Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party Cupcakes

Guess where I’m going tonight?!

It’s our last night at Walt Disney World and we’re spending it at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

I. Can’t. Wait!!

As the two winners (Amanda & Jennifer) of my costume guessing contest said, I’m going as Briar Rose, from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, and the Hubster will be my Prince Phillip. I’m sure I’ll post lots of pictures from tonight, but in the meantime, I totally made some cupcakes in honor of the party! 🙂

I decided to use Nutella frosting on my cupcakes, because I knew the light brown color would work great for both black and orange cupcakes. All I did was frost the cupcakes normally; I didn’t even bother to try to get them very smooth. You’re going to roll the tops in sanding sugar, so they’ll smooth out then. Don’t make them too sloppy, though, or you’ll end up with sort of wrinkles. Just go for something like what I’ve got pictured.

If your cupcakes are pretty flat on top, use some extra frosting to dome them a bit.

Next, roll the cupcakes in black sanding sugar, being sure to get them completely coated. You may have to press them pretty firmly into the sugar to get all the nooks and crannies, but no worries, you can’t really mess them up.

Now all you have to do is stick some plain black candy melts into the tops as ears. Make sure the flat side of the melt is facing forward, and use a tiny dab of frosting or melted chocolate to secure them.

For Mickey’s top hat, I laid a circle of rolled fondant between his ears and let it curl up them a bit, because that’s what Mickey’s Halloween hat does.

For the rest of the hat, I molded more fondant, and wrapped an orange bit around the base, securing everything with small amounts of frosting. As a finishing touch, I decided to add Mickey’s bright green bow tie to the front of the cupcake, again securing it with a small dab of frosting.

For Minnie’s witch hat, I cut small slits in each side, to allow the brim of her hat to lay flat, like the real thing.

I made Minnie’s hat the same way as Mickey’s, except molding the fondant to a point, obviously. I also added a little bow to her hat, similar to Mickey’s bow tie.

For the tiny jack o lantern detail, I used these adorable candy pumpkins from Wilton.

I decided I couldn’t make Halloween Mickey cupcakes without making the iconic Mickey pumpkin, too. Obvs.

I prepared them exactly the same as the others, using orange sanding sugar instead of black.

Next, I scored each cupcake into 8 sections. I just used a skewer to do this.

I then used orange candy melts to draw lines over the score marks. You could also use frosting here, and it looks great with black or orange.

Last, but not least, use orange candy melts for the ears, flat side forward, and swirl a simple stem on top with brown or chocolate frosting.

If you put the orange candy melts on right after you draw the lines on, then they will be held secure as the lines dry.

I had pretty much the most fun ever making these cupcakes. Probably almost as much fun as I’m going to have at the party tonight. Well, probably not.

If you want some not-so-scary to make Halloween cupcakes with Disney flair, then these are the perfect fit. I hope you give them a try. Enjoy!

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  1. Cathy says

    your finished products are always so cute! why do you not have your own book out?

    question: you bake quite often. who are you feeding all of your goodies to? your family cant possibly consume everything.. right? 🙂

    have a blast at Mickey’s party! Looking forward to the pictures!

  2. Becca - Cookie Jar Treats says

    This has seriously got to be the cutest cupcake idea ever created! You are so cute when it comes to celebrating anything, and I love it! Have a great last night in Disney 🙂

  3. says

    Okay these are too cute!!

    Hope you had fun at the party!! The Halloween parties were my favorite to work at Disney. (That Boo to You Parade is the best one all year!!) Can’t wait to see pictures!