Easy Buttercream The Muppets Beaker Cake

The Muppets Buttercream Beaker Cake by BakingdomEverybody’s all, “Let’s make Halloween treats!”, and I’m over here all, “But The Muppets!”

I actually made this cake back in April for the Hubster’s birthday, and it turned out so fun, and was so easy, I decided to share it with you guys. 🙂

Buttercream Beaker Cake by BakingdomNot only was Beaker easy to make, and fast, too, he’s made of 100% delicious cake and fluffy buttercream.

After stacking four layers of cake (Beaker is so tall and thin, after all), I filled and covered everything in a very light orange, sort of peachy color for his skin. To make this color, I used plain orange gel, adding the tiniest amounts until I achieved a color I was happy with.

Next, I topped his head with lots of bright orange frosting, and used a small offset spatula to add spikes and recreate Beaker’s fuzzy spike of Muppet hair. You can build Beaker’s hair up taller by using any cake scraps you have from leveling the cake layers out. Or you can just pile on lots of fluffy frosting. There’s no wrong answer.

Giant Confetti SprinklesThe only part of my Beaker that isn’t cake or frosting are his pupils, which I made using giant confetti sprinkles colored black with a food writer.

You could easily make hi pupils with frosting, a well, but I loved how the sprinkles turned out.

Coloring Confetti SprinklesI used the white sprinkles, but since you’re coloring them black, any color will do.

Black-colored Confetti SprinklesAll ready to give Beaker his finishing touch. I colored these before decorating the cake, and set them aside to dry. I like having them ready beforehand, so that when stick them onto the cake, the frosting is still soft and they will stick nicely.

Large Round Icing TipFor Beaker’s eyes and nose, I used a large, proud decorating tip to squeeze large dollops of white (for the eyes) and orange (for his nose) of frosting onto the front of the cake. If the eye and nose aren’t perfectly round, just use a small offset spatula to smooth them out and round them more. If you have any points on them, just moisten you finger with a small amount of water, then gently press the points in.

I actually drew Beaker’s out on before adding his nose, as Beaker’s nose sits more or less directly over the center of his mouth. You could use jut about any color to draw his mouth on, but I thought the orange made the most sense because:

A. I had plenty from the hair and nose.

B. It doesn’t stand out too boldly, like black or another color might.

The last thing I did for Beaker was to pipe a white shirt collar covered with an off-white, slightly yellow, lab coat collar. And of course a tie, which I did in bright lime green. I used a Wilton #104 petal tip, keeping the thin side down.

Easy Beaker Cake by BakingdomAnd that’s it! Easy, happy, cute, and fun Beaker cake in no time at all.


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