Harry Potter Floating Book Ornament Tutorial

Harry Potter Floating Book Ornaments Tutorial by BakingdomI confess that I have done very little baking this holiday season. I’ve been far more interested in crafting – particularly Harry Potter crafts for my happy wizarding tree…

Golden Harry Potter Christmas Tree by BakingdomI crafted almost everything on the tree in one way or another, and I love everything about it – from the glowing cauldrons to the sparkling patronuses to the cuddly Fawkes with his feathery tail wrapping it’s way down the tree. Next year, I’m making a really cool custom base to accent all of the wonderful magic that’s going on here, but for now, my very favorite things about my new Potterrific tree are the floating book ornaments that I made. Which is why I want to share them with you today.

HP Book Ornament Supplies by BakingdomThese are a lot simpler than they look, and only require a few supplies: scissors, glue, clear plastic fillable ball ornaments, clear string, cord, or fishing line, glue – I just use tacky glue, red ribbon for trim (optional), and miniature books, which we’ll learn to make first.

Miniature Harry Potter Book Cover by BakingdomNow, I would love to provide you guys with these book covers as a printable, but since they’re copyrighted property, I don’t have the rights to share them. I will however tell you how I made them.

You will need a scanner and a photo editing program – I used Photoshop Elements. Scan the dust jackets of the books you plan to use – in this case, the American version of the Harry Potter books. Since I wanted the full dust jackets, including the inside portions, I had to scan the covers in two to three scans and stitch them together in Elements.

Once the covers are all scanned and ready to use, you need to decide what size you want them. I used 80mm (3.15-inch) ornaments, so I knew the books needed to be smaller than three inches. Since I would be hanging the book from one corner, they needed to be less than three inches across from corner to corner. I settled on making my books two inches tall. This left just enough room at the top and bottom for the book to hang and swing freely inside the ornaments.

It’s important to note that the books will not all be the same length, as some of the books have many more pages than others. The important thing is that they are all the same height. As long as they’re all the same height, the other measurements will match up, too.

Once the covers are all sized, place them all on one page, so you can print them all together. Print at 100%, cut the covers out, and fold them along their natural book folds.

Now we’re ready for pages. 🙂

Miniature Harry Potter Book Pages by BakingdomI found that the most efficient way to fill the books was to cut sheets of white paper to 2 5/8-inches (two and five-eighths) by 1 7/8-inches (one and seven-eighths), then fold them in half.

Miniature Book Pages by BakingdomOnce you have five to eight pages per book (thicker books, like Years 4 thru 7 need more pages), they go into the books as pictured above. Set aside for now.

Miniature Harry Potter Book by BakingdomInside of each cover, I added an extra sheet of paper to strengthen the cover. The paper doesn’t need to go all the way to the edges, but should cover at least the interior of the spine and covers. Apply glue to the inside of the book spine and apply a length of clear cord. I used pieces about six inches long – having extra cord to work with makes them easier to handle, and you can trim away any excess.

Make sure to center the cord in the middle of the spine. If you glue it too far forward or backward on the spine, then the books won’t hang properly.

Once your cord is glued into place, gather your book’s pages, folded edges together, and apply a generous amount of glue. Press the pages into the spine of your cover, centering them between the top and bottom edges of the cover. Hold in place for two to three minutes to secure them. Now you have a completed book, with clear cord extending from the top of the spine (you can barely see the cord in the two right pictures above).

Attach Book to Ornament by BakingdomOnce the books are dry, secure them into the plastic ornaments by wrapping the cord around the top ring of the ball, and tying into place with a knot. I also spread glue over the cord before adding the other half of the ornament. This glue will help secure the cord, as well as sealing the ornaments closed. I did not seal the ornaments with glue all the way around the seam, just in case I need to open them up for alterations or repairs in the future.

Miniature Book Ornament by BakingdomAnd now you have a magical floating book ornament! You can leave the ornaments as they are, add a hook, and hang them, or…

Harry Potter Floating Book Ornament by Bakingdom…you can add some decorative trim by tying a pretty ribbon to the top. I like to do this added step because it looks completely adorable, of course, but it also helps to tie the ornaments closed, for extra security.

Wingardium Leviosa Ornament by BakingdomNow that they’re all done, it’s time to decorate the tree. I used a little swish and flick, some wingardium leviosa, and levitated all of my ornaments into place. Obviously.

Harry Potter Book Ornament by BakingdomMy tree this year golden and shiny, and I named him Felix, of course. I am completely smitten with it. These ornaments are, by far, my favorite things.

Harry Potter Floating Book Ornaments by BakingdomNow that I have the whole Harry Potter series completed, I think I’m going to add the Hogwarts schoolbooks, as well. I hope you guys give these a try, and that they make your heart as happy as they do mine!


Harry Potter Floating Book Ornament Tutorial by Bakingdom

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    You NEVER cease to amaze me! I adore these! My oldest, who is the most voracious reader I’ve ever me, really resisted reading Harry Potter. I’m not sure why, I think because it was popular and she likes to do her own thing. She finally gave in, and now life revolves around all things HP. I’m pretty sure she’ll try and make these within minutes of me showing this to her! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

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    Holy schnikes, these are amazing! I actually thought you bought these tiny books somewhere – I can’t believe you actually made them, they look perfect! Thank you for this tutorial 🙂 I’m a slow crafter, so if I start making these now I might be done in time for next Christmas! 🙂