry when you sent the summer the way I did the last few months. I have no excuse for not announcing that I'd be taking a hiatus...except that I hadn't planned to take it. I had every intention of spending the summer baking, picture-taking, and blogging. But then, my family came to visit, so instead, I took some unexpected time off. The best and most wonderful thing I did this summer was spend time with my family. Back at the end of May, my mom and middle sister arrived for a two week vacation here, and one week after their arrival, my oldest sister joined us, as ... read more